How to install the spring on a STIHL starter

Rotation does not develop

If the file does not support standby, the following may have occurred:

To repair it yourself, do the following steps:

  • Flush or replace the fuel hose.
  • Clean the filter.
  • Check the gasoline and oil quality.
  • Check the carburetor and spark plugs.

When STIHL chain saws are repaired, they will work properly.

If the saw doesn’t rotate, it can lead to:

  • defective motor;
  • cylinder wear;
  • Piston ring failure;
  • Breakage of the spark plug;
  • coil malfunction;
  • Carburetor imbalance screw.

If no defects are found after testing, the carburetor is checked.

How to Disassemble, Repair and Reassemble a STIHL chain saw

To rebuild the machine, you must first dismantle it. Remove the side cover, the saw and the bar. Then clean the tool, blow it out with a compressor and clean all the components with a brush. Then remove the handle. To do this, remove the plugs from the shock absorbers with a screwdriver. The shock absorbers and the handlebar are then removed.

Then remove the starter motor. Remove the housing cover and remove the starter screws. Remove the element. Then they remove the handwheel by unscrewing the nut that holds it, unscrewing the handwheel nut. Turn to the left. Remove the handwheel. Clutch, oil pump drive and carburetor then removed.

Chainsaw starter cord replacement

STIHL 180 chain saw starter cord Replacement of chain saw starter cord

STIHL trimmer Recoil Spring FIX!! FS56-RCE

with their own hands It is not in vain they say that all is not eternal. Brokencord chain saw starter. The workshop is a long way off,

Changing the chain saw starter cord with your own hands

They say not in vain that everything cannot last forever. STIHL chain saw starter rope break. the workshop is far away and there is no money to repair. What to do? Quick and easy to do with your own hands.

Revision or preparatory chainsaw work

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High-quality consumables for chain saw

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Replacing the chain saw chainwheel

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How to assemble a Makita chain saw (Makita)

A nice example of how to assemble a chainsaw with the right tools and sequence of assembly.

Chainsaw starter cord replacement

Champion chainsaw. Chainsaw Repair With Their Own Hands.

Replacing the starter motor cord on a STIHL MS 180 chain saw

Read more on our web site: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Let’s be friends on social networks. It is a very common problem with chainsaws of this model:.

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Repair of STIHL chain saws (STIHL)

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Piston displacement on a Chinese chain saw

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Chainsaw construction

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Chainsaw Chain Replacement and Tensioning

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How to resuscitate carburetor of Shtil MS 250 chainsaw

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How To Quickly Fix Your Recoil Pull Starter On Your Chainsaw, Blower Or WeedEater

Husqvarna and Partner Clutch Repair

Disassembled clutches are presented to your attention. What is a clutch made of and what are the most common problems with these parts?? If you’re curious, watch this video review.

Replacing the STIHL 180 chain saw starter cord in photos

Removing the starter

The next step, remove the upper cover housing and unscrew the four screws holding the starter, and then you need to remove the cover oil tank and fuel tank. The starter can be easily removed and there should be no problems.

install, spring, stihl, starter

After removing the starter, the opened internal cavity of the chainsaw must be cleaned, t. к. There is usually a large amount of compressed fine sawdust on the housing under the starter.

How_to_wind_the_cord_on_the_starter_of_the_ chainsaw

Due to prolonged use of the chainsaw the starting mechanism comes into disrepair. After one or more pulls of the starter rope does not turn the crankshaft. This problem can be caused by the following reasons:

Before starting work on diagnostics and repair of the starting mechanism, it is necessary to prepare the necessary tools and accessories, which will significantly reduce the time of operations. These can include:

  • A set of locksmith screwdrivers and a specialized set of brand-name tools included with the chainsaw.
  • A sturdy cord to replace a frayed starter rope.

Chainsaw starter spring

The first step in the chainsaw starter motor repair is to identify the nature of the problem. To do this remove the side cover on the side of the starter mechanism, unscrewing only a few screws. Depending on the manufacturer, for this operation will need a specialized or ordinary screwdriver.

Next, we make an inspection of the inside of the protective casing. If there are no cracks and chips in the plastic, proceed directly to the diagnostics of the starter unit. We unscrew the central bolt of the starter and remove the spring. There shouldn’t be any cracks and tears on its surface. To find yourself a similar force and the number of coils on the spring is problematic, so you need the help of specialized centers.

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After removing the clamp and the chain saw starter spring, the pulley with the wound cord is available for disassembly. The integrity of the rope indicates that each of the parts of the starter mechanism should be carefully reviewed.

Why the starter breaks: breakdowns and methods for fixing them

If the starter fails, starting the chainsaw becomes impossible. often the problem is as follows:

  • The pulley of the starter system is damaged (it may crack or burst completely);
  • the spring is ruined (sometimes the steel spring breaks);
  • The cable of the system is torn.

To quickly fix the problem, you need to have a few screwdrivers and starter.

Before dealing with how to put a spring on the starter chain saw, replace the cable, to eliminate other problems, you need to remove the starter system to examine it more closely. For this we rely on the standard instruction.

  • We start with the protective screen, which must be dismantled. To do this, unscrew the screws. This will get rid of the part that covers the starter (it’s attached to the screen).
  • Once we have removed the cover, begin to unscrew the screw that secures the starter position.
  • Slowly and carefully start the starter motor by removing the spring clips.
  • We remove the torso and coil to inspect.

How To Assemble A Recoil Starter System. Chainsaw Maintenance Video

During your inspection, you’re likely to notice common malfunctions.

  • The pulley is damaged (you can see not only cracks, but also tears that are concentrated at the back). This prevents the starter from working properly.
  • Damaged the spring (and not necessarily only it, so carefully inspect the vulnerable place of its attachment), which leads to a malfunction of the tool.
  • The flywheel or its dog is broken.

Sometimes it is difficult to repair a damaged part, so they carry out the replacement of the element with a new one that fits your model.

Removing the knob

Specific disassembly of the STIHL 180, begins with the removal of the handle, which is attached to the body of the chainsaw with 3 rubber shock absorbers. To remove, it is necessary to remove the plastic plugs from the inner cavity of the shock absorbers, then using a strong screwdriver, squeeze first the upper shock absorber, later the one closest to the rear handle.

In the back of the handle is the throttle trigger, which is connected to the carburetor through a wire rod, if you set out to disconnect the rod from the throttle trigger, you need to unscrew the two screws and disassemble the handle.

When the handle remains on one shock absorber, you need to unscrew the body of the chainsaw from the inside of the handle and, breaking to the side, remove the body from the last rubber.

Carver 45 15 chainsaw reviews

Here’s how to repair chain saw starter after cutting the starter cord. Without a starter cord, a chain saw is completely inoperable. And there is no other way to start the tool. This repair procedure is performed on a Partner P350S. Tricky reliable starting this saw requires at least 4-5 times pulling the starter cord. And that was the first fault of the saw. the cord broke. The cord does not rip right away. First, the protective stocking of the cord threads is torn off. This clump prevents the saw from starting. It’s best not to wait for all the strings to break and repair the cord beforehand. No need to invent anything. Repair should not be difficult. But the exact observance of the assembling conditions is obligatory. A step-by-step instruction with a scheme of actions with photos and video is given below.

Dismantling chainsaw starter

  • Three screws on the starter motor cover. The wrench and screwdriver included in the kit will do for this process, but use a normal tool.
  • Remove the starter. The chainsaw is equipped with a soft starter mechanism, it is located above the spool with cord.

Installing a new cord and reassembling the starter

  • Prepare a cord of suitable diameter and a length of 1.2-1.3 meters. A capron clothesline was used for the repair :).
  • Melt the ends of the rope over a fire to keep it from unraveling.
  • Tie an intricate knot at one end. The node needs to be large in diameter. But it must not protrude when installed in the coil.
  • Feeding the cord into the hole in the coil. Do not wind the cord!
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Repairing a broken or damaged cord using the step-by-step instructions will take 15 minutes, which is much faster and cheaper than going to a service center. In my case it did. Watch this repair video.

Most of the well-known chainsaw manufacturers equip their products with starters that work along nearly the same principles. The idea is this: in the groove in the body of the saw is a handle, through which the cord is passed. When the handle is raised sharply, the cord is also pulled, which engages the drum, which is in the ratchet mechanism. This activates the cylinder with studs, which is located on the shaft. During this, the crankshaft makes a couple of revolutions, which leads to the compression of the fuel mixture, which at this moment is between the cylinder head and the piston. When the handle is lowered, on the contrary, the ratchet and studs lose their contact, which causes the shaft to stop.

As the power of the chainsaw increases, the amount of fuel mixture increases, which should ignite when starting the chainsaw. In this case, you need to increase the number of pulls of the starter cord to start the engine. To speed up the return of the drum mechanism, manufacturers use a special steel starter return spring, which has excellent elasticity. Leading brands use other methods to make it easier to start the chainsaw:

  • Pre-enrichment of the fuel mixture by means of a separate flap;
  • Mounting an automatic decompression valve, which ensures that the pressure inside the chainsaw cylinder is lowered;
  • Installing a primer designed to prime the fuel before starting the engine.

Using one of these makes starting easier and extends the life of the starter, which is especially noticeable at low temperatures.

chainsaw starter device

Almost all leading chainsaw manufacturers equip their products with starters of similar working principle. It is no coincidence that specialized stores offer universal designs of starters, which are equally successful for chain saws STIHL, Husqvarna, Makita, and the Chinese semi-official imitations of these brands. Only chainsaw starters of domestic production (Lesnik, Ural and some others) have some features.

How the chain saw starter works is as follows. A handle is installed in the housing slot, through which the starter rope is routed. If you sharply raise the handle, the cable is pulled out and engages the drum of the ratchet mechanism that transmits the movement to the drum with slots provided on the shaft. At the same time the crankshaft makes several revolutions, and the working mixture in the space between the piston and the cylinder head is compressed. Accordingly, when the handle is lowered, contact between the ratchet and the splines is lost and the shaft stops.

As the engine displacement increases, so does the amount of fuel-air mixture required for its subsequent ignition, so the number of pulls on the starter rope for high-powered saws increases. Therefore, in order to speed up the return of the drum, there are forced return springs made of steel with high elastic properties.

Facilitating the start of the chainsaw is realized in the following ways:

  • Pre-enrichment of the operating mixture, for which there is a special slide valve in the carburetor design.
  • By installing an automatic decompression valve to reduce the working pressure in the chainsaw cylinder.
  • By installing an additional spring that facilitates the unwinding of the crankshaft while moving the cable.
  • Certain chainsaws (e.g. Partner S-series, Maxcut, etc.) have a special design that allows you to use the handle of the handle.) primer. a pump that provides for the pre-pumping of fuel.

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