How to install the ignition on the power tiller

Electronic ignition system on the base of magneto ML-10-2S

This part of the article is for those who have the condition that the magneto is set up and gives a good spark on the spark plug. To test and tune the magneto read part 1 of the article.

What we will talk about? About the improvement of the magneto. Very often the magneto coil gets punctured (short-circuited turns appear on the secondary winding). And this causes the device to malfunction. I suggest replacing the high voltage coil of your magneto with a car coil! Note: this procedure can be skipped for magneto light extraction. This article is about the improvement of the magneto.

Tuning and checking the ignition for a Neva motoblock

To properly and quickly test the coil of your Neva motoblocks, you need to:

  • Fold an A4 sheet of paper 4 times.
  • Loosen fixing module bolts.
  • Put paper under the cushion.
  • Press it down and hold it until the bolts are tightened.
  • Turn the flywheel and see if there is a spark.

Adjusting and tuning the magneto is quite simple. often than not, the cause of the coil of the motoblock is the spark plug. That’s why every power tiller owner should have a set of spare spark plugs in his toolbox.

The most popular spark plugs from well-known manufacturers are Bosch and Subaru.

To check the spark plugs do the following. In order to check the serviceability of the coil plugs of the MB and MB 1 motoblock, you need to follow the following instructions:

install, ignition, power, tiller
  • Unscrew the plug. Wipe the electrodes.
  • If there is fouling, clean it.
  • Adjust the electrode spacing.
  • Put the tip with the high-voltage wire on the spark plug.
  • Press against the cylinder housing. The electrodes must point in the same direction underneath the spark plug.
  • Spin the crankshaft, observe the formation of the spark. If it is not there, then the fault is in the spark plug.

Who owns power tillers, he must remember that if the spark is formed, it is necessary to look at its brightness. If the color is intense, then the magnetor adjustment was successful

For the magneto to work well, it is important to watch the gap between the flywheel and the stator. The distance should be 0.1 to 0.15 mm

If the spark plugs do not perform as you need them, they are easy to adjust.

To set the optimal gap size, you need to remove the fan cover, loosen the stator bolts and insert the dipstick. Then it is necessary to set the required indicators and tighten the nut.

Repair of the ignition for power tillers will also not be very difficult. Most often the magneto failure is due to a faulty spark plug.

To check this, unscrew the spark plug carefully and look at it.

if the spark plug is dry, it means that the fuel is not supplied to the engine system. If the spark plug is wet, it means that the spark plug is constantly filled with engine oil.

To repair in the first case, you need to wipe the spark plug, in the later repair dry the engine cylinder by running it at idle speed.

Ignition is the mechanism responsible for generating the electrical impulse required by the power block to ignite the fuel being fueled. The ignition system is responsible for the first start and subsequent operation of the engine of an agricultural harvester. Like the others, this mechanism needs regular maintenance and timely repair. this will be the key to the stable operation of the engine in all weather and operating conditions.

Prevention and troubleshooting

To prevent malfunctions in the ignition system, try to follow some simple recommendations:

  • Do not operate your power tiller if it’s raining, wet, frosty, or if you expect sudden changes in temperature or humidity;
  • If you feel an unpleasant smell of burning plastic, do not turn on the machine;
  • Protect important components of the mechanism from water ingress;
  • Replace the spark plugs about every 90 days, if you are actively using the unit, this period can and should be shortened;
  • the oil used for the engine must be of high quality and the right brand for this model, otherwise the plug will be constantly filled with fuel;
  • Conduct regular inspections of the ignition system, gears, in order to prevent the use of the unit with broken cables, other malfunctions;
  • When heating the motor, try to reduce the load on the device, so you will protect the mechanism from accelerated wear and tear;
  • when you do not use a single-axle tractor in winter, put it in a dry and fairly warm room under the lock, so as not to allow the device to overcool.
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Useful videos

Different brand motor units manufactured by famous brands differ from each other by the design of the built-in ignition system. To know how to properly adjust this important element, we offer a video. which contain the correct procedure for adjusting the ignition system on the most common models of power tillers.

For Neva brand motor blocks:

For agricultural machines made by the brand Ural;

For power tillers of the brand Salyut:

For Honda agricultural machines:

For the Cascade product line:

For power tillers of MTZ brand:

Ignition on the power tiller. adjustment, repair, troubleshooting

One of the main components in the design of a power tiller is an ignition system. It is responsible for creating the spark required for instantaneous ignition of the fuel mixture. The ignition system of a modern motoblock has a fairly simple design, which allows you to adjust or repair the unit with your own hands. However, to do this, you need to follow the right order of action, otherwise there will be a great risk of breaking parts of the system.

How to align the ignition on the motoblock. the algorithm of execution

From time to time a single axle tractor needs adjustment of the ignition system. Failure to adjust it will lead to accelerated wear and tear on other, equally important mechanisms of the farm machine. In order to be able to independently adjust the ignition system on a diesel motorblock and its gasoline counterpart, you need to study the schemes of construction of this node.

A properly adjusted ignition system on the power harvester is able to create a spark in the right place and at the right time. The magneto cap is responsible for distributing the spark that is formed, and the lower part of the magneto cap is responsible for interrupting the spark. In order for the ignition system to work exactly as it does, it must be adjusted.

The installation of the ignition is carried out in the following order:

  • First, you must check the operation of the flywheel available in the engine until the contacts located inside the magneto are opened;
  • The distance between the “anvil” and “hammer” built into the ignition system must then be measured;
  • Next, it is necessary to turn the flywheel until the piston is compressed;
  • Once the flywheel has reached its highest point, it must be turned again. This will result in a one-time knock being heard, indicating that the overrunning clutch present in the design has actuated;
  • After this, the flywheel will need to turn counterclockwise so that the second mark on it converged with the mark located on the body;
  • The next step is to adjust the distance between the contact of the chopper and the adjacent cam. The minimum for the correct operation of the ignition system will be the gap between the parts of 0.25 mm, and the maximum. 0.35 mm;
  • At the end it will be necessary to fasten the built-in cam with the special screw, which is located at the top. How to properly adjust the ignition system on a power tiller will tell you about the video.

Performed adjustment of the ignition will accelerate the start of the engine of the motoblock and make it smoother, which will slow down the wear of the piston group and other important elements of the engine of the agricultural machine.

No spark

This is one of the typical faults of the ignition system of a power tiller. The most common causes are fouling of the spark plug or spark plug failure. If this is the case, unscrew the spark plug and carefully inspect its side and center electrodes.

If the spark plug is covered with soot caused by pouring fuel mixture on it, cleaning it is not enough.

Examples of cases of heavily fuel contaminated spark plugs can be clearly seen in the photo.

If the spark is gone, it is in any case necessary to thoroughly clean the spark plug. To do this, it is best to heat it over a gas burner, and then scrape dried fuel from the surface. After cleaning the spark plug, place the tip on top of it and hold it against the casing of the motorblock. The spark plug should be held so that the electrode is about 1 millimeter from the engine housing. Try to start the engine with the other hand.

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In the event that the spark plug is completely serviceable, a spark will form in its lower part, which will pop out and hit the motor housing. If not, you need to inspect the distance between the side and center electrodes.

The blade should be placed between them, and if it fits tightly between the two electrodes, then the gap is of optimum size. If the blade is loose, you will need to knock with any hard object on the back of the central electrode.

As a result, it will shift, after which you must try to start the engine of the power tiller again.

Self-checking the magneto for the power tiller

Another important element of the ignition system of the motor-block is the magneto. If the assembly is defective, it can also be carefully inspected for proper operation. Checking the magneto on your power harvester is easy enough. To do this, you need to clean the spark plug from the accumulated soot on its surface and make sure that it is in good working order. Then a cap is put on the spark plug with a functioning drive. Next, the lower part of the spark plug should be brought to the magneto body, and start rotating the flywheel located in the engine with your fingers.

If there is no spark in the magneto on the single axle tractor, it means that the element is out of order. In such a case it is necessary to replace the magneto of the power tillage block ignition system to prevent the wear of other mechanisms of the machine.

Preventing damage to your power tiller ignition system

In order to avoid the need to repair the ignition system of a power tiller, it is necessary to adhere to a number of simple rules. Their observance will prolong the terms of application of the unit and will save time and money of the owner of the equipment.

  • Exclude the use of the power tiller in wet weather, during frosty weather, as well as in conditions of sharp fluctuations in temperature and humidity;
  • Do not try to start the unit if there is a smell of melted plastic;
  • if necessary, install plates on the single axle tractor, which will protect the ignition system parts from getting wet;
  • Replace a spark plug at least once every 3 months. In the case of intensive use of the motor-block the frequency of replacement of parts can be increased;
  • use quality motor oil. the use of an unsuitable composition will lead to the constant flooding of the spark plug with fuel mixture;
  • regularly inspect the parts of the ignition system to exclude the slightest possibility of operating the power tiller with broken wires or other breakages;
  • try not to subject the single-axle tractor with a hot engine to heavy loads. this will lead to accelerated wear of important components of the unit, including its ignition system.

What causes malfunctions in the ignition system of power harvesters Mole

If to disassemble the situation on the example of power tillers from. Here malfunctions can be observed because the spark plug insulators are faulty. If such a situation occurs, each of the systems must be replaced, if this is not done, the ignition on the Mole motoblock will constantly suffer from the occurrence of problems of varying degrees of complexity.

The unit provides a button “Stop”, there may be a short circuit to the mass, in order to start the motor, this problem must be eliminated. Other violations may be related to the contacts of the candles, in which case they need to be cleaned up. In some cases, the engine may not start if the gap between the magnetic shoe and the starter is not provided, as indicated in the manual. If the work of the starter is broken, it will also have to be replaced.

Several reasons for the failure of the ignition system in this motoblock

Adjusting the manual starter with your own hands for your Cascade power tiller

Despite the fact that the manual starter is very inconvenient in operation, still manufacturers often produce motor blocks with this mechanism. Its design is considered much simpler than the electric starter, and it can be fixed at home without much difficulty. Frequent breakdowns of the manual starter:

Also do not exclude the option when it can simply fail any other part. The first thing we do is to disassemble the starter, only then can we see the true cause of the failure. How to do it:

If the catch is broken inside the coil, you need to take a sheet of metal with a thickness of 1 mm and cut out an alternative with a bar for catching the spring so that this circle could sink around the hole in the center of the coil. Once this “prosthetic” goes in, the tendril will be tapped off, and will serve as a catch for the spring. Then we coil the spring tightly, install it and fix it in the housing. After you need to install the coil and all the following parts in the right order. In all places of friction lubricate with solidol.

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What causes malfunctions in the ignition system of power tillers Mole

If we take apart the situation on the example of motor blocks from the company “Mole”, here malfunctions can be observed due to the fact that the candle insulators were faulty. If such a situation has arisen, each of the systems must be replaced, if this is not done, the ignition on the power tiller “Mole” will constantly suffer from the occurrence of various degrees of complexity of problems.

Tractor VST Rotary “Blade” FITTING | VST Shakti 130DI Power Tiller | Tractor Videos / SWAMI Tractors

There is a “Stop” button on the machine, there may be a short circuit to the ground in order to start the motor, this problem must be eliminated. The rest of the faults may be caused by the contacts of the plugs, in which case they need to be repaired. In some cases, the engine may not start if the gap between the magnetic shoe and the starter is not provided, as specified in the manual. If the starter is disturbed, it will also have to be replaced.

Several causes of ignition system failure on this power tiller

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Main troubles

Belt adjustment and dimensions

The drive belt A-1180 is used for the Neva MB-2 power tiller. In this model, one belt is used, which provides the front drive.

install, ignition, power, tiller

Other modifications of the Neva MB-2 model use two drive belts. The reverse is made in the gearbox itself.

How to install engine radiator | sifang Power tiller

Replacing the belt for MB-2 motorblocks is done in this sequence:

  • The shield and then the pulley guard are removed.
  • Removing the spring from the power tiller arm to loosen the belt.
  • Turn the bracket retaining screws.
  • The bracket is rotated to a position where the limiting pins do not interfere with the removal of the part from the pulley.
  • Adjust the pulleys, and then install a new belt.
  • Pull belt onto the pulley of the reducer shaft and then onto the motor pulley.
  • Put the other parts in their places in reverse order.

Replace gearbox oil seals

Replacing oil seals in the Neva MB-2 power tiller, if oil leakage is detected. Such a condition is dangerous because the motoblock gearbox can be left without oil, and this will lead to rapid wear of the unit.

Seal replacement sequence is as follows:

  • Remove the cutters from the shaft, cleaning the shaft and covers from dirt and oil residue.
  • Unscrew the bolts of the cover, knocking off the oil and debris from it, remove the cover from the gearbox.
  • The old stuffing box is replaced with a new one, wiped dry.
  • Screw the cover back on (if necessary, place it on a sealant) and secure it with the screws.

Adjusting and tuning the Neva MB-2 carburetor

Stable operation of the carburetor affects the functionality and durability of the engine of the power tiller. This is why its adjustment and setting is so important. Besides, if the carburetor is adjusted incorrectly, the gasoline power tiller may show increased fuel consumption

Adjustment of the carburetor of the motor-block Neva MB-2 is made as follows:

  • Screw the full throttle and low throttle screws out to the limit.
  • Both screws are loosened by 1-1.5 turns.
  • Then comes the start and warm-up of the motor.
  • The throttle control lever is put in a position in which the engine will operate at minimum RPM.
  • Set the minimum idle speed until the unit is stable.
  • Set idle speed to maximum.
  • Adjustment of minimum idle RPM is performed.
  • Perform steps 6 and 7 until the engine idles smoothly (more even by ear).

To keep your power tiller in good working order in the long term it is important to have regular engine diagnostics, oil change intervals, and regular service intervals.

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