How to get the fishing line out of the grass trimmer

How to get the line out of a grass trimmer reel

Take the spool valve off the spool body and determine the number of lines to wind the mowing line (1 or 2). There is no fundamental difference between reels with one and two grooves, but if you carelessly weave in the groove, there will be working problems. The possibility of intertwining adjacent tool lines can lead to a situation where, after demolition of the working aerials, it is impossible to remove the new.

Regardless of the number of streams, it takes fishing line 1.5 to 3 meters long. Windings should be made in the opposite direction of head rotation, as winding in the direction of travel will result in fishing line will not be taken off the spool. After the fishing line is wound into the grass trimmer reel, thread the loose ends (15-30 cm) into the special holes. Next, we reassemble the head in reverse order of disassembly and check that it works. Do not worry if the ends of the two antennas are very different in size, because when you start the trimmer than set on the protection will cut off the extra.

How to wind the fishing line on the mowing head of a grass trimmer or brushcutter

Changing the mowing line in your trimmer: 2 easy ways

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Gasoline or electric grass trimmer. An indispensable tool in the arsenal of the modern summer resident or homeowner.

Thanks to these gardening devices, even a large garden plot can be easily mowed. Buying this tool and doing a few scythes, many people wonder how to properly wind the fishing line on the spool of the grass trimmer. For the inexperienced user, the first operation of replacing it will seem problematic and time-consuming, as developers often fully reflect the instructions for changing the line in the instruction manual.

Advance preparation

First of all, to wind the fishing line, you need to remove the spool (bobbin, spool) from the grass trimmer. The specific steps will depend on the complexity of the configuration and the type of product itself:

  • Small electric grass trimmers with a working motor position and spools at the bottom usually have side buttons on both sides of the carriage. When pressed at the same time, the upper part of the spool together with the inner m for winding the mowing line is torn off, and the lower part remains on the grass trimmer. It is advisable to disassemble the bobbin on a flat, level place so that the spring that goes into the structure does not pop out and get lost;
  • Electric and gasoline grass trimmers with a curved bar without the possibility of installing a knife, usually have a special wing spool: in such designs, keep the spool in a fixed position with one hand and turn the locking spool on the rod with a wing nut counterclockwise with the other. After disconnecting the nut, the entire bobbin is removed.
  • Electric and gasoline grass trimmers with the ability to mount a blade on a straight rod (such as the Style grass trimmer) have a hole for the reel. To keep the rod stationary, a screwdriver or other suitable object is inserted into this hole, and with slow rotation, this mutual arrangement is achieved when the screwdriver enters the hole and secures the bobbin. The spool housing is then twisted clockwise (left-hand thread) and removed from the grass trimmer.

For the second and third cases, spools, depending on the design, are disassembled in different ways. In reels with a lamb’s lamb’s latch is unscrewed, in reels with sliders the sliders are slid and one part of the reel is released from the other. If the halves of the bobbin are connected by the thread, it is enough to turn them by hand in opposite directions, until they are completely unscrewed.

Automatic spooling of the line on the spool

There is a type of spool in which the automatic mechanism screws itself on. From the user only needs to fill out the line correctly. The line is passed through the hole on the inside of the body, its tendrils without winding through the hole on the outer body, the bobbin is assembled, and when you turn the winding button inside the line is wound independently. In such a spool it is impossible to make the winding wrong: the mechanism itself will determine the correct direction, because it can only return in one direction.

In this manual, we will go through the entire replacement process in detail. Going forward, there are two ways to align the grass trimmer reel. There is no fundamental difference. The difference is that in the first case, one line is tucked, folded in half, and in the second. Two such strings.

Preparing to wind the fishing line

Before the winding process, you must remove the spool with the line from the housing. Depending on the manufacturer, power and type (electric or gasoline), three grass trimmers grass trimmers:

This model provides the possibility of installing a knife. Removing the coil in these models is done with two keys buried in the body of the coil. To mount the blade for grass trimmer it is necessary to align the hole of the spool and the rod, and then insert the device in the form of a steel pin (screwdriver, iron bar). After fixing the spool, the housing can be easily unscrewed by hand in a clockwise direction.

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Can Fishing Line work in a weed eater? Find Out!

Preparing to change

Grass trimmer spool disassembled

For clarity, we took the head (spool) out of the shieldcorise. To replace the fishing line, it does not need to be removed, everything is done locally. It doesn’t take long.

Disassembling the grass trimmer bobbin. It rests on the latches. Remove the cover by pressing on the latches. If you don’t have the strength to do it yourself, use a screwdriver.

The spool consists of

Here’s how it works. Pressing the button, the spool presses the spring and comes out of the closing grooves in the spool cap. Holding it in place, you can twist the spool, thereby adjusting the length of the mowing line. When the button is released, the body spring returns the spool to its initial fixed state.

There are several holes in the bottom of the spool for different line diameters. They may differ from trimmer manufacturer. In some cases (like here) they are signed, in others. No.

These holes are needed to secure the mowing line when changing it. After winding the line on the reel, the ends of the latter are inserted into them. This is to ensure that the line does NOT unwind when the spool is installed in the body of the grass trimmer. In other words, it makes it easier to change the mowing line.

The holes for securing the mowing line

There are models indicating the diameter of the consumable. Then, to find out what is the maximum diameter the scaffold can be used, it is tried along the holes for the line output from bobbin case of the grass trimmer (see “The grass trimmer”). Figure below).

How To Change Your String On A Stihl String Trimmer Bump Feed

The mowing line outlets are mounted on the holes of the

The reel has two linear sections separated by a baffle. They may not exist. They are only needed to distinguish and facilitate the winding of the consumables.

First, they are determined with the required length of Liosu. The latter is wound into one of the sections of the spool, so that it does not go beyond its limits. In this case, 3 mm was wound, the length was about 2 meters. Those. For two sections you need a 4-meter section. This is for the 1st method. For the second method, you need two segments of 2 meters each.

Determining the necessary line length

Now you need to figure out exactly which way to wind it. For this purpose, many trimmer manufacturers use special designations in the spools, such as in the figure below.

If such designations are not found, then you need to pay attention to the spool body. Be sure to have an arrow indicating the movement of the head. The fishing line is wound back.

– two pieces

Basically the only difference is that there are two lengths of line, not one.

There are two special fastening sockets on the spool (see. Figure above).

fishing, line, grass, trimmer

They cling to it with the hook formed earlier on the line, and start winding the line.

The winding is carried out in a special way

Wrapping should be carried out in the following order: first the bottom string, that is, the one closer to the mounting holes in the bottom of the spool, and only then the top string, that is, the one that will overlap the bottom section.

The tips are made into holes in the body of the grass trimmer bobbin. They are pulled until they are pressed, which means that the line has come out of the clips.

The tips are inserted into the holes in the body of the grass trimmer bobbin

Reel is attached to the body. The line is in the coil has been replaced.

Grass trimmer bobbin with one tendril

Many owners and professionals say it’s easy to use and easy to bobbin up with just one hand. Depending on the manufacturer, the length of threaded mower line can vary from 2 to 5 meters. The end of the string is inserted into the head in a special technological groove or hole, and the winding is carried out in the direction opposite to the working rotation of the bobbin. Most spools have arrow marks on the outside of the body, which indicate the direction of travel of the grass trimmer spool.

After winding you need to leave the free end at 15-30 cm to increase the centrifugal force, is decisive for the removal of the grass trimmer mowing line in automatic and semi-automatic spools. Pass the left end through the working hole of the spool and assemble the head.

Doing the line winding

Slowly completed disassembly of the coil without losing its spare parts allows you to begin the main task. Winding lines on a spool. Technological features of the design of the coil and the number of working antennas determine the sequence of operations.

How to remove fishing line from a grass trimmer

Since the choice of grass trimmer we reviewed in the previous article, today we will tell you how to correctly fill the trimmer for grass with fishing line, and what is better to choose based on the conditions of.

After you bought a grass trimmer and started to use it actively, sooner or later there will be a question of replacing the line, because it is the most wearing element in the tool, the intensive use of grass trimmer will lead to frequent replacement of consumables.

What kind of lines are there?

Most common type of line is suitable for almost all types of spools with cord of round cross section. A straight line is good for cutting lush grass, but it is much harder for cutting dead grass, and it won’t cut through bushes.

As a rule, you can mow young grass at a maximum diameter of 1.6mm. The thicker the thread, the coarser the grass it can overcome.

There are lines with sharp edges in the form of a star or square, this version is more adapted to mowing dry grass just at the expense of the available sharp edges, but its disadvantage is greater wear and it is inferior to the round cord in terms of durability.

There are lines with improved aerodynamics with characteristic dents, scales and notches, such a product makes less noise, but it is used only on benzocosa, since the output of such a thread from the spool is difficult, it is used most often with discs, in which the segments are inserted. The disadvantage of such a product is its fragility.

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Most often in gasoline trimmers with an engine capacity of more than 1.5 liters.с. use cords with a metal cable inside.

Such cord is ideal for mowing dry grass and small bushes. The presence of a core, positively affects the durability of this material.

The disadvantage of such cord is its price, which is significantly higher than the above-listed opponents.

How to remove or tuck the line into the grass trimmer

It takes about 10-15 minutes to coil the fishing line. What is a trimmer reel for grass? Plastic body with a cassette inside, which has a special hook for easy winding of fishing line.

Almost all trimmer reels have a similar fastening principle, this is the central screw-button, when you press it, it is possible to pull out the line of the required length. A few examples of different spools for trimmers are shown in the photo below.

Reels of trimmers, the motor of which is located at the very ground, have a different attachment to the axis of rotation, they have two buttons on the spool, located on the sides, which should be released, otherwise, the change of thread is no different from the other cassettes.

The principle of proper filament winding is similar in all of the above cases, so let’s take the standard version with two clamps as an example.

To remove the spool with a fishing line it is necessary to unscrew the screw, located in the center, but note the thread is left, so you have to turn it clockwise, it is done on purpose, so that during the work it is not opened under the influence of centrifugal force.

Next, using a screwdriver, disassemble the head and take out the spool, on which directly winds the line.

Measuring the required length and folding it in half, you need to tuck the line into the spool, bringing, as a result, its ends opposite each other (there are special slots for this fixation).

After that it is necessary to assemble the head in the reverse order, passing the ends of the cord in the two corresponding holes.

If in doubt or not quite clear how to charge the line on the trimmer for grass we recommend to see how to wind the line correctly in the lawnmower.

In this video, the instructor will open the trimmer head step by step in detail, measure the necessary amount of fishing line, usually two to four meters, and demonstrate the assembly and installation on the grass trimmer.

Grass trimmer coil repair with their own hands

The grass trimmer, whether gasoline or electric, is the only true solution for cutting grass in hard-to-reach areas that a wheeled mower can’t handle. As a cutting tool in trimmers are used metal knives or a special line, which is tucked into the grass trimmer spool. But unfortunately, trimmer heads do wear out over time when in use. Some faults can be fixed with their own hands, and some need a complete replacement mowing head.

Garden trimmer spools

Reel for grass trimmer an accessory for garden and park equipment, designed to perform rotational motions, under the action of which the line is driven to cut the grass.

By the type of cord charging distinguish reels: quick-change and collapsible. In the first case, to wind the line, you just have to slip it into the hole in the head and, aligning the two ends, twist it on the drum. In demountable spools for winding the fishing line, you need to plug the grass trimmer, disassemble the cover of the mowing head for brushcutter, pull out the spool. The next step is the direct winding of the cord and installation of the spool in place.

On our site you can buy the grass trimmer reel in one click.

Grass trimmer fishing line

When you need to cut the grass in places that are hard to reach with a lawnmower, a grass trimmer is the right tool for the job. Around bushes, trees, near curbs and benches, along fences it is very difficult to qualitatively and accurately cut the grass with the grass trimmer, and the grass trimmer copes with this task at a time. The performance of the device is directly influenced by the line for the grass trimmer. The line reel is the main cutting device of the mower. Its flexibility, stiffness, toughness determines the result of the work and the quality of grass mowing. The advantage of the spool over other types of cutting equipment is that it conducts a delicate mowing of vegetation near young seedlings, as well as cuts not only lawn grass, but also weeds.

How to choose a line for grass trimmer?

Since the thread for the grass trimmer plays a primary role in the process of mowing lawns and uneven terrain, choose it responsibly. To achieve an ideal result and buy a fishing line for grass trimmer in Ukraine of high quality, you should consider such criteria:

Thread thickness. Each grass trimmer model has its own allowable line diameter. If you choose and buy too thick a thread, the resistance to rotation increases, the load on the motor increases, leading to overheating and breakage. Too thin trimmer line will increase the wear and tear of the tool. Today 1.2″ diameter filament is most commonly used. 4 millimeters. Depending on engine power, which filament to choose and buy.

Sectional shape. Round, star-shaped, rectangular, square or spiral-shaped cross-sections are available. Figured line on the grass trimmer improves performance, but thread consumption increases. A fishing line with teeth and notches is best for cutting the grass.

Composition of line for grass trimmer. The most durable nylon thread is considered. It works efficiently under heavy loads, it does not stratify during long storage. There are also variants of filament reinforced with aluminum shavings.

You can inexpensively buy a brushcutter line at the online store “ToolParts”. There is a wide range of lines in the catalog, which you can choose individually for your tool and taking into account the peculiarities of mowing. for trimmer lines are quite affordable, so you can buy them in stock by ordering in bulk. Even taking into account the cost of delivery to Kiev, Kharkov or other cities in Ukraine, the purchase will be relatively cheap.

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Choice of line for grass trimmer: peculiarities of purchase

Every dacha owner wants a beautiful lawn. After all, bare ground on the summer playground or flower bed does not look too attractive. Smooth, green, and soft grass looks much better and is pleasing to the eye. Lawn care involves not only weeding and watering, but also mowing the grass. Lawn trimmer lines use up quite quickly when cutting vegetation. Its ends get caught in the overgrowth and hard grass, and it touches trees and curbs. Not even a season passed and the spool turns out to be empty. In this case, it is necessary to replenish the stock of consumables and buy a line for brushcutter. The easiest way, of course, is to buy the same grass trimmer cord that came with the tool. However, this is not always the best way out of the situation. Independently choose and buy a line for the grass trimmer is worth in such situations:

you have not kept the packaging and can not remember what parameters had the string offered by the manufacturer of brushcutters;

the factory line for the grass trimmer does not meet the necessary requirements. It may not be able to cope with grass overgrowth on the lawn or not provide the result that you want to see.

There is no single answer to the question of which grass trimmer line is best. It depends on the grass in your flowerbed or lawn and the working conditions. After a few seasons you will know exactly which thread to buy for your garden. However, so that you do not have to spend extra time and money, it is worth immediately paying attention to the criteria that determine the choice of a cord reel.

Operation of the line for the grass trimmer

The trimmer head is a spool of fishing line. You wind up to 15 m of cord on the spool. From it you should pull the thread of the required length in case of wear or breakage. When the line runs out, a new string must be inserted into the bobbin. Once you have determined how to choose a line for the grass trimmer, and decided to buy the right product, you should replace the spool. To do this, you need to remove the old part, clean the grass and dirt from the grass trimmer, tuck in the fishing line and start beautifying your site. Depending on how the cord is fed, reels are:

manual. In order to extend the string, the grass trimmer needs to be turned off and the fishing line pulled out manually;

Semi-automatic. In this case, you need to bang the mowing head on the ground to release the anchor mechanism, and then the cord is automatically lengthened;

automatic. In this situation, you should reduce the speed of the lawnmower, and then increase it again to the maximum. the tool reel thus feeds the line as the speed increases.

The line drum of the grass trimmer can also be refilled in different ways. In conventional models, you need to remove the spool and wind the cord manually. fast chargers do not need to disassemble the spool. When working with the trimmer, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

When trimming your lawn or flowerbeds, avoid contact with hard elements like trees, rocks, foundations, curbs. This will prevent the thread from grinding, and you do not have to constantly increase its length.

Always choose your grass trimmer line responsibly and consider all criteria: cross-sectional shape, string diameter, material. This will save you unnecessary costs and help you quickly find and buy the line, which will be most optimal for your garden plot.

Replacing the fishing line in the trimmer coil, pumps. Which way to wind the line? No arrows!

Give preference to proven manufacturers. STIHL and Bosch lines for grass trimmers are very popular with customers. It is durable, reliable and hardwearing. In this case, the range of choice of threads of this brand is quite large.

Don’t let the price be too low. If you buy a string that is too cheap, it is likely to end up being of low quality and will wear out quickly. Considering that the price of the line for grass trimmer from a well-known manufacturer is already quite democratic, it is better to buy products of a proven brand.

Properly install the line in the grass trimmer. It minimizes the risk of unforeseen and difficult situations. In case you are dealing with such a procedure for the first time and are not confident in your abilities, it is better to ask our consultants for advice.

In our webshop you can buy all the accessories and details you need for a good mowing job. The grass trimmer blade for STIHL (STIHL) or Husqvarna (Husqvarna) is in enviable demand among consumers and has earned positive feedback from more than a hundred customers. See the quality and durability of products of these brands on your own example! Buy a line for brushcutter in Kiev can not only residents of the capital, but also Kharkov and other cities in Ukraine. Grass trimmer parts and accessories are delivered by a transportation company.

.Installing the lid on the mousetrap

A mousetrap is made from two identical bottles of 1,5-2 liters. In the first bottle only a part of the conical part is cut off, and in the second bottle the conical part is cut off completely. The conical part of the second bottle will be the lid of the trap.

Make two symmetric holes on the edges of the conical part of the first bottle to attach the line and hang the bottle overturned by a rodent on that line. We put a cap to the top of the first bottle and mark the centers of the two 5-7 mm diameter holes that match the centers of the holes of the line outlet of the suspension. Making holes in the lid. With our own hands we pass the fishing line through the holes in the cap and tie it to the first bottle.

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