How to find an electric screwdriver for ice discovery. Scurgery rating for ice discovery

TOP-15 best screwdrivers for ice discovery: rating 2021-2022 and choices of choice

Lovers of winter fishing know: for a hobby to bring pleasure, it is important to choose the right equipment. If you plan to do the holes in the ice, be sure to get a good electric screwdriver for an ice ax: it will not only greatly facilitate the preparatory part of the fishing, but will also become a faithful assistant on the farm, taking the solution of a huge number of household problems.

We analyzed data on the purchase of screwdrivers for an ice ax in 2021-2022 in well-known online stores and on marketplaces. Based on the results of the analysis of reviews of both experts and ordinary buyers, we compiled a rating of the best screwdrivers for an ice ax in 2021-2022. We used a whole range of indicators: the battery voltage, torque, type and capacity of the battery, etc.

Requirements for electrical screwdriver parameters

The choice of a scoroplair for ice discovery is based on the tasks of those standing in front of it, namely, work well and for a long time:

  • First of all, choosing a screwdriver, you need to pay attention to its power. It should be at least 18 in. If finances allow, it is better to opt for models, the voltage of which is 36 V, since the more powerful the tool, the easier it will be possible to cope with the thick ice.
  • The second important indicator is the torque. The principle of “the more, the better works here”. The minimum indicators for the right choice are 50-70 nm, but if you have the opportunity to acquire a more advanced model (80-90 nm), then you should not deny yourself this pleasure. Because the higher the torque, the easier the process of drilling will occur. Such an ice drift will be able to cope even with the most dry and thick ice.
  • One of the main requirements for a screwdriver is reliability and strength. As a result, it is better to give preference to trusted brands of domestic and foreign manufacturers who have already managed to prove themselves from the best side.
  • In order to avoid wringing the hands in the screwdriver, an additional handle should be located, thanks to which icebour can be held with both hands. This will protect your limbs from unnecessary injuries that can spoil the impression of fishing.

Then you have to decide what the battery is needed so that after a few minutes your screwdriver does not turn into an unnecessary unit, uselessly dragged through the reservoir. Basically, fishermen dwell on three types of batteries:

  • Li-Ion-accumulators. They quickly charge, have a little weight, but do not tolerate severe frosts. However, the latest models of lithium-ion nutrition elements are designed for use at low temperatures, but they still have to be removed and periodically hid behind the bosom;
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries. They have high frost resistance, but heavily weights icebow;
  • Nickel-metallogid battery. The most optimal nutrition element for the scores, representing a cross between the above batteries.

As practice has shown, most often fishermen prefer nickel-cadmium batteries. Despite the weight, they cope with the main duty of a good ice.unit. to break through any ice, not paying attention to severe frosts. And this, you see, is an important factor on winter fishing.

The battery capacity is not in last place when choosing a screwdriver. It should not be less than 2.5-3 Ah to have time to drill several dozen holes before the battery is completely discharged.

Comparative characteristics

To decide on the model from the rating, with the comparative characteristics of the products.

Table. Comparative characteristics of screwdrivers for ice discovery

Vynchicle Patronadiameter of the cartridge, mummer speed number of idle speeds, rpm of/destroying torque, a battery accumulation, achtsena,
Makita DDF451RFE Quickly joke one.5-13 3 1700 80 2 3 From 18 900
Dewalt DCD991P2 Quickly joke one.5-13 3 2000 95 2 5 From 22 150
Makita DDF458RFE Quickly joke one.5-13 2 2000 91 2 3 From 17,300
Bosch GSR 18V-60 FC 5.0Ach x2 l-boxx Quickly joke one.5-13 2 1900 60 2 5 From 38,000
Metabo BS 18 LTX-3 BL Q I Quickly joke one.5-13 2 3800 120 2 5.5 From 41 400
Bosch GSR 36 VE-2-Li 4.0ah X2 L-BOX Quickly joke one.5-13 2 1800 100 2 4 From 44 050
Dewalt DCD991x1 Quickly joke one.5-13 3 2000 95 one nine From 21 800
Makita DDF481RTE Quickly joke thirteen 2 2100 115 2 5 From 24 700
Bosch GSR 18 VE-EC 5.0ah X2 L-BOXX Quickly joke one.5-13 2 2000 75 2 5 From 35,000
Dewalt DCD796P2 460 W 70 N m Quickly joke one.5-13 2 2000 70 2 5 From 18 400
Metabo BS 18 L BL Quickly joke one.5-13 2 1850 60 2 2 From 10 050
Dewalt DCD791P2 70 N m Quickly joke one.5-13 2 2000 70 2 5 From 16 400
AEG BSB18 CBL Quickly joke one.5-13 2 2100 75 Without a battery From 9 050
Bosch GSR 18 VE-EC 0 L-BOXX Quickly joke one.5-13 2 2000 75 Without a battery From 19 300
Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls Quickly joke one.5-13 2 1700 110 3 4 From 22 800
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What power should be an electric screwdriver

If you select the tool on performance, then here you need to push off from the voltage. The power should be at least 18 in. For drilling dense ice, many acquire more powerful models with a voltage of 36 in. This characteristic determines the strength capabilities and the ability of the ice discovery to penetrate the thickest layers.

Screwdrivers with a high torque are expensive and weigh a lot. For budget models, manufacturers found a way out. an adapter with a gear gearbox. The device reduces the output speed, this leads to a decrease in the load on the tool itself. The adapter from the side of the drill is equipped with a special shaft and a hexagonal head for an electric screwdriver. With the help of it, it becomes possible to make a full power tool from any screw for manual use. Just need to compare their size.

Experienced lovers of winter fishing note that in most cases the power of an electric screwdriver is enough, the main thing is the ease of drilling convenience in circulation. They are obtained in the form of a cylinder with even edges without dangerous cracks and chips. When using it does not create excess noise that repels fish.

Which drill is suitable for working with an electric screwdriver

All screwdrivers are designed for right.sided drilling and tightening fasteners. BU should choose with this direction. The small part of the domestic icevods is equipped with a rotation system to the left side. If the owner has just such a copy, then it is better to change it for an electric screwdriver.

The adapter is designed to connect an electric screwdriver and drill. Both tools will be useless without it. With proper diligence and skill from ordinary ice discovery, with the help of an adapter, you can make an electric version. Of course, if everything is calculated correctly.

The design of the adapter (adapter) includes:

The adapter is easier to do yourself than to buy. First you need to choose a steel rod of a certain diameter, install and wind it into a shank for attaching to a screwdriver. Then to inhibit holes to fix the screw and adapter.

Average screwdrivers in cost

The list includes devices with a price of up to 20 thousand. What electric screwdriver can choose for fishing:

electric, screwdriver, discovery, rating

VESSEL Cordless Rechargeable Ballgrip Screwdriver

  • Bosch GSR 18V-60-products of the company are known for their strength, quality and performance indicators. They can be used at home and on the street, deservedly gained popularity among belongers. The equipment shows a low percentage of noise and vibration when using. Depending on the working material, it is possible to adjust the speed of rotation, and when jaming the drill, the engine blocking automatically turns on. A comfortable handle prevents slipping from the hands during drilling. Batteries operate at temperatures before.20 degrees. The disadvantages of the device include the absence of a secondary handle.
  • DENZEL BLDL-IB 18-02-the equipment is equipped with an infested engine with an increased resource. In the device there is additional backlighting of the workspace, indication of the charge, protection against discharge or reloading. The device has a rotation frequency regulator, an electric brake. The device with an enhanced design is sold together with 2 batteries, suitcases and recharging, other additional accessories.
  • Dewalt DCD709S2T. the Chinese device is high.quality and reliable, used to perform various tasks. The brilliant engine prevents overheating, the maximum number of revolutions is 1650 units per minute. The disadvantages of the device are a small battery capacity of 1.5 Ah, the absence of a secondary handle and an inflated price.
  • Ryobi R18PD7-0 is a modern device with an improved engine, a built-in computer, controlled by an electronics clutch. The equipment contains the inclusion lock key, the performance is 85 nm. There is no battery and charger in the kit, they are bought separately. Additional devices to the apparatus are represented by a limiter of drilling depth and a second handle.
  • Dewalt DCD791D2. with a capacity of 70 nm, optimal for combining mechanical drills. Light and small in size, the device is easily tolerated, the standard additions included: 2 batteries, charger and case. The engine without brushes guarantees good performance, does not cause overheating. The equipment provides for additional illumination.

Important! Average devices are sold more often cheap and expensive analogues. Professionals and amateurs prefer to choose modern equipment that meets safety criteria for certain parameters.

Bur on winter fishing

So, winter fishing is a process that occurs in the cold season, that is, when reservoirs are covered with ice. In order to get to the water, the fisherman needs to drill the holes with a special device, and place the floats of rods with the bait in them. To create a hole, such objects as scrap or drill are used, while the second is considered more popular and convenient. Among the amenities of use can be noted:

  • the ability to break wells in ice, which has a greater thickness, and at the same time spend a smaller amount of time and time;
  • The resulting hole has the shape of a cylinder with even edges without chips and cracks in the cover, which can be dangerous;
  • When used, no extra noise is created, which is important since it scares fish, and thus the fishing process can become unsuccessful.
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The drill device is simple, it consists of a collar, which is a knee.shaped handle with a special cartridge for the clamping of the cutting part (knives, drill) they can take the shape of a sphere or be straight. Its use will require the application of not small efforts.

To facilitate the drilling of ice stratum, craftsmen designed automated devices, modernizing ordinary devices using an additional element of an electric tool (electric screwdriver). By connecting two devices, a number of qualities are acquired:

  • Time saving, as a rule, more fruitful fishing requires more than one hole, and their drilling takes a lot of time, with the help of an electric addition, the procedure occurs faster, thereby there is more time and effort to catch the catch itself;
  • Simplicity of use, no additional strength and skills are required;
  • the ability to work with all types of ice, including dry and dense;
  • The tool also retains low noise;
  • universality, electric screwdriver can be used for its intended purpose.

Of course, such a development has qualities that cannot be considered positive, among them:

  • refusal of the battery, this occurs in cases where the temperature drops below the values ​​provided by the manufacturer;
  • The instability of the work, similar, occurs if the screw is launched counterclockwise, after several revolutions the adapter is spanning and begins to slip inside the cartridge.

But, despite this, automated ice blocks are very popular among lovers of winter fishing.

Automatic drill device

Improved Ice drilling devices consists of such parts:

Adapter or adapter, is an integral part of this design, it acts as a connecting element between the drill and an electric screwdriver. If necessary, everyone can make an adapter on their own for this will require a steel rod of the corresponding diameter. Next, one of it should be trotted into a tail for mounting and drilled holes to fix the adapter with an ice discovery pipe.

TOP-6 best battery screwdrivers for ice discovery with a high spinning moment

This top included models with high power and efficiency, as well as ergonomic and lightweight, which provide comfortable work for a long time.

Dewalt DCD991NT

The DEWALT DCD991NT electric screwdriver refers to unstressed models and demonstrates an impressive torque. up to 95 Nm, which makes it a good choice for screwing and unscrewing the tight fasteners.

It is suitable for active professional operation and is equipped with a fast.packed cartridge, which guarantees easy replacement of equipment. The cartridge has 13 mm clip diameter and reliably fixes the equipment of any purpose.

The device can also be used as a productive battery drill, due to which holes with a diameter of up to 55 cm in a tree and 13 mm in metal are ensured.

The product is equipped with ergonomic and convenient with a handle even with prolonged operation and receives food from the battery. The battery capacity is 5 Ah, with an output voltage of 18 W. A kit that includes an electric screwdriver, interchangeable batteries and a network item is placed in a corporate case.

Makita DDF481Z

The Makita DDF481Z model is a bronnial electric engine, which provides a spindle rotation speed of up to 2100 rpm and has an impressive torque for such a small tool, which is 115 nm.

The device is able to tighten and unscrew any fasteners and drill holes, the diameter of which is 76 mm in a tree and 13 mm in metal.

In its fast.packed cartridge, you can fix the bat or drill with a shank size up to 13 mm.

High performance and working efficiency of the product are provided by the battery, which has an output voltage of 18 V and a capacity of 5 Ah.

The tool is equipped with two removable batteries, a charger for them, a case with a handle for storage and carrying.

In addition, the model is equipped with a clip with a clip, with which the device can be easily hung on your belt while performing work.

Dewalt DCD796D2

Small Small Small Drewalt DCD796D2 Small Drink is equipped with new 2 Ach batteries and a bronnial engine that provides design excellent performance.

Thanks to your compact dimensions with a drill, you can work even in a limited space.

The product is equipped with a fast.packed cartridge, thanks to which the change of equipment does not take much time.

Hammerhead & SKIL Cordless Screwdriver Tear-down illumination provides comfortable and long.term work in conditions of poor visibility. A metal clip is provided for fastening the device on the belt.

The product includes metal gears, a two.stage gearbox that increases the duration of the drill.

The rubberized comfortable handle increases the convenience of use, and the removable battery allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble the product.

Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I

The ultra-powerful battery-electrical screwdriver Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I has a brilliant engine and a high spinning moment 120 nm.

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The device belongs to the category of professional manual tools and can easily cope with the large volumes of serial work of high intensity.

Electric screwdriver is useful in construction, finishing work.

At the first speed of 500 rpm, the model allows you to quickly wrap and spin screws, screws, screws and confirmations of large diameter and length.

At the second speed, which is 1850 rpm, the model allows you to effectively drill small holes in steel, non.ferrous metals and alloys, wood and polymers.

The product also provides an electronic Precision Stop system, which regulates the torque for accurate processing.

The main element of the design of the product is an inconpections an infested electric motor. In addition to high power, the device has a high efficiency and resistant to overload.

Dewalt DCD996P2

The DCD996P2 battery electrical screwdriver is equipped with a bronnial engine and operates on a lithium-ion battery, the capacity of which is 5 Ah with XR technology, which allows you to increase the operating time on one charge.

The device also has three operating modes and the maximum spinning moment 80 nm for effective and high.quality work.

Three LEDs provide bright lighting of the working area in dark rooms.

The tool is easy and convenient to work for a long time.

The model has good overheating protection, and the presence of a shock mechanism increases the spectrum of using the tool.

Low level of vibration allows you to operate a device for a long time.

By adjusting the revolutions, the device can be configured for high.quality work for a specific task performed.

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013

The Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 device is a reliable professional device for a wide spectra use.

It has a high spinning moment of 110 nm, so it is able to easily tighten large self.tapping screws.

The maximum size of the holes in the tree is 65 mm, which is useful not only when constructing garden furniture, but also to create decorations from plywood or timber and as an ice discovery.

Adapter for ice discovery

The adapter is an intermediate element connecting an electric screwdriver with a drill. Without it, automatically automatic ice ax does not work. Typically, the adapter consists of two parts: a tetrahedral or hexagonal rod with a diameter of at least 2.5 cm (for an electric screwdriver) and on the back of a wider round shaft with a hole for the mounting bolt (for a screw).Today, such adapters are sold in fishing stores, they cost about 10, but if there is a piece of thick.walled pipe and a metal rod in the garage, then you can try to make the adapter yourself. The main thing is that the center of rotation of both parts coincides, otherwise the ice ax will “dance”, and not to drill.

Before focusing on specific models, it is worth mentioning attempts by some fishermen to equip an ice ax with other devices, electric and not only. Gaykortes, drills and even chainsaws are used. Technically, this is possible, but it is extremely difficult. This is especially true for saw. Therefore, it will be better to stop at an electric screwdriver.

So, an electric screwdriver for an ice ax, which one to choose? The fishermen tried many options, but not all of them withstand this test with dignity. In practice, only some models have shown themselves well. We list them and give them a brief description:

  • Hitachi DS18DSFL. a well.balanced tool with a convenient rubberized handle. Voltage. 18 in. Works on a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.5 a/h (in the kit two). Weighs only 1.7 kg, so even with prolonged use the hand does not get tired. For transportation, a case is provided. A little lack of power, 41 nm for drilling holes is small. The fishermen who have to drill the holes in the dark, note that the backlight would not have prevented this screwdriver.
  • Makita 8434DWFE. compact, fairly light electric screwdriver weighing 2.5 kg. Works on nickel-metallogid batteries with a capacity of 3 a/h. With Voltage 14.4 V, it has a maximum torque equal to 70 nm. The pluses also include the high strength of the case, the fast.packed cartridge and the presence of the side handle.
  • Bosch GSR18-2-LI Plus-a professional tool with the best ratio of “performance/price”. Has a system of protection of the electric motor from overloads, which ensures the durability of the device. Weight-1.1 kg, type of battery-Li-Ion, capacity-2.0 a/h, voltage-18 V, maximum torque-63 nm. Equipped with a flashlight for illumination of the working area.

These models are not very expensive and not the most powerful, but with the drilling of several dozen holes, they cope perfectly. With proper operation and proper care, more than one season will last.

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