How to disassemble the Bosch mmr 0801 shredder

Bosch MMR 0801.

Before you buy a Bosch MMR 0801 I want to read real reviews of the owners, those people who have already bought and used the product for a while. Read reviews of real customers about the device, find out all its advantages and disadvantages. If you own a Bosch MMR 0801, tell us what you think, leave your feedback. Each comment sent is reviewed and moderated. Specialists answer your questions about Bosch MMR 0801. Manufacturer: Bosch.

Review: Bosch shredder.handy and simple device, the bowl is made of high-quality plastic. I have been using it for more than 3 years. I cook minced chicken, chop herbs, vegetables, even turn pumpkin porridge into puree. Very handy button. easy to push. I recommend

Pros: Price (bought it when it cost less than 1000, but I would still buy it now). The blender does not crush nuts into paste, but it does hummus, minced meat, puree, smoothies, dough, and jams. Crumbles ice too. The blades are easy to sharpen. (this is optional, after 5 years of use they were still sharp, just tried it out). Convenient controls (lid aka button aka motor). You press on top and hold for as long as you need) Bowl and knife washable in dishwasher. No rust on the knife. Also easy to wash by hand unlike non-disassembled.

Cons:. To add food, you have to disassemble the machine almost completely The plastic bowl cracks over time, but does not leak.

Review: Used daily to the max of my blender abilities for five or six years. Then either the socket shorted out or it just got tired, motor burned out, but it served faithfully for quite a long time. Instead of it took Bosch MMR 15A1. Same as this, but with a b?With a larger bowl and different knives. The motor from one fits the other, which is also a plus.

Pros: Price (bought when it cost less than 1000, but I would still buy it now). The blender does its job, nuts into a paste does not grind, but hummus, mince, puree, smoothies, dough and jams does. Crumbles ice, too. Blades are easy to sharpen. (it doesn’t have to, after 5 years of use they were still sharp anyway, just tried it out). Convenient operation (cover, aka button, aka motor). You press from above and hold it as long as needed) Bowl and blade are dishwasher safe. The knife does not rust at all. Also easy to clean by hand as opposed to non-disassembled.

Cons:. to add products, you need to disassemble the machine almost entirely the plastic bowl cracks over time, but does not leak.

Review: Used daily to the maximum of its blender abilities for five or six years. Then either the socket shorted out or just got tired, the motor burned out, but it served faithfully for quite a long time. I bought the Bosch MMR 15A1 instead. I bought it for a short while but I don’t think it has the features of a Bosch MMR 15A1

Pros: Has been running great for over 3 years. Grinds everything just fine. Very simple to handle and easy to clean.

Cons: If you chop something liquid with it (for example, a milkshake) then do not fill it to the maximum, because it will splash with the upper “motor” part, but nothing will spill outside.

Review: I bought this when it was still 850

Pros: dishwasher safe, high quality stainless steel blade, easy to use.

Review: Great shredder, powerful, performs all its functions to perfection. The main thing is that it does not overheat. Makes mincemeat for chops in seconds. I am very happy with it. Can only recommend it to everyone.

Pros: easy to clean, easy to remove the shredded product.

Disadvantages: No rubberized feet (runs across the table if you don’t put anything under it), leaky bowl (even the manual says that’s surprising), very complicated construction (bowl, cover and motor on top). And it has to be constantly assembled and disassembled when you change the product).

Review: I bought the shredder separately as the Philips shredder spindle broke, they make it out of plastic, very unreliable, but it was great to use! It was quiet, it had a rubberized bottom, and it was quick and easy to open. I really wish I had read about Philips earlier (spindles are a sore subject for them). Now I have to work with such an inconvenient and noisy Bosch.

Pros: Motor protection against dirt.

Cons: All Bosch shredder models have very small knives, both blades of which are located at the very bottom. That’s why they only grind at the bottom. That’s why they don’t grind finely enough even with the fluid. That’s why they grind slowly.

Review: Before Bosch we had a shredder from another maker. The knife blades were a few millimeters bigger and wider. And it grinds three times faster and more evenly. Don’t look at the power of the machine, but at the size of the knives. You will get so much trouble with these machines.

Pros: Indispensable helper in the kitchen!I used it for stuffing cutlets, chopped onions, garlic (for the same cutlets).I used it for chopping tomatoes and herbs (in a recipe for lecho, which I made in huge quantities, I had to put it through the meat grinder twice).I also used it for mashing baby food (pureeing meat and vegetables).

Review: It burned out after 7. Years of frequent use!I would buy the same one now!

Pros: Very compact, easy to handle, no need to remove anywhere, does not disturb the kitchen

Disadvantages: The capacity is only small (0).8), but it can be loaded in small batches.

Disadvantages: The knife broke the first time I used it!

Review: Will the store accept them?? I think not!

Pros: Saves time!, Compact, no extra attachments, wire is easy to twist, the Bosch company, sufficient power, ease of use.

Cons: Doesn’t shred everything well. The plastic bowl is rarely half-loaded.

Review: It doesn’t chop everything well. Carrots, onions, and other little things. Fine, fine, just right. The cabbage (e.g. for soup). Not good. Remains quite large pieces, which then have to grind. There is only one way out. I just throw in a few medium and equal sized pieces of cabbage. And so several times. It is impossible to shred all the cabbage at once as it should, although the volume of the bowl is large enough.

Review: Bought as a gift for my grandmother (86l) nothing too much, my grandmother is very happy. For an old lady all very easy and affordable, just right.

Pros: Ease of use, lack of a bunch of unnecessary attachments.

Review: I did not try to chop anything very hard (like ice), since that is not what I bought it for, but for everything else (nuts, fruits, etc.) it grinds up great and very fast.

Pros:.grinds perfectly!It is easy to clean and store (compared to a food processor);.It was made in Slovenia and not in ubiquitous China, this was the decisive factor for me when buying it

Review: I bought a food processor 4 years ago mainly for pureeing puréed potatoes for my little daughter.It did the job perfectly. Then started making mincemeat. The mince also is great, the main thing is to add a little more water in the process of shredding. The cutlets are just super juicy! the chopper became an indispensable thing when due to a stomach illness for a while I had to eat pureed food. I use it in accordance with the instructions, ie do not break the ice, do not mince boiled potatoes, do not grind sugar into powder (for this purpose, there are coffee grinders and spets. attachments to the mixer). As a result, in 4 years I have not had any problems, and the knife is as sharp as before, and all the pins are intact, and the lid, though it has fallen several times, is also intact. (i think i got lucky))) i’m going to buy such a chopper for my mom the other day, but with another model, one with a bigger bowl and several blades

-It is easy to clean and store (compared to a food processor)

-It was made in Slovenia and not in ubiquitous China. This was the decisive factor for me when buying it

Review: I bought the chopper 4 years ago mainly for making purees for my little did this task perfectly.

then began to make mincemeat. The mince also turns out great, the main thing in the process of grinding water add a little more. The meatballs are super juicy!

It was an indispensable thing, when I had to eat puréed food because of my stomach condition for a while.

I exploited it in accordance to sinstruktsii, that is, the ice is not pounded, boiled potatoes are not grinded, sugar in powdered (for this coffee grinders are and spets. mixer nozzles). I have not had any problems after 4 years and the knife is as sharp as before, all the pins are intact, and the lid, even though it has fallen several times, is also intact. as luck would have it))))

I’m going to buy a similar shredder for my mom one day, but a different model, with a larger bowl and several knives

Pros: It’s a real lifesaver for making mashed potatoes for babies

Disadvantages: Flimsy blade, broke after 1.5 years of use, one iron chisel flew off the plastic blade core (there are only two of them), it cannot be repaired, you have to buy a new one, almost for the price of the chopper

Review: was bought specifically for baby food.Became a real helper for quick cooking the baby’s food.but! The knife is not durable, it broke after 1.5 years of use. I recommend it, maybe you will have better luck 🙂

Pros: very easy to use.No need to screw in the edge, like Tefalev shredders.I do everything: homemade ketchups, baby food, etc.д.

Disadvantages: The lid to the bowl would be sturdier, because I fell and broke.

Review: I have been using this model for 6 years and am very happy with it.

Disadvantages: The Q-tip of the cup broke off in a couple of months and melted, so I bought a metal Q-tip

Review: I really do not have anything against it / but as a fact And in the instructions says nothing liquid can be beaten / and on the cup there are milliliters That’s how it’s not for frequent use / but I exploited it on a full program And by the way nuts well mills Wanted to make rice flour and powdered sugar / no way! And you can’t make chopped dough with it either

Cons: After a couple of months, the pin broke off in the cup

It just melted / went and bought a metal pick

Review: Can’t really say anything against it/but that’s just a fact

And in the manual it says you can not whip anything liquid / and on the cup there are milliliters

Not for me to use it often, I would use it to the fullest

I wanted to make rice flour and powdered sugar!

And you can’t make chopped dough in it, either

Pros: It’s great, easy to look after and use, the functionality is great.

Cons: Can’t find anything yet.I don’t mind if I buy it, it works great for kids.

Recommended to all, never once regretted the purchase.

Review: I bought this for my grandma.Satisfied. Very handy, shreds well and is very comfortable. Easy to clean. Chops as required.(It can be fine, you can not)) Definitely buy myself the same. I was won over by its simplicity and compactness.

Review: The knife broke off (blade fell off). The service charge 700 re, the other 800. Threw it away. Bosch turned out to be as “g” in terms of service as a gorenier oven.

Plusses: Easy to use, quite compact, crushes and whips everything. From minced meat to omelettes!

Disadvantages: No replaceable blade, difficulty sharpening the blade.

Review: Been running for 4 years now! Very satisfied!

Bosch MMR 0801

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Ludmila E.

Comment: Bosch shredder.It is a handy and simple device, the bowl is made of high-quality plastic. I have been using it for over 3 years. I cook minced chicken, chop herbs, vegetables, even pumpkin porridge into puree. Very handy button. easy to push. I recommend

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Comment: The knife broke (the blade fell off). The service charged 700 pes, the other 800. Threw in the trash. Bosch turned out to be as “g” in terms of service as a gorenie oven.

info hidden

Cons: The knife broke the first time I used it!

Comment: will be accepted in the store? I think not!

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Bosch MMR 08A1 reviews

Advantages: powerful, reliable product, easy to operate: just push from the top and it works.

Disadvantages: Some people will be a drawback to the plastic bowl, but for us it’s a plus. easy.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Bought for my grandmother, she is very happy

Advantages:I received it recently and the first thing I did was to check that it worked

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Bought as a gift based on the reviews

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I bought this as a present, I liked it, then I bought it for my mom too, it was easy and fast, most importantly it was convenient to chop, in the same container kneaded and rinsed the container and it was ready!!

Advantages:it works

Advantages:A couple of seconds is enough for minced chicken.very quickly.

Advantages: Good device. Quality shredding, easy to clean. liked it

Advantages:Large bowl. One attachment grinds, the other one whips.easy to use.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Performs its functions. I am happy with it.

Advantages:I love it. for 2 clicks raw carrots into chips))) herbs, meat, raw veggies. and anything else you want. Compared with the previous one, it’s not that noisy. it whispers works.

Advantages: It cuts perfectly. Quickly and evenly. without mashing the product.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Please note : DO NOT wash the pressure plate (where the motor is). I have had precedents, you know)). There is a badge and the inscription, but white on white and grandma in the 80 years is not very noticeable. So the first one worked for 3 years. Then grandma happened and bought a new one. the machine. not my grandmother’s.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:No regrets. It’s comfortable to use

Advantages: Price. Easy to use. Relatively handy.

Disadvantages: Potentially short-lived. Bowl and other elements made of thin plastic, special care in use is required. It is not tempered glass. Can’t put it in the microwave, but see. price.

Comment: It does the job. A simple and relatively handy kitchen appliance. The disadvantages are due to the budgetary nature of the device. Should last 5 years.

Comment:Easy to make sauces and purees, can chop peeled nuts, breadcrumbs, cookies, easy to wash after use

General characteristicsType


Bowl capacity





Power cord

Dimensions and weightOverall dimensions (WxHW)


400 W
0.8 л
Number of speeds: 1, pulse mode
Universal knife, emulsion nozzle, total number of nozzles: 1
Bowl: plastic, body: plastic
length 1.20 м
19x19x24 cm
1.1 kg

Comment: The information about the chopper doesn’t say anything other than.characteristics, but here’s what’s on 1str. instructions: “the chopper is not suitable for chopping coffee beans, radishes or sugar. Removed all the hard parts (like tendons, cartilage and bones from the meat) before processing.”That is, they can not grind solid foods, although the packaging itself as you can see the picture of nuts, hazelnuts. Greetings from the marketers.

400W motor, it’s weak! Cut chicken fillets into 2x2cm slices, it shreds them, but when the meat begins to turn into minced meat, it is already this mush barely twists, and twists just below, above almost none, occasionally from the top down takes the rests. needs to push through. If you add garlic or onions to the meat, it does not grind them, not enough power, everything must be chopped separately. Tried making peanut paste, it can’t do it, it doesn’t have enough RPM, it just chops peanuts into powder and that’s it, the last blender had over 10t. Turns per minute and turned peanuts into mush, no need to add sunflower oil, this one just cut the peanut kernels into sand, but it can not whip to mush.

Bowl, the maximum it can spin only to 0.6 liters, something loose at all should be at the bottom of the bowl. There is a model the same, but with a larger bowl, question. Why?

A lot of plastic in the parts I don’t know how long it lasts.

! For 2000, what it is now (05.2020) ask, it has to be an 800 watt motor and at least one more extra.with the nozzle.

Only works when the blender is pressed. That is, something else to do when it works is not possible. It happens and 2-3-4 minutes have to grind.

If now to return me to the past, I would buy something more powerful, here is a strong overpayment for the brand.

Bosch MMR 08R2 reviews

Comment:Tried to chop a pre-sliced onion. Half of it got smeared on the walls, the result was not to my liking.

Comment:The chopper bought as a gift.

Advantages: One of my favorite kitchen helpers.

Comment: handles everything just fine! Fill the container better up to half. Powerful.

Disadvantages: Brought already used, chipped on the inner lid, grinds poorly. I gave it to my elderly dad as a “gift”.

Advantages:Decent appearance. The stylish red color. Tinted bowl. Conveniently stowed cord.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Makes a great grinder. As good as a Tefal that lasted 20 years. I wonder how long the Bosch will last.

Advantages:Powerful shredder, very handy

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Almost a shaker, the ice mills just fine

Disadvantages:The splashes of food get on the very top of the shredder, which can not be washed. Every time I have to wipe it down.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:The shredder has a very solid top, such wide sides are obviously unnecessary and have no function.Bowl made of plastic.

Advantages: Grinds very fast, even small foods

Comment:I took it to replace the blender that broke. liked the chopping quality. Made garlic for the freezer and meatballs. I liked everything, I am satisfied with the purchase, it is a kitchen helper!

Advantages:Very convenient and easy to use mixer / chopper

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Convenient and easy to operate.Powerful enough.

Advantages:My wife is totally delighted, it is a great device that does not take up a lot of space

Comment:excellent equipment from a proven manufacturer

Advantages:Quality of shredding, easy to use, price

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Optimal volume. Thought it was small at first, but it worked. top of the line. Grinds everything evenly. Great device for a great price!

Advantages:I chose the chopper for preparation of the almond milk, nut paste, hummus, vegetable puree, this model was advised, not regretted, all convenient, speed and ease of use. Great color as well!

Advantages:Fast, grinds everything really well

Disadvantages:Meat with veins can be ground badly, the veins wind up on the knives

Comment:I am satisfied, now minced meat cutlets without the hassle of meat grinders))))

Advantages:Big enough shredder, the volume is just right

Advantages: Simple, easy to operate and maintain

Comment:Very convenient and quick to use, grinds everything as per the instructions. Satisfied

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Happy as an elephant, I wanted to buy a shredder for a long time, this is just a lucky hit, with a discount for 2049 bought

Advantages:Bright design, compact, powerful.

Comment:I love Bosch appliances, never fails.

Advantages:Large bowl, well insulated.

Comment:You have to strictly follow the operating instructions, t.к. plastic articulation pins motor and knife is not designed for heavy loads.

Advantages:Quickly shredded everything. No problem.

Comment:Very nice design.

Advantages: design, can replace a blender and meat grinder, quality device.

My Комментарии и мнения владельцев:It comes with 2 attachments:-a metal chopping blade- a plastic flat nozzle for mixing the dough

Advantages:Super. Can be used as a chopper and whips cream.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:I cooked in a bowl and omelet with tomatoes and pancake batter and pancakes with pumpkin. Very easy to use.

Comment:This is my second chopper, I’m so used to the convenience of such helpers in the kitchen and this Boschik well at all a miracle. Compact size is very important, even a cord rewinds, no need to speak about the color. It is fast, convenient and comfortable, what else does the modern woman need, just the desire to cook.

Advantages:Great grinder. Works well.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:Powerful. Huge chopper. The wire is attached to the latch on the lid. I took it for grinding dry food for my dog. ) Very satisfied.

The Pros: It is a great shredder. Within a year I bought a second one as a gift. And I am going to buy a third one as a gift. Easy to disassemble and assemble. Cleanable as usual. Whips the egg whites into a strong foam.

Disadvantages:In six months the price has increased by 1000₽. I am sorry for that

Advantages:Comfortable, shreds well

Comment:When I ordered it, I thought it would be a little smaller in size. Tried to shred 1 onion. Everything turned out great. finely. Also tested the device for mixing the dough for pancakes. I liked it very much. The chopper is great. I hope that I will not be disappointed in it again. I recommend it to everyone.

Review: Bosch MMR 15A1. Now I can always have mayonnaise from natural ingredients without preservatives.

From time to time even very good quality and durable home (kitchen) appliances fall into physical disrepair and obsolescence. It was about time to send my food processor to the scrap yard, but it should have been retired. And it had to be replaced by a new unit, which would meet the following my requirements.

1) The device should have a large enough working volume;

2) Brand and preferably the manufacturer should have a long and positive history;

3) The appliance must have more than one attachment;

4) In storage and during operation, it should not take up too much space;

5) It should not have unnecessary “frills” and a more inadequately high price.

I already had a Redmond meat grinder and coffee grinder, as well as a Bosch mixer, so all that was missing was an advanced blender. Why would I? For a long time I have been dreaming to make milkshakes, smoothies and sauces for different salads at home and without any “E-rations” in the composition.I’ve been using the Internet for a long time, and I trust Internet-shopping more and more, so the Bosch MMR15A1 (without spaces, dashes, hyphens, and slashes) chopper. a typo in the title of the object of the review) was ordered in the online store “Technopoint”.

On February 25 this year I received my order in one of the DNS stores in my town. The outside of the box looks colorful enough, but I did not find much important technical information on either side. One wide side shows a view of the shredder assembly and separately the types of nozzles:

On one of the narrow sides. model designation:

And on the other narrow. examples of dishes that, as the manufacturer hints, can be prepared with this chopper:

The box closes securely enough if you only have small children at home, but no pets:

In the store to check the completeness, integrity and performance of the device in front of me the package was opened, run, made sure everything was in order and handed over to Masino’s care:

I have a curious cat, especially when it comes to new cardboard boxes ).Seriously. For the sake of the review, the box had to be taken out, but it took some effort to keep the cat out of the frame.In the original package, the appliance is placed very thoughtfully and every part is in its proper place:

Under the inner cardboard lid on a special foam stand rests the upper part of the chopper with an electric motor:

Space in the box is not too much, so the transport position of most of the parts coincides with the working:

But the ice pick and the disk for whipping are placed in special nests on the second foam board.

All-plastic disk, as the most oversized and least durable, I would have put inside the cup, but on the other hand, a knife with two sharp blades. the more injury prone object and, after some deliberation, I agreed with the choice of the German completing engineers: according to the sum, so to speak, of the points, the more dangerous object should really go into the cup.

About a complete set and those defects which, to my mind, allowed the developers “Bosch MMR15A1/02″ I will tell further, so to say in the “basement” of the review, and right now give a couple of examples of what I was able to cook with the help of this new kitchen appliance.

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Of the vast number of sauces, only a few have dignified their own name. Among the lucky ones is mayonnaise. I will say more. A variety of variations on the mayonnaise theme on sale. Mama, don’t be sad. So why don’t I try making my own? It will absolutely not contain synthetic preservatives, dyes, thickeners and flavor enhancers. Especially since even in the simple recipe in the manual:

you can make your own author’s adjustments. Two eggs instead of one. it’s just an increase in the single load:

Afraid of the possibility of getting too spicy taste (my husband does not particularly like too much spicy, bitter, salty), I have put only one spoonful of mustard on the double portion.Regarding vegetable oil, I suggest extending the proverb: not only porridge, but mayonnaise is not spoiled by butter. over, increasing the amount of liquid oil as a result of whipping only makes the mayonnaise thicker(!).I substituted pure vinegar for the natural lemon juice, which I squeezed out of the real citrus fruit myself.Well, the salt, ground pepper. It can always be controlled by taste.The final round of whipping mayonnaise can be seen in the video, the link to which I’ll give at the end of the review, and what I got. In the pictures below:

The appearance and taste of the salad is no worse than store-bought, but the quality. tested and checked personally.

Just in case there isn’t any ingredient in the house for the salad, the sauce can be stored for a short time in the refrigerator in a glass, with the lid on:

As you may remember, I bought the chopper at the very end of February, and it was Shrove Week at the beginning of March. Not only on big holidays, but in general, my housemates love stuffed pancakes. In this particular example, I decided to treat them to Halal brand chicken hearts.

To shred the hearts I needed a knife. I pre-cooked the by-products until they were ready: on one side. they became softer, and the other. immediately after chopping them, they could be mixed with fried onions and. stuffing is ready.

The result of the work of the knife I was quite satisfied: it shreds quickly, the mass is homogeneous (I was bringing it to the state “minced meat with pieces”). Personally, I think it tastes better that way.).

an idea of the completeness of the device is given by the picture on the flyer of the brochure, which we should read as a user manual. By the way, in everything, anyway. I can’t find any other name besides “appliance” in the text of the brochure. not a “chopper”, not a “blender”. only “appliance”.

In the photo above you can see that the instructions are for two modifications. MMR15 (like mine) and MMR08, which I also originally considered, but rejected because of the smaller cup volume and two rather than three attachments. Also the pictures show the order of assembly and work, but I’ll demonstrate and comment on it below in the special section.

The most serious part of the whole mixer. drive unit. Without all the other junk, it looks like this:

Inside the “growth” is the electric motor. Its specs could be read on the box (one of the photos above), as well as on the underside of the block itself:

Here I have the exact model code and serial number of my particular device (in real life it is printed by special beats, but in the picture it is indistinguishable from the white plastic), and the full name of the manufacturer in German.

It may not be critical for this particular motor power and operating mode, but it seems to me that a few slots in the top of the drive (in an electrically coordinated location, of course) for additional air cooling of the motor would not hurt. As you can see in the next larger view, the convex “button” is not “perforated” but merely grooved:

I can’t help noting that there is a wire fastener on top of the drive, but in my copy it is either faulty or a design flaw: as I understand it, the fastener should hold firmly enough what it is supposed to fix, but in this case this loop of black plastic for some reason does not hold firmly in one place:

This, from my point of view, is a clear disadvantage of the design. Who. To the German designers, Slovenian engineers and workers or (including. Russian) carriers. does not matter to me: an unpleasant residue begins to accumulate.

Returning to the underside of the block, we find two small, if not. tiny levers. If one of them. this one, above number 1 in the photo below, :

I, in all probability correctly, identified with the motor switch, then this little pin, on the right side under the rim:

Other than controlling the proper assembly I can’t explain. In fact. both of these levers are pressed only when the drive is placed on the bowl, and the bowl is already covered with a safety cover.

The intermediate cover is made of transparent plastic and has a “foolproof” shape: when properly oriented, it is elementary mounted on the beaker and mates with the actuator, but in an upside down position relative to the correct one. will not fit at all:

The central hole serves not only for passing the nozzle shaft, but also for additional centering of the nozzles.

The glass beaker of the mixer-mixer in my version has a nominal capacity of 1.5 liters, and on the wall there is a graduation through each mug and a quarter of a liter. To the naked eye, this marking is clearly visible:

At the bottom strictly in the center there is a glass ledge on which all nozzles are based, and on the walls in the working area of the glass there are four ribs (one of them is on the photo below):

These are most likely needed to create eddies in the liquid flow for better mixing, but maybe work a little as stiffening ribs as well.In the upper part of the glass, actually on the rim, there are six glass pins. the protective cap retainers.

I have already shown above the use of two of the three nozzles, and in this part I will show each of them up close:

I don’t quite understand why the disc is made entirely of plastic. Except that it is designed to work in liquid and not too thick media, and the molding of plastic with metal parts is technologically more complicated.

All three shafts are made as crossed slats, and on top they have the original clutch with a drive.

The blade of the ice pick has a pointed short hook like this. I also had time to try this knife for making smoothies with frozen berries.

Bosch recommends that you use this blade for chopping such foods, and after you have chopped the ice cubes into fairly small pieces, switch to a regular blade, which is exactly what I did. The photo below shows the sharpening of the blade well enough.

The bottom end of all nozzles is the same as their tops: there is a recess which is exactly the same size as the protrusion at the bottom of the cup:

The all-plastic disc has four holes in the disc and only the different-height “rings”. I may have tried screw-shaped formers, but the profiles of a variety of mixing devices are not that laboratories, but entire research institutes worked on. Apparently, this shape was deemed optimal at Bosch.

As enjoyable as it is to cook food, it’s time to put the dishes away. The instructions for my device say that the glass, protective cap, and nozzles can be washed in the dishwasher. I wish I still had such a machine ). I wish I still had such a machine. But all parts are easy to clean by hand, especially if you don’t have to wait for product residue to dry.Well, more attention and careful treatment require recesses in the bottom end of the nozzles: to be sure, I use a match to clean the last remnants of food.

The time has come to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the Bosch MMR 15A1 shredder:

1) The presence of three nozzles; 2) The quality of workmanship; 3) The glass jug; 4) Several recipes; 5) Easy to clean; 6) Relatively quiet operation.

1) Not too clear description of the device and almost the full absence of technical data. 2) Uncomfortable cable fastening (or I’ve got a defect). 3) The engine has no solid overheat protection.

In spite of some, even constructive, imperfections revealed in the process of operation, on the whole, I liked this device and it was a good addition to the mixer of the same brand “Bosch”, which has been working “for me” for several years.

Review: Bosch MMR08A1 Multifunction Chopper. It shreds everything without effort, in seconds. smoothie and food

To find a blender that would be satisfied in everything. it takes time and interest, which will purchase an indispensable kitchen helper, save a lot of time, effort and good mood for yourself and the household.

I was familiar with a similar blender before I bought it. my neighbor had a similar blender. My neighbor has always been famous for her loaf of salt, and I had to wonder when she had time for everything. And then I saw this blender-shredder in her work, and all my questions fell away.

At the first opportunity I bought the same one, but with a different, suitable for our family, bowl volume.

So, a blender Bosch MMR 08A1. is a transparent plastic bowl, 0,8 l in volume, there is a knife for crushing various products, from above it is closed by a transparent round cover from plastic, fixing the knife, and simultaneously preventing “flying out” particles of the crushed products.

And all this construction is crowned on top of a heavy white plastic lid-block in the form of a gnome’s hat, with a built-in hidden motor, and a wire to connect, which is very conveniently folded in rings on the lid itself, and fixed there as well.Actually, when you press this beautiful lid-block with the palm of your hand, the grinding process takes place.

The design is interesting, attractive to me. nothing extra, as the phrase goes: “modest, but with taste”.

I took it for a specific purpose, I saw this device in operation, tried it myself, so I knew what to expect from it, and I was happy with the purchase.

For me it was important:. first, to quickly grind a small amount of products for cooking, for example, fresh salads or meatballs. secondly, that this process is easy and pleasant. thirdly, that the blender grinds different hardness of the products. and, fourthly, that care after use blender was also easy and fast. Without any difficulty to assemble-disassemble-wash.

All of my requests are fully satisfied by this model. The instructions included with the device is easy to understand. easy to write, with tables and pictures that clearly explain what foods and how much should be put in the bowl, and how many seconds to continue the grinding process.

The instructions should be strictly followed, then the food is chopped quickly, and the blender lasts a long time, and there is no unpleasant impressions.

Since I have a seriously ill person at home who needs a full meal, this particular blender model from Bosch makes life much easier for me.

For example, my daily morning salads I do not need to grate them hastily, and chopped quickly in rings (or as I have to), for example, carrots, poured into the blender, 15-20 seconds. salad is ready. Well, of course it needs to be refilled.

Как разобрать кофемолку Bosh. How to disassemble a Bosh coffee grinder.

Chicken cutlets are also fast. In this case, chopped pieces of chicken should not grind for 20 seconds, otherwise such grinded minced meat will turn into chicken pancakes. It is necessary to press the lid of the blender just twice for two seconds. and then fried, and better yet steam cutlets get super.

convenient (for me) to grind onion in a blender first, then add there the same egg, a little salt, and, slices chopped, chicken fillet or breast, and grind briefly again. delicious patties guaranteed. I do not add anything else, no flour or buns since my mom is diabetic. I make straight from the blender/shredder cup.

It’s convenient. you don’t use, and then you don’t wash unnecessary dishes. that’s one. And second, the blender bowl itself has a scale of divisions in milliliters/milligrams to use the optimal amount of food that will be perfectly chopped, as long as it’s not exceeded. And the instructions even come with a few recipes:

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In fact, I bought this blender to make quick, fresh meals in small portions for a sick person. I don’t use my blender for large amounts of food. I have an electric meat grinder for that purpose, but I don’t use it for chopping small portions of food every day. it’s more of a hassle.

For thicker and heavier foods, such as meat, I took only lean ground beef, no skins, fat, etc. п., Chopped very finely. Again, first chopped the onion, added the egg, and very small (for two patties) amount of meat. In this ratio, the grinding process is quite normal and as desired. Stuffing not only becomes fine, but also whipped. As a result, the cutlets become puffy.

In this blender it is allowed to grind some free-flowing products. I, for example, grind oatmeal for a face mask. quick and convenient.

Some similar models come with a special knife for crushing ice, my model does not have it, but if you want you can buy separately.

The same knife that comes with this model for crushing food is not intended for crushing ice. it can fail, it’s better not to try.

The chopper of this model has a whisk, or as it is elegantly called, an emulsion attachment.Useful for whipping eggs, making fluid dough or making smoothies. The nozzle is plastic and looks more than modest. However, in use, earned its praise. The eggs, beaten just a little bit, turned into a puffy omelet. I kind of don’t need it, but it whips easily and quickly, so it’s a sin not to use it.

And after using the Bosch MMR I like it very much. just a drop of dishwashing detergent in a bowl with a little water, and run it for a couple of seconds. And then rinse it off with warm water. That’s all. Of course, the motor unit only needs to be wiped down with a dry clean towel, it should not be washed.

The disadvantages could include a little noisy operation of the device (for my ears, some people do not pay attention to this), but since the process of shredding food is fast, I will not take off a star for this.

And to compare the volume with the same model but an earlier one (MMR 0801) the sound of the MMR 08A1 is noticeably quieter and the running vibration is much softer.

disassemble, bosch, 0801, shredder

This chopper (country of manufacture. Slovenia) I bought in the online store “Citylink” about a year ago, the price was 1490, I use it once a day regularly. During this time it has never failed me, just positive emotions. it saves my time and protects my hands.

In general I am quite satisfied with the purchase. no complaints. I would advise to pay attention to. For those who need to grind a larger amount of food at once, it would be reasonable to advise to buy a bowl of a larger volume.

Repair and repair with my own hands

/ Of course, the main thing was not to lose all the washers. After taking pinions 1 and 2 out of their sockets (3. I can not take it out), carefully washed the lid with plain water and soap. By the way, there was a lot of yellow grease everywhere. I also washed the main part of it, because I had some grease, or household oil to be exact. At the same time I left a small amount of grease in the nooks and crannies of the pinion pins 2.
Then it was decided to solder the bottom washer of pinion 2 to the base, so that it would firmly fix the pinion stem. Applied a washer and then pressed it on top with a hot soldering iron. Seems to be more reliable than plastic))). Then I found an old plastic spring and cut two small circles out of it, which I put deep into the pinion rod hole 2 in the base of the shredder cover, that is where the washer is already soldered. The thing is, there the rod had already “drilled” deep enough and “walked” not only left and right, but also up and down.

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Thanks! It was exactly the same, only I didn’t solder the washer yet, but just melted some plastic, aligning the hole. I’ll see how long it lasts.

Dear Sir, the problem is the same. Just can’t figure out how you rebuilt the pinion? If some of the cogs are “killed”. ((((

Just deepened all the others. I had some of the cogs “pressed down”, so I aligned them with the soldering iron and deepened the rest in parallel. Of course, this is a temporary solution because the teeth are still chipping, the plastic is very soft there(

Thanks for the article! Fixed it with a blender)))) Now check it in the work)) I have a place where your fused washer went loose. I soldered and poured some hot melt glue around it. Question: Do I have to grease? I did not “see” it there at all. And accordingly, did not even think to “embed” it there

If the bottom gear that goes directly to the knives is jammed, what should I do?? There is enough grease inside, gears are normal

It’s hard to explain anything without a photo. jams usually due to drying out of grease at the point of contact of moving parts

Pinion number 2 where to go to the bottom case, erased the hole, and became an ellipse, I inserted the drill back of this biameter, and around fused a match piece of plastic from an old bucket, and let dry out, then smoothed with sandpaper.No complaints so far, it works, but I forgot to lubricate the pinion, there is a little noise.Thank you very much helped me disassemble the lid, enjoy the cooking!

Gear 3 is not collapsible, and I have it broke at the junction with the clutch (which put on nozzles). How did it even originally connect and how do the Chinese from Bosch connect it? Is it disposable? BREAK from BOSH.

Glued it with poxypol and epoxy on top, but it will probably be toxic. In the trash, and a blender of all Western firms in the same place. Better the old meat grinder from the USSR and a drill on the axis.

Bosch MMRP1000 Universal Shredder (Chopper)

Hello. Review of the shredder from a well-known company. There are plenty of choppers like this available offline. But I bought it here because it costs so much cheaper.1745, vs. 2400 at DNS. And even delivered by courier service (I delivered IML), even out of the house is not necessary. You can also choose Russian mail or delivery to the point of delivery.At the end of the review is a basic recipe for a popular horseradish snack

Type Chopper Bowl Volume 800 ml Bowl Material Plastic Power 400 W Stainless steel knife with 2 blades Weight 1.19 kg Matryoshka parcel Branded box was placed in a larger box and sealed in it with paper. According to the inscription, we know that the chopper is called a chopper. Translated from English.Chopper, chopper, hatchet, cleaver.

For transportation, the parts of the device are fixed in the box with cardboard inserts. The chopper consists of 4 parts. bowl, lid, blade assembly, motor assembly.

The body of the device is made of snow white plastic with a red rim. Around the rim a wire can be wrapped and the plug is secured with a little clip. Here you can see the two limit switches, the one on the side prevents the wrong motor unit installed on the bowl, which in the center turns on the power when pressed. The sign. Made in Slovenia. Turns out not everything is made in China.

The bowl is made of transparent plastic, quite thick, which gives the feeling of durability. Noticeably lighter than the glass bowl. And when washing it, there is no constant tension that it will slip out of your hands and break. The bowl is closed with a lid on top, protecting the mechanical part from food contamination. There are volume markings on the side.

The knives are not mounted on a long spike like in many shredders. There is only a small “stump”, which does not interfere with the extraction of ground product. The bottom knife is 5 mm away from the bottom, the blade ends are also 5 mm away from the sides of the bowl. This is already my third device. All previous models had the same problem. the knives have fat coupling crosses that break.

The shredder has powerful “tusks” with a wide base and it would take a lot of effort to break it.

The special feature of this model is the pulse mode. At the push of a button, the knives create a maximum torque and can chop immediately when switched on. No-load operation speed of 3075 rpm When operating in pulse mode, the shredder should be jerked on and off for 1 to 2 seconds. Check for evenness and consistency after several jerks. varying degrees of particle size. from 1-2 cm in large pieces to homogeneous mass. For example, when you’re making ground beef, you can chop the same thing with the hatchet in about three minutes. Here’s 20 seconds, or nine two-second strokes. At first it’s the noise and the vibration that the knives make when they hit the pieces of meat that scares me. I think that’s it, the end of the chopper. Don’t worry, it’s normal. The chopper is just an impulse device and the knives just crash into the meat like crazy.

In small batches of 250 grams, you can make fine ground meat for sausages or frankfurters. At the same time the minced meat is kneaded to the desired consistency. One minute is all it takes. Loading more minced meat is not recommended because at the end of the process it forms a viscous lump and the chopper does not have enough power to turn it at high speed. And here’s what you can make with this minced meat. This is a butcher’s loaf of pure beef. Onions. If you have a lot of onions and are too lazy to chop by hand, in 4-5 jerks you can chop the onions for grazing or other needs. You must control the process, if you get carried away, the onion can turn into mush. Although onion porridge will come in handy for marinating meat for kebabs.

Mashed potatoes You can load boiled potatoes and make mashed potatoes in a few seconds. But don’t take too long, or the mashed potatoes will turn into a kind of starchy mixture. This side dish is associated with a hot sausage like a loaf of butter. Peanut Paste. Delicious, salty peanut paste is made in a minute from store-bought roasted peanuts.

Horseradish. A popular snack of horseradish, garlic and tomatoes. Since horseradish is chopped in an enclosed space, no bags, gas masks or other protective devices are required. Here’s a classic recipe for 500 grams of tomatoes. That’s how much you can put in this bowl. Horseradish. 50 g Garlic.50 г. You don’t want to fist every clove, especially the young ones. Just pour hot water over the garlic for a few minutes and it will peel easily. Salt-15 grams or 2 teaspoons of fine salt without topping.

Horseradish is cut into slices comparable to garlic cloves. And this mixture is crushed to the available limit. Then you add tomatoes, salt and grind for 5-6 seconds. The resulting mixture is unloaded on a sieve to drain the excess liquid. The horseradish is ready. The leftover brine, which poured from sieve into a cup, will be used for a no less poisonous soup or okroshka. This snack can be stored for several months. It will not go bad even in a year, but the taste is lost much faster.

With the help of a chopper you can make halvah, various cocktails, souffles, mayonnaise (but with an immersion blender is easier) and many other things, which are almost impossible to do without this device. There are also limitations. It is written in the instruction that the device is not intended for grinding coffee, sugar and what is interesting radish. I haven’t chopped the radish, but the horseradish more than once. The device is still intact That’s why I strongly recommend this model That’s all. Thanks for the attention.

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