How to make a gear shifter on a power tiller

There are spare parts for the single-axle tractor Beam mounted and repair. Special parts that the user needs for repairs or other types of work are also sold along with the attachment. The instructions for repair and operation of the power tiller shows the following items that come with the set of the device:

It is worth noting the mounted spare parts, the single axle tractor with their help performs a huge number of additional works, in addition to agricultural.

Attachments to the power tiller can be such as:

  • attachment for woodworking;
  • Snowblower, which has a snow throw of up to 8 m;
  • plow;
  • ripper;
  • trailed cart, which allows you to carry up to 350 kg of cargo;
  • loop and auger auger, with which it is possible to make holes up to 60 cm deep;
  • Cultivator, which is suitable for loosening the soil;
  • elongated and special wheels.

Depending on the type of transmission that is used in the gearbox, the devices come in different types. The machines have found their application in different areas of life.


The name of the equipment came from its design. the transmitting element is a chain. There can be several of these in one machine. This system of traction through gears and chain, enclosed in a housing made of metal, is simple and reliable. Most light and medium cultivators are equipped with such a chain drive, because it is cheap and easy to use. The principle of its operation resembles a bicycle.

The chain reducer on the crawler block has almost no engine speed damping, so it has a high rotational speed of at least 140 rpm. This is very high, so the soil is ground into fluff, becomes very dense and is not enriched with oxygen. The only way out is to use smaller-diameter milling machines and attachments.

With reverse

Gearbox for a cultivator with reverse is often used, because then the technique has the ability to reverse. In such conditions the reverse rotation coupling is mounted by bevel gears placed on the main shaft.

But this system has a disadvantage. it does not work at high speeds. Therefore, you will have to be patient during operation.


The simplest gearboxes on the market are of the belt type. Often, inexpensive models of converters are equipped with such a system. The belt is a transmission element, which is mounted on pulleys. In the case of heavy loads, the belt slips or tears.

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To eliminate slippage, it is necessary to install toothed pulleys and the same belt.

Thanks to belt installations, there is a reduction of detrimental effects on the propulsion system, because jerking is reduced. They are of simple construction and repair.

But such a gearbox also has disadvantages:

  • High temperatures cause the belt to stretch. Therefore, traction is reduced;
  • fast wear and tear;
  • The belt drive breaks when it kinks or twists;
  • if the revs are increased, the belt will begin to slip;
  • The pulleys must be in the same plane.

But despite this list of disadvantages, the belt system is popular.


These gearboxes are the most reliable. They are productive and can operate for long periods under heavy load. Because of these qualities, a single-axle tractor with a gear reducer is used in commercial activities or to facilitate work on the farm.

The design looks like this: a set of gears and shafts hidden in a robust housing. This system is standard on heavy power tillers, especially those equipped with a PTO. When using a gear reducer it is important to remember to constantly monitor the oil level in the box. Otherwise, you may encounter rapid wear and tear of the gears.

The advantages of such a converter include:

  • high capacity;
  • reliability;
  • use with PTO;
  • Proper speed of movement;
  • ability to be combined with any kind of trailed or attached equipment.

Among the disadvantages are complex, so without the skills to fix it will not work. In addition, the machine is expensive and noisy.

Gear and chain reducer

Popular type of gearbox, which is installed on most power tillers and cultivators. This solution is something in between the budget and easy to use chain gear and the reliable pinion gear apparatus. Such equipment is often equipped with a gearbox, so you can choose the desired speed.

When mounted on a single-axle tractor or cultivator, gearboxes can be used in a full range of applications, with different types of attachments and trailed devices. It will be possible to plow virgin land or cultivate a large area of agricultural land. It is also possible to carry heavy loads and not to worry that the machine will break down.

The strengths of this converter include:

  • Best price-quality ratio;
  • high productivity;
  • reliability;
  • Available for attachments and trailed implements;
  • quiet operation.

Front-mounted models

Reducers for front-mounted tillers are able to maintain high revolutions of the asynchronous engine. Holders of modifications are installed with roller mechanisms. Many models are folded with longitudinal stops. Before you begin, the ball bearing housing is prefabricated. They are fixed on the bottom of the unit. Slave disc is made with a small diameter. It should also be noted that it is important to fix the stops securely. In the back of the gearbox the cover should be mounted.

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Normal or downshift?

What is the difference between the technology of a reduced gearbox and the classic gearbox? First of all, by the fact that to shift the speed of the transmission it is necessary to perform it directly. This creates a momentary cessation of rotation in principle, while the reduced gearbox works by creating a kind of speed reserve, which not only allows soft start, which would make the work safer, but also allows to shift gears during the work, without obstacles.

And the machine moves with a reduced gearbox much faster, (on average by 45%) than its counterparts without this function. Accordingly, the reduced gearbox is safer, faster and smoother.

One of the most important elements of a power tiller is the drive. If you need to buy a reducer for a power tiller, then know that its reliability will determine the service life of the entire unit. Gearbox for a motor-block, (made by our own hands), is designed to convert and transmit the torque, which it receives from the mechanical gears and makes the agricultural equipment work.

The clutch of a power tiller: construction, adjustment with your own hands

With all the variety of brands of motor blocks, their classes and modifications, the clutch device always includes several necessary parts:

The control unit includes direct control squeeze levers, connected to the pressure plate by rods and a lead equipped with a pedal. The moment the operator shuts off the device, the pedal transmits force to the levers by means of a lead equipped with a bearing. When the springs are compressed, the levers connected to the pressure plate move it away from the slave plate, which results in the clutch being disengaged.

Power tiller gearbox full fittings.|Gear box repair.

The bearing is designed to minimize the friction factor because the lead and levers are not in contact. In the standard design, there are three levers, which are set relative to each other at an angle of 120 degrees. The presence of springs ensures that the parts of the device return to their original position. The deflection is shifted by the distance required to disengage the mechanism, and its observance is very important: if it is not possible to reach the required distance, it leads to the fact that the clutch slips, and the friction lining is subjected to increased stress and premature wear. If, on the contrary, the distance is exceeded, the clutch is not completely disengaged.

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In this video you will learn how to change the clutch:

The drive component consists of the flywheel end of the motor and a pressure plate that simultaneously rotates with it. At the same time, the disk also moves along the axis relative to it. Between these two components is another disc, the hub of which is located on the spline shaft. This is the driven part of the device. Cylindrical springs are located around the drive disc, which are preloaded and are needed to press the pressure plate together. This is achieved by placing one end against the disc and the other against a guard on the sliding surface. This particular design ensures that the unit is always on, even when not moving with the engine running.

Activating the stop of the device generates a signal to the release levers and at the same time disengages the slave part, due to which the clutch is disengaged.

Typically, a bearing is provided in the clutch of small agricultural equipment to reduce friction. It allows the levers to move smoothly without coming into contact with each other. The unit also has a spring that ensures that the control element returns to its original position after shifting.

Hodomimitel for power tiller with his own hands and care of it

For many years already the power tillers have been considered to be high-class and reliable assistants for a farmer. A lot of functionality is added by the attachment, which allows you to turn a classic single-axle tractor into something more versatile and useful.

In today’s article we are going to talk about a very curious device, a stroke-reducer, which will help to reduce the speed of the. Such a feature will be relevant if the working speed of the machine is somewhat less than the transport speed. By installing a single axle tractor with a tripod, you can noticeably increase the torque and improve traction.

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