How to determine the engine power of a power tiller

How to determine the engine power of a power tiller

Most of Russia’s population have gardens, orchards or homesteads, respectively, each year there is an increasing demand for garden equipment. technical means for handling the land: cultivators and tillers.

At the moment there are many brands and models of gasoline and diesel motors from different leading world manufacturers available on the market for the above mentioned equipment: Hyundai; Patriot; Zongshen; Lifan; Forza; Loncin; Dde; Elitech; Briggs&Stratton; Carver; Champion; Parma; RedVer; Subaru; Honda.

What is capable of gardening equipment?

The main function of the gardening machinery is to till and plow the ground, but with a certain set of attachments the possibilities of power tillers increase significantly:

  • Plowing. A standard plow is used for this, capable in heavy models even of lifting virgin.
  • Harrowing. Harrow toothed attachment helps break up crust that forms in the heat on the soil surface and prevents it from “breathing”.
  • Tiller. An indispensable feature for those planting potatoes and strawberries, the tiller lifts furrows, removes weeds and aerates the soil (which prevents it from souring and developing grey rot).
  • Planting. A trailed tuber hopper makes planting and harvesting a second crop of potatoes and other root crops easier, and a seed drill for seeds, garlic cloves and heads greatly speeds up seeding.
  • Lawn and bed care. You can also connect a rotary mower to the tiller, a snow blower with ice blades and brushes for young snow, as well as an aerating shaft that allows you to gently plow the lawn without harming the grass.

Other popular engine brands

There are also products by other well-known manufacturers in our catalog.

    – An excellent analogue of the Honda motor, they do not differ structurally, but the price is much lower. Weima on the market for over 20 years, this manufacturer’s motors are durable, not afraid of prolonged stress, suitable for installation on any equipment. is made in China. Build quality is average, but these motors are compatible with different types of equipment, are powerful, unpretentious and cheap maintenance. (Slovak company with production in China). a good solution if an old motor is expensive to repair. The products of this brand steadily gets good reviews, they are inexpensive, and fit perfectly with the Belarusian motor blocks and minitractors This is another analogue of Honda, inexpensive and of sufficient quality.The range also includes expensive motors such as BriggsStratton, Kohler and Chinese brand Rato.

A little about the popular types of power tillers

And if you do not need a motor, but a whole single-axle tractor for tillage, an overview of the most popular types of this equipment will come in handy.

    . Great motoresource capacity (higher than that of gasoline power units), decent traction, simple operation, good traction with the ground, water cooling, inexpensive fuel. these are the reasons why the diesel power units are preferred to the gasoline ones. Diesel power tillers are optimal for work on the plots of 1-4 hectares This equipment combines the functions of a cultivator, power tiller and a mini-tractor, it is capable of any agricultural work, any soil. Any attachment can be fixed to the universal mounting PTO shaft is often installed on heavy power tillers as it is reliable and hard to break it. That is why such power tillers are used with heavy attachments.

If you are interested in the best motor blocks and cultivators, you must understand that everything depends on the budget, your requirements for the device. But the poll leaders are such models as FERMER FM-909MSL, FERMER FM-811MX, Shtenli 1900 Pro, Patriot Tesla-3, “Belarus 09H”.

Which engine is better

This statement of the question about the power tiller is fundamentally wrong. Each type of engine has its own merits and weaknesses, as well as its own field of application. And there are many to choose from. Like all internal combustion engines, power plants are divided into gasoline and diesel engines.

Gasoline engines are divided into two-stroke and four-stroke. At the same time, diesel engines can only be four-stroke. this is due to differences in operating principle and design.

An important indicator of a power unit is how it is cooled, which can be either air- or liquid-cooled. Air cooling is more common on gasoline engines and small diesel units.

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Diesel engines, especially those with high power outputs, are generally cooled by forced liquid circulation via the water pump. this of course complicates and weighs design, but protects better from overheating.

The engine’s automatic speed regulation system for load changes greatly eases the operator’s work and helps save fuel. If it is equipped with a start locking system in case of a drop in the oil level in the crankcase below the norm, it is protected from “dry” operation. This prevents the main and connecting rod liners from turning and the imminent repair of the product.

Small petrol units are started manually with a cord and knob and a spring-loaded pulley. powerful engines, especially diesel ones, are equipped with an electric starter powered by a battery and an ignition key.

Choosing the right engine

Before buying a motor, it is important to know some technical points that will help you quickly find a quality option that will last a long time. It is important to understand that this element is one of the main, because it ensures the safe and long-lasting operation of the entire machine. The reliability and quality of performing various tasks depends on the parameters.

Practical and effective models are those that run on gasoline or diesel. Of course, you can also use electric products, but they are practically useless, especially if you buy a cheap version.

Weight and size should also be taken into account. All the more, that today some variants, despite their size, are characterized by good power. The next point is the quality of assembly. If you choose a cheap machine, you should be prepared for its constant malfunctioning.

How to choose a single axle tractor?

The choice of power tiller directly depends on the area to be processed, the type and amount of work. If you know the power of your power tiller and the size of your garden it is easy to calculate the number of hours you need to work on the area. According to the data in the table below you can determine the required power of your power tiller.

You should also consider the fact that more powerful power tillers are usually more reliable.

Thinking about how to choose a single-axle tractor, pay attention also to user reviews. And reviews say that domestic power tillers are less reliable and durable than imported ones. Although this rule covers all mechanical engineering.

Therefore, when choosing a domestic motoblock should clarify the data on the repairability of the chosen agricultural machine.

How to choose a single axle tractor?

The choice of crawler directly depends on the area to be worked, the type and amount of work. If you know the power of your power tiller and the size of your garden it is easy to calculate how many hours of work you will need to work on the land.

According to the data in the table below you can determine the power needed by your tractor.

In addition, you should consider the fact that more powerful motor blocks, as a rule, more reliable.

Wondering how to choose a single axle tractor, pay attention also to user reviews. And reviews say that domestic power tillers are less reliable and durable than imported ones. Although this rule of thumb covers all mechanical engineering.

Therefore, when choosing a domestic power tiller it is necessary to clarify the data on the maintainability of the chosen agricultural machine.

What engine can be put on the single-axle tractor Neva?

As practice shows, most often to replace a failed regular engine are used power units produced by brands Lifan, Robin-Subaru, Patriot and Honda. Among the main advantages of these engines experts single out endurance, high resistance to wear, ability to work in the most difficult weather conditions and low fuel consumption. Below we consider the peculiarities of the engines of each of these manufacturers in more detail.


The engines of this popular brand have earned great popularity because of the upper valve arrangement, which makes them more balanced and reliable. Another important advantage is the availability of a wide range of engine models, thanks to which the owners of Neva motorized tractors can choose the option with optimal technical characteristics.

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Motors from brand Lifan are able to withstand considerable loads. The work of each such engine is controlled by an effective air cooling system. To start the cold engine Lifan in his design includes a manual pump pump pump fuel, which allows the use of a single-axis tractor Neva with such an engine in almost any weather.

Other advantages of Lifan powertrains include:

  • Relatively low cost;
  • modern high-tech device;
  • versatility;
  • Availability of all spare parts necessary for repair;
  • proper selection of center of gravity.

Each engine brand Lifan fairly easy to self-service. If the correct proportions of fuel mixture are observed, such an engine will last as long as possible on the Neva motoblock without the need to perform repair work.


The high demand for the engines of the famous brand Subaru deserves due to a lot of advantages, availability of useful options for work and high quality of assembly. The engines of this manufacturer were among the first to be installed on Neva motoblocs and agricultural machines of other well-known brands.

The advantages of these engines include:

  • Robust housing, not amenable to mechanical damage;
  • Special channels in the cylinder head and block prevent the oil from overheating under intensive engine loads;
  • Reliable forged crankshaft and efficient multi-level air purification system;
  • cast-iron liners, which significantly increase the service life of each engine;
  • availability of electronic ignition system;
  • the use of the most modern technology and high-quality materials in the assembly of engines.

Engines of the Japanese Subaru brand are notable for modest fuel and oil consumption. Rigidly mounted crankshaft reduces engine noise. The enlarged bobbin starter can quickly overcome the resistance when starting the engine, which greatly speeds up the turn-on motor Neva.


Engines of this well-known company are among the most popular engines that owners of Neva motoblocks choose to re-equip their machines. Each Patriot motor has compact size and small weight that does not prevent it from having high power and endurance.

One more important advantage. it is high environmental friendliness Patriot motors. The engines of this brand are made in compliance with all norms and standards on the amount and composition of exhaust gases emitted.

Patriot motors are very easy to install with your own hands. All valves and fittings included in the delivery set have been designed for easy installation, even by someone with no experience in this kind of work.


Power units of the famous Japanese brand have a number of important advantages. They are durable, resistant to wear and mechanical damage, have a modest fuel and oil consumption.

Among the other advantages of motors from the brand Honda should be noted:

How to adjust power tiller chain

  • a wide range of models, the actual power from 1.2 to 12 liters. с.;
  • effective lubrication system in the design, which works on the principle of splashing. This feature significantly increases the life of the engine on power tillers Neva;
  • high reliability and efficiency of motors;
  • Each Honda power unit has an automatic decompressor, which allows you to start the engine under any weather conditions.

Even under high loads, the Honda motor does not overheat, which has been achieved due to the presence of an effective system of forced air cooling.

What a single-axle tractor can do: mini-tractor capabilities

Dreaming of a power tiller, dachniks mainly expect to work the ground with its help. But this technique has many more functions.


Naturally, the main functions of a power harvester are land work, and more specifically.ploughing, harrowing, ridging, cutting rows, etc.д.:

determine, engine, power, tiller
  • Plowing. They plow the land with the help of a plow, which is attached to the unit. Powerful models are able to lift the virgin soil. This function is especially useful for gardeners and beginners, who first need to normalize the soil before planting anything on it. A single-axle tractor, unlike a rotary cultivator, lifts deep layers of soil, shovels and mixes the soil, thus oxygenating and making the earth more airy. Such soil has a much better moisture level and air circulation than soil tilled with a spade.
  • Harrowing. Harrowing is done with a separate tine head. The purpose of this work is to break the crust on the surface of the soil, which is formed as a result of the drying of the upper part of the soil under the sun. The crust prevents oxygen from reaching the root system of the crops and prevents soil from retaining moisture. In addition, harrowing effectively removes weeds.
  • Mowing. For owners who plant potatoes (4-5 acres) on their dachas, the single-axle tractor will prove useful as a hoe. A special nozzle will help raise the furrows to allow the tubers to be better ventilated and rid them of excess moisture. Hillering is also useful for strawberries, especially if it is grown in the lowlands, where the increased moisture causes the defeat of berries by gray rot.
  • Digging and planting vegetable crops.With the help of accessories like potato planter and potato digger the single axle tractor will facilitate your planting and harvesting of “second loaf. Hopper capacity includes approximately three buckets of planted potatoes, which can be filled either by the LANDER or his helper. A planter is used to plant seeds, garlic cloves and onions.
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It is possible to considerably simplify the use of trimmers with an adapter. About how to make it yourself, read in the material:

Neptune Garden Mini Power Tiller/Cultivator/Weeder Full Review | मिनी पॉवर टिलर | Top Reviews

Harrowing is done while the potatoes are still barely showing on the surface of the ground to help them break through the dried out topsoil

Potato planters hold different amounts of planting material, but the most common variant, which is filled with about 3 buckets

The planter is convenient for planting crops for the fall, which usually fertilize the soil and rid it of weeds. In the spring, the green shoots are plowed

Lawn and flower bed care

In addition to excavation work, the single-axle tractor is capable of lawn care. To do this, it comes with a rotary mower, which mows the grass no worse than a grass trimmer, capturing at once about a meter of lawn. And if you buy an aerator attachment as well, your lawn will get extra oxygen and will grow thicker.

With the “lawn rake” attachment, you can pick up grass clippings and simultaneously scour the soil to give more oxygen to the roots

A shredder can be called a useful addition, which will shred all garden debris for composting.

The shredder can be used to create green compost from plant debris as well as to grind cut tree and shrub branches

A motor pump can be connected to the power tiller for watering the garden and flower beds.

Winter troubles

The single-axle tractor won’t be idle in the winter, either. It turns into a snow blower, thanks to special attachments:

  • The grass brush, which sweeps the soft, freshly fallen snow from the paths;
  • A snow shovel with blades that cuts and removes the snow that has caked in;
  • snow thrower that shovels snow to a depth of about 20 cm and tosses it out of the driveway.

Cargo transportation

For full happiness, the owner of the motor-block must also buy a trailer. Then it is possible to proudly sit on your own technique and drive around the garden, collecting garbage, cut branches or transporting manure, fertilizers, bags of potatoes, etc. You can even use the trailer to haul bags of cement from the nearest hardware store or to pick up stones in roadside fields to build a fence. This reduces the strain on your own back and arms, and makes it easier for you to transport your loads.

The trailer makes a “mini-tractor” out of a power tiller, on which one can sit and carry various heavy loads around the site

All accessories listed above, except the cultivator and wheels, are not included with the walking tractor. The more “horsepower” a power tool has, the more functions it can perform. The more “horsepower” a machine has, the more functions it can perform.

To avoid disappointment afterward, it is better to choose the crawler responsibly.

Before you buy a single axle tractor, you should thoroughly calculate all the parameters you will need based on the following factors:

  • The area of the processed area;
  • soil type;
  • the required range of work;
  • which attachments will be needed first.

Based on the above, you can choose the type of power tiller and its power.

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