How to ignite the gas boiler Bosch

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the quality of production of gas water heaters “Junkers”, they are known for their shortcomings in the water heating system and breakdowns, typical of these units. For example, a frequent problem is that the wick goes out in a gas water heater Junkers. this is evidenced by numerous reviews. Perhaps the reason for such malfunctions is a bad draught. but the fact is present. Other disadvantages of Junkers water heaters are as follows:

  • All models, regardless of modification, are very noisy;
  • After several years the heat exchanger fails, which leads to leaks;
  • It is necessary to still seal the joints and gaskets when installing, as leaks appear in the columns of this German company very often.
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At the same time, the popularity of Junkers speakers does not cease to increase. the manufacturer was able to implement a modern system in these water heaters, so the merits of the models are also enough. The main advantages over similar gas water heaters are as follows:

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  • Unlike other water heaters manufactured in the West, Junkers water heaters are adapted to Russian gas networks, not European or Asian ones;
  • The heater can operate even at a minimum pressure of 0.1 atmosphere;
  • The productivity of the system is higher than that of analogues. up to 17 liters per minute;
  • The system of fire modulation is implemented, which guarantees stable operation and performance;
  • Improved safety and emergency protection system;
  • Long service life. up to 15 years.

In addition, one of the pluses of the model range speakers is their low cost. If compared to similar models that have similar power and performance, the speaker junkers is much cheaper.

Interesting!. and “standard equipment” from 11,0000.

Preparatory work before turning on the flow heater Bosch

Before the first turn on you need to remove air from the water heater tubes, you can do this by turning on the hot water tap and wait for a stable flow of water from the tap, this will be indicated by the absence of any strange sounds when the hot water tap is open.

Important! This action can protect the metal parts of the heater from excessive overheating in places where it is not desirable, namely in the connection areas of the tubes. You may also have to bleed the excess air in the gas pipes, this is done differently on different heaters.

Usually this is done by pressing the gas button or unscrewing the screw from the gas regulating tube, of course, how to do this on a particular heater is written in the manual of this very water heater. Also, if the water heater is installed after the repair, it is required to remove air from the pipes, to do this open a free valve, or do it with the water heater.

Before turning on make sure there is traction. this can be the reason why the gas boiler Bosch does not ignite, it is prescribed in most instructions flow-through water heaters, this is done by simply bringing a lit match to the window on the control panel and by the behavior of the flame can be understood about the presence of air traction: if the flame is deflected to the side of the control panel window, it indicates the presence of sufficient air traction, and this means that the unit will be stable.

For proper operation of the device requires a large amount of air, as the water heater burner consumes a lot of oxygen, and it takes this oxygen from the room where it is installed, to ensure a normal air flow, for this purpose the door to the room with a flow heater should not be closed tightly, also in an apartment or house must be a constant supply of fresh air from the atmosphere, otherwise there is a great risk of poisoning by products of the flow heater burner.

Important! A fan or air conditioner should not be used when the heater is in operation, as this would result in the oxidation products being disrupted by the collector. also do not recommend to approach the window during the operation of the burner, as there is a risk of burns.

Causes of independent switching on the heater

In any gas water heater of different year of manufacture there is an automatic system that does not allow the device to turn on by itself. Accordingly, spontaneous activation should not be. The regulating system “frog” does not allow to ignite the heater without water.

If the speaker turned on without water itself, then there is a problem in the hot water piping. The main reason is considered to be the emergence of leaks. Once the problem is solved, the heater will work in the same mode.

In most cases, users are not faced with self-ignition of the wick, but with the fact that it continues to burn when the faucet is closed. This is due to the diaphragm “crippled” by hard water. It is in the water regulator. Once the water is turned off, the diaphragm stays in place and presses the gas supply rod. The problem is solved by replacing the diaphragm.

How to turn on a gas water heater and use it properly

Gas equipment is a convenient and economical attribute of modern housing. But it is also an object of increased danger, which requires a high degree of attention and compliance with operating standards.

Those who have gas water heaters, first of all, must know how to turn on a gas water heater and what rules should be observed when using it.

As an object of high danger, gas water heaters are installed by specially trained personnel. They also connect and check the performance of the equipment. But to understand how to use a gas water heater, you need to have at least a general idea of the device and the principle of operation of such units. After all, here all the responsibility falls squarely on the user.

Despite the variety of models and differences in their design features, the principle of the device will be almost all the same. So, any water heater contains:

For different manufacturers and different brands, each unit may have its own characteristic differences and technical characteristics, but directly the principle of the unit will be the same. And it looks like this:

  • When it is fed, water fills the system;
  • The pressure created by it stretches the membrane, which opens the gas supply;
  • A burner is ignited, which heats the water circulating throughout the radiator system with an open flame;
  • The residual products of gas combustion are extracted via an exhaust hood.

This simple design and operating principle efficiently heats the water and maintains it at a constant, pre-set temperature.

Modern models have in their design and a number of automatic systems that help to make the use of the unit the safest. These are different levels of protection, allowing you to monitor and, if necessary, interrupt the operation of the device. Gas pressure, water pressure, extraction quality, presence of flame. all these parameters are fixed by the water heater automatics and if necessary can react to any deviation from the working norm.

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In operation the gas equipment is unpretentious and can perform its functions for a long time without maintenance. But in order for everything to work smoothly and safely, you need to know how to use the gas boiler correctly and what precautions should be observed.

The rules of use are very simple, but extremely necessary to comply with safety standards:

  • In the vicinity of the place of installation of the gas boiler, the presence of ventilation is mandatory, where the exit of combustion residues is carried out. And also the free access of air must be provided.
  • Before igniting the gas-fired heater, you must always make sure that there is a draught.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the equipment when there is no traction.
  • It is forbidden to leave the lit gas burner unattended.
  • It is forbidden to leave the gas supply open when the heater is not working.
  • If the gas supply is suddenly interrupted, you must immediately turn off the gas supply valve.
  • And it is strictly forbidden to make unauthorized repairs or installation of gas equipment.

Due to the fact that gas water heaters have an open combustion chamber, special attention is paid to the draft to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning or create a dangerous emergency situation. To do this, it is important to properly install the chimney and regularly check the presence and quality of the draft.

газовый котёл BOSCH GAZ 4000 ZWA 24-2 A инструктаж пользователя

Modern models of gas water heaters are equipped with sensors, which, in the absence or low traction simply will not allow the equipment to start. And here to turn on the old gas water heater, you will have to make sure there is a draft, as such sensors have not yet been provided in it.

ignite, boiler, bosch

To properly measure the presence of air flow, you need to use special devices. But it is possible to do this without having special tools available:

  • 1. At the point where the hood enters the ventilation shaft, it is necessary to remove the section of the exhaust pipe. Paper cut into strips is fixed in place of the hole. And by their movement carry out a check on the quality of the draught.
  • 2. A lit match is placed in the sight-glass of the speaker. If the flame deflects, it indicates the presence of airflow.

If the gas equipment is already working, but there is no draft, it is recommended to open the window for air supply.

Depending on the design features, you can start up the gas boiler in different ways. But in the mandatory order for any type and brand of equipment first include water and gas supply. The further steps can be divided into manual, piezo and automatic ignition. For units of different design, different types of starting are also used.

Manual start. Old models of gas water heaters run only in manual mode, since such designs do not contain any automation, and if they do, it is for minimal protection. The principle of ignition is to ignite the wick with any open flame source: matches or kitchen lighters.

Manual ignition technology involves opening the water and gas, then the control knob is set to the ignition position and already after the ignition of the wick opens to working modes. Depending on the water pressure, the water temperature may also change. However, if the water is turned off completely, older units do not extinguish the flame, so you must also turn them off manually.

Although the whole procedure does not look complicated, but is not completely safe. If the draft worsens, particularly in wet weather, the flames can start shooting inward, which already looks alarming. Therefore, if there are children or elderly people in the family, it is not recommended to use such systems.

Gas equipment with piezor ignition looks a little better. These units are easier to operate and maintain. Here, in order to ignite the heater, you need to put the gas regulator in the ignition position and with a special button to ignite the wick. When a spark appears, it ignites.

Gas water heaters with piezo ignition can not be completely turned off, and when you turn off the water will burn only the wick. But this also leads to increased gas consumption. That’s why it’s a good idea to turn off the appliance completely.

Among the huge selection of water heating equipment in particular demand are fully automatic models of speakers (“Beretta”, “Ariston”, “Bosch” and others), which can not only maintain and regulate the process of operation, but also ignite the wick and the ignition completely independently.

Such speakers are not recommended to install in houses with unstable head. The fact is that here the whole system is tied to the turbine, which rotates the water. Consequently, if the head is low or unstable, the automation can simply not start the unit itself.

Modern speakers, regardless of the manufacturer and the type of ignition have common working nodes: gas; water connection; flue.

And the switching on the water heating equipment, depending on the manufacturer and model, can vary in varying degrees:

  • Units made by Bosch. The equipment from the German company Bosch is characterized by intuitive operation. Models equipped with an electric ignition are marked with the letter “B”. In order to turn on the Bosch gas water heater, you need to open the gas valve and supply water. You should also check the batteries for 1.5 volts and type “R”. On the front panel of the unit there is a button, thanks to which you can ignite the gas boiler Bosch.
  • Neva. Appliances from the domestic company “Neva” are produced fully configured for a certain gas pressure and type of fuel. And if in order to ignite the Bosch speaker, you only need to press a button, that is not the case here. To begin with you will need to install batteries type LR20 in a special compartment. Next, all available toggle switches are turned to minimum. And also the water valve and the gas valve are opened. The control knob on the front panel is turned to the ignition position, and then it is pushed to the maximum. And after that the start button is turned on.
  • Models from Astra. Equipment from this company is not very convenient, because before you use the speaker, you have to move a special handle to the left, for 5 seconds, press and hold the start button, ignite the igniter. But the main disadvantage is that here the burner is located under the central connector.
  • Systems from Junkers. Start-up of systems from this company may vary depending on the marking. So, if the speaker is equipped with a piezor ignition, it will be denoted by the letter “P”. Automatic models are ignited by batteries and are marked “B”. If the model meets “G”, then such heaters have a fully automatic system Well, that is, a built-in hydrodynamic generator.

Gas water heaters are an excellent alternative if the house has no central hot water supply. Modern models are quite safe and reliable in operation.

The instructions that come with such equipment may not always answer questions of interest. Therefore, when buying a column, it is preferable to ask the seller about everything, as well as to consult what and in what cases the equipment will be most effective and useful.

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Bad pressure

Consider what affects the water pressure in a gas water heater:

  • Presence of clogs. Each pipe through which water moves, tends to clog with debris. If we take for example a gas water heater Electrolux, then the clogging occurs in the mesh filter, filled with lime and rust. If the water flow is low, the pressure will be minimal.
  • Technical Operations. In this case, the scale appears inside the heat exchanger. When you shut off the water and restart the water unit of the gas water heater, there is a “water hammer”, after which some of the scale penetrates into the faucet and forms a clog.
  • Power of the device. For the Bosch gas water heater and other models, the power of the device is important. It will create good pressure in the system. If the power of the device is less than eight, then the pressure will be minimal. For the good work of the water unit of the gas water heater, it is worth buying a device with a capacity of eight to ten kilowatts.
  • Limescale. It usually appears in containers made of metal, in which the water is brought to a boil. In a gas water heater, the tank is considered a heat exchanger. With hard water on its walls there is a scaling, which subsequently gets into the pipes, due to which the pressure is reduced.
  • Preventive measures. Any device, including the gas water heater, needs regular maintenance, namely, the prevention of clogging. In most cases, a decrease in water head occurs when the device is used carelessly.

How to Relight / Turn On Bosch Hot Water Gas

Algorithm of setting the gas water heater

Setting the gas water heater, especially for the first time. a rather laborious, but short process. Especially next time it will be much easier and faster to repeat the action.

Adjust the gas water heater should be as follows:

  • First, you need to bring the water supply to the minimum, which is prescribed in the instructions of each column, for example, 6, 8 or 10 liters per minute. Do not forget that it is necessary to open only the hot water tap. After installing the indicators turn off the tap.
  • The second step. setting the minimum position of the gas. This will help make the exact settings just under the characteristics of this device. At this stage, connect the electricity. Modern electronic models have a display and make adjustments automatically.
  • Now the heater can be started. Open the hot faucet and measure the temperature of water at the outlet. It should be on average 25°C higher than the inlet temperature. If the difference is significantly less or more, you should adjust the gas knob or toggle switch to the state at which the specified result will be obtained.
  • The hot water knob (toggle switch) also helps to adjust the temperature. If you increase its flow, the temperature at the outlet will decrease. If you reduce the water pressure, it will become warmer.

When adjusting, it is important to remember that the water can not heat up instantly, so there is no need to rush. After each parameter change, wait and allow time for the fluid to warm up or cool down.Note! It is not advisable to heat water over 55°C. This is because if the temperature is too high, limescale will form more quickly. It will eventually clog the heat exchanger and parts of the appliance. To minimize the wear and tear of the water heater, it is recommended to close the hot water tap gradually. This will not “overload” the heat exchanger of the device.

The gas water heater clicks. how to solve the problem

Reasons why the gas water heater does not heat water

The device and malfunctions of the gas water heater with piezor ignition

Prevention of malfunctions of the gas water heater

In addition to troubleshooting, you need to know how to properly disassemble the gas water heater. These skills are necessary for carrying out maintenance with your own hands. For what you need to know not only the components, but also the sequence of actions when disassembling the heater.

Perform all the points of maintenance of the gas water heater can be done without the help of a master. The main thing is to observe the sequence of actions and do everything carefully enough

Carrying out periodic preventive maintenance throughout the operating life of the gas water heater will contribute to the correct operation.

Annual cleaning is recommended in the technical documentation by the manufacturer. It is the lack of cleaning during prolonged use can lead to all of the above-mentioned problems.

Peculiarities of ignition of Bosch gas columns

Flow-through gas water heater, which received the household name “gas water heater”, is a technical device in which water is heated with the help of energy released during the combustion of household gas.

Different models of water heaters of the brand, differing in functionality and design, also have a different type of ignition. Therefore, the reasons that cause problems with the ignition of the flame may be different. But in order to diagnose them, first it is desirable to get acquainted in general with the structure of the column.

The basic scheme of the gas water heater, used for all models manufactured by Bosch. The main difference between the models is the type of ignition and the location of the modulation knob

Gas water heaters Bosch, despite the many modifications differing in the type of ignition and performance, correspond to a common assembly diagram and consist of the following elements:

  • gas fitting. a curved metal tube through which the gas flows and the elements controlling the gas supply;
  • Gas wick. a device for ignition of the flame;
  • burner. the place where the gas combustion process takes place;
  • Heat exchanger. a special tank through which the tube with flowing water passes; this is the place where the water is heated;
  • combustion gas temperature sensors. a necessary element for the proper functioning of the heater;
  • Piezo-ignition button. necessary for ignition of the heater;
  • The column modulation control knob. used to increase the power of gas supply;
  • exhaust of combustion products.

Columns of various series may differ in ignition type, the set of sensors and other design elements. Below we get acquainted with the main of them, which are important in case of self-diagnosis of malfunction.

Therm 2000 O series

affordable version. Average performance: heats up to 10 liters of hot water to the required temperature within a minute. This series appliance has an automatic ignition device that works with batteries.

Sensors for gas control, flame control and draught control are also included.

Model Therm 2000 O has a mechanical control and heating temperature limitation. Front panel modulation knobs allow to manually adjust the required gas intensity

Therm 4000 O Series

Models of this series are available in two versions: with automatic ignition from the battery and piezor ignition. With different capacities, they can heat from 10 to 15 liters of water in a minute.

Gas heaters of this model have a number of advantages:

  • uniform regulation of modulation of the heater, which allows you to keep a set temperature of water;
  • heats water even at low flow pressure (sufficient pressure. 0.1 Atm).

For distinction on a way of ignition in the designation of these gas water heaters are used letters B. water heaters with automatic ignition, and P. water heaters with piezor ignition.

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The gas output regulator on the Therm 4000 O series allows the water temperature to be set even higher. Also equipped with copper heat exchangers of the highest quality. Their service life is extended to 15 years

Therm 4000 S Series

This series boilers are often installed in apartments with problematic chimney routing. The air inlet and flue gas outlet are in a coaxial chimney located on the outside of the wall.

Also on the front side is installed electronic control panel. This makes it possible to monitor the performance of the speaker (in case of violations the panel displays information about the fault), as well as to set a minimum error in the water temperature. 1 degree.

Output power is in the range of 12-18 liters of water per minute. The main disadvantage. in the absence of electricity the heater will not work.

Therm 4000 S series boilers do not require a chimney. A fan provides forced draught. Coaxial chimney installation requires expert assistance

Therm 6000 O series

This series of gas water heaters with built-in hydraulic generator enables automatic ignition of flame when water tap is opened.

On the front side there is a liquid crystal display, which shows the temperature of the escaping water. But the setting of this parameter is done mechanically through a regulator. Water heating capacity of this series is 10, 13 and 15 liters of water per minute.

The Therm 6000 O series water heater is equipped with the HYDRO POWER technology, thanks to which the electric element or the piezo element are not needed for ignition. Maintained water temperature is displayed on the front panel

Series Therm 6000 S and 8000 S

These models are designed for public use (restaurant and canteen kitchens, public baths, showers in factories, hospitals, plants). They are able to provide hot water up to 5 points without loss of degrees. The display is used to make the settings. The ignition of this type is electric.

Therm 6000 S series gas water heaters use multiple fans simultaneously to provide power. The Therm 8000 S models use condensation technology to heat the water flow efficiently.

Causes of problems with the speaker start-up

In order to identify and correct the problem, it is necessary to analyze the operation of the equipment. Masters pay attention to the following signs:

  • No spark from the piezo element or the igniter does not work
  • Burner ignites but does not ignite at the first time or extinguishes intermittently;
  • The water regulator (frog) is leaking;
  • the speaker turns on with a pop.

In the normal state, the water heater is almost silent and operates with a delay of no more than 1-2 seconds after opening the water draw-off point. Below are the main signs that help to diagnose the cause of failure and ways to fix the malfunction.

The piezo element does not create a spark

One of the common problems. The malfunction can manifest itself in several ways:

  • No spark in the gas burner. cause: failure of the piezo element, electrode or its displacement. This problem occurs when the element doesn’t switch off (approx. 30 sec.). After that, the ignition wick goes out. Repair if the igniter does not work by replacing the part.
  • You have a spark, but the water heater does not ignite. the reason is elementary nonobservance of operating rules. Before pressing the ignition button, it is necessary to hold down the gas knob for about 10 seconds. Inside the water heater is a safety system. No gas supply to the burner is possible until the igniter has been heated. A pressure of 10 seconds on the igniter knob is usually sufficient to ignite the wick. If the piezo element does not work although a spark is present, reread the manufacturer’s instructions and light the wick according to the instructions given.
  • No wick burns. the problem is caused by failure of automatics or insufficient draft in the chimney. The cause of malfunction is also a contaminated igniter that must be cleaned. Soot will settle on the unit when the gas is burned. Spark is present, but wick stops burning immediately after turning off the forced gas supply. Cleaning the igniter (must be serviced every year) will help eliminate the problem.

Worcester Bosch 24 cdi boiler ignition lockout

Replacement or adjustment of the piezo element requires the necessary tools and skills. For repair it is better to use the service of service shops, or invite a master at home.

No power to the igniter

In this case, the gas boiler, running on batteries or hydrogenerator, does not turn on when you turn on the water. The malfunction can be caused by a defective diaphragm of the water unit (described below), but more often the cause is as follows:

  • Batteries are dead. a spark is working, but its power is not enough to ignite the burner. Water heater doesn’t turn on immediately, doesn’t light up for a long time and the igniter constantly fires. If the battery-powered device does not turn on, it stops responding when you open the water tap, the first thing to do is to replace the batteries.
  • Hydrogenerator malfunctions, the turbine that generates electricity from the movement of the water supplied to the heater. The device is sensitive to water quality and pressure. If the hydrogenerator does not work, it is necessary to clean the internal device from dirt, deposits. The problem is solved in 80% of cases. The pressure necessary for the operation of the turbine, stabilize with the help of special booster pumps for the water supply.
  • Power supply. a common cause of failure, if the gas water heater with automatic ignition does not light. Lack of spark is due to power supply failures. There are several reasons for the malfunction: contacts oxidized, resistors blown. If you know how to solder, you can fix it yourself. often the power supply is simply replaced by a new one.

Even good quality batteries, subject to intensive use of the water heater, last only 6-8 months. After this, the heater begins to work with malfunctions.

Lack of sufficient water pressure

The technical documentation of water heaters clearly states the capacity. The minimum pressure at which the heater should work is given. If the burner does not turn on at a low water pressure, the cause is not always due to equipment malfunction. The problem may be hidden in the non-compliance with specifications. Normalize operation by installing a storage tank and booster pump. Regarding the automatic heaters, working on batteries or from the electric network, the low water pressure leads to the fact that the water unit (frog) does not work. The principle of operation of the regulator is that inside its cavity is divided into two parts by a membrane. In one cavity there is a rod that regulates the gas supply and enables the ignition of the burner. The rod is set in motion by pushing on the diaphragm. At insufficient pressure rod remains in place and as a consequence of the automatic burner has no spark, and also the gas supply to the burner is closed.

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