How to cut wood into boards. How to saw a felled tree with a chainsaw

How to cut a log into boards with a chainsaw

Sawing a log into boards with a chainsaw is a fairly convenient and easy method of working with wood. Thanks to the presence of various nozzles, the master obtains materials with a smooth and even surface. It is easy to make the boards yourself, you do not have to go to specialized stores.

The method of sawing logs with a chainsaw has several advantages.

Ability to work in any conditions. the chainsaw is not afraid of moisture, so sawing logs specialists can saw during rain, the equipment in such a case will not be spoiled.

High performance. it is allowed to work on wood throughout the day, but you should take into account that the power of the device must be at least 7 horsepower.

Stand-alone device. the equipment runs on gasoline, does not depend on electricity, the workplace is installed at any site where it will be more convenient to carry out the process.

Ease of operation. the chainsaw is equipped with a soft start and chain speed adjustment, these conditions ensure that beginners in this business will get quality results.

The undoubted advantage is that the equipment is much cheaper than a small sawmill. In case of a breakdown, repairs are inexpensive and do not take long.

Sawing technique along

Longitudinal sawing is quite often used, and therefore it is better to say a few words about the correct work technique. Since this method is used to obtain boards used in the construction of important buildings, it is necessary that they are almost perfect. In order to achieve the same dimensions, it is necessary to use a guide during the work. The role of this auxiliary element can be an iron rail or another board, but very strong and perfectly flat.

How to cut a log into boards: ways to cut wood on a band saw

There are many different methods of sawing including straight or rip sawing, cantsawing, simple sawing, the sorting method that is seldom used in Europe, and a very interesting method of sawing logs into quarters. Read the descriptions of each of these methods, including their English names, to help you find more information on the Internet.

Live sawing or Solid Sawing

Straight Sawing or Solid Sawing Method. one of the easiest ways to cut a log on a band saw. This method is called Live sawing or Slab sawing, which is sawing through and through. The idea is that the log is placed on the mill, clamped, and several boards are sawn off one after another from the top, and then, when a horizontal surface is formed, the log is turned over 180 degrees and sawed again one board from top to bottom all the way down.

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Although this is the easiest and fastest sawing method, it has a significant disadvantage because it results in unedged boards and therefore another longitudinal sawing operation is needed to get the product of proper quality. As a general rule, lumber obtained by continuous sawing. are heavy, wide boards of low grade, and if placed in a dryer, they are likely to deform severely. Because of these disadvantages the cant sawing method is only recommended for low quality logs.

Cant Sawing or Log Sawing

When sawing a log the first cuts are made from the top of the log, then it is turned over 180 degrees and sawn from the opposite side until the specified thickness of the log is reached. The log is then turned again, now by 90 degrees, sawn on the third side, turned again, and the last face of the beam is formed on the fourth side. It involves sawing a log from the center and either processing it with other equipment or selling it as a support beam, post, or other heavy, durable building material.

When it comes to production volumes this method of log sawing maximizes productivity and is often used as the starting point for processing in large sawmills. Usually the method of sawn timber is used for middle and low quality beams, because of its advantages. Saving time and effort.

Plain sawing

The method of simple sawing is very similar to sawing a bar. Exactly the same at the first stage of the log rotates and from its center formed a bar of desired size, but sawing does not stop there: the operator dissolves the bar on a band saw on planks of a given thickness. If the customer specifies boards of different widths, then the maximum width of the beam should be made and the finished boards then passed through the edger. Easy Sawing. One of the most popular ways to get the highest yield and best quality boards.

Grade Sawing or Sawing by Grade

This method is used in the U.S. and Canada, it is not popular in Europe, however, it is useful to know how American sawyers saw a log into different grades of lumber.

Take a look at the picture. This method involves sawing several slabs off a log, then inverting it by 90 percent, sawing the boards again, and inverting them at least five times. This is the best way to cut valuable timber from a financial point of view, but the productivity of the machine is low.

Quarter Sawing

Here is another interesting way of cutting a log. There are several reasons to use the method of sawing in quarters, when dealing with expensive valuable species of wood, because this method allows you to get better durability characteristics boards because of a certain pattern of annual rings in the finished lumber. The cost of such boards is higher and the demand for them is higher than for lumber resulting from simple sawing. Usually carpenters, furniture shops and craftsmen prefer to work with this material because of the obvious advantages in its properties.

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However, with this log-cutting method the gain in product price may not be recouped due to high labor costs and time spent on sawing.

Quarter sawing takes into account the angle at which the tree growth rings cross the surface of the lumber. Although there are different opinions regarding this term, the lumber obtained by sawing into quarters is different in that the growth rings are located to the surface of the board at an angle of 80-90 degrees. This method can also be used to cut boards in which the growth rings will be at an angle of 45-80 degrees to the surface.

How to saw a board evenly with a circular saw?

Very often when carrying out various works in construction there is a need to carry out such an operation as sawing wood into boards. In this review, we will tell you how you can organize the work process depending on the conditions and specifics of a particular operation, because sometimes you need to cut only one element along the length, and sometimes you need to saw a whole log or beam.


Types of equipment used

We will consider some options for carrying out works with their own hands and tell about the devices used, it is up to you to choose the solution that will be best for you in a particular situation.

Rules for felling trees with a chainsaw

The most important thing in how to cut wood properly with a chainsaw is not the method of sawing, but the correct calculation. It involves choosing the trajectory of the tree’s fall when felling. Before cutting, it is important to consider how and where the trunk will fall, what the branches can catch when falling, what the approximate weight of the wood is, and whether it can affect other objects around. Also when felling, you need to take into account such factors as wind direction, the slope of the ground, the slope of the trunk (if any). If the trunk has a slope, then the sawing should be done exactly from its side. So, the trunk will fall exactly in this direction. Having decided on the felling path, it is necessary to make an undercut on the tree from this side. It is done at an angle. From the trunk a segment is cut with two cuts at the top and bottom, so that their intersection came out, not reaching the core of the trunk. A wedge is inserted in place of the sawed-out area, and then another cut is made from the back side perpendicular to the trunk 2-5 cm above the cut-out segment. Then the wedge is knocked out and the log falls in a given direction. Once you know how to cut a tree with a chainsaw, it’s important not to forget the escape route if the center of gravity of the tree becomes misaligned and changes its trajectory. It is necessary to clear it from possible obstacles, and for additional safety you can tie the sawed off trunk with a rope. This method will help control the fall trajectory.

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Using climbing gear when working with a chainsaw

Turning the log

If a 180-degree turn is made, you get unedged boards that require extra work on the sides, and then the half log is sawn into a trimmed board.

With a 90-degree turn, you get unedged and semi edged boards with the need to trim one side. The 180-degree flip sawing method will produce more valuable wide boards. But if the edging machine is equipped with only one saw, a 90-degree flip is handy.

After sawing the opposite faces, the worst of the remaining faces is sawed first, but this option does not take into account the taper. But a high quality facet should be sawn parallel to the bark, which increases the yield of quality lumber.

How to optimize a cut

To make the lumber yield higher, the sawing process should be optimized. This applies especially to logs that have a considerable curvature. To saw a curved round timber, you need to perform a series of actions:

  • First only suitable timber is selected for work. If the remaining logs are rotten, sprouted, cracked at the ends, it is necessary to ottortsentse some areas.
  • If during the work a rotten heartwood is found, you can carefully remove it, and then saw the remainder. This allows to avoid high losses, to obtain boards with length from 1 m with the necessary quality.
  • It is recommended to use logs with a larger diameter to have a higher yield. The coefficient can be 1.48-2.1, but it all depends on the diameter, the quality of rounding, sorting, equipment. For frame shops this factor would be 1.48-1.6, and for lines with milling equipment it would be 1.6 for large timber. If the diameter of the round piece is 12 cm or more, the coefficient may exceed the 2.1.

How to saw a log across

If you plan to saw the trunk crosswise and then split the billets into boards, it is not practical. Usually a log intended for firewood is sawn across.

Sawn timber is often used for making garden benches, tables, groves, and cabinets. Garden paths made from sawn timber look beautiful. In such a case sawn into disks 10-15 cm thick.

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