How to disassemble the DEKO electric screwdriver. What to do if the drill stuck

How to disassemble an electric screwdriver at home

Electric screwdriver is considered a universal tool. With it, you can drill wood and metal, work with fasteners. Replaceable nozzles are capable of performing more functional tasks. But, like any mechanism, an electric screwdriver is not safe from faults. It is not difficult to repair the unit. it is important to remember all the actions from disassembly to assembly. We will tell you how to disassemble an electric screwdriver in case of breakdown or repair.

Before disassembling an electric screwdriver, you need to know the purpose of certain nodes and mechanisms in the design of the tool. The principle of operation of all screwdrivers is the same. the start button supplies the voltage to the engine and regulates the speed.

The main mechanisms of electrical screwdriver, whether it be Interskol (Interskol), Caliber, Bosch (Bosch GSR, PSR), Dewalt (Dewalt), Hammer, Makita (Makita), Metabo (Metabo), DEXTER (DEMSTER) Sit down and work the same way:

  • Engine (brush or brilliant).
  • Power button.
  • Revolutionary function adjustment system.
  • Gearbox.
  • Control block.
  • Self.loading or fast.packed cartridge.

On the housing of an electric screwdriver there are a rubberized handle and the jacket connectors. For battery models, nickel-cadmium (nicd) or lithium-ion (Li-Ion) power elements with a power of 10 are used.8, 9.6, 12, 14.4 and 18 volts. For network units, batteries are not intended.

The power button launches the engine. which spindle rotates through the gearbox. Distribution coupling adjusting the torque. There is a separate lever for the reverse mode. It allows you to twist stuck fasteners.

Battery screwdrivers cannot work without energy. Therefore, before starting work, you should make sure that the battery is charged.

Second birth⁠ ⁠

Hello. I am making repairs in the apartment for myself. The stucco molding was unexpectedly discovered behind the suspended ceilings. Gypsum cornices hung on all walls. They have already been removed, and plaster outlets on the ceiling. They look like this.

There are 10 of them. 2 took off, picked up a spatula, but one split of. Stucco molding 67 years old. I am very dear to me and I don’t want to change it to new ones. I plan to clean this with an engraver from many layers of paint and attach back to a new ceiling. And I want to remove because there was a curve of plaster on the ceiling. He will be plastered and if the stucco molding is not removed, then it will drown in plaster. And it will not be noticeable. In addition, light sources will move and sockets too. I thought to purchase a renovator like this.

His blade vibrates tens of thousands of times per minute and he cuts everything. And there is nozzle for glue/concrete, including, but only 3-4 cm depth. And the diameter of the outlet is 45cm. There are ideas how it can be removed entirely?

The reasons for the breakdown

Like any mechanical node, during the operation of the gearbox, the friction force affects the parts, from which they gradually and wear out and lose their “coupling”. In order to avoid this, all the details of the node must be efficiently lubricated.

Therefore, the first reason for the breakdown of the gearbox is a lack of lubrication (but there may be its excess).

Also, such a “scourge” of mechanics as dust affects the gearbox. It settles on the details and heats up with them during operation. This is especially dangerous for plastic gears, since under the influence of heating from dust they are subject to deformation. which leads to a breakdown.

Finally, another nuisance for the gearbox is the hit of foreign particles into it. Scoring between the teeth, they jam them. Because of this, when the engine shaft rotates, an excessive load is created for other structural elements, which leads to their destruction.

disassemble, deko, electric, screwdriver

Reference. If one of the reasons or force majeure led to the damage to the element of the gearbox (gears, bearings or shafts), often you have to put a new gearbox, since not all manufacturers have separate parts of the gearbox to make a replacement.

DEKO DQ450 riveters. nozzles at a screwdriver. Or how to kill her in half an hour on the installation of gypsum plasters ceilings

For the first time I learned about a similar tool about 5-6 years ago. There was a rebranding of one supermarket. And I saw as workers who were engaged in the installation of facades made of metal profile, attach it somehow strange. With two screwdrivers. Drill, the second is fixed with some kind of nozzle. When I came closer, I realized that they are attached to rivets, and the nozzle is such an analogue. I was curious where they got hold of such an instrument, they said that the foreman from Poland brought. How much I did not look for anything like that, my search did not end with success. And then I found a similar nozzle on Aliexpreses. And at that time it was the only lot on the site. I haven’t seen others. And cost about 30 bucks. I threw it into desires and monitored the price periodically. In general, I ordered this nozzle in early March of the seventeenth year for 18.76. This nozzle is now sold with this seller and it is already decent sales, and reviews are extremely positive. But back to the one I ordered, and why did I even order it. The fact is that the repair was looming in a new apartment and I planned to connect metal profiles with this nozzle (for rivets) when creating a frame for drywall on the ceiling.

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Well, because, why not. But you can try to figure out the installation of drywall. Classically the profile is connected either by a pistol with a punch or such self.tapping screws

I did not want to buy a gun separately for these purposes, because then he will clearly not be used. And by the way, for some reason, I have not seen anywhere on the facilities under construction that they would use a gun when installing profiles. I did not want to use screws because they have very thick hats, and when you fasten a thin ceiling drywall, it deforms and bends because of this, forming a wavy surface. And the higher the screw of the screw, the higher the wave of drywall. And then you have to align with a putty then. Of course, I am not a decoration specialist and it is possible that experts are now throwing me with pissed rags, for such installation, but I see logic in my words, and I’m ready to show with an example. Take the KNAUF profile and twist the screws in it, and also put a couple of rivets now we will screw a strip of drywall on top as you can see the result on the face. Self.tapping screws, on the right rivets

Well, plus I watched how drywalls are made on objects. It looks approximately the same plus or minus. If gypsum plasterboard, which is thicker, is a little more even. And then plasters, all this is aligned. Of course, I have not some super complex ceiling, such as this but still I would like to put it minimally and level it after installation.

The principle of operation of this nozzle is as follows. You insert the rivet into it, and then into the hole in the metal that you are going to stuck. Holding the nozzle with your hand, click on the descent of the screwdriver, a couple of seconds and everything is ready. Let’s try

Works. We turn on the reverse in the screwdriver and the nozzle “spits” the rivet leg

On the first impressions, everything works fine. Let’s look inside

Free up a Keyless Chuck

First we unscrew the cap from the “muzzle” of the nozzle. The cap by the way is metal, and the body of the nozzle made of some hard plastic

Then let’s move to the back. There is a stop washer, for the dismantling of which you need a special tool, which I certainly do not have. I left the situation with rivets, pliers and screwdrivers

For further disassembly, you will need a pair of rock keys for 14 and 16

The nozzle works due to the fact that this guide with a thread M6 stretches the leg of the scrap, biting it with lips

disassemble, deko, electric, screwdriver

Collect the nozzle and start work.

Everything was great. We drill one screwdriver, weacked the second. Quick and convenient. But happiness did not last long. On the 23rd riveting, the nozzle jammed. She simply stopped pulling and holding her in her hands with a working screwdriver was problematic. I had to disassemble again. And this is what I saw when I sorted it out

The thread was licked on the traction guide. I don’t know what I had to do here to avoid this, or the metal is firmly, or the thread is not a metric, but some specialized, which withstands longitudinal loads. But the bottom line is that the nozzle mastered only 23 rivets along with the first trial. Almost 20 into the wind. And the installation must continue. I had only such a rivet at home at home

disassemble, deko, electric, screwdriver

A few tips for using a drilling tool

Safely drilled only by an electric screwdriver in which the manufacturer provides for this mode. Long and high.quality work is provided to the tool subject to simple and useful tips. Electric screwdriver is turned off before you connect or pull out the battery.

You can not overheat the electric motor, you need to take breaks. After the tool works at high speeds, the minimum values ​​are set, to cool, the motor should be upgraded for several minutes.

The condition of the cable is regularly checked at the electrical device, and in the battery model. a charging cord. Faulty must be replaced immediately. It is forbidden to work with an electric screwdriver in rainy weather. Periodically, you should disassemble and clean the internal parts and nodes. Remove dirt, dust and soil. If there are doubts about the stable operation of the tool, diagnostics should be carried out. In order not to change the anchor of the electric motor, check the wear of the brushes.

After completing the work, it is wiped with a clean rag. It is forbidden to store an electric screwdriver and a battery under the sun or in a room where high humidity prevails. For storage, you need to choose a dry room with a plus temperature. So that the device does not become dusty, and the dust does not get inside, it is kept in the case.

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The main causes of malfunctions

Before repairing an electric screwdriver, they find out the cause of the breakdown. Since all tools have a similar design, including Bosch GSR (Bosch), Makita, Metabo, Spark, Winzor, Vortha, Vega Professional, Sturm (Sturm), Caliber, and most malfunctions are standard.

In order to accurately determine the cause of the malfunction, you need to know the design of an electrical screwdriver

The most frequent and possible breakdowns include:

  • fault of the power button;
  • lack of reaction to turning on and off the device;
  • breakdown of the cartridge;
  • wear of brushes;
  • faulty operation of the battery.

If problems arise with brushes, engine collector or anchor when working, the device begins to sparkle very much. If it turns on spontaneously, the reason must be sought in the start button. Transistor and button are responsible for engine braking. A curved gearbox is leaded to the appearance of the cartridge.

If a sudden crack occurs during operation, the switch begins to scroll, the problem must be sought in the gearbox. When the tool scrolls and cracks in those modes in which he used to work normally, it is possible:

  • There is not enough consistent lubrication in the gearbox;
  • There are wear of the working plates of plastic gears, the curvature of the reduction shaft;
  • Satelllite or a pin of its fixation was completely damaged or completely broken;
  • Bearing bearings.

Drill Repair. Removing a Stuck, Seized, Stripped or Stubborn Chuck (Makita LXPH01)

An electric screwdriver can scroll due to unreliable fixation of the bat in the cartridge due to the wear of its fists.

How to remove and disassemble the cartridge of an electric screwdriver

Cams are less convenient, but provide a more reliable connection. When the key is rotated, the adjusting sleeve clenches steel fists until they are closed.

Quickly jokes are delayed faster. They do not need a key.

Types of quick.recessed structures

  • One.month. to install the bat, one hand is enough, since one of the parts of the case is recorded automatically.
  • Two.shift. both parts are mobile, and one of them must be held with a hand so that it does not rotate.

If you need to replace the cartridge on an electric screwdriver, it should be noted that one.button is used only on tools with locks.

The material is plastic or metal. Plastic products are less reliable, but it is more convenient to work with them, as they weigh less.

The main causes of malfunctions

Screwdrivers are network and battery. Their main malfunctions are almost the same, and the differences are associated with the type of nutrition.

Network electric screwdriver

If the device does not turn on, first check the condition of the outlet, and then, if it is working, inspect the fork. Often an electric screwdriver does not start, because contacts are burned. If both nodes are intact, you should inspect the cable, make sure that it is intact, is not interrupted or not overheated. Also, possible reasons may be a faulty button for turning on, wovered electrographs or a burned.out engine winding.

If the technique sparkles, you need to look for a defect in anchor, electric shock or a motor collector.

An independent electric screwdriver reports that there was a breakdown of the power button.

With the backlash of the cartridge, the reason for damage to the gearbox shaft. If the cartridge is jammed and it is impossible to extract a drill or bit, this means that the clamping fists are chopped. The reason is the lack of lubrication or breakdown of the internal nodes of the cartridge. If this mechanism is scrolled, it is a malfunction of the gearbox.

With a defect, the rattles examine the petals of its lock, a spring and pin.

Battery electric screwdriver

If the technique does not turn on, check the charger and the serviceability of the battery. With quick discharge, its condition is diagnosed using a special tester.

Other malfunctions of the battery type of electrical screwdriver are similar to network technique.

Revenge for growth ⁠ ⁠

After reading a post about revenge for a long time, I also decided to share the story for which it seems to be a shame, but it seems that I didn’t decide).

I grew up late from their peers, being the son of my parents (who had the growth of 183 cm and dad 190) to grow in any way, and thanks to the diagnosis, delay in sexual development due to problems with the thyroid gland, by the age of 14 I was a schking 158cm among their home giants).

Once on the May holidays, we went to barbecue to our relatives, as usual, everyone drank fun, and one of my father’s relatives, or rather his cousin (Uncle L.) In a fit of fun and Ugar, he began to openly mock me to the public. “Look, my little son has already grown out for the 15 years, he has grown up on a moped on the brides, but you still can’t mature, you look at what a small probably receiver or mother walked on a haha,” the very interesting and offensive in all this situation is that my father is that my father And the mother all this time listened to this conversation and there was not a share of indignation on their faces, but only a smile. At that moment I thought, well, now, well, right now, my dad will knock on the table with his fist and put my offender in his place, but this did not happen to the surprise, and I could not resist and burst out, the only ones who reassured me my grandmother, who also also reassured me was at this alcohol festival, Комментарии и мнения владельцев towards Uncle L. There was no one from anyone.

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The apogee of the whole of Bacchanalia was my personal conversation with Uncle L. During which I was invited to check the Preschu for breaking through (by the way uncle l. There was a stocky 170.tall 40 year old former paratrooper with the hands of a dad sailor). For my refusal, I received a blow in my stomach with such force that I fell to the ground and panting in pain could not even call for help. This act of upbringing “What are you not a man or to withstand the fucking fucking” was seen by Uncle L. But she closed her eyes on it and pretended as if she had not seen. I somehow got up from the ground, I told my parents about what happened, but there were no attempts to find out from my offender the details and the question of why, alas, there was no. This blow and public humiliation of me and my family sowed in me an incredible sprout of revenge and hatred for this person, as well as a resentment against my father and mother that they did not stand up for me. And every trip to the village to relatives and the type of uncle l. accompanied by inner panic and plans of revenge from the category, now I will grow up the same thing and so I will smear him. To my happiness, in the future, from 15 to 18 years old we moved to another city and I have not traveled to the village since then.

My health has improved and from 14 to 18 I stretched to 194 cm and weighing 95 kg. Fortunately, the therapy and endless pills helped (but not everything was so rosy because at the cost of a sharp jump in growth, as I understand it, the increased fragility of bones is therefore my legs and arms often I broke up.I was engaged in basketball).

In May, before the universities entrance to universities, my family and I decided to visit relatives. which we have not seen for so long. Everyone gradually pulled up to the celebration and drank and of course there was among them and he was Mr. Uncle L., who seeing me and lifting his head to look in my face just dryly said “normally you waved”. To which I just said nothing, because with his form in my solar plexus, it was as if that “educational” pain that was presented to me by testing my press, as well as the memories of his words in my address.

Time was approaching in the evening, women tea were in a gazebo in the yard, men were smoked near the gazebo and discussed something. I am standing next to my pretty drunken Baty and the company of men with Uncle L, listening to conversations for life and about politics, I remembered that here it was, not so it is the time of my revenge that has been accumulated in me and either now or never now.(I did not develop a revenge plan, it just arose at that very moment with me)

I asked my uncle. L with a stretched laugh and a smile on the face. “What uncle l. Let’s check your press !”. He told me with a grin. “Haha do not joke so young, let’s not finish”.

The refusal in my case was not accepted and I, with all my youthful removal, put it from my fist right into my stomach. Smoking men dropped cigarettes, ladies in the gazebo poured teas, and uncle l. he writhed on the ground and sobbed in pain. Uncle L. I fell off the gazebo and covered me with a three.floor obscure obedience of my existence. Father said the son, what did you do! And I just grinned and said dryly “sorry” overdid “. From the celebration we hastily retired, fearing a possible scandal to the whole village).

Since then, I have not appeared in this village, the family of Uncle L. since then I have not really communicated with us, and I have already gone to my studies in another city.

P.S sorry for the possible multiple of my first post, but I just wanted to share this story with you. I will tell you honestly a year later. that I really do not regret my act, but as they say, the childhood is the worst resent. Thank you for reading

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