How to dilute gasoline for the mower

How to dilute petrol and oil for grass trimmer

The tool’s two-stroke engines run on a petrol-oil mixture that is prepared in the proportions given in the tool’s data sheet. If you ignore the rules of mixing, your garden tool can quickly go out of order.

The operation of a two-stroke unit is different from that of a four-stroke engine: the rubbing surfaces in the crankshaft and other parts of the unit are not lubricated by the crankcase, but by oil that has been previously diluted in petrol. The general rule for two-stroke engines is that gasoline is diluted with a certain volume of oil intended for this purpose.

Gasoline to oil ratio for chainsaws

Proportions of oil and gasoline for filling two-stroke engines of different brands of chainsaws is 40 to 1 or 50 to 1. This ratio is standard and is used not only by beginners, but also by experienced sawyers. This ratio for the preparation of the fuel mixture is close to the ideal, and provides lubrication of the rubbing parts of the crank mechanism and piston.

This is interesting! Before mixing petroleum products, consider external factors. If the chainsaw is new, it needs a running-in period, which requires 20% more oil than the standard values. 20% more lubricant must also be added if you work with the tool at low temperatures.

how to drain fuel from petrol lawnmower easy way

How much oil should be poured in gasoline in milliliters? The ratio of oil and gasoline 1 to 50 per ml is 20 ml per 1 liter. In order to prepare the right mixture, pour 1 liter of gasoline into a plastic bottle and dilute it with 20 ml of oil. To correctly measure how much oil to pour, you should take a special measuring container, and fill it to the appropriate mark. If you plan to prepare 2 liters of fuel at once, you need to add 40 ml of lubricant to this amount of gasoline.

There are also other ratios offered by different manufacturers. These ratios do not differ much, but if you have read about other ratios in the certificate, they must be adhered to. Setting values of 1:50 or 40 are standardized. Add 15 ml of oil to every 1 liter of fuel in the summertime and 20-25 ml in the wintertime. Knowing the recipe for preparing the mixture, you should also understand the question of what gasoline to pour into the chainsaw?

dilute, gasoline, mower

Gasoline for the mixture

The requirements to the petrol to prepare the mixture are very high, t.к. it is its base. The first thing you should not do is look for places where you can buy cheaper fuel (gas station without a name, etc.).д.), because in the end all the apparent savings in a few tens can be eaten up by expensive engine repairs, put out of service by low-quality fuel.

Using cheap gasoline with a lower octane rating, the user increases the load on the engine. Its deterioration is much faster, the resource is reduced, and, in proportion not one to one, and much more

The second thing to remember is that for the basis of the mixture it is important to use only fresh gasoline. Many people have fuel stocks in the country house or in the garage, which stand there for up to half a year, waiting for their time. When fuel evaporates, it reacts chemically with the surface of the canister (especially plastic), acquiring new properties which are not good for the engine. If gasoline was standing in a can for a month or a month and a half, it is better to pour it into a fuel tank where, mixed with the total volume of fresher gasoline, it will not do any harm to the car engine. Two-stroke engines are more sensitive in this regard. That’s why manufacturers recommend to use only top quality fuel.

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As for the octane number, there are still debates among experts about what kind of gasoline to fill in the trimmer for grass. Most manufacturers recommend to fill up the fuel system only with 92 high-octane gasoline. But there’s one small caveat: the instructions quite often say “not lower than 92,” which leaves room for speculation as to what kind of gasoline to use.

Certainly, the efficiency (efficiency factor) of the 95th gasoline is a bit higher than that of the 92nd. The latter, in its turn, is a successor of the Soviet 80, on which many vehicles ran. But having higher energy efficiency, the 95th also has some peculiarities. For example, it is more suitable for modern models of cars, while the internal combustion engines installed in garden equipment are far from any constructive innovations and their structure remains practically unchanged for decades. For the two-stroke gasoline engine installed in most modern trimmers, it will be quite enough to fill up with 92-grade gasoline, bought at a proven gas station network.

It is best to look for additive-free options labeled “eco”, “ecto”, t.к. Clean gasoline base is necessary for precise functioning. The additives in the mixture will provide the oil.

Do you need 95 gasoline for optimal performance, the question is rather philosophical and there is no specific answer. Suffice it to remember that in the tolerances and recommendations it occurs quite rarely, and this already says a lot. Besides, it is usually filled at your own risk, wishing to improve characteristics If you want to change the 92 gasoline to the 95th for the sake of experiment, it is important to remember the consequences in the form of increased wear, unstable operation of the power unit and failure of its individual components. Of course, none of the above may be the case, but the probability, if out of tolerance, is extremely high.

RedVerg Basic GB52 gasoline grass trimmer

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How to fill a two-stroke engine with ready-to-use fuel

Many people do not follow some important recommendations for pouring fuel into the gas tank of a grass trimmer or lawnmower, which eventually leads to unpleasant consequences. Let’s consider important recommendations on how to properly pour diluted fuel from gasoline and oil into the gas tank of a brushcutter:

gasoline and fumes the difference

  • Prepare a funnel or watering can. Despite the large diameter of the gas tank opening, very often when you try to get into it, some of the fuel will spill and end up on the body of the tool. Fuel on the tool can cause ignition when heated, so it is very important to use a funnel or watering can
  • Before unscrewing the cap, you should thoroughly clean the surface of the tank, as dirt can get inside, which will cause rapid clogging of the gasoline filter
  • It is necessary to fill the fuel in the windless weather or in a secluded place to avoid dust and small grains of sand inside the tank
  • Do not leave the hatch of the tank open for a long time, as not only small grains of sand and dust, but also insects can get into it
  • During filling, do not inhale gasoline fumes, as they are dangerous to humans. While working with a trimmer the user should wear safety glasses, earphones and a respirator
  • You have to fill up the fuel tank up to the mark. If you pour a full tank, when you screw in the cap, some of it will spill out. not economical use of fuel. In this case, it is better to underfill than overfill
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Given these recommendations, you can significantly extend the life of the gasoline tool in question.

dilute, gasoline, mower

This is interesting! Works on preparing the mixture and pouring fuel are also recommended to be done with protective gloves.

Peculiarities of filling a brushcutter

In order for the mixture to properly distribute in the fuel system of the device, you need to follow a simple instruction. How to properly fuel a gasoline grass trimmer:

  • Hang the brushcutter on a horizontal surface with the tank opening on top and pour in the correct amount of mix;
  • Never fill the trimmer too much: Always check how much fuel you have at the top mark;
  • Do not spill any fuel on the ground or tool housing;
  • Keep a safe distance to the fuel containers before starting the engine;
  • If there was old fuel in the tank, the gas tank must be completely emptied before refueling with new fuel.

Fueling a brushcutter with a two-stroke engine

To refuel the gasoline trimmers of this type, it is necessary to follow the already described instructions. Always check the correct oil ratio and do not spill oil on the housing. Take care that the gas tank is not overfilled, because in this case the engine will not work steadily;. Take care that the fuel tank is not overfilled.

Fueling a brushcutter with a four-stroke engine

The main difference is that grass trimmers with this type of engine is not filled with a mixture of oil. It is necessary to fill separately AI-92 and separately motor oil. The general rules for filling the tank are the same as described above.

Important note

Fuel mixture for grass trimmer is prepared and then gets into the combustion chamber as a whitish mist. Lubricant incorporated in the gasoline lubricates the crankshaft and cylinder walls. Lack of oil in the fuel is fraught with premature wear and tear parts and nodes trimmer for grass. Excessive fuel consumption results in soot deposits on the working parts, which also leads to premature technical deterioration of the brushcutter.

A petrol mower will serve the owner for a long time on condition that some good-quality fuel is used in the fuel tank.

The result of the fuel mixture calculation:

To measure the amount of oil in milliliters, use a medical syringe of a larger volume, it is not expensive, and can be purchased at any drugstore. Or use any measuring cup with graduations.

Our calculator will help you calculate the right proportion to fill any gasoline tool, such as: boat motor, chainsaw, grass trimmer, lawn mower, etc.д. In other words, you can independently and for free calculate the correct ratio of gasoline and oil for two-stroke engines. Instructions for mixing in the photo below.

It is important, before starting the calculation, read the instruction manual of the tool, in particular the items: refueling volumes, fuel mixture ratio. This will be the input data for the correct calculation.

For your convenience, you can print out the results by clicking on the Print icon. We will be glad to receive your constructive Комментарии и мнения владельцев and feedback on our service.

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Note that the power tool has a run-in period and the gasoline/oil ratio is different than recommended.

How much oil per liter of gasoline is needed for a lawn mower or chainsaw?

All two-stroke engines run on a mixture of petrol and oil. Fuel enters the cylinder, burns there, and creates a working force on the piston; the part of the mixture that does not ignite relieves the moving parts of the piston group.

When putting together a fuel mixture for your lawnmower or chainsaw, you need to calculate how much oil you need per liter of gasoline, based not only on standard proportions, but also on what brand of gasoline and oil is used. In the case of two-stroke engines, this is very important.

For trimmers, a special two-stroke oil is produced, the packaging of which should be marked “2T”. It is strongly prohibited to use automobile oil, especially transmission oil. Two-stroke oil is produced in three types:

It all depends on what substances form the basis of the oil. Mineral oil is the cheapest and most unreliable. Its use is justified only in domestic class trimmers, which work for 30 to 60 minutes a day with long breaks. Most brushcutter manufacturers at this level indicate that TC-W3 oil is suitable for the engine. That means you can use mineral, synthetic, and semi-synthetic 2T oil.

For professional-class trimmers, it is desirable to buy only those brands of oil that the manufacturer recommends. Usually it is a semi-synthetic and synthetic with special additives.

Manufacturers mark the oil with letters:

  • ? TA. for two-stroke engines up to 50 cc;
  • ? TV. for engines of 50. 200 cc;
  • ? TC for motorcycle engines, snowmobile engines, etc.д.

All three types of oil can be used in brushcutters, unless the manual specifies otherwise. How much oil to add to the fuel of a grass trimmer depends on the brand of the tool and the quality of the gasoline. You may also see letters FA, FB, FC, etc. on the oil package.д. They show the level of smoke. The closer the second letter is to the beginning of the alphabet, the more smoke is emitted during combustion. As a rule, quality oil has very little. This does not affect the choice of oil.

important are the labels “self-mix” and “pre-mix. The first word means that the oil dissolves on its own, and the container with the second mixture should be shaken several times.

If the manufacturer’s instructions do not specify what kind of gasoline to use, you must settle for AI-92. If you are advised to use AI-95, do not use any other brand of gasoline.

Some users believe that if you add more oil to the gasoline for the fuel mix than necessary, it will benefit. It does not. The unburned oil will not be flushed out of the engine with the exhaust fumes, but will settle inside as a soot. This deposit threatens the integrity of the piston. If you use a mixture with too much oil regularly, the grass trimmer will smoke a lot, and a drop in power is inevitable.

dilute, gasoline, mower

If there is not enough oil, the grass trimmer will overheat, the piston rings will collapse and the piston will jam. If oil deficiency is negligible, the grass trimmer will work for 30. 40% less resource. If the lubricant is missing more than 20%, the motor will jam after 20 to 30 minutes of intensive work. Each trimmer manual gives proportions on how to dilute the fuel mixture. It is usually 1:25. 1:40 or 1:50.

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