How to make a chainsaw very quiet

How to Make a Chainsaw Quiet

Is it possible to make this engine quiet?A customer comes into the store to return a chainsaw product.

what’s the complaint?? In the annotation says that for an hour cuts 4 cubes of wood, and I have more than 3 does not come out now check (starts) Wow, and why do you have it zazhivala? I have two motors from chain saws, both shouting until it is impossible, with one of them started experimenting, made a muffler.

But it starts up nowThe percussion sound is gone, the exhaust sound is quieter, but it seems like the engine still makes a decent noise itself. Silencer on a chainsaw. How to make a quieter muffler.How to Make an Exhaust Pipe for a Chainsaw. Lions. Muffler for chain saw video. Mufflers. Parts for chain saws and trimmers

A chainsaw is a multi-purpose tool with a very wide range of uses. Because of the special importance of this kind of technology, modern manufacturers offer customers a wide range of different models not only How to make a muffler for a chainsaw at home criteria.

Good time, dear subscribers subscribers Andrew Noack blog.Make such a device, which really will make the chainsaw significantly quieter, and you will not have to constantly quarrel with How to make the chain Saw’s emission quieter? Sounds like it works. There’s an Alpina and a Chinese Patriot or something.

The Chinese one has just two holes with complex geometry. What can you do that would work quieter? How to make a chainsaw STIHL 100% noiseless | Topic creator: Igor. Need to quietly cut down a few trees that would be no one saw and did not hear Can who knows how to do without noise and consequences muffler on Stil.

About what you can do with a chainsaw with his own hands, and further we will talk. Features of making a power drill from a gasoline saw. In order to make a chainsaw muffler with his own hands, first you need to adjust the speed of the motor How to make the muffler on a chainsaw quieter. VLOGVlog muffler for chainsaw, BLON. There are already mufflers on chainsaws.How to make a muffler for a chainsaw. Make a chain saw quieter. mastercity forum.

Tell me how to make this muffler on a chainsaw?Then it will be necessary to weld on a shell that would blunt the work of a chainsaw and it worked quieter. Quiet chainsaw. How to make a silent muffler on a chainsaw Ural. Make the chainsaw quieter. photo. Mastergrad Forum.How to make a muffler for a chainsaw.

Handmade saw from a chain. from a chainsaw : survival. No related questions found. Can a chainsaw be made quieter? 0. User Alexey Stukalsky posted a question in Other Auto topics category and got 9 answers. Got an engine from a Druzhba saw. 4 hp. But the noise from it. it’s like a clog in your ears.

How to properly quiet a loud muffler

What to make a muffler out of?? Suitable resonator auto or muffler? Either they both need to be? I disassembled the chainsaw partially (for cleaning and parts assessment).

Also I replaced the spark plug boot (all cracked) and installed the ignition switch (was missing when I bought the saw). Home ” Houseboat ” What you can make from a chainsaw with your own hands?Domestic saws are sold at a low price, much lighter in weight and comfortable to use.

In the hands of craftsmen an ordinary chainsaw, originally designed for sawing wood, becomes a truly functional device. For all that, the breadth of its implementation is simply astonishing in its diversity.

Do not wind it :gigi: Only the silence of the chainsaw will not ease the hard work of poaching. Make and for yourself this common and useful device. it is sure to need their own hands. POULAN chainsaw carburetor adjustment. Choosing a Chinese chainsaw.

Chinese chainsaw 10 months of use. STIHL 180 chain saw. The device chainsaw. In addition to the above nodes on the chainsaws has a system of cleaning the air fed into the carburetor from it to the carburetor, and at the same time, so that the fuel does not flow out of the air hole, in the cover that closes the fill hole, made a breather.

muffler into the water test. 03:57. making a very quiet exhaust. 04:31. The muffler test on the STIHL MS250. 01:36. A simple way to make a chainsaw not jammed in a log. 02:42. Partner NO POWER. If you don’t know how to make your chainsaw run quietly, the first thing you need to do is study its design.

Only after that you can start your own repair tool. Sawmill from a chainsaw, which you can make with a metal frame. This is the frame to which the chain saw is rigidly mounted.A homemade snow blower can be made from a saw with a power of more than 3 kW.

How to make a chainsaw ” Related Videos How to Make a Chainsaw. April 28, 2014. 19:59:22 Master Alex Complaint to copyright holders. When working with chain saw you need to spread your legs wide, straighten your back.

You should hold the tool firmly with both hands, but without unnecessary tension, while working at the side of the saw. How to use a chainsaw, every handyman should know. If you do not comply with the rules stipulated by the manufacturer of such equipment, there is a high risk of accidents.

Muffler for chain saw or starter Duration: 2:15 ladovichi fazenda 21.A simple way to make a chainsaw quieter in a log. Duration: 2:42 Vetal 16 1 674 views. How to make an ant quieter. | theme author: Graham. with 2 mufflers will be quieter.

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Nikita (Sumitra) hey hey.In this Muffler for chainsaw.The blonde behind the wheel.Blonde Masha is sawing firewood.We fry tasty barbecue 10 chain saw malfunctions: chain saw does not start, the engine shuts down or fires, overheated chain saw, the chain does not cut, chain saw saw cuts sideways.

How to make a chainsaw runs quietly? How to make a chainsaw quieter. 18.03.2009 to 17:15 I need an expert who will be quieter for peace of mind.Here I came up with this idea to tell him how to make a muffler for his chain saws with his hands.Why a noisy chainsaw.

That’s where I got the idea, to tell him how to make a muffler for a chainsaw with his own hands.If you are clever and the same Ural saw can be made to work much quieter and its performance is not affected at all. So I had to make several parts out of it.

Here is part one of some general questions about choosing and buying.

All this makes this class of tool the quietest of chainsaws, the lightest, with minimal vibration and performance If you choose the right chainsaw to suit your needs completely, and learn how to operate it, the chainsaw will workFirst, make the cut by holding the blade down, then at an upward angle. After trimming on the back side The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about what you can do with a chainsaw is to use it as a saw. Dissolve logs on a bar with this tool had many builders. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about what you can do with a chainsaw is to use it as a sawmill. Many builders have had to use this tool to split logs into logs. An additional muffler is welded to the chainsaw’s muffler to reduce the noise.

Assembly process

There are several ways to upgrade your chainsaw with your own hands. With the right approach, a home exhaust system will work efficiently without reducing the power of the machine.

The easiest way to get rid of rattle. This is to use a flexible plastic duct and a container of water. The hose is screwed to the exhaust pipe through insulating gaskets, the other end is lowered into the water and rigidly fixed to the tank.

As it gradually cools and loses speed, the exhaust comes out of the engine freely. The contact with the air is neutralized by the water. To make such a muffler for a chainsaw, you will need at least 3 m of flexible pipes and a bucket of 10-12 liters. This design is suitable for working on a flat, open area without moving on the platform. Used for chopping firewood or firewood in the yard.

Loss of power and loud noises at low RPM may be caused by a clogged muffler. Exhaust fumes emit a loud roar as they pass through a restricted opening. The machine emits loud gunshots in some cases.

You can solve this problem in the following ways:

  • Disassemble the unit according to the supplied instructions. Remove the exhaust system, remove carbon deposits from the exhaust system, and wash off hard deposits with solvent or gasoline. Degrease the parts and replace them. Elements do not require lubrication, as they burn off when in contact with the exhaust.
  • Clean the exhaust system mechanically. It should be pre-dried with a construction blow dryer, since the glue is not cleaned well. Carbon removal is done with a tier with a hard plastic pile. It is not recommended to use steel lamps, as they scratch the metal, which leads to accelerated wear of the product.

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You can prevent the muffler from clogging quickly by preparing a fuel mixture of high-quality gasoline and oil, which should be mixed in the proportions specified by the manufacturer.

The work is done in the following sequence:

  • Tinplate pattern for bending pipes. You need to make two blanks. One should be equal to the rosette. The second turning area is 2 to 2.5 cm larger. For this purpose, it is better to use small-leaved hardwood.
  • Stainless steel sheet is cut into blanks of desired length and width. They are wrapped around the rollers. This is done with muscle power and a hammer. To simplify the process, one edge of the workpiece is rigidly attached to the rollers with nails or screws.
  • The edges of the curved tubes are aligned and welded together. On the wide billet, the seam is smoothed and sanded. This is necessary for the safety of the craftsman and to give the product a presentable appearance. Without this adjustment, the chainsaw would be incomplete.
  • Many 3 mm diameter holes are drilled into the thin tube. You can do them in any order with intervals of at least 5 mm.
  • Metal wool, basalt cord, and aluminum wire are wound onto a drilled workpiece. The fit must be tight so that the filler does not blow out gases under pressure.
  • The outer tube is stretched over the resulting product. They are fastened with bolts or screws. The front face is welded with a steel washer.
  • The finished muffler is attached to the chainsaw’s exhaust pipe. It is best to attach them with rivets.

Do it yourself

To save you money and time in searching for the right workshop, I advise you to make a home-made muffler. It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

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All you need is a regular 1mm sheet of stainless steel, a smaller diameter iron pipe than the muffler, stainless steel, basalt fiber and some patience.

  • We take a sheet of steel and wrap it around the rollers, the result is a round tube, but an oval tube will be needed. To do this, using a weld, and then press the tube, you need to get an oval shape;
  • If you have a finished pipe of the appropriate diameter, that’s fine, if not, it should be done with a welding machine. To do this, take a metal sheet, mark the necessary dimensions and cut it with a weld. Then make a tube, the seam should be thin and without bulges;
  • When the finished pipe is out, you need to make as many holes as possible, with which you can make holes either randomly or in a strict order, it does not matter;
  • Next, take the pre-prepared stainless steel wool and start wrapping the outside of the pipe. This is done so that there is no blowing of the muffler housing;
  • Then wrap the basalt fiber with stainless steel wool (this is the most suitable material) and, to prevent it from slipping, secure it with wire, which should be thin and at the same time strong;
  • Insert the wrapped tube in the future device and wipe everything with sandpaper, pay special attention to the seams and joints, so they do not protrude too much;
  • When you do all this, the resulting block should be attached to the chainsaw as tightly as possible so it doesn’t fly off at the right time.

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This homemade device, if done correctly, will last a long time and greatly reduce engine noise, it works well on chainsaws. Another advantage of a homemade muffler is that it will cost you a small amount of money. You’re just wasting your time, but it’s worth it.

You can also use this muffler option: put baffles in the pipe that is in the muffler and thus reduce the noise level of the engine. This is because the noise itself is a strong vibration of air coming out of the muffler at high speed.

To reduce the noise, simply drill holes in the pipe and insert baffles at equal distances. Many units will come out, and the gas will gradually escape, and the pressure and noise will be reduced. Accordingly the gas velocity will drop, which will reduce the noise.

If you want the gases to come out of the cylinders faster, thereby reducing engine power to increase the performance of the saw, remember that there will be several times more noise.

You will need a straight muffler, which can be made from a pipe from the sketches of an old muffler by unscrewing and then using all the bolts and nuts.

I advise you to choose a steel pipe so that the muffler lasts longer. If suitable steel pipe is not available, this should be done with steel sheet. You can use a welder to make pipes of the desired diameter and size.

Everything is provided by the factory, everything must work as a unit, and if you try to change something yourself, including improving the muffler without any drawings, it is quite difficult, and not everyone can do it.

For chainsaws such as the STIHL 180, it is best to buy your own muffler, which you can change yourself without any problems.

So if you have some knowledge and ingenuity works well, then you should try to make an extra muffler yourself, saving money, and you can create a device that will actually make the chainsaw much quieter, and you won’t have to fight constantly. With neighbors or other people, you people.

Why you need a silencer

Prolonged exposure to extremely loud noises is certainly dangerous and can lead to hearing loss. Chainsaws can be very loud. 80 to 120 decibels. By comparison, normal conversation averages about 60 decibels.

Let’s look at some data and timing:

  • Sounds up to 70 dB are safe, and you can listen to them for extended periods of time.
  • Sounds at 85dB are dangerous if you listen to them for more than 8 hours.
  • Sounds at 111 dB are extremely dangerous and can cause hearing loss in less than a minute.
  • Sounds around 200 dB are fatal.

Interestingly, the loud noise from chainsaws is not only dangerous to your ears. Loud noises pose even greater health risks. They can lead to:

Why Chainsaws Make Noise?

All chainsaws have only one major disadvantage. operating noise, which in some places (country houses, homesteads) disturbs and irritates many people. If the noise from the working saw interferes with concentration, it is possible to use headphones, which suppress the noise. But it’s not like everyone around you is going to be wearing headphones while someone is making noise.

A clogged or uncorrected muffler is the reason why the engine constantly stalls or won’t start at all.

Sometimes it happens that the chainsaw works well at low speed, but as soon as you increase the gas, it immediately sneezes and shuts down. As a rule, the reason is that the exhaust cannot pass through the clogged muffler and has to move in the opposite direction. To do this, it is enough to take it off and clean it, if it is dismantled of course, if not, you will have to dry it with hot air using a hair dryer.

The main reason for the contamination of the muffler, it is too much oil, which is diluted with gasoline and as a result settles on the walls.

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If you have decided to clean the non-dismountable muffler, keep in mind that it is impossible to do it dry using the same hair dryer, because the hazardous substances are extremely harmful to health.

Although most chain saw producers try to muffle engine noise as much as possible, it does not do any good and, first of all, affects the power of the machine.

Professional chainsaws, such as Husqvarna, can not work quietly at all, because the power and speed are very high, which leads to a lot of noise. Trying to muffle the roar of the motor yourself, while maintaining high performance, is extremely difficult. But there are people who use an ordinary bucket of water and a plastic tube, one end dipped in water and the other end screwed to the exhaust pipe. There is effectiveness from such actions, the sound of the motor becomes quieter.

How to make a chainsaw very quiet

Retrofitting the machine will help make it run as quietly as possible. Everyone knows that you can’t eliminate noise completely, but it is possible to reduce. To create a silent muffler, different ways are used:

  • mount another muffler in place of the old one;
  • install an additional resonator;
  • install a resonator equipped with an absorbent filler.

Each of the above methods has advantages and disadvantages. If you are upgrading your machine’s exhaust unit yourself to reduce the exhaust sound, you need to have everything you will need in the works. For such manipulations you need to have a set of automobile service tools. Also, you will undoubtedly need:

  • Welding machine. If the choice is possible, then use a semi-automatic machine or an inverter;
  • Angle grinder (angle grinder) with a set of disks;
  • A workbench equipped with a vice.

make, chainsaw, very, quiet

Before starting work, you need to choose one of the ways to modernize the exhaust pipe. The first method is to install in the area between the first resonator and the muffler another factory-made resonator. It can also be made by your own hands.

The first option is the simplest, most popular and affordable. When choosing a way to design a low-noise muffler, it is necessary to take into account that the chosen method will result in different monetary costs. If the owner has enough money it is better to buy a resonator, remove a piece of pipe and weld the device on the remained space. The second method is undoubtedly much more interesting. The technology of making such a mechanism should be carefully studied before proceeding to its implementation.

Why do you need a muffler?

It is a special device, thanks to which the noise from the running engine becomes an order of magnitude lower, but it does not muffle completely, and this does not suit many.

Of course, nowadays there are saws that have a muffler that can suppress the noise several times, but it immediately affects the operation of the saw.

So if you want to make the motor even quieter than the factory prescribed, it is worth trying to put an additional muffler, making it yourself.

If you show ingenuity and the same chain saw Ural can be made to work much quieter and its performance is not affected in any way.

The device and principle of operation of the ignition system on the Druzhba chainsaw

For more than 30 years, until the late 1980s, Druzhba chain saws were made with contact ignition (mechanical breaker). Its principle of electricity generation is the same as that of more modern electronic systems. The magnetic rotor, mounted on the crankshaft, rotates inside the coils. The primary winding of the coil consists of several coils of thick copper wire and produces a current of low voltage (V, Volts), but quite high strength (A, Ampere).

The secondary winding consists of many turns of thin wire. It’s a sort of step-up transformer. Passing through it, the electrical charge changes its characteristics. And the output voltage is 15-30,000 volts with negligible current (milliamps). Such a current is able to produce a high-temperature spark (arc) between the electrodes through the gap, which can be observed on every spark plug.

The last modification of this chainsaw with contact ignition. the Druzhba 4A. was produced until the end of the 1980s. After that it was replaced by Druzhba 4A Electron with contactless ignition, which is indicated by the prefix in the model name.

Assembling process

There are several ways to upgrade a chainsaw with your own hands. With the right approach, the homemade exhaust system will work effectively, without reducing the power of the machine.

The easiest way to get rid of a rattle is to use a flexible plastic duct and a tank of water. The hose through thermal insulation gaskets is screwed to the exhaust pipe, its other end is lowered into the water and rigidly fixed to the tank.

Gradually cooling down and losing speed, the exhaust freely exits the engine. Contact with air is neutralized by water. To make such a muffler for a chainsaw, you will need at least 3 m of flexible pipes and a bucket of 10-12 liters. Such construction is suitable for work on a flat open place without moving around the site. To be used for sawing firewood or logs in the yard.

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