How to determine the date of manufacture of a Bosch battery


Our experts make complex diagnostics of the battery on the professional equipment.

• removing the old battery;• Cleaning and treating the terminals with a special tool.means;• Installation and connection of the new battery;• leakage current test;• Diagnosis of the starter at startup; • Diagnostics of the efficiency of the generator;• Diagnostics of the battery, with a check of the remaining service life and starting current.

Battery replacement is performed strictly according to the automaker’s regulations and without disconnecting the power supply. The settings of the onboard computer, air conditioner, radio and other equipment are preserved.

After checking the performance of electrical equipment (alternator and starter) the warranty card is issued.

Battery replacement takes 15 to 30 minutes (for VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7. up to 40 min)

In case a specialist fails to perform the above mentioned maintenance works properly (besides being late, negligence, rude and other) a client always has a right to refuse to buy goods and services without explaining the reasons.

All batteries have a 2 year warranty.

In case of the battery breakage during the warranty period the client can call the number indicated in the warranty certificate and inform about the defect. Our specialists will deliver the new battery and perform the replacement within 1 hour. In case of defective alternator or starter the customer should apply to the service center.

How to determine the date of manufacture of a battery?

All necessary information will be provided by the battery marking. There are no unified standards for battery marking by date of manufacture, it is placed differently on different batteries. Most manufacturers indicate the date of manufacture of the battery as a set of letters and numbers, and sometimes as a color marking.

The date of manufacture of the battery may be shown on the front label, embossed on the lid, or placed on a separate label on the side wall. There are no standards here.

Varta, Bosch and Gigawatt car batteries are now manufactured on the same production lines. Therefore, the way they are coded is identical. The code printed on the case of a Varta, Bosch or Gigawatt battery consists of nine items (two letters and seven digits).

For example, on the case cover, we see the code C2C659313. It is deciphered as follows:The first letter. specifics of shipment: V. For retail sales E. for the battery packs at the car plants C. Made to order by a partner

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First digit. conveyor number.2nd letter. The geographical location of the plant: H. Germany (Hannover) C. Czech Republic (Česká Lípa) S. Sweden (Haltsfred) A. Austria (Vienna) F or R. France (Rouen) E or G. Spain (Guardamar. Burgos)

How to read the production date: Bosch Varta Batteries

4,5,6 digits. date of issue. According to the table below you can determine when the battery was manufactured.

Thus, the code C2C659313 tells us that the battery was produced by a partner’s order on a second production line in the Czech Republic in November 2016.

Thomas batteries are a more budget-friendly counterpart to the Varta Blue Dynamic series and are also manufactured in the Czech Republic, so the Thomas battery production date is coded along the same lines.

On Topla batteries, the code is laser etched on the top of the case. TOPLA four-digit marking:1, 2nd digit. year3, 4th digit. week

For example, code 1644 tells us that the battery was released in week 44 of 2016, t.е. October 2016.

Since mid-2017, the marking has moved under the right battery terminal (bottom right corner when viewed from above) and has been reduced to 3 characters:

1st digit. last digit of the year of manufacture

Thus, the code 811 reports information that the battery was released in week 11 of 2018, t.е. March 2018.

Baren Blue Polar and Baren Profi batteries are manufactured at the Fiamm factory. The country of manufacture of all batteries is Italy g. Veronella, there is also a factory in Austria. On Fiamm batteries, the production date information is also present in the embossing on the battery cover 1 number. year of manufacture is the 2nd and 3rd. week number 4 number. day in the week 5 number. work shift

For example, code 64921 tells us that the battery was produced in 2016, week 49, December 6.

The same labeling principle is used in Fiamm Titanium Pro batteries.

Car batteries “Energassila”, ZUBR are produced at the plant JV “Polesskie accumulators” Ltd.Example: 6L03E1. 6. 2016, L. month (November), 03. number, E. assembly line, 1. capacity code (55 Ah).(A-January, B-February, C-March, D-April, E-May, F-June, G-July, H-August, J-September, K-October, L-November, M-December)

Eurostart batteries manufactured at the plant “Kursk Accumulators” are marked as follows:

The battery was produced on the production line. 340. individual batch code. Date of manufacture: 2016, 2nd half-year, 2nd month, 22nd date (August 22, 2016).

Klema norm and Klema better batteries are produced in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) at “Vesta” plant, which means that battery marking is deciphered in the same way as for other batteries produced at Concern’s plant. The marking is on the battery cover in the upper right corner and consists of 10 digits. The first 4 digits indicate the numbers of production lines and capacity characteristics of the battery. Fifth character. last digit of the year of manufacture, sixth. 1 or 2. first or second half of the year, seventh. ordinal number of the month in the half year, eighth and ninth. day of month and last tenth. crew number.

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For example, battery number 2074 723091 tells us that the battery, with a capacity of 74 ah, was produced in the third month of the 2nd half of 2017, t.е. September 9, 2017 on the second production line by the first crew.

Batteries Ista 7 series and Ista Standard, produced by DOZ “Energoavtomatika” LLC, Ukraine

Marking place. top lid, above the label.

Example: 2644, where 2 is the production number, 6 is the last digit of the year (2016), 44 is the week number (November).

For batteries manufactured by ISTA-Center CJSC, the marking is different, for example: 131624, where 1. production number, 3. brigade number, 16. year of manufacture, 24. week number (early June).

Car batteries Volat Autopart, Autopart Plus, Galaxy Silver, Galaxy Gold.

In the upper right corner of the battery cover is embossed with 4 digits, where the first digit is the year, the second and third digits are the week.

For example, the code 1644 tells us that the battery was released in November 2016.

The condition of a fully charged battery is characterized by the following parameters:

Therefore, there is no “freshness” requirement in Europe when purchasing batteries, even for car manufacturers’ conveyors. In addition, capacity and ampere specifications are clearly marked on the factory stickers, it is sometimes difficult to find the date of manufacture on the battery case.

The date of manufacture of the battery is usually encoded by manufacturers and serves only to identify the battery in complaint cases, so it is not useful information for the consumer and should not affect his choice when buying a battery.

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Why the date of manufacture of a battery is important

As you know, the composition of batteries are certain chemicals that are constantly reacting with each other to produce electricity. However, if you do not use a car battery for a long time, the resource of interaction of substances is depleted, and eventually the battery becomes empty.

That’s why it’s so important to know the date of manufacture. so you can roughly navigate when you have to buy a new battery. over, such information protects the buyer from counterfeit and lying goods. To avoid cheating and not to buy a faulty battery, most car owners find out the expiration date, as well as the year of manufacture of the battery before buying it.

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The factory does not print the exact production date (e.g. 10.12.2010), but a special laser is used to pierce the markings on the plastic parts of the battery. This coding contains information about the day, month and year of production.

How to know the date of manufacture of the battery by marking

Each battery manufacturer puts on its battery a special code, which is called a marking. Technologically the marking can either be burned out by a laser (as for example the marking on Tyumenskmo Medved), or melted into a die (as in the Kursk batteries). As a rule, the marking of the date of production is put by the fact of readiness of the battery, i.e. it is actual, but in practice, some factories sin and put the date of production from the future, which allows you to sell “fresh” batteries, even if produced 2 months ago, from the factory. Most likely this is done in the summer and fall period, in order to optimally load production and stock the battery for the season.

It is believed that the fresher the battery, the higher its value, so often, at low attractive trying to get rid of old batteries. During storage, the battery loses some of its capacity due to chemical processes going on inside. For example, batteries with hybrid technology can be stored for 6 months without loss of quality, while calcium batteries can be stored for 12 months. At the same Johnson Controls (manufacturer of Warta, Bosch, Energizer and other brands) reports that their batteries can be stored for 18 months. In fact it is only a marketing ploy and a tool to facilitate the dealers’ sale of “stale” batteries, which come a long way to the shelves.

Therefore, when going to buy a new battery be sure to take a printout of the date of manufacture of the battery in the store. This will allow you to make the right choice.

In addition to marking release dates, the battery is marked according to accepted standards (GOST, SAE, DIN, EN, JIS), about which our website will write a little later.

This article provides examples of labels used since 2014, as 2015 saw a major change in the battery market, with some private label owners changing manufacturing plants.

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