How to improve the passability of a Neva motorblock with an adapter

Universal device

To create a universal adapter, you will need:

The described mechanism is practiced for the implementation of basic agricultural works and cargo transportation. The manufactured device can be equipped with a rooter, harrow, plow. Universal adapter includes frame, hitch, wheels, and seat.

To achieve structural stability and prevent overloading, initially developed a graphical representation of the working nodes and blocks of the mechanism of the device. Special attention must be paid to the fork and bushing in the design. This device performs unobstructed rotation of the cart. The frame is welded from angles and metal pipe. The body can be made of iron sheet. sides should be higher than 30 centimetres.

The hitch is in the form of a rod (size. 15 centimeters) installed in the hole of the trailer hitch. The disadvantage of this system is that it breaks down quickly. To reduce wear and tear, it is desirable to increase the hitch. The next step is to install the seat. An 80-centimeter indent from the front end is made on the frame. After fixing the seat with bolts. The next step is to test the functionality of the attachment.

Making additional attachments

The motor blocks are for sale assembled and with a minimal equipment package. A plow and tiller are not enough to do all the work on a farm. Factory kit for rebuilding your power tiller can cost more than the machine itself. You can make a variety of attachments and trailed devices from improvised materials, using tools that are in every pantry of the country house and cottage.

Cutter drawing for the power tiller

The drawing of a plough for a power tiller

Drawing of a cart for a power tiller

It is worth considering some options for making additional equipment with their own hands:

  • Rebuilt rake to collect grass clippings, garbage, twigs and fallen leaves. If you do this work by hand, it would take a lot of time and effort. Trailed equipment will allow you to clean large areas in a matter of minutes. The work will require a wide strip of sheet iron and several meters of rebar with a section of 8-12 mm. Fittings should be cut into 10 cm long pieces and welded to the plate in several rows at intervals of 3-4 cm. Long rods are welded to the plate for attaching it to the power tiller frame. Trailed rakes can be equipped with rollers to improve maneuverability and smooth running.
  • Snow clearing blade. Most units work much more efficiently in the cold because they don’t overheat. It is possible to mechanize snow removal during the winter. The blade is made of two pieces of channel welded together. It allows you to get a working height of up to 40 cm. The width of the blade is chosen according to the power and weight of the machine in the range of 40-80 cm. The moldboard is attached to the front of the machine rigidly with bolts. Initially it can be mobile or stationary.
  • Cart and trailer. The power tiller can not be driven on the road, so it does not have to be adjusted to the requirements of the traffic code. The cart is made of angle bars, channel bars and old car wheels, and the trailer is attached to it. It is made of metal profiles and boards. The coupling with the tow is made standard, as for cars or tractors.
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With a bit of creativity, you can make a perch, harrow, and potato harrow that are as good as their factory-made counterparts.

Reworking the Neva power tiller with your hands

During the operation of the Neva motoblock (MB-1 or MB-2), users identify some shortcomings that require revision. The skillful owner can make improvements to the machine himself, using improvised materials and tools. Let’s look at some useful “do-it-yourselfers”.

  • The power tiller for quickly changing wheels for tillers or tines. Details on how to make such a device you may find on video resources or specialized forums.
  • Lifting hook for the front weight. This can be made from a piece of pipe, matching the diameter of the front weight pin. A sawed-off piece of pipe is welded on top for hanging a weight to be used as a load. Fixing device made of steel rod.
  • Weights for the ground hooks, which are made of lead, cement, steel plates or other heavy materials.
  • Front wheel for transportation and easier maneuvering. The hub for attaching to the front pin is made of pipe, the fork can be adapted from a children’s bicycle, and the wheel. from an old garden wheelbarrow.
  • Rear transport wheel for the limiter, which eases the load on the back and hands of the operator when cultivating with cutters, and also eliminates such an unpleasantness when the motorblower is simple, as the rusting of the bottom of the limiter-stand from contact with the ground. All you will need for manufacturing is: a 60×30 mm profiled tube, wheels from a child’s stroller and a bolt for 8 with a nut.

serious modernization requires experience and serious skills. You can check out videos by Leonid Gusak (2018), or Vyacheslav Usmanov (2019).

Buy linkage and hitch for your power tiller in online stores

Necessary in the farm attachments can include:

  • tillers. plows, tillers, rippers;
  • for the care of the crops. the ridgers;
  • rake;
  • snow shovels;
  • planters, planting devices.

Rake for power tiller

Self-made rakes for a power tiller are used for making hay for the cattle on a small farm. They are made with their own hands from narrow metal pipes and rods. To make a strong structure, the parts are assembled by welding.

Self-made rakes are made foldable for easy transportation.

By constructing your own rake, you can make the working width as you wish. Adjustable swath height. Rake bars are made for collecting hay or grass clippings on a plot. In the second case, both the width of the structure and the size of the tines can be reduced.

improve, neva, adapter

We Made THIS From a Worthless Engine!

Homemade power tillers “goose-feet” for power tillers

Goosefoot tillers help to loosen the soil deeply, crush large clods of soil.

improve, neva, adapter

This device is a one-piece welded construction, so it is stronger and more durable than conventional tillers for power tillers. The rotary rake makes good work of hard packed soil for sowing potatoes. It can be used to plow land in the snow.

The quality of the plowing depends on the degree of sharpening of the homemade power tillers. The soil becomes lush, rises by 5-10 cm, if the edges of the ploughshare are sharp. They crush large and small roots, kill harmful bugs and wireworms, and oxygenate the soil.

Homemade “goose feet” for the standard entry mount should be made with a diameter of 52 cm, the grip. 1.25 m, the number of beams. 30 pieces. Each beam is bolted to a reel.

A homemade plough

The homemade plow for plowing is not difficult to make even a person with minimal skills in working with metal. Cutters are used to loosen soil that is already in use. The plough is used to till virgin and compacted hard soil. It has a greater margin of safety. The plow is expensive, not every dacha owner can buy it, but you can try to make it with your own hands.

You need a 4-5 mm thick plate and a pipe with the same wall thickness. It is fastened to the frame. The main element of the device is a sharpened plate, it must be cut with an angle grinder in the shape of a mouldboard. The plough blade has a shape of an elongated flat trapezoid. Fix a pipe and assemble the whole structure. It is attached to the power tiller with a hitch.

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Reverse plow

The plow of this design is a little more complicated. A rounded feather is attached to the top of the machine. Not only the plowing of the land takes place, but also the recoil of the cut layer. when cultivating virgin lands it is sometimes necessary. The complex structure of the reversible plough requires its construction by a professional craftsman, who can calculate the exact parameters of each part.

One type of such design is the Zykov plow. To assemble with your own hands will need a stand, with which it is attached to the tiller, directly the body of the plow with a ploughshare, a board for the stop and a bent blade for overturning layers. The plow blade is made of a 50 cm diameter pipe.

Headlight and lights for your power tiller

Almost all landowners have to solve the question of how to make a light on the power tiller. It’s very common to have to work late at night or drive your upgraded machine at night. Without path lighting it’s not only inconvenient, but also dangerous.

There are options for installing a headlight and lights for the motor-block Neva:

  • From the generator. A standard product or an alternator from a passenger car is used. To keep the light from fading at lower revs, it’s better to get an alternator from a tractor. Install the part on a bracket welded to the frame.
  • From the battery. If the unit is heavy, it is better to use a battery from a moped or boat motor. It is reasonable to put the batteries from passenger cars on the lightweight tillers. This will not only provide a long lasting glow, but will also keep the wheels on the ground.

To expand the lighting sector, the headlamp itself must be mounted on a bracket. It is better to place the toggle switch on the handlebars. Wires must be insulated and placed in a corrugated tube.

Cultivator-based karakat: distinctive features and assembly

The karakat from a power tiller in its intended purpose is similar to the above-mentioned device The differences are:

  • Increased wheelbase with a belt clutch;
  • Bulkiness;
  • Extended operating conditions. the caracat is capable of generating speeds of up to 70 km / h on rough terrain.

In view of the fact that the main emphasis in this redesign concerns the tires, let’s dwell on them in more detail.

Among the existing ways to recreate powerful and large races on a karakat by yourself, there are several basic ones:

improve, neva, adapter
  • considered the lightest. Two metal disks are taken and aggregated on a hub. Cameras are put on them and fixed with a conveyor belt. single axle tractor on cams has good stability and endurance
  • Only one of the discs is attached to the hub. On it the crosspieces are installed. Rings are attached to the latter with a welding machine;
  • resembles the previous method, but for the central disk needs an additional spoke, which can be made from a metal billet or pipe;
  • allows you to give a new life to the disks from an old scooter, which are standardly attached to the hub.

As a reference outline for the further assembly of the caracat, you can use the proposed drawings.

Self-made caracat based on the engine from the tiller like “Neva” or “MTZ” is assembled as follows:

  • We weld the frame from a metal profile or pipes;
  • install the front and rear drive. It is acceptable if they will be without a differential and one-piece;
  • The front axle can be borrowed from the chassis of the car. The steering rack can also be borrowed from it;
  • The engine can be borrowed from the tiller. It is possible to keep the original gearbox or replace it with a multistage gearbox. In this case it will be easier to control the speeds in the scooter. With a gearbox will have to stop before changing the speed of movement;
  • put the stingrays and move on to the caracart test.
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Rating of the best adapters to a power tiller for 2022

When working in the countryside in 2022 it is almost impossible to do without small tools, such as motor blocks or mini-tractors, which are actively used by farmers as light trucks. In addition to the power tiller, for convenient movement of the operator, an adapter is used. a two-wheel trailer, which is attached to the outside.

In this rating we will consider the best adapters to a power tiller for 2022, and explain how to make such a device yourself, what they are in principle, and what to pay attention to when buying.

Homemade tracks for caterpillar tracks

Makeshift caterpillar tracks can also be made on your own from any suitable material. The main thing to consider is what load you are going to give your power tiller.

Made of plastic pipes

You can use pieces of plastic pipe as tracks on the track for a snowmobile. To do this, the plastic water pipe 0 to cut into segments equal to the width of the track. Using a circular saw, saw each piece lengthwise into two equal halves, or use a circular saw for wood.

The resulting tracks should be attached at regular intervals to the conveyor belt with furniture bolts with large hemispherical shaped hats.

From wooden bars

Sometimes, if the load of the track is not expected to be very great, you can use birch planks as tracks. Not particularly durable for heavy loads, but lightweight, accessible, and the track with these tracks can be repaired at any convenient place.

You may be interested in articles about assembling a snowplow with their own hands or a caracat from a power tiller.

Iron tracks

The most reliable are metal tracks made of quality iron. You may also use metal pipes or profiles cut to exactly the right length for this purpose. Profiled metal pipe is cut in the same way as plastic pipe, and bolted to the conveyor belt.

However, metal tracks, despite their noticeable strength, also have disadvantages: they weigh more than plastic and wood, and can bend during use. Straightening a track requires removing it from the track, which is a time-consuming operation.

Choosing the material from which the tracks will be made on the track for your mini-vehicle, you should assess the degree of load and operating conditions. To overcome the snow expanses on a homemade snowmobile, lightweight polyethylene or wooden tracks are perfect, but to use a power tiller as a mini-tractor, it is still better to make a track with metal grousers.

Self-made muffler for a motor-block: how to make it with your own hands

The popularity of power tillers as versatile equipment for countryside has increased manifold in recent years. In general, they are quite profitable and reliable helpers. But, as any technique, they have their weaknesses and shortcomings. In most, even in the most expensive and powerful models, such a vulnerable place is the muffler. Constant hard work, increased vibration, bumps and other negative factors most often affect this part, leading to its breakage at the most inopportune moment. Breakage of a muffler causes the performance of a power tiller to drop drastically, it may stop starting, stalls, shoots.

In this article we will tell you how to make a homemade muffler for a low-noise motor-block, in the quality and reliability of which you can already be sure.

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