How to Dilute Gasoline for a Chainsaw

How to Mix 2 Stroke Fuel for your Chainsaw 25:1

It is necessary to dilute petrol with oil to avoid engine failure. The reason for this is the peculiarities of the lubrication system of two-stroke engines. In the construction of such engines there is no chamber for filling engine oil, and if you fill the fuel without lubricant, then the crankshaft, piston, bearings and connecting rods will not get lubrication. This will significantly reduce the service life of all of these parts, so pour pure fuel is prohibited.

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Gasoline and oil for a chainsaw must be poured in appropriate proportions, which enables effective lubrication of friction parts. Lack or excess of lubricant will lead to negative consequences in the form of carbon deposits. For the tool to work properly it is necessary to fill it not only with high-quality materials from the first day of operation, but also to observe the correct proportions.

For the engine to work properly, the main thing is to fill it with clean fuel without any impurities.

Why do you need to dilute the lubricant

At the very beginning it is necessary to understand the cause of fuel dilution. The mixture used for a chainsaw is diluted first to prolong the life of its owner. The instructions for it strictly forbid operation without diluting gasoline.

The core of a chainsaw‘s motor is an internal combustion piston engine. It consists only of the cylinder, so it has no additional systems to lubricate the parts. The mixture enters it, settles, lubricates the piston rings and walls. In tools such as chainsaws, oil with gasoline acts as a one-of-a-kind lubricant. The mixture extends the operating life of all parts.

It also contains additives that are good for the engine. Has antioxidant, preservative, and other properties that are also good for the engine and its parts.

How to mix gasoline and oil in a chainsaw

Chainsaw in the view of ordinary people. a simple tool, which is used, and villains from horror movies and girls in music videos. However, as soon as you encounter the professional use of this tool in business, the myths in your head dispel instantly. One of the nuances of its use, is to fill it with gasoline. Back in the gasoline for Soviet motorcycles was diluted with oil, just the same for chainsaws. If you are interested in why and how much oil to put in gasoline for a chainsaw, then you can find the answers in this article.

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Stop Ethanol in Fuel Damaging Your Chainsaw.

The consequences of an incorrect dosage

Many chainsaw users do not pay proper attention to the proportion. 50 grams more or less. doesn’t it make the difference?? And in vain: often the cause of malfunctions of the saw is the operation with an improperly prepared fuel mixture. And it is possible to make a mistake or intentionally violate the ratio upwards as well as downwards.

stihl chainsaw ms 5200 how to assemble and what oil and what gasoline you can use

If there’s a lot of oil

There is a popular belief among chainsaw owners that you can’t ruin an engine with oil. But they don’t invent the necessary parameters of the ready mixture for nothing. Too much oil can also be harmful and inconvenient. In fact, despite the improved combustibility without residue, some of the hydrocarbons still turn into soot and carbon deposits. At a low concentration they are not much, but if you enrich the mixture with oil twice as much against the norm, you get coking. It is especially dangerous for cheap mineral oils that have no flushing effect.

You’re also very likely to find oil in the air filter when the carburetor overflows. The spark plug will also be soiled and needs to be cleaned, flushed and dried. Also, the vapors of unburned oil will settle in the muffler, and at intensive work will burn out, forming a plume of soot and sparks.

After such filling almost all insides of the saw have to be thoroughly cleaned and washed. The funniest surprise is when the piston rings die, but that’s when systematic abuse of oil overflow and running under high load.

or not enough

Greed with the fuel mixture has killed many pistons. That’s where it’s really better to overdo it than underdo it. Because if in the first case you are threatened with a thorough cleaning of the machine, in the second case you will have to change the cylinder block, and this is not profitable for many saws, and for others costs a pretty penny.

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Conclusion: economy is senseless. If there is not enough oil, the piston starts rubbing in the cylinder, because at high temperature gasoline is too fluid to perform the lubrication function.

Tragic results: Scored pistons, ruined saw engine. If the owner gets his bearings in time, he will find that the piston and cylinder have a beautiful blue color. How long these will last, no master will give a guarantee.

Proportion for Druzhba chainsaw

The pedigree for the Druzhba chainsaw began in 1953 with the development of the ZMKB Progress. Production of the product was entrusted to two companies. the Siberian Instrument Manufacturing Plant and the Perm Machine-Building Plant. The mass production of mechanized product began, which is still in the trend of the day, as the unit was systematically upgraded.

For engines use fuel of low octane numbers. The unit shows the highest performance when filling the engine with gasoline brands AI-76 and AI-80.

It is recommended to dilute gasoline and oil according to the following algorithm:

Take 2 clean containers, dried from moisture with volume marks. Then dilute the fuel with two-stroke oil at a ratio of 1:50. That is, the fuel is diluted with 20 milligrams of oil.

Oil for chainsaws

Mainly API-TB oil is used for chainsaws that are widespread in our country. API-TC can be used a little less frequently, but only when the manufacturer states so on the package. It should also specify how much oil should be added to gasoline. For saws with lower loads the API-TC class is applied.

The above oil grades are classified by the American Petroleum Institute. There is also another well-known Japanese company that also defines the power classes of lubricants. In that case it is recommended to use JASO-FB and JASO FD oils in petrol.

It is important to note that using oils used in four-stroke engines on two-stroke engines is categorically impossible.

This is because in the latter it is important for the lubricant to burn completely. This can be achieved by using synthetic oil which emits less smoke and produces less combustion residue. Before diluting the fluid, you should always pay attention to the instructions for the chainsaw, which should specify the types and brands of all consumables that must be used on the device.

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How to fill a chainsaw? See in

Each chainsaw has different specifications and can do different jobs.

Powerful saws are suitable for cutting down century-old trees, small format chainsaws are more suitable for various chores in the household:

Standard chainsaw blocks:

  • Power pack.
  • Clutch.
  • Ignition unit.
  • Carburetor.
  • Fuel block (oil and fuel reservoir).
  • Filters for cleaning incoming air.
  • Starter.
  • Chain.
  • Bus.
  • Chain brake.
  • Tensioning mechanism.
  • Chain lubrication element.

Each chainsaw requires high-quality fuel and lubricants, and it is they that ensure the long-term productive operation of the unit. What kind of gasoline to pour for a chainsaw, in what proportions?

For domestic chainsaws simple oils will do, foreign chainsaws need more complex fuel mixtures that have been thoroughly cleaned.

Why oil and gasoline have to be mixed

Gasoline must always be mixed with oil in the saw. The reason for this is the constructional peculiarities of a two-stroke engine. It does not have a separate component lubrication system (as in other internal combustion engines) and therefore its cylinders with O-rings, crankshaft, bearings and connecting rods must be lubricated directly in the fuel production process.

Choosing oil for your chainsaw

The basis of the fuel mixture for a chainsaw is gasoline itself, but the choice of lubricant is more stringent.

Gasoline for a chainsaw with a suitable octane rating is determined by the manufacturer and stated in the machine’s manual. This fuel is AI-92 or AI-95.

You have to be more careful when choosing oil. According to American classification API-TB grease category is suitable, Japanese suggest JASO-FB or JABO-FD. Materials are needed for a two-stroke engine with air cooling, so oil products for mopeds or motorboats is better not to take.

dilute, gasoline, chainsaw

Mineral oil is chosen because of its low cost, but its quality is much lower. Lubricants on a synthetic basis are more economical. Semi-synthetics provides the best lubrication at high temperatures, in which the additives contained in the products of renowned companies play a significant role. The exhaust is less saturated with toxic compounds, as well as, importantly, brand manufacturers reduce the flash point of their oil. It burns out almost completely without leaving a residue.

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