How to install the disk on the circular saw

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All about how to change a disk on a circular saw. from preparation to replacement with a step-by-step algorithm

Due to competition on the market, the choice of electric tools is constantly increasing, and are becoming more affordable. Now they are gladly given by women to men for February 23 or by relatives and friends for birthdays. Virtually every other household man has his own circular circular saw.

Over time, the circular sawblades fail (become dull or break) and need to be replaced depending on the material to be worked with. For example, you cannot cut wood with a metal cutting blade. Therefore, the ability to correctly and quickly remove the disk, put a new one is necessary for everyone.

Flange or washer holds disc securely. Different saw models have a flange that is either separate from the bolt or welded to it.

The main function of the pressure washer is to press the saw blade evenly against the pulley. A properly installed pressure washer must sit symmetrically on the circular saw blade.

The basic and most important rule for circular saw blade replacement is to disconnect the tool from the power supply. To avoid inadvertently cutting into the saw’s teeth, it is best to wear gloves.

How to change the circular saw blade

The circular saw is designed for a variety of materials, so craftsmen often need to change cutting elements. Do not use a circular sawblade to cut metal and vice versa. It is also necessary to remove the circular saw blade if it becomes blunt or breaks. In order to perform the assigned tasks efficiently and quickly, every craftsman should know how to change a disc on a circular saw. We will tell you about the details and subtleties of the procedure.

Location Model
1. Bosch Eco Wood 2608644377 190×30 mm Prices Overview
2. DeWALT Construction DT1945-QZ 190×30 mm Prices Overview
3. Makita Standart D-45892 165×20 mm Prices Review
4. Practice (776-928) 255x30x2.8 mm 48 teeth Prices Overview
5. Metabo 628656000 254×30 mm Prices Overview of

What you need?

Saw blades are used for cutting different materials. They will help to cut:

There are also cutters for circular saws. Use this blade to cut grooves or other grooves of the required size in any material. These attachments make any repair job quick and easy. The range of woodworking jobs that can be done with a circular saw and discs is extensive and in high demand. The circular saw blade can be used to cut materials of all sizes and shapes.

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Thanks to the electric motor and high power, a tool with a cutting disc can perform the necessary work for quite a long time. However, in order to save time and effort, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the machine’s operation.

The most important factor for quality application is to choose the right circular sawblades. To do this, you need to know the basic properties, types of this nozzle and the rules for its use with different materials.

Recommendations for the selection of the circular saw blade

When selecting the circular saw blade it is important to consider the technical parameters of the circular saw blade:

  • motor power;
  • maximum rpm;
  • Seat size on the motor shaft;
  • inside diameter of the guard.

Engine power influences the type of blade. a negative angle, high number of teeth create a higher load on the engine that has to work in “peak” mode.

Number of revolutions or rotational speed of the spindle is connected with certain disk dimensions, which are recommended by the manufacturer. Setting the cutting attachment in a way that deviates from the recommended settings can lead to abnormal operating conditions, which can cause disc and saw breakage and damage to the material being cut.

Seating dimensions of disc (inside diameter) and corresponding motor shaft must be the same, otherwise the tool cannot be mounted on the saw.

Outer dimension of blade cannot exceed inner dimension of shroud, if not properly adjusted, tool will not fit on the saw.

Type of work and material to be machined. Since different discs are available, it is necessary to determine the types of operations (what types of cuts will be made), as well as take into account what the cutting tool will process.

install, disk, circular

Depending on the type of operation and material, the disc type is selected: monolithic or carbide-tipped.

The machining mode and type of material determines the number of teeth, their type and inclination. Medium toothed disc with trapezoidal sharpening with a positive inclination is the most popular.

How to remove the blade from the circular saw?

To correctly remove the blade, you need to adhere to the following sequence:

  • For your own safety, be sure to unplug the power cord or remove the battery
  • Requires installation on a flat, hard surface for easier replacement
  • To start unscrewing a bolt, you must press the locking spindle, which blocks the rotation of the disc as it unscrews
  • Unscrew a bolt with the special wrench that comes with
  • Remove the bolt and the washer that holds the saw blade
  • Move the lower guide lever to raise the guard
  • Remove the saw blade

Important: lower the spindle that blocks the wheel’s rotation and keep it in this position for the duration of the unscrewing process.

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DIY: Custom table saw for circular saw

If to study the chapter “Makeshift machines, tools and mechanisms” on FORUMHOUSE, you can find “1000 and 1 variants” of devices for the self-builder which you will not buy in a store. It could be a rack for the “angle grinder” for precise and fast cutting of metal profiles, a mini lathe, as well as all kinds of rebar and pipe benders and planers for aerated concrete. Interesting multifunctional and inexpensive sawing table, which created the portal member with the nickname id215711128.

install, disk, circular

BLACKDECKER BDCCS20B Cordless 20-volt Circular Saw

I’m building a house out of “logs”. Т.к. I want to save money when building a log house and get a quality result, so I try to do most of the work myself, without hired help. Somehow I started to make trim boxes for windows and doors, and I realized that the usual circular saw for wood can not cope with this work. You need something more precise and handy. So I made a table for circular saw and would like to share its construction with FORUMHOUSE users.

Scope of use and basic parameters

Compact and medium-sized circular saws belong to the class of manual equipment, which has sufficient maneuverability and convenience. At the same time, these saws have low power, so they are not very productive. Saws with a large cutting depth refer to more professional equipment and are therefore used in small businesses, woodworking shops.

The second main indicator. The power of the power unit inside the design of the saw. It is this parameter that determines the performance of the product. The third place in the main parameters is the rotational speed of the blade. Need a tool for cutting hard materials, which has this indicator as much as possible.


Since there are many manufacturers and models, let’s give only the most popular electric circular saws. To make it clearer what kind of equipment we are talking about, first let’s list the main features.

Reviews Makita 5008MG (Makita)

A good saw. Lightweight, quiet, reliable, no vibration. Built and trimmed the house with it.

For boards no thicker than 50mm is perfect. Been in operation for 2 years. Everything is fine, only the sawdust outlet gets clogged.

Good tool, light weight, can be operated with one hand, assembly is good, the disc supplied is excellent, thin. But mine burned out after a year of light use, that is, it is not for professional use.

How to Change the Blade on a Skil Saw

Reviews Makita 5008MG

Works very well, but if the whole day. a little heavy. I do not like the presence of backlash in the mount to the platform. it is very difficult to make exactly 90°, it is a little “walks”. Another tip: Do not take her disks thinner than 2 mm. I had a 1.8m bend in a non-critical load. But it works quietly and cuts well.

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Even laminated chipboard is good for sawing. Chips are very small, goes easily. The blade in mine is not parallel to the edge and there is no adjustment. I took it to install it on the table, so it bends under its own weight platform, it will have to reinforce.

My Makita is a great machine. I used it to build a two-story frame house. Nothing shook or broke, and I dissolved fifty-centimeter boards along the entire 6 meters. The only thing I still do not understand why the backlight.

Reviews Interskol DP 190/1600 M

I’ve been using it for two years now. Already put up the bathhouse, barn, outbuildings and utilities, but for the house that one. That’s another thing. No problems so far. But the power is not enough, to work properly, you have to drive it slowly.

Good saw. I used it to saw boards for the formwork, then sawed them to size, and a bunch of sleepers for firewood (cut from both sides). Works well. I am glad.

Good quality for the price. For summer cottages or at home, for seasonal work, even if it is a construction site. great option. The body is sturdy and well protected from dust. Only one thing: though the platform is thick, but it is soft. So when working, make sure that when you go out of the board, the knives do not pick up anything. I had this happen, so the platform sagged. I will have to fix it, because the accuracy of cut has lost a lot. But it works pretty good. The blade that came with it is not very good, I quickly replaced it, but the saw itself is fine.

Reviews Interskol DP 210/1900EM

I use it for three years, no failures so far. What do not like. the backlash in the sole, so that exactly cut is difficult.

I built a house with this one, but I replaced the anchor under warranty. Saws well, the power was enough for all work, but the play on the blade is such that you have to hold it with your hand, not lean. I tried to set it on the table, the disc was inclined at 10°, I had to invent an additional mount. With all the disadvantages it cuts well.

Worked out a season. What is not good. the handle peels off, the bolts fixing the shroud were loose, tightened myself. Also, if you put an inexperienced person, the flag of the protective cap is weak. But for that price it is an excellent tool.

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