How to disassemble the gearbox of motobloc 900


The most common problems faced by the user of power tillers.

  • Reduced engine power. The cause of such a situation could be clogged carburetor, cylinder, muffler, air hose or gas hose, so they should be thoroughly cleaned. In a situation where a loss of power has occurred after a long period of storage, it is necessary to start the machine and run it idle for a while. If there is no compression, it is worth replacing the piston rings or cylinder.
  • Lack of response of the engine on start-up. This may be caused by tilting the engine and keeping it level. If the filter or tank opening is clogged, it is worth cleaning them. The problem can hide in the spark plug, for this it is worth to carry out a check of the wires, as well as the “stop” button. You should not forget about cleaning or replacing the spark plugs.
  • The functioning of the engine is intermittent and plugged. The engine should be warmed up first. After that, clean the spark plugs or replace the magneto.
  • Idle RPMs are unstable. The cause of this malfunction may be based on a large gap between the cover and the gearbox. In order to eliminate the problem, it is worth making the gap smaller.
  • Smoking on the power tiller. This may be caused by poor gasoline quality or excessive tilting of the machine.
  • The starter is noisy, the cord is dropping out. Squealing of the machine may occur due to an excessive amount of grease on the balls, which is worth a good cleaning. If you hear the starter popping, the problem may lie in the fact that the power system can not perform its tasks well.

To adjust the functioning of the power tiller it is worth removing debris from the valve and air filter.

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What kinds of breakdowns happen?

Most of the problems in the gearbox of a power tiller occur as a result of overloading. Such failures include burst bushings on the metal chain, which leads to the so-called “slippage. Also owners of power tillers very often find fractured bushings gear shift. To avoid such troubles, experienced owners advise switching speeds only when the equipment is at a complete stop, in no case on the move. In addition to this, a common phenomenon is the breakage of the sprocket. That is, the factory welding is not enough for the star to withstand the overload.

“Get out” of this unfortunate situation is very simple, you just need to return the star to its original position and tack weld it much better. Lateral loads cause the support washer to wear out, after which the sleeves from the chain are observed to come off. In addition to all of the above, you should periodically check the oil level in the gearbox and have it changed.


Manufacturer: Shtenli
Power: 18 л.с.
Engine type: gasoline 4-stroke
Drive: Gear
Forward/reverse gears: 3/1
Fuel consumption: 1.5 l/h
Treatment Width: 900-1100 mm
Treatment Depth: 150-300 mm
Wheel size: 7 x 12 cm
PTO: There are
Weight 175kg
Dimensions: 1900x1400x900
gearbox Shtenli Gear Shift 2 (SGS 31) Reduced Gear
Warranty: 24 months
Country of manufacture: Germany

How are the motorcycles equipped with the Stenley?

Regardless of the unit series, all Stenley power tillers come with a basic package:

  • assembly tools;
  • steering column housing;
  • wheels;
  • tillers;
  • hitch for attaching attachments;
  • headlight;
  • hood;
  • Storage compartment for tools or other essentials or food;
  • user manual.

It also comes with a technical manual, lubrication card and a warranty card from the manufacturer.

disassemble, gearbox, motobloc


Any gearbox needs lubrication, so some farmers wonder: “What oil to pour into the gearbox of a motoblock?”. This kind of information is usually contained in the owner’s manual. The manufacturers themselves determine what type of oil is suitable for their machines.

If you have installed a homemade unit, we recommend using MOTUL products. This is a well-known manufacturer of oils that are optimally suited for power tillers.

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However, even a timely oil change is not able to insure a gearbox from breakage. Let’s look at a few of the most likely reasons. For example, in a MB Compact the gearbox is knocking. What does this have to do with?

  • The axle shaft decoupling assembly is out of order. In this case you need to disassemble the gearbox and replace worn parts. In addition, the knocking can be provoked by the wrong setting of the drive, this can be eliminated by changing the tension of the cable.
  • Chain breakage. Such a defect is usually accompanied by a characteristic knocking sound followed by a gearbox jamming. The fault can be eliminated by replacing the torn chain.

These are not the only problems that can arise with a gearbox of the MB-Compact. Oil leaks indicate wear of the rubber seals.

To fix the problem you need to disassemble the gearbox and replace the element. In some cases it is impossible to lock the transmission. There may be several reasons:

To prevent the gearbox from needing repairs for a long time, the product must be run in, followed by changing the oil in the system.

Also check gearbox oil level and avoid shock loads.

When replacing worn parts it is advisable to buy only original manufacturer’s spare parts.

disassemble, gearbox, motobloc

Necessary components

To assemble or disassemble the engine of a motorblock, you need a level, well-lit area, where nothing will interfere with the work. The same place to look for the repair. The installation kit for both imported and domestic motorblock includes:

All nodes and parts should be removed from the package, carefully read the assembly instructions, prepare the necessary tools. You should also determine in advance what fasteners are used to connect the different parts. It is recommended to think through the sequence of actions and conveniently place all the elements at the place of assembly.

The working handle is fixed in a convenient position for holding the tiller and is secured with a screw. After installing the handle, the entire structure is convenient to move or hold in the right position.

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Is it worth buying a single-axle tractor Shtenli: technical characteristics,. what is better than the Farmer

The Shtenli 1030 single axle tractor is a model designed for plowing, cultivation, tillage of any type of soil, including previously uncultivated. Power output of Shtenli 1030 is 8.5 л.с. This model does not have a PTO, but this does not affect the technical parameters of the device and its functionality.

The Shtenli 1030 is powered by the M168F (Intec OHV) engine. The 270 cubic centimeter (cm3) displacement. The unit is a heavy power tiller that weighs 90 kg. When using the appropriate attachments, the unit performs the functions of a transporter, snow cleaner, mower, cultivator. Suitable for row spacing in greenhouses or on summer houses.


Among the advantages of the Shtneli power tiller the following points can be noted:

  • The front headlight makes it possible to guarantee stable and effective lighting. The power of the light beam can be adjusted. Such decision allows to exploit the unit at any time of the day, without the need for artificial lighting.
  • Flexible control handle can be adjusted and adjusted to the height and build of the operator.
  • Vast pneumatic wheels with deep tread pattern can be compared with the tractor counterparts. The elements have high passability and endurance to different kinds of loads.
  • Dry-type clutch is manually operated, ensures smooth gear shifting, without overloading the power unit with high revs.
  • Provides fasteners for various attachments.
  • The construction of the machine includes German components, which are covered by a two-year warranty.

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