How to make a hand jigsaw with your own hands

When the material has been selected, and the outline to be sawed has been applied, it is possible to proceed with the assembly of the working tool. First of all we tighten the saw blade in the lower fixture (near the handle), then we put the free end into the opposite slot and, squeezing the frame a little, fix in it. Be sure to remember that the teeth of the saw blade, should always face the handle of the tool. When squeezing, do not put too much pressure on the frame, trying to bend the metal arc. It is enough for the mounts to come about 1 cm closer to each other. You can squeeze the metal frame in your hand, or by resting the tool against your chest with the handle. For devices with tubular arcs, there are special devices with grooves. If you can’t tighten the thumbscrews hard enough with your bare hand, use the pliers. If the saw blade is correctly mounted, it does not wobble and you can hear a high-pitched whooshing sound as it plunges into the material. How to assemble a jigsaw correctly, it is better to understand from the beginning, as thin saws tend to break. The easier it will be for you to assemble the device, the more pleasant it will be to work.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of models of tools on the market. The of some may surprise you, but the quality of the product does not always match your expectations. Below we will tell you a few basic points that will help you choose the best jigsaw for value for money. There are several factors that will determine the durability and usability of the jigsaw. The main thing is the material of the frame. The metal should be strong, not easy to bend even a little. Aluminum frames are light, but their strength is minimal. The best material for the frame is titanium or steel. Before you give your money for a tool, try to squeeze the frame at the saw’s mounting point. If the sides fit together almost effortlessly. it is a piece of junk, and to work with it will be unbearably difficult. The frame may be tubular or flat. Try to give preference to the second variant, but only after the elasticity test described above.

An ordinary jigsaw can have a wooden or plastic handle. A tool with a wooden handle is more reliable, because plastic ones sometimes fly out of the groove and can cause serious injury while jigsawing. Is it worth saying that the tool should be comfortable to hold, so you should choose according to your hand?

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Saw blade fasteners must be tightened comfortably. It is difficult to grasp and fix the thumbs with sufficient force, so you have to resort to the use of pliers or improvised objects, which is very inconvenient and increases the risk of tearing the thread. Fasteners should be tightened comfortably, with bare hands, without the use of improvised means.

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By following the tips above, you can easily buy the best jigsaw for your home or school. For a clearer understanding of the essence of the choice of tool, we recommend to watch the following video clip.

The basic design. drawings

There are ready-made platforms that allow you to quickly convert a hand tool into a machine tool. However, they are designed for jigsaws from a particular manufacturer and are not suitable for any device. In addition, the price of such platforms often far exceeds the cost of the tool itself. Therefore, it is much easier to make a machine tool yourself.

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Figure 2. Jigsaw design

Experience has shown that the most effective are tables made of sheet metal. they are durable, ensure the accuracy of installation, do not require frequent replacement and do not reduce the working length of the saw.

The jigsaw is attached to the table through the holes in the base plane, if necessary, it can be easily detached and used in the usual way.

The working table is mounted on the bed. It can be made of wood, chipboard or other materials. The main requirement is durability, easy access to the jigsaw and convenient size (height) for the master.

At the end of the table, a rocker arm is installed, on which the second end of the saw with a tensioner is mounted. The simplest variant is the usual spring that tightens the saw blade and prevents it from turning sideways during sharp changes of the cutting direction. Making this node is one of the most difficult stages of work, because the quality and cleanliness of sawing depends on it, as well as the amount of load on the jigsaw mechanism and motor.

There are two options for the construction of the tensioning device:

  • Rigid rocker and spring block at its end with a movable unit for securing the saw.
  • Movable rocker arm with a spring on the opposite end and a rigid node for securing a saw.

Both options have their pros and cons, the choice is usually made in favor of the option that is simplest and most accessible on the technical capabilities.

Self-made machine

You can also make a jigsaw yourself: the technical literature and the network offers many diagrams and drawings of electric jigsaws.

It is not difficult to make such a device, and you get a significant benefit from it. You can independently deal with the production of the furniture you need and implement the most daring creative ideas for the interior.

Example of jigsaw production.

Self-made jigsaw machine will help you professionally make smooth parts of the fanciest shapes. First you need to determine the most suitable design for you.

There are different options for creating homemade jigsaws. The easiest way is to attach the electric jigsaw to a flat surface. for example, to a sheet of plywood or particle board. It is required to make holes for the jigsaw beforehand.

It is also possible to make a construction from a box, a motor, a hand jigsaw. In addition, you need to prepare a table or workbench. You will also need an additional guide for the saw.

make, hand, jigsaw, your

Note! You can make a tool on the basis of various devices. To do this, it is acceptable to use a sewing or washing machine, a drill, a refrigerator compressor.

Handle the Hand Knuckles with Your Own Hands

What is a jigsaw for wood?

The jigsaw appeared during the development of applied carving of thin plates of precious wood, which was later called intarsia. Jigsaws were already known to mankind, and by analogy with them the jigsaw was created, stretched in a wooden frame. Jigsaws for jigsaws are wood saws, but their dimensions have been reduced rather quickly, and the number of teeth has been increased.

The hand jigsaw is a highly sought-after device. Despite the existing shortcomings, which are associated with a low level of productivity, as well as the inability to solve a large number of tasks assigned to it, for example, sawing thick wood, precise cutting and trimming edges, straight cut, this tool is still very popular today. Probably the main reason for its popularity is its low cost. Today for about 2-3 dollars you can buy a good hand jigsaw, and for 6-7 dollars. professional tool.

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The design of all hand jigsaws is similar. The main constituent parts are:

Here are some photos of a wooden jigsaw.

There are two main types of blades, which differ in their shape and arrangement of teeth:

  • Blade with a straight double tooth. With this blade you can make a straight cut in a short time. It reaches a length of 130 mm, and the working length. about 85 mm. Perfectly copes with sawing, both wood and plastic
  • spiral. It has a twisted shape and is ideal for creating a variety of circles and curved lines.

Jigsaw what it is? Its types, characteristics and recommendations for selection

Depending on the installed blade, it can cope not only with wood, but also with other materials of varying strengths, such as plastic and metal, plasterboard and ceramics.

Jigsaws are also used for plunge cuts and even for cutting shaped holes in planes.

A table electric jigsaw with my own hands

Lately I’ve been very interested in jigsawing, I don’t even know why that would be. It started when I needed to cut some gears out of plywood.

And here we go. At first I sawed the gears by hand, then I thought, it is certainly good to pump with a hand jigsaw, but if you automate the process, it will be much faster!

So, to begin with get acquainted, this is a handheld jigsaw for artistic sawing.

(all pictures in this article are from the internet)

To saw, you need saws, they are thin as a wire, with sharp teeth. They used to be sold in packs of 50., I recently went into a store, so these “bismuths” started selling them by the piece. You can break a couple of these saws in an evening.

For sawing we also need a special table, it can be a board with a tapered slot, screwed to the table with screws or clamping.

For ease of attachment of saws in the machine, it is better to use a special device that will compress the contour of the jigsaw, so you can easily change the saw without effort. The wooden eccentric is used to compress.

And now for the automation. In the following photo you see a desktop jigsaw factory type, on the Internet you can find a sea of different modifications. Costs this thing is not very expensive, but even if you really want to in my city I can not find such a thing, and, in principle, not to what.

Industrial machines are certainly good, but I’ll probably use it for a couple of months and give up this activity, and in general, such a machine tool, as I found out you can easily assemble yourself from plywood and wooden bars.

In the following photo I used an industrial hand jigsaw and a spring for the return of the jigsaw.

So, we can easily assemble a table electric jigsaw with our own hands at home. I personally did so, but I have a special design, in this article there are no pictures of mine, but I will certainly lay out, as well as video in the work.

Blueprints homemade jigsaw, although much of what is outlined here can be replayed to your own taste.

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Rules of operation

Manual jigsaw has a fundamental difference from the usual hacksaw: a jigsaw saw saws when the master pushes it away from him, and the jigsaw, on the contrary, makes a cut when the tool moves in the direction of the worker. This is because the working teeth are directed to the handle, not away from it.

So, the order of work with a hand jigsaw looks as follows.

  • The first thing to do is to make a workpiece. If you have already decided on a pattern, you can safely translate it on the work surface. usually this is done using tracing paper. It is attached to the workpiece, the required pattern is placed on top and transferred to wood or plywood with a sharp pencil.
  • After that the workpiece should be well fixed. for this purpose, a special support is attached to the workbench or any other table with a clamp. The workpiece is placed directly on the stand and the main process. sawing. begins. The technology of cutting has its own peculiarities. Professionals advise to saw in a sitting position, with the jigsaw handle at the bottom. The worker moves his hands up and down, trying to keep the saw exactly upright, otherwise the workpiece can be simply damaged. In those areas where the contour is curved, it is advisable to rotate the workpiece itself, but not the jigsaw, otherwise you can break the blade. If you need to make a sharp corner, you need to stay in one place until the saw blade turns, and then. continue to work.

Sometimes it is necessary to saw the figure starting from the center of the workpiece. in this case you will need to use a hand drill to drill a small hole inside the figure and start sawing from there.

But try not to do it too close to the planned contour, otherwise chipping may occur on the plywood. Then pull the saw out of the tool and insert it straight into the hole, then. fix it on the tool again and continue your work.

  • Sawed out parts should be processed to smoothness. usually for this use sandpaper, files. If necessary the surface is covered with varnish or paint. in this case the ready product will look more stylish, and the most important thing is that it will serve for many years.


To work with the jigsaw, it is worth using a number of tools that have been described before. But there are also a large number of devices for sawing elements. At the first stage, most likely, you will manage with the necessary minimum set, then you can use special tools to equip the workplace. Their choice will depend on the initial set. You will understand in the process of work what you need. To make complex elements, different kinds of saws are used. But also special attention should be paid to the tabletop. All figures are sawn out by the same principle, but the shallower the details, the more complicated they are made.

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