How to dilute gasoline for a mower

How to dilute gasoline and oil for the grass trimmer for refueling

Two-stroke engines of the tool work due to the gasoline-oil mixture, which is prepared in the proportions that are specified in the data sheet of the device. If you ignore the rules of mixing, the garden tool can quickly fail.

The functioning of a two-stroke unit is different from that of a four-stroke motor: the rubbing surfaces in the crankshaft and other parts of the unit are not lubricated from the crankcase, but by means of oil that has been previously diluted with gasoline. For two-stroke engines, the general rule for the preparation of the combustible mixture is to dilute gasoline with a certain volume of oil intended for this purpose.

Differences between gasoline engines

Gasoline engines can be two-stroke and four-stroke. To understand the difference, you need to know two nuances: firstly, that during the operation of the engine a number of transients occur, and secondly, that the tact refers to the movement of the piston from one extreme position to another, and the direction of movement does not matter. The essence of the engine classification is that the entire cycle of transients in one case is repeated in two strokes, in the other. in four.

The differences between the 2T and 4T, which relate directly to the refueling process, can be understood even without going into the intricacies of the main components. With the two-stroke engine, the air-fuel mixture is fed into the cylinder and the exhaust gases are ejected almost simultaneously. The fuel mist initially flows into the crankcase where the crankshaft is located. On the downward movement, the piston squeezes some of the mixture from this chamber into the work area through a window in the cylinder wall.

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In a four-stroke engine, the combustion chamber is separated from the crankcase. Fuel-air mixture is fed through the intake valve; exhaust gases are discharged through the exhaust valve. The valves are controlled by a separate node, driven by the crankshaft, and the order of their opening and closing is synchronized with the piston stroke. The separation of the working area from the crankcase and the four-stroke procedure ensures complete combustion and virtually eliminates the exhaust gases from the working area before injecting the next batch of mixture.

dilute, gasoline, mower

Gasoline for blending

The requirements to petrol for blending are extremely high, i.e.к. it’s the base of it. The first thing you shouldn’t do is look for places where you can buy cheaper fuel (gas station with no name, etc.д.), because all the apparent savings in a few tens can be eaten up by expensive engine repairs, put out of service by low-quality fuel.

Using cheap gasoline with a lower octane rating increases the load on the engine. Its wear and tear occurs much faster, the service life is reduced, and not by one to one, but much more

The second thing to remember. it’s important to use only fresh gasoline for a base mixture. Many people have fuel stocks at the cottage or in the garage, which stand there for up to six months, waiting in the wings. Fuel, when evaporating, reacts chemically with the surface of tanks (especially plastic), thus acquiring new, not useful for an internal combustion engine. If gasoline has been sitting in a canister for a month and a half, it is better to pour it into the fuel tank, where, mixed with the total volume of fresher gasoline, it will not cause any damage to the engine of the car. Two-stroke combustion engines are more sensitive in this respect. That’s why manufacturers recommend using only top quality fuel.

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As for the octane number, there are still debates among experts about what kind of gasoline to fill in the trimmer for grass. Most manufacturers recommend to fill up the fuel system only with high-octane gasoline of 92. True, there is one small caveat, quite often in the instructions is the wording “no lower than 92”, and this leaves room for speculation, what kind of gasoline to use.

Certainly, the efficiency (efficiency factor) of the 95th gasoline is somewhat higher than that of the 92nd. The latter in its turn is a successor of Soviet-80 gasoline, used by many equipment. But with higher energy efficiency, the 95th has some peculiarities. For example, it is more suitable for modern car models, while the internal combustion engines installed in garden equipment are far from any design innovations, their structure remains virtually unchanged for decades. For a two-stroke gasoline engine installed in most modern trimmers, it will be quite sufficient to fill up with 92-grade gasoline purchased from a trusted gasoline network.

It is best to look for additive-free options labeled “eco”, “ecto”, t.к. Clean gasoline base is needed for the engine to work properly. The additives in the mixture will provide the oil.

Whether 95 gasoline is needed for optimum performance is more of a philosophical question, and there is no specific answer. It is enough to remember that in the tolerances and recommendations it is rare enough, and that already says a lot. In addition, it is usually filled at your own risk, wishing to improve the characteristics of the. If you want to switch from 92 to 95 gasoline in the name of experiment, it is important to remember the consequences in the form of increased wear, unstable operation of the power unit and failure of its individual components. Of course, none of the above may happen, but the likelihood, if out of tolerance, is extremely high.

dilute, gasoline, mower

How to dilute petrol with oil for grass trimmer

Dilute petrol for grass trimmer in the correct proportion. Not enough oil can result in poor lubrication of the mower, which leads to quick wear and tear. The oil will burn on pistons and spark plugs if it is too much. Carbon deposits on the moving parts of the engine obstruct normal operation and lead to premature engine damage.

dilute, gasoline, mower

To find out what ratio is required for your particular model of grass trimmer, refer to the instruction manual provided. Most often, for 2-stroke gasoline motors of trimmers use a fuel mixture in the proportion 50:1, where 50. part of gasoline, 1. part of oil. So, 20 ml of oil should be added to 1 liter of gasoline. The table will help you find the right ratio.

To measure the proportions correctly use measuring jars with a milliliter scale. For these purposes a special canister with double neck is perfectly suitable, it is designed for mixing and storing oil-gasoline. For example, oil can be filled with a medical syringe without a needle. Before mixing the fluids, make sure that the container for the prepared fuel mixture is free of water, dust, and particles of dirt.

Do not dilute petrol and lubricant directly in the fuel tank; moreover, the oil and petrol proportions must be exactly the same. If you ignore this rule, the work of the grass trimmer engine can be unstable, due to which it will quickly fail.

It is not recommended to use plastic bottles or canisters for this purpose. This is due to the fact that gasoline tends to dissolve plastic, which means that some plastic can get into the fuel tank, which can lead to carburetor failure. Although there are special plastic canisters labeled “flame.

  • gasoline;
  • oil suitable for two-stroke engines with air cooling system;
  • Canister, it is better to have a metal canister;
  • The tank for mixing is also better a metal one;
  • gloves;
  • Respirator.
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In addition to protective equipment, do not forget about the rules of fire safety, because gasoline and motor oil are easily flammable:

  • It is better to work outside to avoid the accumulation of gasoline fumes in the room;
  • Do not smoke or create a spark.

Make the mixture of gasoline and oil as follows:

  • Pour 1 liter of gasoline into a container, add half of the required portion of oil. Mix thoroughly, and do this very carefully away from sources of open flame.
  • Add the rest of the oil to the gasoline of your rotary trimmer and mix well again. Now you can fill the tank of the grass trimmer with fuel.

Lawn mower running off gasoline fumes

The mixture can be stored for up to three months, so it is better to dilute the gasoline in such an amount that is enough for several uses.

For diluting it is possible to use only quality oil, and it is recommended to buy it only at quality stores, for example at specialized hypermarkets.

How to properly pour ready fuel into a two-stroke motor

Many people don’t follow some important recommendations for pouring fuel into the gas tank of a grass trimmer or lawn mower, which ends up having unpleasant consequences. Let’s take a look at important recommendations on how to properly fill the gas tank of a brushcutter with diluted gasoline and oil:

  • Prepare a funnel or watering can. Even with a large gas tank opening, very often when you try to go in, some fuel will spill and end up on the body of the tool. If fuel gets on the tool, it is very important to use a funnel or spout
  • Before unscrewing the plug, you should thoroughly clean the surface of the tank, because impurities can get inside, which will cause a quick clogging of the gasoline filter
  • It is necessary to work on filling the fuel in windless weather or in a secluded place, in order to avoid the possibility of dust and small grains of sand getting inside the tank
  • Do not leave the tank hatch open for a long time, as not only small grains of sand and dust, but also insects can get into it
  • Do not inhale petrol fumes while filling up, as they are dangerous for people. The operator must wear protective goggles, earplugs and a respirator while working with the trimmer
  • It is necessary to pour fuel into the tank up to the mark. If you fill up the tank, when you screw in the cap, some of it will spill out. not economical use of fuel. In this case it is better to underfill than overfill

Considering these recommendations, you can significantly extend the life of the gasoline tool in question.

This is interesting! It is also recommended that you wear protective gloves when mixing and priming.

Rules for blending different engines

All of the above applies to two-stroke engines. In the case of four-stroke engines, you do not need to dilute and mix anything. gasoline is poured into the fuel tank and oil into the crankcase. It is important to know that you should not add oil designed for the four-stroke engine or for the liquid cooling system to a brushcutter with a two-stroke engine. Otherwise the entire piston system will be destroyed or overheating will occur.

Important! For the first filling of a four-stroke engine, you may pour no more than 90 ml of oil into a special tank.

How to fill different engines with different mixtures

The main rule is to strictly observe the ratio in the mixture for two-stroke engines and not to use such compositions for four-stroke engines. It is a good idea to fill the tank completely, but do not fill it more than once a year.

It is wise to prepare a certain quantity of mixture at once in order to be able to use it in good time later. Comply with regulations when storing:

  • Store gasoline-oil mixture for up to 3 months because it will separate;
  • Use a sunlight-tight container for storage. Keep it out of direct sunlight;
  • Do not place the container near heaters.
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The result of the fuel mixture calculation:

For more convenient measuring in milliliters use the medical syringe of larger volume, it is cheap, available at any drugstore. Or use any measuring cup with graduations.

Our calculator can help you calculate the right proportion to fill any power tool e.g.: boat motor, chainsaw, grass trimmer, lawn mower, etc.д. In other words you can calculate by yourself and for free the right oil to gasoline ratio for two strokes engines. Mixing instructions in the photo below.

Important, before you start the calculation, read the instruction manual of the tool, in particular the items: refueling volumes, fuel mixture ratio. This data is the input for the correct calculation.

For your convenience, you can print out the results by clicking “Print”. We will be very glad to receive your constructive feedback about our service.

Note that the power tool has a run-in period and the gasoline/oil ratio is different than recommended.

Choosing the right oil for your chain saw

Two-stroke engines are filled with a mix of unleaded gasoline and 2T oil. It is necessary to use recommended gasoline AI-92. If you use a brand with a higher octane number, the flashpoint and combustion temperature will be higher, the valves will burn out prematurely. The same applies to oil. Recommended compound is not the most expensive. But it is not permissible to use a different brand. Viscosity will change, it will lead to insufficient lubrication of conventional products made without high-precision lapping.

If you add too much oil, incomplete combustion will lead to carbon monoxide and excessive exhaust emissions. A rich mixture is bad for the engine. The four-stroke engine is filled with oil separately from the gasoline. It washes components, cools, reduces friction. The oil gets dirty during work and has to be changed after 50 hours of work. What oil to fill in the lawnmower is specified in the certificate. The composition should be marked 4T with a viscosity 10W40.

The best oil for any engine is the one recommended. However, the world famous oil is Shel Helix Ultra. For 40 years the company has been developing a new technology to produce synthetic oil from natural gas. The Pureplus technology has made it possible to get an improved composition of base oil. On its basis, with the addition of the necessary additives, the leading manufacturers get the recommended oil for their equipment.

The choice of oil depends first and foremost on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Only original STIHL lawnmower oil is used in these applications. The same oil is good for the brand Vityaz, because the engines of the brands are the same. There is an expert opinion that any manufacturer’s oil intended for one type of machinery is suitable for use on all brands. But if at all possible, it is best to use the recommended oils.

You need to have a reserve of oil for one season. Product that has been left standing for a long time loses its properties. Available in containers from 0.1 to 5 liters.

Investigated the path of oil recommended for the Husqvarna lawnmower. The company has no in-house production, only a bottling plant. The product purchased in bulk is poured into small containers, labeled, and delivered to the retail chain. The oil may have had some Husqvarna-exclusive additives added at the point of manufacture.

The use of oil, according to the instruction manual for the brushcutter, is mandatory. The machine can’t run on pure gasoline.

Using 2-cycle gas oil/ mix in 4 cycle Lawn Mower

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