How to disassemble an electric screwdriver Patriot. How to make an accumulator battery

How to disassemble an electric screwdriver vortex and 18l 2k

To disassemble an electric screwdriver, you will need a screwdriver and a little time. The process of disassembling the tool should look as follows:

  • First of all, you must unscrew the screws of the body mounting in which the battery is installed.
  • Then you should unscrew the screws with a cross screwdriver, which connect the halves of the tool body.
  • After that, the contents located inside the case should be removed.
  • Then disconnect the reverse button.
  • Gently remove the speed switch.
  • At the end of the work, unscrew the bolts connecting the engine and gearbox.

Separately, it is worth talking about disassembling such an important tool element as a battery.

What does an electric screwdriver consist of or tool design

When working with an electric screwdriver (popularly called a “shur”), malfunctions arise that can be divided into repaired and non.combination (requiring replacements). To the non.metallic breakdowns, when the part cannot be repaired, the failure of the engine, buttons, gearbox, cartridge, etc.P., when they cannot be repaired, but at the same time you can replace. Before carrying out the repair of an electric screwdriver with your own hands, which any owner of the tool can deal with, you need to deal with its design features.

The main components of any battery screwdriver include:

  • Electric motor. is driven by an autonomous battery (9V, 12V, 15V and 24V). Network devices operate from the 220V network, so they have a large power supply and cost 2 times cheaper than portable models
  • Gearbox. a device that transforms high speed of the engine shaft into a lower speed. Consists of a set of gears (usually made of plastic, but there are models made of steel)
  • Starting button. a part responsible for supplying voltage to the engine shaft and sets in motion anchor
  • Battery or network wire. In portable devices, two types of batteries are used-nickel-cadmium and lithium ionic. If the device is network, then its weight is much smaller, but at the same time to use it, you need to connect the fork to the outlet
  • The force regulator is a device that is responsible for the amount of force attached to the screws, the holes made or polished surfaces
  • Cartridges. a mechanism in which nozzles are fixed to perform appropriate actions. On screwdrivers, fast.and.sound (non.clock) cartridges are usually used
  • Reverse is another useful option that allows you to change the direction of rotation of the cartridge. This is convenient when installing and removing nozzles in the assembly cartridge
  • Corps. made of impact.resistant plastic, which is done not only with the aim of reducing the reduction in the device, but also to increase safety when working as a tool

It is interesting!Each node has an appropriate purpose, however, not only the frequency of using the tool, but also the correct use of the device affects the failure of these parts. For example, electric screwdriver cannot be used to drill concrete, since it does not have a shock function. If you drill holes in the wall with the device, then for a long time such a device will not last.

The principle of work of the screwdriver

Almost all screwdrivers have the same design, which includes the following nodes:

The device itself has two varieties: battery and network screwdriver. They differ from each other only with tiM of power, since the network tool works from the outlet, and the battery is on the battery.

Ремонт шуруповерта PATRIOT. Conversion of a screw driver from 24 V to 18V

In general, the causes of the breakdown of these devices are almost the same, except for damage to the cord in one and the battery in the other.

What is the principle of the planetary reducer of an electric screwdriver?

The planetary gearbox at the drill, as in other mechanical devices, is designed to reduce or increase after transmission from rotation of the twisting moment, reduce the load on the input shaft of the engine and increase the load on the output.

  • The solar gear, which is located in the center of the planetary gearbox, is driven by the rotating shaft of the engine.
  • Several (minimum) gear gears are driven from the solar gear, the gear ratio is already changing.
  • From the gears around the sunny gear, the rotation is transmitted to the coronal gear, which closes the mechanism and transfers rotation to the output shaft.
  • Then a repeat of operation is possible if it is three.speed.
  • So at the output we get a different speed and power.

The advantages in the use of such gearboxes are the durability of the tool with increasing its power due to gear ratings.

The principle of operation of the planetary gearbox is a decrease in revolutions included in the gearbox and the transformation of their decrease into power traction. in general, as a conventional gearbox.

The little gear turns large because of this, the turns decrease, but the traction force on the shaft of the large gear increases directly in proportion to the reduction in speed.

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Only in an ordinary gearbox, a small gear spars the larger one itself without intermediaries, and in the planetary through planetary gears, their number can be different 2-3-4-5-6 or more.

That is, a small lead gear does not apply to a large driven.

Now what is it for, and in order to unload the teeth and a large and large gear, since in the planetary gearbox of teeth that transmit the load at times more than the usual, respectively, and they will withstand more together more!

Therefore, it can be used for the manufacture of such gearboxes cheaper and light in processing materials, such as plastic, and working in the planetary gearbox, they will withstand a sufficient load, having served enough time without wearing out without wears.

The planetary gearbox, among other things, is more stable and sparing bushings and bearing, since the load is distributed throughout the gearbox in it, and not since the usual one from one contact side.

That’s why they use such gearboxes in electrical screwdrivers to provide good craving and effort with not bulky details.

The purpose of all parts and assemblies of the tool. as they are called

If an electric screwdriver has broken down, then before repairing it, you need to figure out what specific detail was out of order. To find out the malfunction on your own, you need to understand the purpose of each node and its constructive parameters.

disassemble, electric, screwdriver, patriot, make, battery
  • Start button. it is with it that the tool begins with it. This mechanism performs two options. includes a power circuit, that is, it supplies voltage to an electric motor, and also regulates the number of rotation revolutions. The stronger the press press, the greater the speed the cartridge will rotate. As a revolution regulator, an electronic PWM generator is used, which is installed on the board. When you press the button, the contact of the board is moving. A field transistor is used as a contact, which plays the role of a rotation speed regulator
  • Electric motor. in portable instruments, single.phase electric motors of direct current of the collector type are used. The advantages of these units include high reliability and ease of maintenance. The electric motor consists of magnets (play the role of a stator), anchor and brushes. The use of magnets significantly reduces the cost of the cost of the unit
  • Reverse. this option is implemented by changing polarity on terminals. In order for the user to do not perform a change in polarity manually, crack contacts are used in the tool design in the form of a switch. This switch is located near the Start button
  • A gearbox is a set of gears, due to which an increase in the moment of rotation of the cartridge or a decrease in speed occurs. Shuriks use two types of gearboxes. planetary and classic. Classical are similar to those that are installed on drifts, only in screwdrivers are very rare. Planetary gearboxes consisting of ring (intermediate) and solar gears are more popular, as well as satellites. The solar gear is driven into effect from the engine shaft. Satellites are given from its rotation in motion, conveying the torque to the ring gear. Depending on the number of speeds, planetary gearboxes can be two.stage or three.stage. The more speeds, the more expensive the tool will cost
  • Effort regulator. usually 16 positions of effort are used, but there are also such models that have more. The possibility of screwing screws into a tree depends on the size of the effort. If you need to screw the screwdriver into drywall or other soft materials, then a big effort is not required for this, so the regulator can be installed in position from 1 to 7
  • Cartridge. the mechanism has a simple principle of operation. Consists of three fists that reliably fix the installed nozzles. The advantage of fast.sounding devices is a high speed change
  • Case. plastic shock.resistant structure, inside which all components are located. To repair the device, you need to disassemble the case. For this, manufacturers produce houses from two parts connected using screws
  • Battery-manufacturers produce two types of portable batteries with filling from nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion (as on mobile phones). The lithium-ionic ones are durable and more reliable, but they cost 3-4 times more than tools with nickel-cadmium batteries. Typically, two nickel-cadmium batteries are equipped with an electric screwdriver, which is associated with a short service life

Fastening options for an electric screwdriver shaft

The cartridge is attached to the shaft of the tool through:

  • threads. For this, the cylinder and the shaft must match the thread. The metal cylinder is wound on the shaft.
  • fixing screw. The mount also requires twisting, and the screw itself only enhances the contact between the cartridge sleeve and the shaft. It has notes under the cross screwdriver and left thread.
  • cone Morse. One of the oldest mounting methods. The shaft of an electric screwdriver has a cone.shaped shape, and the same groove is made inside the sleeve. Когда внешний и внутренний конус стыкуются, головка надежно садится на вал.

Supporting and labeling

Before analyzing the electrical screwdriver, it is necessary to determine the type of attachment of the cylinder. Marking will say about this. The inscription of the type 1-6V14 indicates the type of fixation of the Morsa cone, where the numbers to the letter is the diameter of the bita shank in millimeters, and after that the size of the conical hole. There are 9 articles. from B7 to 45.

For cartridges with a threaded mount, a mark of 1.5-13 m12x1.25 is provided for marking. Here, the numbers in front of the letter also show the permissible diameter of the tail of the bits, and after the letter there are thread sizes in millimeters.

Important! In foreign screwdrivers, labeling in inches is used-it has this type: 2-13 1/2-20 UF. 1/2 means inch, and 20. the number of threads of thread for every inch.

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Diagnosis and elimination of malfunctions of the electrical part of the electric screwdriver

If you have a battery device, then the first thing you need to check the batteries in the battery block by dismantling it. There are collapsible and non.vegetable blocks. In the second case, you will need to carefully insert the screwdriver into the place of gluing the walls of the block and, slowly, disconnect them.

Next, it is necessary to measure the voltage on all “banks”. The voltage rating is indicated on the body of each battery. The voltage should be slightly lower than the indicated, but the same on the working batteries. Faulty batteries will differ significantly from the rest in the voltage issued. they will need to be replaced. New batteries can be purchased on the Internet.

It is important to solder them correctly, that is, in series: plus one battery connects with a minus another, and plus the second with the minus of the next, etc.D.

If you are the owner of a network electrical screwdriver, then the test algorithm is slightly different. At first, you need to promote the body of the apparatus and remove it one half. Take the tester and “call” the power cord for a cliff. In the case of a good cord, you need to check the start button. Check with a button pressed if there is a circuit on the output of its contacts. If the button is faulty, it will need to be replaced or repair. How to do this will be considered later. With a good button, the problem can lie in electrographs or engine.

Repair button

Below is the electrical circuit of the battery electrical screwdriver.

It shows from the diagram that 2 wires from the battery are suitable for the button, and 2 wires to the engine come out of it. Also, 3 wires from the transistor responsible for adjusting the revolutions are connected to the button. To understand the device of the button of the electrical screwdriver, it must be disassembled. All wires going to this details can not be soldered. They will not interfere with disassembly.

Remove the pressing mechanism (red) from your seat. Do this with neat rotational movements, while pulling the part in the opposite button, making sure that the joke does not break.

Next, remove the button cover. In the places indicated in the figure with arrows, with the help of a knife and screwdrivers, you need to put and push the latches, then remove the lid.

Removing the lid, you will see the reversal compartment. But the button mechanism will still be unavailable. Using the soldering iron, disconnect 2 elements (the next figure is indicated by the arrow).

Gently pull out the element under number 1, then remove the cover that closes the compartment with the mechanism for turning on the device.

Holding the return spring, take out the mechanism from the body.

In a faulty button, you will see the erased contact sites.

Contact sites wear out quickly due to the poor quality of metal. Small metal dust from the cooked contacts accumulates between them and closes the platforms. As a result of this, a spontaneous launch of the apparatus occurs.

With the help of a cotton swab moistened in alcohol, remove metal dust. If this fails, you can scrap her with a knife. After these actions, the spontaneous launch of the device will stop.

If a revolution regulator does not work, then the transistor is burned out, which must be replaced.

Let’s see what’s inside Cordless Screwdriver

Replacing brushes

To check the condition of the brushes, it is necessary to disassemble the engine by bent the “antennae” located at the end of the case.

disassemble, electric, screwdriver, patriot, make, battery

Next, with light beats of the hammer on the engine shaft, knock out the rotor from the body.

In this case, the cover in which the electric shows will be removed first.

The following photo shows that the collector has black. This means that it will pollute the dust from the brushes. As a result of the pollution of the collector, as well as the grooves between its plates, the engine power drops and the brushes sparkle. It is necessary to wipe the collector with cotton wool moistened in alcohol, and clean the grooves with a needle.

The following photo shows what a clean collector looks like.

A cartridge of electrical screwdriver: description, function

The cartridge is a metal cylinder with a cavity inside, equipped with a ring and a regulatory sleeve. It is fixed on the shaft. With its help, a drill or a grinding nozzle is securely fixed in it for further work. Fixation of the working body of the tool (drill) provides thread. The drill in it is delayed in two ways. The first method is to tighten it with a special key, in the second method, the drill tightening occurs when the cartridge rotates in the direction opposite to the axis of rotation of the drill.

Repair of an electric screwdriver with your own hands when beating a cartridge

The main culprit of this problem is the electric screwdriver gearbox. To make sure of this, you need to remove it, dismantling it in the above way. Specifically, this breakdown may indicate several problems in the gearbox, which we will indicate below. The reason may be:

Patron Repair on a screwdriver

  • violation of the geometry of the gear shaft;
  • development of gears;
  • malfunction of the supporting bearing of the shaft;
  • wear of the pins fixing the satellites of the planetary gear.

The above details are produced only in factories, so you will not be able to make them yourself. You just have to purchase them and replace failed.

How to disassemble the cartridge of an electric screwdriver

Despite the fact that today there are many models of screwdrivers on the market, a common approach to the removal of such an element as a cartridge, they have one. Now we will briefly describe it.

In order to promote it, you need to remove the screw that attaches it to the shaft. It is located inside the cartridge, rotation of the screw should be done clockwise. After you unscrewed the screw, you should jerk the cartridge in the opposite direction.

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Attention! When trying to unscrew it manually, it is necessary to put the drill on the second speed if it is two.speed. When buying a tool, it is advisable to lubricate the screw with machine oil. In some cases, when this element does not want to succumb, then you should put the tool at the first speed, clamp it in the palm of your hand, turn on the reverse to the left. The cartridge should easily get off the thread.

How to replace an electric screwdriver cartridge

It will not be easy to replace it with an unprepared user, since without the help of a special tool with your bare hands you will not be able to do this. The ways that can be removed by two, we will consider them in our article further. In order to change it, you should pay attention to the actions that we described in the article above. Dismantling is performed by the following tools:

  • Hexagonal key-usually 10 mm G-shaped metal rod. It should be fixed by its short part in the cartridge, the long one must be rested with anything, for example, on the table. Turn the cartridge, then remove it with the key turning.

We examined the method of dismantling with the key. The way to remove the element is manually described above.

Repair of an electric screwdriver with your own hands with the backlash of the cartridge

A small backlash within 1 mm usually does not create visible problems during operation. With a larger value, attention should be paid to the state of the gearbox. So, the procedure is as follows:

  • Unscrew the bolts of fastening the upper cover of the tool. Take it off.
  • Unscrew the electric motor from the gearbox. We examine the mounts.
  • We disassemble the gearbox. Often the cause of the breakdown is a malfunction of the sleeve inside. It is possible to remove the sleeve using the actions described at the beginning of the article (we look at how to remove the cartridge manually). The sleeve is easily extinguished by hand.
  • We replace the sleeve. Then we collect everything in the following sequence: sleeve, shaft, sleeve bearings, locking ring. Lubricate the rubbing details.
  • After that, we collect a gearbox in the reverse sequence. We fasten it to the electric motor.
  • Collect the housing of an electric screwdriver.

How to disassemble the cartridge of an electric screwdriver

Among the most mobile and loaded nodes of the electric screwdriver include the cartridge. Naturally, it wears out more often than other details.

How the cartridge is attached

Before disassemble the Makita electric screwdriver, for example, we will determine the method of attaching the cartridge. This assembly node on the tool is fixed with the following methods:

We define how the manufacturer fixed the cartridge

Not knowing how the cartridge is fixed, we will not be able to make it out. So:

We dismantle the cartridge

If the fastening of the cartridge is conical, then it is removed simply. through cautious beats with a hammer on the body. When fixing is threaded, the following actions are performed:

It happens that these actions do not lead to anything, then you will have to disassemble an electric screwdriver, and then:

If garbage got into the gearbox, then only this should be done. Here is a scheme that will help to understand how to disassemble the Bosch electrical screwdriver:

Here you see that in the Bosch electrical screwdriver, the cartridge and gearbox is a single knot.

Battery battery repairs with your own hands begins with deep diagnosis.

  • Dissolve the battery completely, then charge it 100%;
  • Disconnect the plastic cover. To do this, you need to unscrew the bolts or carefully cut out the adhesive layer along the junction of the parts of the case;
  • Check the internal parts for the presence of a spilled electrolyte or other damage;
  • Using an avometer, measure the voltage level in each bank of the battery;
  • At the outputs of the cans, attach the light bulb. Let her burn for a while. Then take measurements again. So you will identify a jar with a drawdown;

Further, faulty banks are added by electrolyte and stitched with a high voltage current or replaced with new.

There are a number of screwdrivers producers, the products of which are of good quality of the mechanism and extremely weak battery. So, the repair of the Makita electrical screwdriver with your own hands is usually the replacement of batteries or a valve of the electrolyte.

The performance of the screwdriver cartridge

The run of the screwdriver cartridge indicates the availability of problems with the serviceability of the reducer tool, which is located directly behind the electric motor. This is another reason why the screwdriver does not work with a full return.

Spare parts for planetary screwdrivers

The output shaft of this gearbox is the place of attachment of the cartridge; Therefore, if we are talking about the mileage of the cartridge, we must remember the inconsistency of the gear shaft. The reasons for this may be as follows:

  • A) the curvature of the gear shaft;
  • B) the wear of the gearboxes;
  • C) the failure of the supporting bearing of the gear shaft;
  • D) the maximum production of pins on which the satellites of planetary programs are installed.

All of the above parts of factory origin are not subject to this repair. The problem of beating the cartridge of the screwdriver in this case is solved by replacing the parts of the gearbox with new.

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