How to install the ignition on a trimmer

Sterwins gasoline grass trimmer. Installation of ignition coil from chain saw

Hi all. I do not know where to write so I will write in the blog. As it does not apply to the E34. Write exactly need!Prehistory:In general, somewhere about a year ago was bought a trimmer for grass sterwins in peter in Leroy Merlin. For about 8 thousand.

The grass trimmer is well made, handy belt for the suspension, not dairy bolts, 43 cc, collapsible that is folded rod in half and a handle unscrewed, and basically comfortable and powerful as for me better than champions exactly and even better than the Stihl like fs55 and the like. Just more convenient to use, the experience is available, believe me.So at the end of last season when mowing, it stupidly stalled. Dead ignition coil. And here begins the most interesting.

I found out that well, first of all, I am not one. Secondly, the reel is not bought anywhere else! Nowhere is that even in China. This brand is stupid made to order a batch made specifically for Leroy. And the most interesting thing is that in the service of Leroy coils are not available and as I understand it will never be the word completely!))? That’s cool?It would be possible to steamy and give the warranty but that’s just I do not live in St. Petersburg and go for the sake of it in St. Petersburg to me easier to buy a new trimmer for grass. That’s it.

How To Replace A Coil On A Stihl FS Trimmer / Weed Whacker. with Taryl

What I tried: Looking for a coil is the same where I could, the result is 0. Tried to put similar coils, the result is that some have the spark but do not start at all on some there is no spark.So I abandoned it until this summer.

Solution:Came to mind unexpectedly)) I thought about what if there is a spark but does not start it just not at that moment, that is not in vmt. The motor’s a two-stroke motor, all it needs is a spark at rpm and that’s it.By the way, these coils on saws, trimmers are tricky. Inside are filled with “brains” and they each have their own, that is, give a spark at a different moment.In general, I took a strobe light and screwed the coil with which the spark tiki was from a partner and drew a marker to vmt understood that the regular coil gave a spark with almost 180 degrees of delay o_0.I took off the magneto but it is on a key, but at the same time on the cone) well, I thought I would try to start up at least so on the knee.I turned the magneto 180 degrees, adjusted the strobe a couple of times and the weed trimmer came to life! Works like it did before.

And then I thought that the landing under the cone is very tight and tightened more magneto assembled grass trimmer back))) mowed a decent amount of everything is fine.So hopefully I’ll help someone, but in any case, only someone who “sharit” so to speak, can do it.Peace!))

The efficiency of the brushcutter largely depends on the quality of its parts, as well as the serviceability of all components of the tool. The ignition coil for the grass trimmer is an important element that powers the entire device. If this element is out of order, the grass trimmer will not work.

install, ignition, trimmer

The ignition coil is what creates the spark that ignites the fuel. It powers the entire tool. That is, the main purpose of the element is to create the so-called push. The construction of the element consists of the ignition and the flywheel.

The ignition coil consists of such structural elements:

How to Install a Lawn Trimmer Ignition Coil

The flywheel in this unit also serves as a fan, which promotes air circulation. Thanks to this, the engine is cooled during the operation of the brushcutter. The detail is made of aluminum.

Internet-shop Spart offers to buy at a bargain price spare parts for grass trimmer. Here you can buy a quality ignition coil for lawnmowers with prompt delivery to any city and region of the country (Ukraine).

How to ignition the trimmer

Buy ignition coil for brushcutter. large selection of ignition coils on branded and Chinese brushcutter. Low prices.

First of all, I want to inform you that in addition to the ignition coil on the brushcutter on our site you can pick up other parts for lawnmowers, such as magneto ( flywheel) and the dog to them. These parts as a whole, collected in one category on our site. Most of the visitors of our site from the whole range need three main parts, this: the ignition coil on brushcutter, flywheel and lawn mower dogs, as these grass mowers overlap 80% of the entire range of spare parts in the market of Ukraine. These parts are all derived from the famous GoodLuck lawnmower, which now has many copies of. Most brushcutter of Belarusian and Russian manufacture have such a de-ignition coil on brushcutter as GoodLuck, here is a list of some of them:

  • Vityaz,
  • Rhythm,
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  • Minsk,
  • Electromash,
  • Elprom,
  • Belarusmash,
  • Techmash,
  • Uralmash,
  • Karpaty,
  • Kuban and many others.
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But these are just the most common, there are many more than are listed above. I really hope that now you understand why these 3 parts solve most of the problems, but for the rest there is a detailed filter by model, whether you have a Partner, even STIHL, even Husqvarna, you can easily find the right part for any tool, just check the box when you see your model and you see the right ignition coil on your brushcutter.

The most common reason for the breakdown of the ignition coil of a brushcutter is the time that can put the part out of order, because it is simply unreal to break the coil on purpose, unlike piston groups or carburetors. It is still not clear why the same coil on the same chainsaws serve different times.

So that the ignition coil on the brushcutter can serve you as the whole time of use of lawnmower, and even longer, and can break in the first place, and from you here absolutely nothing depends. So if the coil breaks soon, don’t get upset. It’s not because the mower is bad, it’s just your bad luck. The great thing is that the ignition coil on the brushcutter is not expensive at all, and changed very easily, enough the most basic technical skills.

The most basic fear when choosing an ignition coil for a lawn mower on the Internet for a particularly expensive professional brand is the fear that you will be sold a fake for the price of the original part. At our site you will not encounter this kind of deception, because we say right away that we do not have original brand ignition coils for brushcuts, but there are good, high-quality replicas, which are slightly inferior to the original in quality, but their price is two or even three times less.

We are confident in the products that are sold on our website, because we take the goods from one reliable and trusted supplier for eight years already, and he has never failed us. If you search on the internet or on the markets you will certainly find the ignition coil on your brushcutter cheaper than ours, but that doesn’t mean that we overprice or want to earn too much, it means that we don’t buy the cheapest and lowest quality parts, which can be put the lowest price. And whether to save 20-30% of the money at the risk of getting a completely nonfunctional ignition coil for brushcuts, it is up to you to decide.

In addition to all of the above, I want to note that we make all our efforts to make our website more useful and convenient for visitors. Therefore, we are constantly adding all sorts of filters and trying to expand the description of each coil for the ignition of a brushcutter. You may have already seen that the goods on our site with the best price-quality ratio, I think you have already convinced. And at the end I want to mention that we have developed a flexible system of discounts for regular customers. So unequivocally our store is the best place to buy the ignition coil for brushcutter.

How to adjust the ignition on the trimmer

Often owners of gasoline powered brushcars are faced with the fact that their technique does not work the ignition. In most cases, the problem is really in this node. To fix it, you need to adjust the ignition on the trimmer. But at the same time, it is not uncommon that the ignition coil is serviceable, and the breakdown must be looked for elsewhere. The ignition system is arranged similarly on four-stroke and two-stroke internal combustion engines, so the correction of malfunctions of this node is performed in a similar way. In addition, technology of different brands has virtually the same design of this essential part of the tool, which means. the adjustment process will be identical for trimmers Union or Arab, and for Huter or samples of other brands.

How to Properly Install the Ignition Coil on the grass trimmer

ICE engines are installed not only on cars or bikes. They are widely used in different tools, such as chain saw or grass trimmer. If the passage of their malfunction, disgusting start, it is often quite enough to set the correct gap between the flywheel and the ignition coil.

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Chainsaw. the installation itself is not so simple. However, having the smallest background knowledge is important to find and remove any flaw.

Modern electronics have evolved so much that they have revolutionized the world’s. The saws of our time are light and at once strong, equipped with electric ignition systems ESZ.

In recent years, the accounting (software) ignition saws were cam-type. This carried a lot of flaws in its capabilities: the heaviness, complexity, overhead and much, much more. And the main drawback of the archaic ignition accounting (software) was the difficulty of the factory. Some accounting (software) saw models generally could not produce a spark enough to flash at crankshaft speed.

Modern accounting (software) is practically fail-safe. Saw models are light and high-strength, the coil is made more skillfully and serves its own life virtually trouble-free. But there are also problems, but they are in most cases can be corrected with their own hands.

Let’s examine the main types of chainsaw malfunctions related to the flywheel and ignition system.

A common, common ailment of modern chainsaws, involves no supply spark. This directly depends on the clearance (gap) between the reel and the flywheel.

HOW TO SET THE ignition coil clearance, chainsaws Partner, McCulloch, Jonsered, the magneto clearance

The most common installation failures are always associated with the internal combustion engine. Tasks appear in the ignition system, the fuel intake module, the internal components of the motor itself.

As for other chainsaw nodes, faults there appear, you, because of brake mechanism failures, bad lubrication work, etc.д.

If the starting difficulties are associated with the engine, in most cases, the following symptoms are observed:

As before, experts advise to identify the causes of defects by method of elimination. In other words, you need to go through the chain, diagnosing who the node, each link.

Failure of the chainsaw’s spark plug is a common cause, because the tool’s engine won’t start. It is recommended in the bulk of cases to start the search for the problem from this place.

  • Basically painstakingly check the spark plug, carefully skimmed armor wire from the head and unscrewing the spark plug from the socket with the use of a special key;
  • The second is to check the ignition by jerking the starter with the armature cap on the spark plug;
  • the gap check is the main topic of our article (more details below).

What is needed, the malfunction of the spark plug will obviously indicate its soggy. Wet spark device for ignition of the fuel-air consistency says that in fact there is an overabundance of fuel in the system, the carburetor is not properly configured for other problems in the NW.

Check the spark plug only after drying it out. Т.е., it is necessary to clean it well with a napkin, to dry internal combustion engine, to plug up supply, and then to start several times the starter, that the surplus of combustible consistence.

Then the sparking device is placed in its destination, and again our customer is left to check.

Generally speaking, the spark gauge can tell a lot about the whole ignition system. If there is a dark sludge on the candle, it indicates a violation of the communications of gasoline consistency. Either the petrol/oil ratio is wrong or the carburettor needs readjustment. Sometimes it is also due to bad oil.

Dirty plug is cleaned from dark carbon deposits with a needle as they are called with any other sharp object. Then the electrode is cleaned with emery (sandpaper) until an iron glow appears. the spark gauge is returned to its place and checked again by our customer.

Next step: check the spark gap. The spark device skirt is brought to the cylinder, the starter starts. If there is a bluish spark for 2 or 3 mm, our customer can do it normally. The distance of the spark in 0.5-1 mm is already considered as a fault. There may be no spark at all, it is also a big discrepancy. Maybe it’s a broken wire.

String Trimmer Ignition Coil Replacement #545046701

And here we come to the subject of our article. The chainsaw may not start because of a gap between the ignition and the flywheel magneto. This very gap is in the time of 0.2.7 mm. It is easy to check: a special gasket is placed between the flywheel and the reel. If it enters normally, weakly freely and tightly, then the gap is normal.

The saw’s flywheel is round, and checking clearance with an ordinary dipstick is impossible. It would be better to set the gap with the help of special pattern, but it is not often possible to buy it. And to take a template, expensive, for a single implementation is not capable for themselves not everyone.

But instead of the bourgeois template use a cut off strip from a 1-2 liter plastic container from under the juice.

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Check the ignition coil without engine (Lifan190FD)

Tip. It is recommended to cut the tape from plastic where there are no embossed irregularities.

Magneto, babbin, module. this is the coil of ignition. It may not have nothing to do with the instrument failure, and the reason is hidden only in the gap or otherwise. However, sometimes it is exactly the factor of failure.

To check the tank itself, should also, as well as in the above case, use the method of exclusion of components from the chain. Or to put it another way:

  • Visually assess the condition of the coil housing for cracks and other visible defects;
  • Check the cleanliness of the current circuits of the various assemblies and parts;
  • diagnose the insulation and the functionality of the armature, the reliability of the fasteners, the lack of rust, etc.п;
  • Visually assess the condition of the spark plug cap;
  • check the serviceability of the spark plug;
  • To check the spark plug resistance: use a spark arrester, which is very useful for chainsaws made in China.

Obligatorily, as well as in the above case, from this chain are excluded those on other items, so the cause of the problem is.

  • Magnetor resistance is measured. But this option is not necessarily applicable, because you must first know the characteristics of the resistance. Even today, in order to form the desired BB pulse, it is necessary to separate the characteristics of the different semiconductor parts. A sign of the problem is usually a wire and minus wire test. It should show either a broken circuit or a huge resistance.
  • This check can be done as follows. use a device that checks the presence of the spark. It is installed in the chain between the winding wire and the spark plugs. The disadvantage of this method is that such a device is very expensive, most of them are used in rough repair services.
  • The old-fashioned method of checking, which allows you to save on expensive equipment. To be used in its own horror and risk, when there are no other ways out. The method of testing is reduced to the fact that the plug is removed from the cap, inserted in a nail. The spark plug is reinserted. The nail must be placed far from the native edge 6-7 mm from the cylinder. The chainsaw is started. The spark is investigated: it may be bright blue in color, if not, it is a sign of a problem with the cylinder.

Replacement of the ignition coil on the brushcutter

Grandfather method of testing the babylon has many flaws. First, it concerns the electrical nodes in the system, which simply have the variation to go bad. The distance between the cylinder and the nail can vary depending on the different models of tools.

As for the magneto option, it boils down to examining the flywheel bore. ignition timing is not adjustable in most of today’s saws. But it is possible to find its exposure only by the angle between the mark after the punching on the flywheel and the magnets, installed on the flywheel.

The clearance between the magneto and flywheel is important.

It is necessary to know that the barrel on chainsaw systems is installed in the fan fuselage near the flywheel. The coil in contact with the flywheel’s magnetic field generates the energy for the spark.

Changing the coil itself will be much harder, because the place of installation is very awkward. Installation of the newest reel is suitable so that the coil base was at 1-1,5 mm over the flywheel magnets.

Sometimes it is recommended to check also the crankshaft bearing for free movement.

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Chainsaw ignition system and its adjustment

This part of gasoline saws includes a number of interrelated parts, through which the spark formation at the time of starting the motor. Their main purpose is to ignite the combustible mixture, so that the engine can go into operation.

Despite the thoroughness of this part of modern chainsaws, from time to time it needs not only repair, but also the right adjustment. And what you need to know to do this, and will be discussed in this article.

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