How to disassemble a hair dryer Bosch pha 2661

How to Disassemble a Bosch Hair Straightener?

Help me disassemble, in theory under the cap should be a bolt, but the cap is not removed, even if the effort (and not bad).

One cap is removable, under it a screw, you unscrew it and push out the second cap

Why do you think there is a pin in there?? this device is all on the latches if my vision does not change like I see a recess under the upper claw near the ceramics there is a screwdriver, unscrew it and the other side is probably the same and then carefully along the seam disengage, picking up the edge of a thin, preferably wide flat screwdriver and usually disassemble a little blunt scalpel

You are correct, there is a bolt underneath the cap.

I have made some effort and no, there is no bolt under the cap. on the other side the same way.

1.Remove one of the covers (in my case a Bosch PHC2520/01 it was the right one) 2.Unscrew the screw under the cover, you need a special tool for this 3.Push out the sleeve and the rectifier splits in two parts 4.Pull off the plastic ring on the power connector with a blunt scalpel or similar. 5.Remove (just by hand) the cover from the power plug. 6.Disconnect the power cable from the plug. 7.Using the same tool we unscrew the screw on the half of the cap with the spring. Lift the lid, which is fixed by 6 pins and pull it off. 8.Take out the spring. 9.Inside of the spring there is a bushing (small cylindrical, fell out and rolled under the couch) 10.Unscrew screw on the other half of the rectifier. 11.Lift the lid, which is held by 6 more latches and remove it. 12.Then according to the situation. In my case, the outermost contact of the slider power switch is burned out. Fortunately, in my case it’s symmetrical with respect to the center pin (type SS-6 1P2T), so I just unsoldered and flipped it on the board. / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Let’s start the inspection and repair

As we have already said it is possible to disassemble the device on your own, if you are very careful and follow the procedure.

How To Use A Hair Dryer | Men’s Hair

The repair of the device also follows its own logic, which we will describe below.

If the hair dryer does not turn on, the first step is the most logical. to check whether there is current in this socket?

If everything is all right with the socket, let’s proceed to check the power cord. Bends and twists are common causes of power cord breakage. When the hair dryer is disassembled, also carefully inspect the contact places of the wire to the mode switches. To carry out this procedure will need a tester.

If the wire is damaged, there is no point in fixing it. It is necessary to replace the entire wire with the plug.

Warning ! The most popular place of wire breakage is at the entrance to the hair dryer body.

After such technical inspection connect the device to the network and check the result of the work performed.

Switch and Switch

Also check the switch itself. It should turn on smoothly and without jamming. On the contacts of the switch there should be no traces of soot and melting.

Check the three-position switch by turning on each mode separately. Before checking the switch, it is worth marking all the wires so that you do not confuse the places of the reverse connection.

Deburr the damaged areas with a fine emery cloth and re-solder with a soldering iron.

If the switch itself is out of order the best option is to replace it with a new one. But if you can not find a new switch you can bypass the switch and connect the power line bypassing the broken switch. Since there will be no power button now, the device will turn on immediately after connecting the device to the socket.

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The fan is responsible for shaping the air flow. There are special holes in the back of the case for air intake. The impeller of the fan is made of light but durable plastic and rotates on a metal rod. This metal axis on one side is a continuation of the electric motor, and on the other side rests in a special hole in the body of the device, which acts as a support bush. It is the impeller through the holes in the body of the hair dryer takes the outside air and drives this flow towards the nozzle.

The most likely cause of reduced fan performance:

disassemble, hair, dryer, bosch

There are two solutions to the problem with a clogged duct:

    If the unit is equipped with a removable filter, you must remove it and try to clean it well.

If there is hair on the fan shaft. it is better to remove the impeller and gently remove the obstacle to its free rotation.

Attention! When cleaning the fan shaft, do not use excessive force so as not to damage the shaft or the impeller.


Once again, the material from which this heating element is made is nichrome. As soon as the nichrome coil is energized, it begins to heat up and makes the air passing through it hot. During normal operation, the hot air temperature is between 50-60°C.

advanced models have several of these spirals which provide different modes of air heating.

Typical manifestations of heating element failure:

These signs indicate that the heating element is defective. All of these failures can be eliminated if the hair dryer is carefully disassembled, inspected and attempted to locate the source of the fault.

If after the device has been disassembled, it is necessary to carefully inspect the heating element for integrity.

If you find a burned-out filament, you can either solder it or twist the two opposite ends. Alternatively, crimp both ends of the coil with a thin copper tube.

But we should warn you that based on experience with nichrome spirals, such a repair is able to extend the life of the hair dryer, but not for long.

How to disassemble and repair a hair dryer on examples of different models

Any Roventa hair dryer has the basic components. Without them it will not perform its functions. The design includes nodes and parts that help to perform hair drying of absolutely any length. And models that have a sign ION, make it possible to conduct the best hair styling.

Although each model has its own switches, the external appearance, nevertheless, they operate in the same way regardless. According to experts, the most difficult part of the device is a thyristor, therefore, you can make repairs on your own without any problems.

Disassembly algorithm

Repair should begin with a simple inspection of the device, that is, carrying out diagnostics. Algorithm:

  • It all starts with a socket. See if there is any burning of the contacts or if they are loose. If you notice any faults, it is necessary to clean or tighten it. Make sure that the plug can fit in the pins with some effort.
  • The power wire comes next. It should be diagnosed at the point where it enters the handle of the device. Here you can find the contact block. From there all the way to the plug should be inspected for insulation damage or fractures.
  • The most common way to disassemble this device is to disassemble the housing. The casing structure is made of two halves, joined with screws and at the front of the nozzle with specially designed latches. The disassembly must be done carefully, because these latches can be broken. There are also screws that are hidden by stickers, plastic inserts and removable covers.

Important! Almost all models of Roventa have the same appearance, their disassembly is carried out in the same way as a standard hair dryer. However, the hair dryer comb is dismantled a little differently because of some features of its design.

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Therefore, be sure to read the instructions before disassembling.

  • Fan. Before this element there is a protective grid and filter, which are obstacles to hair ingress into the hair dryer. Very often this guard can get clogged with hair, so it needs to be cleaned. Cleaning is carried out with a small brush.
  • Electric motor. If this element is not functioning properly, then the entire device will malfunction. The causes of incorrect operation of the electric motor can be: breakdown of the winding or burnout of the diode bridge. After disassembly the rubbing parts of the electric motor must be greased. It is also important to carry out tightening of problem areas, this can be done manually.
  • Spiral. Almost all models have several spirals, which help carry out the various heating modes of air. They can be repaired by soldering. Defects can be noticed at once without any problems. In some cases, it is possible to replace the spirals components made of nichrome filament. They also have similar characteristics.
  • Microcircuits. There are types of failure. For example, the base, made of gethinax, can crack. In this case there is a breakage of the tin track. Areas that are damaged can be tinned, and then it is necessary to perform a coating using solder. Another problem is the bloating of capacitors. You just need to install new capacitors. There is also the possibility of faulty resistors. They become dark. It is important to simply replace them.

Warning! It is important to know how to use a soldering iron to repair a hair dryer. If you do not have such skills, it is better to turn to specialists, who will repair the hair dryer without problems. If you still decided to repair the hair dryer with his own hands, read our article.

Repair devices from Rowenta, Philips, Ionic, Remington, Dewal and others have their difficulties, especially for those who are not enlightened in this. As they have soft action controls, the spirals are made of specially designed alloys. If you need to connect them, then you are unlikely to be able to do it reliably.

Before disassembling this appliance, it is necessary to find the circuit diagram of the device. If you can not find a manual, you can consult with a specialist. It is not difficult to disassemble any device, but it is much more difficult to put it back together again.

Sometimes after a bad fall or other mechanical effect this device stops working. A wonderful way out of this difficult situation will be a complete disassembly of the hair dryer. Do you want to know how to disassemble a hair dryer?? There is nothing complicated about it, the main thing is to follow the steps of the instruction.

The first step is to disassemble the case. In most models (for example, the rowenta pro 2300 and braun 3536) it opens into two identical halves. To observe safety rules before unscrewing screws be sure to remove the power cord from the socket.

Usually the body of the device is fixed on simple metal screws. They can be with non-standard heads in the form of a plus, fork or star. Therefore, before you disassemble your Philips hair dryer, you will need to take care to have the necessary tools.

After opening the device, you will find the internal mechanisms of the device, which are responsible for its smooth operation. If your hair dryer is broken, the cause of the breakdown will be hidden in these parts. In addition, some models have additional fasteners in the form of latches and hidden screws, hidden under the decorative overlays.

You want to know how to disassemble a Philips hair dryer? To do this you need to familiarize yourself with its internal structure and carefully examine all the details. The most common failure of many devices is a damaged power cord. If there are burnt parts or fractures, you will need to re-solder it.

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The main internal element of any hair dryer is the fan. It is driven by an electric motor and draws air in through a special hole with a grill. In some cases the failure of the device is due to contamination, so if there is dust, it should be thoroughly cleaned.

The air passes through the heating element, a wire which is wound onto the thermostat. It should have a one-piece look. If there are tears in the coil parts should be twisted or soldered. Some models (for example, babyliss pro) are still equipped with a limiter, which does not allow the device to suck in with the air long hair and other lint. It can also become clogged if the device is not working properly.

If you can hear a crackling sound and sparks are visible when turning on the device in the power supply, it indicates that the motor is broken. This problem can be solved by replacing the copper windings and diode bridge. However, it is difficult to perform such a repair at home, so in this case you should go to a workshop.

You want to know how to disassemble the hair dryer brush rowenta brush activ 1000? The design of this device has several nuances compared to an ordinary hair dryer. In order to inspect the internal elements and mechanisms in case of breakage, it is necessary to perform a few simple actions:

  • Remove the plastic nozzle from the front of the device, as it will later interfere with disassembly. To do this, you need to move it smoothly right and left until it is completely detached from the device;
  • It is not recommended to use screwdrivers or other tools when removing the plastic ring, as they can damage the housing and leave visible scratches on it;
  • After that it is necessary to remove the rear nozzle-grid, which interferes with the disassembly of the device. You should not apply too much force when doing this, as this could cause it to break;
  • Modern models of hair dryers of many brands (roventa, remington, Scarlett and others) do not have on the body of the metal bolts. The two parts of the hair dryer are fastened with snap fasteners. To separate them, the two halves of the housing should be pulled away from each other, simultaneously rotating.

So you do not have to repair appliances yourself need to buy a good hair dryer. What to choose from the variety on the market? Before buying, you need to pay attention to the reputation of the brand, as only well-known manufacturers are engaged in the production of quality products. Other criteria for selection are the power, the number of operating modes, the cold air function.

We told you about the main features of the internal device of the hair dryer, so you should not have any questions, how to disassemble the roventa brush active hair dryer and other brands. However, remember that when you repair small appliances yourself, you must observe safety rules and be sure to remove the power cord from the socket.

Interskol hair dryer wiring diagram on DB230V board

Interskol PE-2000 hair dryer. DB230V board on triac and optocoupler. Exploded view.

Interskol hair dryer FE-2000. DB230V circuit board. Diagram of connections

DB230V board wiring diagram. Option 2.

DB230V circuit diagram. In the schematic underdrawing. between the point Gx and the connection point of the coils R1 and R2. included thermal fuse (see the table with the list of parts above). Also, the thermocouple output is wired incorrectly, see.Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

04.03.13: I am making available the wiring diagram of the DB 230 V board, which was sent to me by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous:

Diagram of Interskol PE-2000 hair dryer on DB-230V circuit board

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