How to install a generator on a single-axle tractor Neva

How to choose a generator for your power tiller?

It can be quite difficult for a beginning farmer to choose the right generator for a power tiller. However, it is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. The single most important factor to pay attention to is the power of the device. Whichever generator for the agricultural machine you choose, its power must necessarily exceed the total power of the loads, under which the single axle tractor works. This allows the device to work properly with 220 volts without the risk of surges in the electrical network, and to feed all the electric devices on their power tillers.

Often inexperienced owners of power tillers purchase and equip their machines with generators designed to be installed on automobiles. This is optimal if the farm regularly uses a powerful single-axle tractor of the heavy class. In other cases, it is impractical to buy such generators because of their high cost.

How to make a generator on a single axle tractor. simple asynchronous

To make a generator for a power tiller with your own hands is fairly simple if the correct procedure is observed. You will need an electric motor that you must install on your farm machine in order for it to work. The algorithm for making the generator is as follows:

  • First you need to install the electric motor on the frame of the power tiller. It is best to use a prefabricated frame, bolted to the frame of the machine with screws. Place and fix the electric motor in the frame so that its shaft and the shaft and the shaft of the regular motor of the motor-block were strictly parallel to each other;
  • Next, you need to install 2 pulleys. one of them install on the shaft of the gasoline motor of the motoblock, and the second. on the shaft of the electric motor used. The correct diameter of the pulleys used is very important for the proper operation of the whole system. it is these dimensions that determine the rotation speed of the electric motor. For the alternator to work smoothly, the diameter of the pulleys must be the same as the nominal diameter indicated on the packaging of these parts. Even better if the actual pulley diameter is 10% larger than the nominal diameter;
  • After completing the mechanical assembly of the generator you can proceed to connecting it to the tractor. To do this, use the diagram above.
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Self-made generator from an electric motor does not require special maintenance. However, to extend the service life of the machine, you must follow a number of rules.

When operating a power tiller, pay attention to such nuances:

  • If you find that the electric motor installed on a single axle tractor has become very warm, then replace the regular capacitors of the motor with elements with a smaller capacity;
  • The voltage of the capacitors in the motor is very important. Capacitors with a voltage of at least 400 volts are considered optimal for work. If the voltage is lower than that of the original motor capacitors, replace them with a suitable unit;
  • try to operate a single-axle tractor with an installed generator in dry weather, since moisture that can get into the electric motor will inevitably lead to a short circuit inside the electrical system.

Adhering to these rules, you will prevent a failure of the homemade generator and significantly prolong the term of its operation.

The above methods are suitable for the manufacture and installation of generators for Neva motor blocks, as well as agricultural machinery of other domestic and foreign companies-manufacturers of equipment.

Battery illumination

To make a light on a power tiller without an alternator you can install a 12 V battery. As a power source takes a battery from a motorcycle, moped or boat. Do not give up the battery for the car. If you put a heavy power source on the motocultivator, you can solve several related problems. to equip the unit with an electric starter and significantly weigh its body. In addition, the ability to illuminate the area at night without turning on the engine will not be out of place. Such a function can come in handy at a picnic or on a night fishing trip.

Mounting the headlamp on a single axle tractor using a battery is carried out in the following sequence:

Установка генератора и нш-10

  • Setting up the frame for the power supply. It’s best to use a steel angle for this. The frame should be attached directly to the frame of the power tiller body. After the battery has been lowered into the niche, it is secured firmly with steel straps.
  • Fitting the lamp and auxiliary lights. Headlamp on single axle tractor is put so that it illuminates the widest sector, without blinding the operator and oncoming vehicles. It is better to choose devices with adjustable angle of light.
  • Laying the electric cable in a corrugated sleeve on the machine’s body. Installing and connecting the control units. Check with a tester that the electrical system is properly assembled.
  • Connecting the wire to the battery terminals, leading the wire into the mounting box. Attaching wires to the switch, making insulation of joints, seams and twists.
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In order to ensure that the battery capacity will last for a long time, you need to insert LED lamps in the lights. They consume a small amount of energy, creating a bright light.

If the battery is not under the regular hood of the motoblock, you need to make a separate cover. To do this you can take a piece of thick plastic, give it the desired shape and screw it to the homemade racks on the frame.

When deciding to install the battery, you should think about recharging it. You need to buy a battery charger or install an electric generator on your power tiller.

How to make lights from a generator

The easiest way to make lights on a single axle tractor is to use its “native” electric generator. Some manufacturers of motorcycles provide for this possibility, and therefore put the device to generate electricity with some power reserve. It is enough to ensure stable operation of the main electric devices of the power pack and supply additional electrical equipment, such as direction indicators, headlights, horn.

To connect the light from the regular electric generator is quite simple:

  • Electric generating device connect the wire with the switch, attached to the steering column;
  • From switch breed wiring to electrical equipment (in our case it is a headlight);
  • The wires are placed in a corrugated tube, which will protect them from mechanical effects and do not allow them to roam and interfere with you during work on the tiller.

When the generator has enough power, the headlamp shines brightly and stably, if it has not enough power the light fades at low speeds. In this case, the generator is changed to a tractor (for example, taken from the tractor MTZ) or automobile.

Excellent for this purpose electric generating device from “Zaporozhets”. The equipment is compact and therefore easily fits in the space between the engine and gearbox. You will need to make a fixture for the generator. Weld additional metal laths on the frame and attach a clamp to it. it will fasten the device and secure it to the frame.

How to connect an electric generator to your motor unit, you can look at the diagram below:

Car electric generator, new or old, has enough power reserve and it will be enough to provide a stable light on your power tiller or snow blower. With its help, you can also solve a number of other problems associated with the connection of electrical equipment.

How to connect?

To install and connect the generator yourself is not so difficult. The main thing in this case is attention and precise adherence to the circuit diagram. As with any repair or replacement of machinery parts, it will take time.

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Here are the instructions for installing an electric generator.

  • Begin the work by connecting the generator to the electrical box. It is necessary to connect the power converter to two blue of the four wires.
  • The second step is to connect one of the two remaining loose wires. The black wire is connected to the engine ground of the power tiller.
  • Now it remains to connect the last free wire red. This cable takes the voltage converted. Thanks to it becomes possible both work of headlights and a sound signal, and instantly occurs power of electric devices without a battery.
install, generator, single-axle, tractor, neva

It is not unreasonable to remind ourselves how important it is to follow the instructions. If installed incorrectly, there is a chance of a spark on the winding, which will cause it to ignite.

At this point, the installation or replacement of the electric generator for the power tiller can be considered complete. But there are some factors and subtleties that must be taken into account, and to which you must necessarily pay attention. This will be discussed further below.

Mounting the device on a single axle tractor

Many people ask themselves the same question, how to install an alternator on a single axle tractor without a battery? In order to install the machine with your own hands, it is desirable to follow some rules and know what the machine consists of.

install, generator, single-axle, tractor, neva
  • The case is a steel container.
  • Pulley. is the conductor of mechanical energy.
  • Voltage regulator.
  • Rotor. made of steel shaft and two bushings, between which there is a winding.
  • Brush unit. made of plastic and plays an important role in the proper functioning of the generator.
  • The stator is a classic rewind, inside it the power is generated.

To put a car alternator on a single axle tractor does not require much effort and time, but it should be treated responsibly.

Because it will depend on the serviceability of the technique as a whole. The alternator is mounted to the motor equipment by means of a special diagram, where all the connections are indicated. In case of improper connection, the winding can catch fire. Installation of the generator on a single axle tractor with their own hands is carried out thanks to the two wires. In total, there are 4 wires in the unit, including 2 blue. It is the two blue wires that connect the inverter. Then the red wire that feeds the headlights and charges the. The following drawing will help.

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