How to make a chainsaw snowmobile

What can be made from a Druzhba chainsaw

Techniques that can be made with their own hands from a Druzhba 4 chain saw has a long list. Everything is limited only by the imagination of the master. Many videos have been published on the Internet with detailed descriptions of the step-by-step making of homemade. Within the article we have collected only the best videos, on the basis of which you can easily make the desired technique. The simplest self-made is considered a boat motor, and complex. all-terrain vehicle, motor-scooter, lawnmower. Here are examples of home-made machines from simple to complex.

A knife from a tire

This handicraft is not directly related to the Druzhba 4 chainsaw, but it is in demand because.к. The knife from the Druzhba chainsaw tire holds sharpening very well, it is resistant to corrosion. To make it will need only the tire itself from the saw. To implement the craft, we suggest watching an interesting video, the author of which describes in detail how to make a kitchen knife from a tire. The peculiarity of the video is that the author shows a simple method of making a hole in the steel of the handle, without drilling.


To make a bicycle with an engine from Druzhba chainsaw you will need a saw and a bicycle, preferably Kama with a trunk. The process of making a homemade bicycle:

  • Attach the motor to the bike frame.
  • To lay the throttle cable and the trigger on the handlebars.
  • Connect the chain to the bike’s drive wheel and the pulley on the saw’s motor.

As a clear instructional guide we recommend to see the video of the finished bike.

Mower (lawnmower)

To make the mower, you will again need the chainsaw Druzhba 4 itself, small wheels, a knife and rolled metal for making the body and protective cover. The knife will fit either from a brushcutter or lawnmower, it all depends on what working diameter will be laid down by the project. We represent to your attention on review video, which author has made a mower from benzosaw Ural (there is no essential difference from Druzhba, therefore we recommend to watch).

Boat motor

To convert a chainsaw into a boat motor will already be much more difficult than a bicycle or a mower. The product will be aimed at contact with water, but with it, as it is known, you need to be extremely careful. According to the recommendations of many craftsmen, it is better to use the drive and shaft from an old boat motor. The engine from the Friendship 4. It remains only to connect them together. For example, we recommend watching an interesting video, the author of which made a boat motor from a gasoline saw Druzhba 2. The author demonstrates saw’s work in a barrel with water.


To make a sawmill from a chainsaw, it is enough to make a device for the longitudinal dissolution of the log. Its task is to hold the saw bar in a straight plane relative to the log. For a visual presentation, we recommend watching a video demonstration of devices at work. From the video it becomes clear that the self-made needs a minimum of materials. regular rolled metal (profile pipe).


To remake a chain saw in a rover is already very difficult, but still possible. On the internet a lot of videos, the authors of which implemented this idea. The whole point is that you need to make your own chassis: frame, wheels, drive, etc.д., And as the engine will be used chainsaw Druzhba 4. The only recommendation is to use ordinary cameras instead of wheels, connected around the perimeter, such wheels are much easier than those with tires, respectively, the motor will be much easier during the movement.

At review offer to watch an interesting video about self-made all-terrain vehicle from a gasoline saw Druzhba 4. This self-made machine uses a scooter and a caterpillar, so it is more likely a snowmobile than a cross-country vehicle.

make, chainsaw, snowmobile

A motorcycle (motobuchsibschik)

Making a snowmobile out of a Druzhba 4 chain saw, just like with the all-terrain vehicle, also comes down to the initial design of the chassis: frame, track, steering, etc.д. And the saw engine is just a driving force.

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We suggest you watch an interesting video, the author of which shows how to make a sidecar from almost improvised materials. For example, caterpillar hooks are made of ordinary plastic pipes, and the whole skeleton motobucket is welded from ordinary sectional tube of small diameter.


Chainsaw modification into a helicopter. it is most likely just an experiment, there is no practical application. On the Internet there are videos of aircrafts, whose authors have developed such projects and brought to life, for example, a homemade airplane from a chainsaw.

The principle, the scheme of the device, theory, how everything should turn out

All work begins with a plan and drawings, which you can then rely on. Schemes and drawings are required in order to take into account all the nodes and their location, the relationship between each other and the work of the mechanism as a whole. Pay attention to the location of each node, because if you make a mistake, the snowmobile simply will not go.

  • First, the chainsaw motor is attached to the frame made.
  • In the steering part of the snow scooter skis are installed, which are the main element of movement.
  • Then the steering wheel is installed.
  • To set the mechanism in motion it is necessary to install tracks in the back.
  • Connect the track disc and chain saw motor sprocket.
  • Finally, the driver’s seat is installed, which is attached to a specially equipped place.

The main purpose is to save money, so it is not necessary to buy all parts of the construction. Many parts can be made by yourself. Skiers recommend using tracks and skis from the Soviet Buran snowmobile.

To equip the steering on a snowmobile, borrow a handlebar from a moped or bicycle. The main task will be to fix the steering wheel correctly, so that when you turn, the skis will also turn.

How to make a snowmobile and other self-made from Druzhba chainsaw

The main advantages of the Druzhba chainsaw: simple design, reliability and low cost. It was developed in 1953. and was produced until the early 2000s. During the production of the saw, its design has remained unchanged, but some nodes have been modified.

Depending on the carburetor and ignition system, the engine MP-1, which was completed with Druzhba, develops from 2 to 4 liters.с.

Technical characteristics of the Ural chainsaw are higher than those of the Druzhba saw. It has a more powerful engine (5 L.с.), it weighs less (11,6 kg) and has a high efficiency. But because of the high fuel consumption and automatic chain lubrication system in the manufacture of homemade devices, this saw is used less often than the Druzhba.

Making a homemade saw from an imported chainsaw will cost more. To operate such a device will require high-quality oil and fuel. And in the case of a malfunction will require specialized and expensive repairs.

Necessary tools and materials

To make a homemade motorblock, it is necessary to check whether there are such tools in the arsenal as:

  • angle grinder;
  • power drill;
  • welding machine;
  • Locksmith tool kit plus consumables (nuts, bolts);
  • marking tools (angle piece, tape measure).

A suitable blueprint is needed for the work

Assembling a self-made machine excludes turning work, but welding, as a minimum, when creating a frame cannot be avoided. The list of materials is more “complicated”. Will need:

  • Motor, gearbox, tank from “Druzhba”;
  • from a motorcycle (moped). steering mechanism (you can not take ready-made, and make yourself from pipes), wheels;
  • elements of the transmission of a car or motorcycle (moped). a collar flange VAZ, gear shaft of the “engine” (for the more “advanced” self-made);
  • Steel pipes (up to 20 mm), angles for the frame;
  • Iron sheets to strengthen and protect the unit.

In the question of how to make a single-axle tractor from a chainsaw, in addition to finding tools and materials, it is important to have drawings (you can use ready-made, and you can, with the proper skills, create yourself), because if not assembled correctly, a single-axle self-made tractor will not succeed. To understand how a snowmobile works, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the designs of factory models

How to make a snowmobile from a chainsaw

The snowmobile is made according to one of 2 schemes:

Any snowmobile device has the following design:

  • Engine.
  • Power System.
  • Oil Injection System.
  • Transmission.
  • Undercarriage.
  • Steering.
  • Hull.
  • Electrical equipment.

Before proceeding to the manufacture of a homemade snowmobile from a chainsaw and its further assembly, it is necessary to design drawings of all working units and the general appearance of the vehicle. It is better to draw each assembly unit separately and take out the dimensions.

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In the process of development, take into account the brand of gasoline tool.

Models like Druzhba, Ural and STIHL are well suited.

Druzhba chainsaw has a simple design. The disadvantage is the low motor power (1 kW) with a large mass of the tool (12 kg).

The Ural has a weight of 11.7 kg and engine power of 3.68 kW.

Children’s snowmobile from the engine from the brushcutter!

When making a snowmobile from a chainsaw with their own hands you can opt for the brand STIHL. The frame is silent in operation, has a power of 1.5 kW and a nominal weight of only 3.9 kg.


Starting point: fabricating the base of the frame structure from welded longitudinal members. Hardened steel angles 50×63 mm are used for the middle part, while the front and rear parts are made of S2 steel with a 90° bend. All elements must have holes of the same diameter for mounting with the caterpillar and drive shaft. Brackets for the track rollers are welded at the bottom of the frame.

Stands are made of 30×30 mm angles and connected by metal crossbars. The result should be a structure in the form of a small portal. A platform is needed for the attachment point of the chainsaw gearbox and the chain drive shaft. Choose sheet steel of the required size, usually 2-3 mm thick, and weld it to the center of the right side of the module and the portal.

At the back of the portal and simultaneously in the middle of the module, you form a place for a seat, which you later make from planks and fabric or take out of old equipment, e.g. a moped.

To the beam, as which take a standard water pipe with a radius of 0,75 mm, install the front spar and drive axle traverse. At both ends, the bushings for the steering skis are welded, and in the center is a strut for the engine subframe. The fastening points of the supports for strength and structural stability are strengthened with metal bars of 2 mm.


The caterpillar is equipped with a Buran gear, the track is shortened by 0,75-1 m. Gear wheels are set on the cross shafts, then the blade is laid. The toothed wheel of the track is made of nylon sheet of 15 mm in size.

Drive shaft

To make the drive shaft take a metal pipe with a diameter of 14 mm, on top of the flanges are installed to fix the teeth of the wheels. At the ends of the gearing press and weld the lugs with the intended place for the bearings.


The snowmobile engine is the main unit that affects the work of all self-propelled machinery. That’s why experts recommend using the power unit from STIHL chain saw with an engine capacity of 1.5-3 kW. Support the motor on a solidly supported crossbar. Gearbox turned by 180 °, fix it on the site, also mount the intermediate shaft 2-step transmission. Place fuel tank on top.


Drive sprocket with internal key from steel 20 is attached to the shaft using M12 nut with a spring washer. For a precise fixation on the tip threads are cut on the desired parameter. It is taken into account that the 1st stage of the transmission corresponds to a large sprocket with the maximum gear ratio (the engine from the Ural has 38 teeth), the 2nd stage is a small drive sprocket with 10 teeth.

Standard type chains, with a pitch of about 16 mm.

Braking system

If the snowmobile is designed for low speeds of up to 30 km/h, no braking system is required. The vehicle is stopped by friction in the undercarriage and transmission systems.

make, chainsaw, snowmobile


Steering on skids. Support arms are rigidly connected to the steering shaft bipod. A handlebar is two-handed, on the right side is mounted a gas handle.

Aerial sled

In order for such a self-made machine to move easily in the snow, one Ural chainsaw is not enough. It needs a high power of at least 2 power saws.

The construction of the snowmobile begins with the frame.

It should be lightweight, because they use aluminum alloy pipes.

The shape of the frame is isosceles, an elongated triangle. In each corner of it, a vertical strut is mounted pointing downwards. Skis are placed on the free ends:

A chainsaw motor is attached to the base of the triangular frame; the gearbox output shaft is oriented backwards parallel to the frame axis. On it also have an air propeller. The chain drive from the gearbox transmits the rotation to the rudder.

The lever for regulating the fuel supply is put on the rudder of the aero-sled. To accommodate the athlete provide within the front of the frame a lightweight seat.

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Makeshift snowmobile from a chainsaw with your own hands

In winter, the movement is difficult, so you need a universal vehicle for driving in snowdrifts. Using improvised means, you can begin constructing a snowmobile. With the right approach, the homemade snowcat will become an indispensable helper in winter.

You can begin assembling the structure after the drawings are developed. The reliability of the future vehicle depends on their accuracy.

It is possible to make a snowmobile, taking one of the chainsaws as the basis:

  • Friendship. Acts as a power unit. The result is an uncomplicated device without unnecessary parts. Such a vehicle will have a fairly large mass with little power, also there are no safety guards. Saw engine has 1 kW power, runs on gasoline. The weight of the tool is 12 kilograms;
  • Ural. rugged version with more power and less weight. The tool is environmentally friendly, even at sub-zero temperatures. Two-stroke saw engine with an output of 3.6 kW. Weight of the tool is 11.7 kilograms;
  • STIHL. Environmentally friendly and low-noise saw with the advantage.

Снегоход из санок и бензопилы своими руками Homemade chainsaw snowmobile

Once you have decided on a chainsaw, you can start designing a snowmobile.

The construction consists of parts such as:

  • Rudder;
  • Fuel reservoir;
  • Power unit for gasoline-powered tools;
  • Steering ski post bushing (two tubes with a diameter of 30 cm);
  • Control skis;
  • Crawler sprocket;
  • The tracked blade;
  • Supporting base;
  • Support roller;
  • Suspension of a backrest-restrainer;
  • Crawler blade tensioner;
  • Toothed wheel of the caterpillar belt tensioning;
  • Bearing;
  • Luggage carrier;
  • Driver’s seat;
  • 1st part of the chain gear;
  • The 2nd part of the chain gear;
  • Driver’s seat backrest holder;
  • 1st gear sprocket;
  • Drive sprocket of the 2nd gear;
  • Sprockets under the 2nd stage of the chain gear;
  • Sprocket under the 1st stage of the chain gear;
  • The lever of the rotary knuckle;
  • A drawbar for the steering rack;
  • Bipod with a steering shaft;
  • Beams of the front axle;
  • Shaft attachment track;
  • Axle of the caterpillar belt tension.

A snow thrower from a chainsaw with their own hands

Homemade snow thrower, made from a chainsaw with his own hands, photo and description of self-made.

Hello Dear Readers! I decided to make a homemade snow thrower with a motor from the Ural chain saw. I got the chainsaw free of charge from an acquaintance.

For the assembly of snegouborschika, we needed a leading, driven sprockets and chain from a motorcycle Izh.

Frame welded from the angle, bars, sheet iron and profile pipe. Also from the profile pipe, were made skids, on which the snowblower slides in the snow.

The handle is made of ½ inch pipe. Gas handle from mountain bike brake handle. Cable from Minsk motorcycle.

I found the bearings and the cases in the garage, I had to make them fit with an angle grinder. I do not remember the number of bearings, I only remember one thing, that they are oscillating (self-centered).

The drum cover and the hose bent out of galvanized 0.5 mm. The gas tank was taken from a Druzhba saw. Shaft snow thrower, made from 27 mm bar, in the middle of the shaft, welded four blades for throwing snow. Rubber worm blades on the sides. Blades made from the sides of a car tire.

Tested homemade snow thrower, the snow was about 30 cm. The snow throw was at 5-6 meters, to push the snow blower okay, but in the hill is not too heavy. Raw snow throws well, the main thing is not to throw down the speed to the snow remnants in the sleeve is not stuck. As a result, we have a working tool for clearing snow made from the Ural chain saw.

Sleigh and Chainsaw = Snowmobile ! A new Creation

This video shows the snowblower in action.

A masterpiece for me

The world’s best woodcarver lives in Voronezh. Alexander Ivchenko, a former journalist, was given a saw eight years ago. And now Ivchenko’s sculptures are admired throughout Russia and abroad, and he himself was the only Russian winner of the prestigious British tournament of carvers in wood. A curious fact: they refused to work with the sculptor in his native city: they said he was self-taught. But the Voronezh Alenka, which became famous all over Russia, was created by a professional.

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