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How to put an alternator on a single axle tractor. the algorithm in detail

Before installing the generator on an agricultural machine, it is necessary to study in detail the structure of the available element. The alternator to the motoblock consists of the following parts:

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  • housing. in most cases is in the form of a metal box, equipped with a front and rear cover;
  • pulley. this part is designed to transmit mechanical energy from the motor to the shaft of the generator through the belt
  • stator. the role of this part is played by the usual rewinding of steel sheets assembled into one compact package. In its shape, the stator resembles a tube, inside which the power of the generator is generated;
  • rotor. this part is in the form of a steel shaft equipped with two metal bushings. In the area between the bushings is the excitation winding, the wires of which are connected to the contact rings;
  • brush assembly. it is a plastic part responsible for the correct operation of the alternator;
  • Voltage regulator. this part is responsible for stabilizing the voltage when the load on the generator changes.

Installing the generator on a single axle tractor with your own hands takes a lot of time, but after spending it, you will ensure uninterrupted operation of your agricultural machine. Carry out the connection of the generator to the unit should be in accordance with the circuit diagram, which contains and describes all the necessary connections for installation.

How to choose the right generator ?

The first thing to note is that the power of the selected unit must exceed the power of the installed load, the generator must continue to work without power surges during the operation of all appliances on the power tiller.

For such equipment as a singleaxle tractor, alternators from the car are suitable.

install, alternator, single, axle

Peculiarities of selection

When selecting an electric generator, the main thing, as mentioned above, is its power. It is easy to calculate the power required by yourself. To do this, it will be enough to sum up the power of all the devices of the power tiller and buy an alternator that has a higher value than this number. It is in this case, you can be sure that the single-axle tractor can provide power to all devices without surges and interruptions. The standard value of current voltage for generators is the same 220 volts.

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The purchase of a car generator is worth thinking about only if there is regular, almost daily use of a power tiller.

In some cases, it is recommended to buy such an electric generator on models of heavy-duty motor blocks. But it is better not to buy such models because of the exorbitant price of some copies in order to avoid equally expensive subsequent repair of the product.

Advantages and disadvantages of a power tiller

The singleaxle tractor is widely used in the field of plowing and loosening the ground. Regarding this function, we can also highlight the main advantage of the power tiller compared to the tractor and plow. It has a small weight of up to 100 kg, but a tractor with a plow can weigh several tons. Another indisputable advantage of a power tiller is its productivity, compared to manual labor. What you will do manually for a whole day, or even more, with a Moto-Block you will be able to do in 2-3 hours. And, of course, a large selection of additional equipment for power tillers pleases. It can be used not only for loosening the ground. There are also power tillers with which you can plant and harvest vegetables. Despite the fact that a singleaxle tractor wins in weight compared to the tractor, of course, it has a lower productivity. it is better to use a single axle tractor for a field of less than 10 hectares, but if the field is more than 10 hectares, it is better to use a tractor.

Making light on a power tiller without a generator: instructions and scheme

Manufacturers of special equipment offer spare parts for power tillers and ready to connect sets of lights, consisting of a headlight, toggle switch and wiring. However, many owners of units to avoid additional costs prefer independent preparation and installation of lighting equipment. Installation of lighting on a mini-tractor with their own hands does not require special skills, the purchase of expensive materials and the use of special equipment. As a lighting device for agricultural machinery are often used headlights from various cars of Soviet assembly.

Please note! The brightness of the old lamp may not be enough to go special equipment on the track or perform a large amount of work. In addition, the service life of such a device does not exceed 2-3 months.

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Light on a motoblock from the ignition with their own hands

It is worth about this algorithm:

  • Selection of the right headlight for the motoblock. You can buy a new one on the market, or you can find a pretty decent old headlight from a moped, car, tractor or other equipment. It goes without saying that the new apparatus will shine better, last longer, you can pick up a variety of types, sizes and colors. But if it is far from car market. there is no harm to use old headlight.
  • Buy a toggle switch and wires.
  • Install headlights. The crossbar of the steering column is the best option. Here the headlamp will give optimal angle of illumination during work and driving, and also will be less dirty.
  • Setting the toggle switch. It should be mounted in a place that is easy to reach. The best place to attach the switch is on the handlebar, somewhere near the gearbox.
  • Pulling the wiring. If the design of the power tiller provides a place for connecting the headlamp, we power the wires here. If not, it is best accomplished with a 12-watt oil check lamp. The body of the MotoBlock will serve as the power supply.
  • Connecting the wires to the toggle switch and the headlight. fasten wires safely with special clamps and/or masking tape.

Alternator for your power tiller

A single axle tractor with a high horsepower requirement needs a power generator. The generator for a power tiller is one of the most important elements, it supplies power to the headlights and recharges the battery. The battery is source of autonomous power, it is primarily needed so that the single axle tractor can be started without much difficulty thanks to the starter, and to feed the electrical appliances later. The main function of a 220 volt generator is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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What else you need to know?

It happens that the electric motor immediately after installation and start-up gets very hot. In this case you should stop using the device and replace the capacitors with less capacitive ones.

It is important to realize that a single axle tractor can only be started in a dry place or used in dry weather. Any liquid that gets into the device is bound to cause a short circuit and malfunction of the device.

For simpler equipment, for example, as a cultivator, you do not necessarily need to buy a new generator, you can get by with the old model from a car, tractor or even a scooter.

In addition, it is worth noting that the mounted generators have been used in agriculture for many years, and have proved themselves perfectly. It is worth giving preference to such models because of their easy installation and durability.

Installing the generator on a single axle tractor with their own hands

The generator for the power tiller is a key element of the electrical circuit of the machine, without which the normal operation of the battery and headlights is impossible. It is he who charges the battery, allowing the smooth start of the technology starter and powered all the electromechanisms on board during operation. Its operating principle is quite simple: mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. The construction is also not complicated.

But there are some nuances in its selection and installation, without taking into account which it will be impossible to ensure effective and smooth operation of the machine as a whole.

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