How to make a brush cutter out of a chainsaw

Can a chain saw be used to make a cleaver?

Continuous pruning of shrubs and garden trees is essential for keeping them looking presentable. Handles this job perfectly with a shrub shear. This tool is indispensable for taking care of large bushes, hedges and lawns. It is not very difficult to make a brush cutter out of a chainsaw with your own hands. The main thing is to follow the stated instructions step by step. There is no “one size fits all” gardening tool. In this connection it is worth to understand what kinds of brushcutters there are.

  • Mechanical. Ideal for owners with few trees and shrubs. It resembles large scissors and is designed for cutting rose or currant bushes by hand.
  • Cordless. It is compact and easy to use. It is equipped with a powerful battery, which will allow the tool to work for 1-1.5 hours without interruption.
  • Gasoline-powered. It is characterized by high power and productivity. It has a wide range of applications, because it is used not only on garden plots, but also on large enterprises of public utilities. It should be noted, its high cost and high weight (about 6 kg).
  • Electric. It perfectly copes with the trimming of trees and is suitable for creating an original design of the garden plot. “Binding” to the power grid and weather conditions are the weaknesses of the tool. Operate this type of brush cutter in rainy weather is strictly prohibited.

You can buy a ready-made bush cutter in any specialized store, or you can make your own hands, using an electric saw as the “basis”. Before proceeding to redesign, you will need drawings.

Grass trimmer attachments: 15 kinds

Which grass trimmer attachments are considered in this review (lawn trimmer and electric mower attachments are the same)

  • Attachment Drill for gasoline grass trimmer (works without electricity).
  • The Walking Wheels attachment, to make it easy to work with a brush.
  • Lopper attachment, which works like a hacksaw.
  • Garden shears for cutting hedges and bushes.

This is in addition to the trimmer head for the maintenance of the household plot and bed, various metal and plastic blades for mowing natural and seeded grass and weeds, as well as the saw blade for trimming young trees, bushes and branches.

Grass trimmer attachments (also lawnmower attachments) are attached to the trimmer in one of three ways:

The engine of the grass trimmer can work in any position and has a high power density (power-to-weight ratio), and it is compact and reliable, which allows using it with any of the attachments shown below. Let’s take a closer look at trimmer attachments for grass. The attachments for the lawnmower are the same.

Grass trimmer attachment Drill

The power drill is a gasoline grass trimmer attachment, t.е. This drill does not require electricity. In addition, such a gasoline drill is characterized by great power, reliability and durability (compared to an electric drill). Enormous torque on the drill with 17:1 reduction gearing. Available in 3 sizes. With Echo trimmer technical specifications:

Grass trimmer attachment Walking wheels

Can be used with a blower or other attachments as needed. It’s especially convenient to use the running wheels for grass trimmer together with a sweeping brush or a roller. you can raise the working body and, accordingly, reduce friction on the surface (easier to work, less wear and tear, better result and pleasure from work). See. Also: Raiffeisen Bank Aval in Kremenchug.

Grass trimmer attachment Lopper

The pruner head is designed for cutting branches and twigs up to a height of 4.5m. Purpose is the same as the Pole Pruner, but if the Pole Pruner works on the principle of a chainsaw, then the pruner works on the principle of a hacksaw.

Grass trimmer bit for grass Garden shears

The garden shears attachment for cutting hedges and shaped bushes (lawnmower attachment is the same). two modifications with different boom lengths for different situations.

Lawn aerator for grass trimmer

Lawn aerator nozzle designed for aerating, t.е. To saturate the upper layer of the soil with air by piercing it (especially important for lawns older than 5 years with a thickened root system), and also to destroy the crust on the surface of the lawn after rain, watering or trampling to restore air permeability of the soil. Working width. 20 cm.

Grass trimmer attachment Cultivator

Cultivator attachment is designed for loosening soil in flower beds, flower beds, greenhouses, small seedbeds, around trees and bushes.

  • Diameter of cutters. 20 cm.
  • Cutter speed. 180 rpm.
  • Working width. 12-24 cm (depending on the trimmer’s engine power).
  • Weight. 5 kg.

The disadvantage of such a cultivator (as a lawnmower attachment) is its low weight. it treats the top layer well, especially in a freshly dug place, but on hard ground it scratches on top, and in the soil does not climb.

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Cultivator grass trimmer head does not allow and press the cutters to the ground. the rod springs, which causes severe wear and tear guide plastic bushing plastic drive shaft and a strong pressure can lead to bending the rod and breakage of grass cutter or cultivator head.

Grass trimmer tool for grass cutter

The Pole Pruner accessory is for cutting branches and bushes up to 15 cm thick and thinning crowns up to 4.5 m above the ground. It is a gearbox in a housing with an oil tank and a connecting hole for the grass trimmer and the guide bar with chain. Bus length. 21 cm. When selecting a Pole Pruner accessory, it is necessary to check whether the size and shape of teeth on the spline part of the drive shaft are the same as on the accessory.

Grass trimmer accessory Gear

The gear nozzle can be used as a motor for bicycles, mopeds, go-karts, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc.д. Gearbox reduces rotational speed by 5 times. Can change the drive sprocket. put any number of teeth on the sprocket, so you can choose the desired gear ratio. Lawn trimmer attachments are identical.

Branch chopper. a simple attachment for chain saw

Greetings to all lovers of handicrafts, I offer for consideration the instructions on how to make a useful device, which will quickly turn all the interfering branches into sawdust. Self-made is an attachment for a chainsaw, although it would be more promising to install the attachment on an electric saw. It is assembled simply, the crushing unit is made of old saw chains, though it is not very practical. If you are interested in the project, I suggest you study it in more detail!

Materials and tools used by the author:

The list of materials:- thick sheet steel;- round bar;- screws and nuts;- a piece of round tube;- bearings with housings;- old saw chains.

List of tools:- welding machine;- angle grinder (angle grinder);- drill;- lathe;- tape measure, ruler, marker.

Step one. Making the baseFirst of all we will make the base, and on it will be set a chainsaw, and also here will be fixed bearings of the crushing unit. Let’s cut a necessary piece and drill holes for fixing bolts.

Step two. Making the working axleDuring the making of the working axle we need a round bar, with the help of a lathe the author grinded one side of it so that it goes snugly into the seating of the “clutch plate” from the chainsaw. Then put a plate on the axle and weld it well.

Step three. Bearing bracketsCut two plates to hold the bearings, drill holes in them for the axle and for the mounting screws. Subsequently, the fasteners will be welded to the base.

Step Four. Making the impellerDo the impeller, as the basis we need a piece of round tube, its ends the author welded a thick sheet of steel. Use a lathe to make holes on both sides and insert the axle. If everything is straight, we weld the impeller to the axle.

Finally, we weld the old saw chains to the tube, they will crush the sticks. Of course it will be hard to sharpen the chains in this position, but by the way, judging by the video, there is no need to sharpen the teeth.

Step Five. Finale assembly and testingWeld the fasteners for the bearings to the base, put the chain saw and here the home-made device is almost ready. To finish it is only necessary to weld the stop plates. Of course, it would be good to make the possibility of adjusting the gap in the crushing unit, which would allow the machine to adjust to branches of different diameters.

Another way to create a homemade sawmill

It is possible to use another method of making a sawmill. In terms of technology, this option will not differ much from the previous one. The tools and drawings will be identical to the first variant.

The drawing marks the main components. First of all, this is a chainsaw, its drive and mechanism, with the help of which it will be possible to adjust the thickness of the resulting board. Also it is necessary to note the mechanism that allows you to move the cutting part of the structure, and a device for reliable fixation of a log.

The process of sawing a log on the sawmill is carried out by lowering or raising the base of the device, which is held by four screws or welded to the plate by nuts with bent edges. On the top of the base is placed a locknut, it is tightened as soon as the sawmill is fully tuned. Adjustment to the desired thickness of the log to be processed.

The cutting section moves on the bends, which serve as guides along the frame. A gap of 50-55 cm is maintained between the two elements. Two rollers are fastened to each leg, the upper rests on the guide bracket, and the lower will hold the sawmill from lifting. Instead of rollers, 20 mm bearings can be used.

The timber is held in place with two combs, one of which is moved by a screw, while the other remains stationary. After the log is set, the first moving element is held in place with several screws. After installing the locking device, you can start work on the sawmill.

How to make?

Homemade tool for the care of garden plants is a nozzle, which is attached to a standard chainsaw or electric saw. So, it is necessary to prepare the following tools:

  • electric chainsaw (or chain saw);
  • two strips of steel (25 mm);
  • nuts, bolts;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • angle grinder;
  • tape measure;
  • grinder;
  • pliers;
  • protractor.
make, brush, cutter, chainsaw

Proceed to assembly, while adhering to the following steps:

  • we “unpack” the electric saw blade and set the parameters of the blade;
  • make a marking on the steel strip (equal segments) using a protractor;
  • We clamp the strip in a vice and cut it according to the markings with an angle grinder; thus, we obtain blanks for the “teeth” of the hedge trimmer;
  • send them to the grinder and smooth out the sharp edges;
  • take another strip and cut out of it the rail fastening the nozzle to the blade;
  • We make a marking and drill holes for fasteners;
  • lay out the metal “tangs” on the bar at the same distance and weld them; look at the “geometry” of the attachment
  • next, fasten it to the blade with bolts (tighten with a wrench).
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When the home-made hedgetrimmer is ready, you can start testing it. We plug the saw with the nozzle into the socket and bring it to the branch (it should be between the “teeth”). Due to the “double fixation”, the tree does not bounce on the nozzle, but is neatly cut. Homemade bush cutter will allow you to cut several branches on a tree or a voluminous shrub at once.

make, brush, cutter, chainsaw

On making a brush cutter from a chainsaw with their own hands, see the video below.

Lawnmower with their own hands. manufacturing methods, assembly

The purchase of a branded lawnmower is sought by the majority of owners of household plots. However, the high of some models make the technique unaffordable for many wishing to. In such a case, do not get upset, and try to assemble a lawnmower with your own hands, using parts from a chainsaw, angle grinder or an old washing machine.

What engine is suitable for making?

The mower can be assembled using any motor. Most often, self-made mowers are equipped with gasoline and electric motors. Much less often. with batteries, previously removed from old VAZ, GAZ or Moskvich cars.

When choosing an engine, it is important to consider several important criteria:

  • power. it is best to equip a homemade mower with a gasoline or electric motor with a capacity of 2-4 liters. с. Motors with higher power will be suitable for lawnmowers, designed for high grass and uneven areas;
  • The type of cooling. this factor plays a role in the case when a gasoline engine will be used for the assembly of self-made. It is best to choose a motor with forced air cooling. its device is simpler than in power units with liquid cooling. Besides, air cooled internal combustion engines don’t need any special maintenance. All that is needed is to clean and periodically change the air filter;
  • anti-vibration system. its presence affects only the comfort when using garden equipment. As for efficiency, homemade lawn mowers, both with and without the anti-vibration system, equally successfully cope with mowing vegetation.

Among the additional functions in the device of the motor it is necessary to allocate a system of soft start. It reduces the engine rotation speed when it is turned on, preserving the integrity and extending the life of its main parts.

How to make a mower from a chainsaw with your own hands?

The easiest option for making. it is a homemade mower on the basis of a chainsaw. The design of the chain garden tool already has almost everything you need to work. The manufacturer only needs to complete the device with the missing parts.

Before you begin assembling a lawn mower from a chainsaw, you will need to study the drawings. During their preparation, it is necessary to specify the dimensions of all used parts and the order of their installation directly on the mower.

After studying the schemes, you need to prepare the materials that will be needed during the work:

  • metal angle. necessary for the assembly of a rigid supporting frame;
  • steel plate. required for installing and securing the motor;
  • 2 pairs of wheels from a garden cart or baby carriage;
  • fixing rail or a pair of rotary discs;
  • A 5 cm piece of pipe;
  • Pinion and bearing to connect to the pipe;
  • steel blades, which can be removed from a household wood hacksaw;
  • bolts, nuts, staples and other fasteners.

Of the tools the designer will need a welder, a drill with a set of metal drills, and an angle grinder with a set of discs of different diameters.

Mower from Druzhba chainsaw with their own hands

To get quality and durable equipment for grass mowing, you need to strictly follow the correct algorithm of action. A standard self-propelled lawnmower is assembled in the following order:

  • Initially, the pipe should be inserted into the chute of the used bearing, as well as stationary place inside the gear;
  • To the end, which is left free, you must weld 2 cm “ears”. After that, you need to drill holes in the “ears”;
  • To make the blades you will need to cut the blade from a hacksaw. It must be cut into several equal parts;
  • To fix the blades on the rotary disc or on the prepared bar, it is necessary to use rivets. The diameter of the finished construction should be about 40 cm;
  • After that you need to weld a rigid frame, using a metal angle. The frame must be reinforced with steel struts that will prevent it from breaking when the mower hits a tree or a bench. The dimensions of the support frame must correspond to the dimensions of the chainsaw;
  • Inside the frame it is necessary to install a rectangular base. the mower housing will rest on it. To make the equipment as balanced as possible, all its connections should be placed strictly at right angles and be sufficiently rigid;
  • To the finished frame it is necessary to weld mounts, which will help to fix the wheels, handles and separate metal hooks, required to support the entire device;
  • After that it is necessary to install the wheels;
  • Next, it will be necessary to secure the chainsaw by removing the saw headset in advance. The tool must be fixed firmly on the frame;
  • Then it is necessary to cut a steel plate along the contour of the finished body. It must be mounted over the chainsaw. The result will be a reliable metal cover, which will protect the saw from moisture and grass;
  • At the next stage, a pipe with the cutting blades of the homemade mower should be screwed to the drive sprocket of the chainsaw maker;
  • At the end it will be necessary to install the handles, on which the levers and the control buttons of the lawnmower.
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Brush cutter CHAINSAW Attachment | Best Chainsaw Attachment for Brush cutter

Not only a rotary lawnmower can be made according to this scheme, but also a segment mower or a chain mower. The difference between them lies only in the device and the principle of action of the cutting organ.

Lawn mower with their own hands from a washing machine

To assemble a homemade lawnmower on the basis of a washing machine, the maker will need the same tools and materials as in the construction of equipment from a chainsaw. Before you begin, you need to prepare 2 schemes. The first should describe the dimensions and installation principle of all nodes.

How to make?

Self-made tool for the care of garden plants is an attachment, which is attached to a standard chainsaw or electric saw. So, it is necessary to prepare the following tools:

4 in 1 Brush Cutter, Grass Cutter, Hedge Trimmer, Chain Saw.

  • An electric chainsaw (or a chainsaw);
  • Two strips of steel (25 mm);
  • nuts, bolts;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • angle grinder;
  • tape measure;
  • grinding machine;
  • pliers;
  • protractor.

Let’s proceed to the assembly, while adhering to the following actions:

  • “uncover” the blade of the electric saw and set the parameters of the blade;
  • We make a marking on the steel strip (equal segments) using a protractor;
  • we fix the strip in a vice and cut it by the marking with an angle grinder; thus, we obtain blanks for the “teeth” of the hedge trimmer;
  • send them to the grinder and smooth out the sharp edges;
  • Take another strip and cut out of it the bar of attachment of the nozzle to the blade;
  • make a marking and drill holes for the fasteners;
  • lay out the metal “tusks” on the bar at the same distance and weld them; look at the “geometry” of the nozzle;
  • next, attach it to the blade with bolts (tighten with a wrench).

When the homemade hedge trimmer is ready, you can proceed to its testing. We plug the saw with the nozzle into the socket and bring it to the branch (it should be between the “teeth”). Due to the “double fixation” the wood does not bounce on the nozzle, but is neatly cut off. Homemade shrub cutter will allow you to cut several branches on a tree or a voluminous shrub at once.

About making a brush cutter from a chainsaw with their own hands, see the video below.

Preliminary preparation

To independently design a brush cutter from a chainsaw, use a sheet of paper or make a drawing on the computer. To create the second you need to follow the following recommendations:

  • choose a convenient program (“COMPASS”, AutoCAD or Layout);
  • study the toolbar, by means of which the design will be created;
  • make a test sketch;
  • set the size of the scale 1: 1;
  • all sheets with drawings must have frames (from the left edge. 20 ml, from all others. 5 ml);
  • After the drawing is ready, it is best to print it out for clarity.

Sequence of operations

To make a brush cutter from a chainsaw, it is necessary to create a special comb attachment. It will be able to cut unnecessary vegetation, which at the same time will not be able to slip off the chain. Let’s examine in more detail the sequence of steps that will consist of the work on the redesign:

Once the homemade hedge trimmer is ready, you can proceed to its practical testing. During cutting, each branch must protrude between the tines. Well-designed clamping system allows the branch to be cut, but not pushed aside, bypassing the tines. This way you can get rid of several branches on a tree or shrub at once.

Simple modifications allow you to turn an ordinary chainsaw into a grass trimmer, although it was not originally intended for this function. The gasoline grass mower is capable of working at high revolutions, which guarantees its high efficiency, but also imposes great demands in terms of safety.

Now you know how to convert an unused chain saw into a complete brushcutter that can cope even with thick branches. Maybe someone has had experience in making such a tool from these and other improvised materials. We invite you to discuss the subtleties of remaking with other readers in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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