How to fill a gearbox on a power tiller


The Salyut-5 power tillers have 3 modifications, which differ according to the type of engine:

  • Salyut 5L-6,5 has a 6,5L 4-stroke gasoline engine.с. Such a versatile machine can replace a whole fleet of specialized equipment alone.
  • Salyut 5-P-M1 is equipped with a gasoline four-stroke motor Subaru. The design of the machine provides the ability to connect a variety of equipment for a variety of household tasks.
  • Salut 5BS-6,0 operates on American gasoline 4-stroke engine with a cylinder capacity of 206 cm³ and powerful characteristics of 6, 5 l.с. High-performance, reliable motor helps you break up fallow land and easily manages difficult terrain.

What oil to fill in the gearbox of crawler tractor

Transmission fluids have their own viscosity gradation. Marks apply here:

These are the basic varieties of car gearbox oils. As with its motor counterparts, the letter W indicates that the lubricant is in the winter grade.

Additionally there is a division into summer, winter and all-season varieties. The most popular third type.

What oil to fill in the transmission of your power tiller??

The transmission is complex by design, and has many parts. Therefore, it is also mandatory to have a lubricant to prevent frequent breakdowns. What oil to pour into the box of a power tiller, mainly chosen on the basis of what degrees outside are planned to use a single-axle tractor. If there is only a number on the oil package, then it is an indicator of the plus temperature at the upper limit. A winter oil always has a mark in the form of the letter W, and if this letter is flanked by numbers, it is an all-season oil, indicating the permissible temperatures. Examples of how the oil in a power train is labeled:

fill, gearbox, power, tiller
  • 20W4015°. 45°.
  • 15W4020°. 45°.
  • 10W4025°. 35°.
  • 0W3035° and below. 25°.
  • 0W4035° and below. 30°.
  • 5W3030°. 25°.
  • 5W4030°. 35°.
  • 75W90 and 75W8040°. 35°.
  • 80W85 and 80W9025°. 35°.
  • 85W9012°. 45°.
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When choosing which oil to fill in the transmission of your motoblock, you need to look at whether the label has the letters “TM” on it. If they are missing, then the lubricant is not suitable for the transmission.

Cultivator Repair. Replacing the Transmission (Powermate Part # A200759)

It is best to prefer oils that protect against corrosion. this is the main enemy of. The sooner rust and scale appear, the shorter the life of the single axle tractor. So it is better to pay for a quality oil for the season, but with anti-corrosion properties. But buying all-season may be less economical if the equipment goes bad quickly.

A few private examples of what oil to take on the basis of the company motoblock:

  • MTZ.05. oils M-8G1, M-8B1 and M-8B1.
  • Neva MB-1. TAP-15V, TAD-17I.
  • Neva MB-2. TM-5, SAE90 API GI-5, TEP-15, SAE90 API GI-2.
  • Agat. MS-20 and TAD-17I.
  • Zubr. TAP-15.
  • Ugra NMB-1. TCn-10.

All these oils are constantly on sale, and it is easy to find the right one.

Engine oils for popular brands of motor blocks

Some engine oils may be suitable for the lubrication of engines of different power tillers. Let’s take a look at which lubricants meet the guidelines of the most popular engine manufacturers for agricultural machinery.

fill, gearbox, power, tiller


These engines are quite often included in the set of Kentavr and Zubr engines. For their lubrication it would be optimal to use a synthetic or semi-synthetic oil SAE 30 in summertime and a universal lubricant SAE 10W-30 in wintertime.


For the work of these popular American engines, which are equipped with the motor blocks Neva MB-1, MB-2 and other popular units, you should use the brand semi-synthetic engine oil BriggsStratton 10W-30. These engines are characterized by the consumption of large amounts of engine oil, so it is very important to regularly check the availability and amount of lubricant.

fill, gearbox, power, tiller


For the lubrication of Honda engines will be optimal to use oil SAE 10W-30. It is suitable for use both in summer and in winter. The packaging of the lubricant to be used should bear the SF or SG marking.

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What oil to fill in the gearbox of your power tiller??

How well-functioning and long-lasting will serve the gearbox of a motor-block, directly depends on the quality and characteristics of oil.

When buying a lubricant, it is worth considering the advice of motor-block manufacturers. You should also pay attention to the price of the oil. Low-priced products do not guarantee good gearbox performance.

It is worth noting the following types of oils by labeling on the market:

  • SAE. Excellent compound for operation at frequent temperature fluctuations. A digit in front of the W indicates the minimum temperature at which the lubricant can be used;
  • ASEA. The most popular universal oils. The number of conditions in which the machine can work depends on the figure;
  • API. Best-selling oils. Serves as a good lubricant regardless of the type of gearbox and conditions of use of machinery.

Before using a specific oil it is worth checking the instructions of the engine block builders.

Power block brand Type of oil for your tractor’s gearbox
Neva MB-2 Transmission oil TEP-15 (-5°С to 35°С) GOST 23652-79, TM-5 (-5°С to 35°С) GOST 23652-79.25°C) GOST 17479.2-85 according to the international system of classification of engine oils by viscosity SAE90 API GI-2 and SAE90 API GI-5 respectively. Filling volume 2,2 liters
Neva MB-1 Transmission oil as per GOST 23652-79 (TAD-17I, TAP-15V, etc.).).
MKM-3 Mobil-K (lander) TAD 1711 GOST 23652-79. Can be filled with SAE 90, SAE 75W/90 according to API GL-4, GL-5 classification. Refill 1 liter
Salute 5 Salute 100 TM 5-18 (TD17I)
Belarus 08H-09H In summer (above 5°C) Engine oils: M-10B2 or M-10G2 GOST 8581 (back-up Engine Oil M-8G2, GOST 10541) In winter (below 5°C) Engine Oil M-8G2, GOST 8581 (replacement with M-4z/6B1 GOST 10541 is possible)
MTZ.05 M-8B1, M-8B1, M-8G1, as per GOST 10541-78
Cascade MB6 Cascade MB6-62 GOST 23652-79 Transmission oil GOST 23652-79 or MS-20 aviation oil GOST 23652-79
Ugra NMB-1 TSp-10 GOST 23652-79 or other type that meets SAE 8085W API: GL3GL4
Oka MB-1D1(2)M Transmission oil TAD-17I, TAP-15V and others according to GOST 23652-79
Celina MB RAVENOL” EXP gear oil SAE 80W-90 API GL-5 can be used in the engine block from the factory
Tarpan TAD-17I gear oil or analogues of SAE 90 SAE 75W/90 API category GL-4, GL-5.
Favorit MB 3, MB 4, MB 5 TAD-17i or MS-20
Agat TAD-17I; MS-20
Engine Sich TAD17I, TAP-15B, TEP-15, TSp-15K, TSl-14 lube oil according to GOST 23652
Vario 80W90 oil
Patriot Garden 85W90 oil
Zubr TAP 15 oil
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A completely dry gearbox requires 2 liters of oil; for a 1.5-liter oil change the gearbox oil needs to be changed every 50 hours of operation. Recommended by the manufacturer of the oil: transmission oil TAD-17I, TAP-15V or other by GOST 23652-79, it is allowed to mix these oils in any proportions.

Answering the question: “Can we put motor oil in a single-axle tractor??”The specialists answer. “yes, but using different types of liquid you may have different rates of consumption and degree of fouling”.


We motobloks Salyut-5 has 3 modifications, which differ in type of engine:

  • Salyut 5L-6,5 runs on a 6.5L 4-stroke gasoline engine.с. Such a universal aggregate can replace a whole fleet of specialised equipment on its own.
  • Salyut 5-P-M1 is equipped with a gasoline Subaru 4-cycle engine. The design of the unit provides for the ability to connect various equipment for a variety of household tasks.
  • Salute 5BS-6,0 powered by an American gasoline four-stroke engine with a cylinder capacity of 206 cm³ and a powerful performance of 6, 5 hp.с. High-performance and reliable engine allows you to cultivate virgin land and easily cope with the processing of difficult soils.

What is the function of the gear unit?

It is responsible for converting and transporting the torque that comes from the mechanical gears. We can say that this component allows the power tiller to work. On whether the right lubricant for the gearbox will be chosen, will depend on the efficiency of its operation, and, consequently, the efficiency of the entire device.

Gearboxes come in several varieties: angular, gear, reduction, and reverse. They all have the same components.

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