How to make a car wash with a compressor

Design options

Knowing the peculiarities of the technological process of assembly and configuration, it is worth thinking about the design features of the future unit:

  • Think in advance about what kind of power source will be acceptable to you. Choosing the fuel, you can not worry about the possibility of transporting and moving the device. Giving preference to electricity, provide uninterrupted access to the source. Moving the unit freely is unlikely, but spending money on expensive gasoline is out of the question.
  • Before you begin, determine your operational goals. Compact unit with a long hose. ideal for washing car wheels and windows at home. If you aim to use on a production scale, the ability to move the machine will not be as important, so you can immediately make the sink stationary and provide a connection to the water supply.
  • If you intend to save money, set the automatic water supply. You can afford to save money on water, but do not do it in relation to the elements of construction.

How to make a “Kerher” for a car wash with their own hands

To be able to wash your car at home at any convenient time for yourself, the car owner will need to use a high-pressure car wash.

This equipment is produced under the brand name “Kercher”, it has a high capacity, as a result the result of washing is almost the same as if the car was sent to the service. The high cost of such washing equipment will pay off over time. However, if you know how to make a “Kerher” with your own hands for washing, then you will save a lot of money and stay in the black.

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Safety precautions when using the washer

When using a homemade sink, you need to observe the safety rules, which will also extend the period of its operation.

It is obligatory to take into account the limit of the cycle of operation of the device. So, if you buy a ready-made device, the instructions have information about how long it can work. The cycle can be 20, 30 minutes or an hour, all depending on the performance of the device. And if you do not comply with the specified time interval in terms of operation, the device will overheat and break down.

It is best to use a homemade device no longer than twenty minutes. And you can also calculate the time of use yourself, it all depends on the amount of material assembled the tank and its quality. The more plastic is present in the design, the less will be the cycle of operation.

It is not recommended to fill the tank with technical or river water, since they contain a large number of undesirable elements for the device, negatively affecting the quality of its work. To prevent small particles or chemical elements from getting into the tank and to protect it from mechanical damage, it is recommended to install an additional water filter.

It is also extremely important to ground all electrical equipment through a three-core insulated flexible wire and a plug with a grounding terminal. The whole structure and filter needs to be cleaned periodically.

What at home to successfully wash a car many people prefer to buy expensive equipment “Kercher”. But you can save a lot of money, build its counterpart with your own hands. How to do it was told above.

High-pressure car wash with their own hands from a compressor

I have built a full-featured powerful motorized solution for a self-made car wash.

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Tired of washing the car by being tied to a garden hose? You used to love watching Ghostbusters? You have an old tank?

One of my biggest dislikes is a dirty car. There is nothing worse than showing up for a date or a meeting in an unwashed car. Last week my machine was very dirty and I had to do something about it. I had this old tank and had this crazy idea to make a homemade kerger with my own hands, Proton Pack style, like in Ghostbusters.

I used two tanks, fitting nozzles, a blower, a water gun, a waterproof drill, 8 mops and some other stuff to assemble a mini car wash with my own hands.

Based on this, I put together a backpack with a 4-step car cleaning system at home:

  • Soap Water Gun
  • High-speed rotating microfiber brush
  • Water wash gun
  • Air blower to remove the water

Preparing the water-air blower

I had several ideas when looking for a tank solution. I wanted to make one tank for both water and air, so that air could be used both as “fuel” for the water and to feed into the air gun to dry the car.

To provide pressure at the level of a garden hose, I needed a tank that could withstand 8 atmospheres of pressure, which precluded the use of any backpack sprayers. I thought about using a water type fire extinguisher, which was already very similar to what I wanted, but I would have limited modification options because of its thin walls. I had a decommissioned scuba tank lying around, and I realized that it was perfect. It comes with a backpack already, it is designed to withstand tremendous pressure, and its thick walls allow me to drill and thread for a pipe anywhere along its perimeter.

The cylinder came with a single valve on top that I didn’t want to mess with. I opened the valve fully to check again that the tank was empty before I started. It goes without saying that drilling a hole in a tank full of compressed gas is not a good idea.

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I added a few things to my tank.

  • Pressure gauge
  • Air regulator
  • Nipple to fill it with air
  • Garden hose
  • A water level sight glass, made from a piece of vinyl hose, running along the side.

It’s a lot of work, but in the end the tank looks great.

A cylinder should be half filled with water, and then pressurized with air at 8 atmospheres from a bicycle pump, air compressor, or other device. The air presses the water down, allowing it to escape under high pressure from the spigot mounted on the bottom of the tank.

Tapering. What is a tap, you may ask? Re-tapping is the process of shaping or threading the inside of a hole. The tool is called a tap. Threaded holes are usually used for bolts and screws, but apparently there are special taps for making pipes and guns for car washes.

To use a tap, first drill a hole of a certain size for the tap you will be using. Threading is quite difficult physically and requires some skill to make sure the threads are straight.

how to make diy a high pressure car washer yourself

It is important to keep the tap as coaxial as possible with the thread hole, so that it does not enter it at an angle. Tightness of the future construction will depend on the quality of grooves on the threads.

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