How to extend the line on a trimmer

Types of trimmers and tips for their selection

Once upon a time, a well-groomed lawn symbolized the status and condition of its owner. The presence of a green area in front of the estate could afford only rich people. Today, the lawn is available to everyone, but the fashion for it remained. Lawn care is quite simple. it is enough to remove unnecessary vegetation from the site. For this purpose, there is a special garden equipment. grass trimmer.

Grass trimmers for grass come in many varieties, so it is important to familiarize yourself with their varieties before buying. Before we tell you what the difference between some trimmers and others, let’s talk a little about terminology.

All about bobbins for gasoline trimmers

What is a grass trimmer bobbin?

One of the main elements of the trimmer for grass stands spool (bobbin), which is installed on a special nozzle. This design contains a drum, where the line is placed to cut the grass.

Grass trimmer bobbin is externally protected by a cover that protects the user from injury if the cutting thread breaks. Most often, the hood is slammed shut on the latches.

AutoCAD. How to Trim and Extend (in only 2 minutes)

To open the reel and remove the filament, simply press in the special catches, which can be done with a screwdriver. At the same time, the grass trimmer bobbin can shoot out the internal tooling as a result of spring straightening. Therefore, when performing manipulations with the drum, you must be careful.

Spools? Reels? Spools? Cutting heads? WTF?!

Either of these names can be found in stores and on the Internet, but few know the difference.

The head is the base, inside which is the bobbin with the wound line (also called the bobbin). The photo below shows an example of a head construction with a spool inside.

What is the difference between manual, automatic and semi-automatic bobbin?

Differences in principle:

With a manual (mechanical) bobbin, the line is fed mechanically. That is, in order to lengthen the line, you must interrupt the device and manually lengthen the ends.

When working with a “semi-automatic” bobbin, when the ends of the line become short, you need to hit the bobbin button to the ground at maximum speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, the line will come out of the bobbin, the extra ends will be cut by a special knife of the protective cover.

When working with an automatic bobbin, the line is lengthened automatically by lowering the revolutions of the grass trimmer motor. When the speed is increased again the line feeds automatically again.

However, still the main difference between bobbins is in the filling of the line in the bobbin.

For example, to fill the line in the bobbin “semiautomatic” need to open the bobbin case and tuck the line on the inner bobbin. Filling line in automatic bobbin without opening bobbin lid.

No extra effort is required to place the line in the bobbin

No danger of breaking the catches on the bobbin lid when opening it

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You can fill the line without removing the bobbin from the weed trimmer

Automatic reels are 2-3 times more expensive than semi-automatic reels

How to fill line in automatic bobbin?

Align arrows on button and bobbin lid

A piece of fishing line, about 3 m, pull through the hole in the bobbin, leaving the ends of the same length

Pressing and turning the bobbin button clockwise, wind the line on the bobbin, leaving the ends 10-15 cm

How to tuck the line into the semi-automatic bobbin?

Remove bobbin from spool and remove old, torn line if necessary

Fold in half a piece of fishing line about 3 m long. Insert the line loop into the groove in the middle of the bobbin. Wind the line onto the bobbin in two strands. The arrow on the bobbin case shows the winding direction.

Tighten the 10-15 cm fishing line ends in the grooves on the bobbin

Place the bobbin in the reel body, having previously tucked the line ends into the output slots on the reel body

How to pick the right spool for your grass trimmer?

Note that the trimmer head for each model of each brand is unique (although for most Chinese trimmers of different brands can often be used with the same spool). Pay attention to the parameters below, and you will be able to choose your own bobbin:

line, trimmer
  • Diameter and thread pitch
  • Diameter of the trimmer head itself
  • Maximum allowable diameter of line that can be mounted on a scythe.
  • Thread depth (one of the most important parameters when selecting).

How to Extend a line in AutoCAD

Choosing a line for a grass trimmer

The choice of line for a grass trimmer primarily depends on the power of the grass trimmer for which the particular thread is intended. Customers often think that the thicker the line, the longer it will last, will not wear out or tear, but this does not take into account the resistance of the grass trimmer thread to the air when rotating. grass trimmer mows the grass at 8000-10 000 rpm, and with an increase in line diameter of only 0.5 mm air resistance increases so significantly that grass trimmers with insufficient power can overheat and require costly repairs. When working with too thick line for grass trimmer significantly reduces its speed, so the grass is mowed unevenly, it is more likely to crumple, and the work must be done longer than usual.

Grass trimmer output/engine output Grass trimmer line diameter
Electric grass trimmers with 0.6-1.2 kW 1.3mm-2.00mm
20cm 3.25cm 3 2.0mm-2.4mm
25 cm 3.40cm 3 2.4mm-2.7mm
40cm 3.50cm 3 2.7mm-3.0mm
≤ 50cm 3 3.0mm-3.5mm
Push grass trimmers (e.g. McCULLOCH MWT420) 4.3mm-6.0mm

The line is selected by profile; there is a diverse range of trimmer lines on the market with different profiles. round, twisted, sharp-edged, and even saw-toothed.

  • Conventional round lines are universal applicable, and compared to other lines (faceted, strengthened, etc.) they have a very wide profile and.д.) they will be cheaper.
  • The pentahedral strands have sharper edges to cut the grass more smoothly, making the lawn more tidy and the grass less likely to yellow. In addition, such threads slightly reduce the load on the grass trimmer engine, which saves its life.
  • Reinforced yarns. To increase durability manufacturers often add aluminum or other material shavings to lengthen the service life and reduce fiber brittleness.
  • Filaments with a graphite core. Often customers mistakenly believe that this core is made of metal wire, but that’s not true: this kind uses a more flexible and softer material, so the thread will be more flexible and softer, it has fewer frayed ends, and it’s less likely to tear.
  • Twisted threads. This type of line is the quietest of all. You must admit that when working with a trimmer equipped with a combustion engine, this advantage seems insignificant (the noise is still big), but if you work a few hours every day, you will appreciate it. With electric trimmers, the difference in noise will be even more noticeable.
  • Sawtooth cords. These threads are designed to work with very powerful trimmers and brushcutters (with engine cubic capacity over 50 cm3 ). You need a special trimmer reel to work with these strands. This line can be used to mow not only overgrown and thick grass, but also raspberry bushes, artemisia bushes, etc.
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Trimmer lines are made from different materials, both high quality (and expensive, like PP6) and lower quality polypropylene, even with impurities like low quality polypropylene, to reduce production costs. Low-quality materials are less durable, more brittle and less heat-resistant. During intensive work they melt in the trimmer reel and get stuck, which significantly complicates and delays the work.

We’ve seen such “miracles” as a metal cord wound on a trimmer reel, but it’s very dangerous because when the cord hits a rock or other obstacle, the ends break off and at high speeds the trimmer reel splinters turn into microscopic bullets that can penetrate your leg.

Line storage. It is recommended to store the fishing line in a cool and humid place. It is not uncommon to keep fishing line in a tank of water so that it does not lose its physical properties. If you let the fishing line dry out, it often tears during mowing, it will be difficult to wind it on the trimmer spool, etc. д. That’s why it is better to buy lines for grass trimmers for one full season.

Craft class: weaving “The Tree of Life” pendant out of wire

Spring has fully entered its legal rights, and we thought that today’s master class on weaving a wonderful pendant “Tree of Life” from wire will be just in time. For what is spring but the rebirth of life after a long sleep?? Ancients thought of the annual cycle of seasons as a consecutive movement of nature from birth to death, and the spring was quite reasonably a symbol of its birth.

The Tree of Life symbol is found in practically every culture in the world.

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In our master class we will use the Celtic version of the symbol, which is most widely used in the modern world and is often used in the manufacture of decorative products, jewelry and religious paraphernalia.

We wish you enjoyable and, most importantly, successful work!

Sketches of the “Tree of Life”, they are easy to find on the Internet.

How to wind the fishing line on the grass trimmer reel

The fishing line in the trimmer head can run out at the most inopportune moment when the work is in full swing. To avoid time-consuming and time-consuming manual changes we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the process in theory beforehand. From our article you will learn all the subtleties, starting with the choice of consumable material and ending with the winding of different types of coils.

The main element of the trigger is the mowing head, which is a cylindrical body with a spool (bobbin) inserted inside. The line (filament) is fed into it. These heads differ in the way they feed and feed the filament. There are three types of heads:

line, trimmer
  • Automatic. The line is fed after the user has reduced the engine speed. Automatic filament feeding is very convenient when you need to perform a large amount of work. The disadvantage of this head is a high thread consumption.
  • Semi-automatic. The use of such a head does not require the user to perform any complicated manipulations. The way it works is that the line is lengthened automatically while the weed trimmer works at full speed. You just need to hit the head of the machine lightly on the ground (this will release the blocking of the line), and the cord due to the centrifugal force will move out of the bobbin. Then the line is cut to the required length with a knife, which is located on the protective cover.
  • Manual. To lengthen the cord, stop the machine. After that, the fishing line will need to be pulled by hand.
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The line for the grass trimmer: features

In order to choose the right string, you need to consider several parameters. First, the characteristics of the machine necessarily indicate how thick the line can be. If you try to tuck in a cord with a larger diameter, the thread on the spool will become tangled, the motor will overheat, and the bushings will wear out much faster. Secondly, it matters whether the task is to cut the lawn grass or cut dead wood. The power of the device itself also poses its own limitations.

What kind of fishing line to buy for a grass trimmer

Greenworks grass trimmers are reliable devices, allowing you to easily maintain the lawn and garden area in order. But even the best quality tools require timely maintenance and replacement of individual elements. The main working part of the grass trimmer is the fishing line. And in order to keep the quality of mowing at the maximum level, it needs to be changed regularly. What line for the grass trimmer to buy and how to replace it, tell us in our article.

This useful material will help you learn how to start the capricious petrol trimmer for grass, which does not want to work!

It’s summertime, and the lawnmowers on the allotments are always on the beat. An excellent tool, powerful and mobile. With gasoline grass trimmer you can cut the grass, and get rid of dried weeds. However, there are cases that the mower does not start, working intermittently or not developing full power. It is certainly not up to work! And as they say, you twitch the starter handle more than mow.

It’s not just the old lawn mowers that have had trouble starting up, but also the new ones. What to do in this situation? You have no choice but to listen to expert advice and benefit from their practical experience!

Choosing a fishing line

Look carefully at the cross section of the line, it may be round or ribbed (square, “star”). A faceted cord is good for tougher grass and weeds. However, if the grass is too hard, it is better to use a brushcutter with knives (milling cutter).

Some lines have sharp edges, so gloves are a good way to avoid injury.

How to Release Trimmer Line

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