How to cut the laminate flooring. Dismantle the lock system floors

What to cut laminate: what can be used to cut laminate at home.

One of the popular types of residential flooring is laminate. This material consists of several layers, each of which performs a specific functional purpose. When laying such a coating has to do trimming and cutting of the panels, in order to qualitatively and technologically perform the installation.

Mounting a laminate board involves fixing it to the floor with glue or special self-tapping screws. But many novice craftsmen do not know what to cut the laminate flooring to get a high-quality and smooth joint.

Cutting vinyl or cork laminate at home can be done with a few tools:

  • Cutter. This design resembles a guillotine. To cut a board, it must be placed under the knife along the cutting line. The cutter is then pressed in with a certain force, which produces rubber. With some skill, this tool can be used to cut laminate even along.
  • The jigsaw. Cutting with this machine is one of the fastest and most accessible. But it is important to use only special saws for laminate processing. To cut the desired piece, you should measure the required dimensions and draw a straight line for the trimmer. After that, the board is moved a little away from the table so that the saw moves in the air and starts cutting.

What to cut laminate: what you can use to cut laminate at home

  • Hacksaw. Cutting laminate with it can be done both on the floor and on a certain elevation. To do this, you also need to mark the fishing line for the trimmer and carefully start sawing. Here it is important to consider the saw’s pitch, as it can take up a lot of laminate. This in turn can lead to misalignment.
  • Knife. The top layer of laminate is a thin layer of film that can easily be damaged with an ordinary office knife. The technology of working with this tool is quite simple. Along the marked line the edge of the knife must be drawn in such a way as to cut through the top layer. If you need to get an even line for the trimmer, then additionally the board should be fixed qualitatively.

When you have cut through the top layer, you need to break off the excess piece. To do this, place the laminate on the edge of the table along the rubber and press sharply on one side. This approach is reminiscent of breaking ceramic tiles or glass after working with a glass cutter.

  • Circular saw. Cutting with this tool is much faster. To cut a piece of laminate, you should also make a marking. After that, the board is fixed on the bed along the plane of the saw’s movement. Place the product to the top with a laminated layer. In doing so, the saw blades will enter the material, which will reduce the formation of chips and cracks. When everything is aligned, you need to slowly guide the board along the cutting line with the circular saw turned on.
  • angle grinder. This tool resembles a circular saw in principle. Similar types of cutting discs are used here as well. But cutting can already be done almost anywhere. But to get an even cut, you need to get a hand that controls the angle grinder during processing.

Features of cutting laminate

In order to understand how to cut lamellas correctly, we must pay attention to the multi-layered structure of the material. At least three layers are cut at the same time:

  • The front surface is covered with a tough and hard melamine or polyurethane film, which peels and crumbles if you try to cut the material with a blunt blade;
  • Paper layer with wood grain. Cuts fairly easily, but can leave fringes from the fluffed paper;
  • The bottom layer of pressed wood fibers. You can cut with any sharp tool without much trouble. A great deal of fine dust is generated.
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Important! Chips and dust must be collected while cutting lamellas, otherwise the tiny crumbs of wood get stuffed into the grooves of the locks, and collecting the flooring becomes quite difficult.

If you use an elementary tool like a knife or a guillotine you can cut the laminate flooring with a thin plywood board, max. 8 mm thick. A carpenter’s square is usually used for marking.

In order to cut the laminate flooring evenly the board must lie exactly horizontally. The small thickness of the plywood pad does not affect the quality of the cut, but if you try to lay a quarter-meter-long lamella on a stool or a stand, the plane of the end of the cutting line will be inclined to one side. As a result the seam between the panels is almost twice as wide as with the locking joint.

A modern substitute for a paring knife

Cutting laminate with a knife is easy, but physically quite difficult, so it is best to use special devices or an electric tool. If the thickness of the laminate exceeds 6 mm it is more difficult to cut the material with a knife, because of the higher forces.

Sequence of disassembly and installation

The following tools will be needed here:

  • If using a Click-type connector, use a screwdriver to open it;
  • For the Lock panel joining system, a chisel or a special staple and a hammer are used;
  • A marker is also useful. it is used to mark the slats on the back side. Numbered elements will be easier to assemble in a new place, for this you just need to put them in reverse order.

In the case where the planned dismantling of the glueless laminate, the work is done in the following sequence:

  • Need to remove the corners, thresholds and skirting boards, using a screwdriver, as these components additionally hold the flooring canvas.
  • The dismantling of the strips begins with the last one. If it is a Click lock, you can simply open it with your hands, slightly lifting the corner of the board, carefully so as not to damage it. In the process of falling out the entire row, it should be divided and sign each lamella.
  • Lock connection is based on the spike, tightly planted in the groove, so you need to insert a chisel or staple into it, lightly tap on it, gently lift so that the spike fell out of the groove.

This kind of disassembly is labor-intensive, there is a high probability of damaging the panels.

Is it worth it to cut the laminate with an ordinary saw

A simple wood saw will of course cut through a laminate board, but. It has large teeth that will cause chipping and jagged edges if you saw from the front side. You can try to saw the laminate boards with a metal saw. Its teeth are much smaller and thinner. In any case, using a simple saw or hacksaw is a long, tedious and very hard task.

over, pressed boards are very blunt tools. What a jigsaw or an angle grinder can do in a couple of seconds, a saw has to do in 1-2 minutes. After sawing a few lamellae my hands hurt and I’m all sweaty. And even half the room is not laid. And now imagine that you sawed off crooked. The novice craftsman does not always get it right the first time.

Which saw is best to use? If you need a perfect cut without splinters. buy a hacksaw for metal. Its price is 5-10. It is not a fact that one hacksaw is enough for laying laminate flooring in an entire apartment.

The tool for installation

Despite the fact that the laminate is quite easy to install, to carry out work with it certain tools are used. Some of them may be available at home, some will have to buy. Without some tools it is quite possible to do. However, this article will talk about all the necessary tools that will be needed to install this flooring.

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Also, to work with laminate, you may also need a variety of consumables:

  • Painter’s tape and ordinary scotch tape;
  • waterproofing material, which is placed under the coating;
  • Carpet pad for laminate flooring, which is necessary to insulate the floors and additional alignment of the subfloor;
  • Silicone sealant may be needed to eliminate small gaps and cracks.

Is it possible to trim the laminate?

Laminate can be successfully cut with an ordinary wood saw. But it will have to expend effort, because its teeth are quite large and will gnaw into the laminate, but not cut it. Metal hacksaws have finer teeth and you should use them for cutting.

What to cut laminate at home: an overview of suitable tools

Capable of coping with this task is quite a large number of devices, but still not every one of them has a high efficiency, which is especially important if you have to perform a huge amount of work and have no desire to make excessive efforts and spend extra time. Regardless of the chosen tool, each has certain strengths and weaknesses, which should be familiarized with in advance in order to ultimately give preference to the most suitable option for you.

It is especially important to approach the choice in case of absence of any of them, when there is a purchase of more expensive electric equipment, so it can be not only used for its direct purpose in the future, and its purchase turned out to be justified, but also managed to serve for a long time.

Electric jigsaw

It is to the help of this versatile tool is recommended to resort to when there is a need to perform the cut of the laminate at home, because it has many positive features that ensure a quality result. One of the main advantages of the electric jigsaw is its operation at extremely high RPM, which allows to achieve an extremely even cut of the material and exclude the appearance of chips and cracks.

Saw blades used for cutting flooring are also of great importance, therefore special attention should be paid to their selection. Most models are sold initially with the appropriate detachable blades for wood and similar materials. Unlike other saws, they differ in size, shape and position of the teeth. If there is a need for it, but you cannot purchase a special blade with appropriate marking for some reason, you can use an ordinary element with fine teeth, which is used in processing metal products, but you should take into account that in this case there will be a certain decline in productivity.

The second positive side of the electric jigsaw is its compact size and low weight, thanks to which not only a man with many or little experience in such works can use it effectively and comfortably, but even a woman who has no experience at all. In addition, it can be used to make both straight and curved cuts as compared to other tools. Such a need may arise in cases where the laminate flooring is to be laid in a room with laid pipes and other utilities, under which it allows you to easily make undercutting the flooring accordingly.

In order to avoid damage to the upper layer of the material marking pencil and all related actions, conducted with the use of other tools should be performed on the back side. Before how to cut laminate with a jigsaw required panel should be laid on a clean flat surface, for example, a table or a stool, so that its cut part was in suspension with the decorative coating downwards, because in this position the teeth of the saw in the cutting process caused noticeably less significant damage that can lead to damage to the appearance. After that firmly fixing the element with one hand to avoid its displacement it is necessary to make a cut quickly but accurately with the second hand holding a power tool along the previously traced line of the cut.

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Circular saw

Such tool belongs to the category of professional equipment, that is why to use it effectively it is necessary to have some relevant skills, so the cutting was not only quick, but also qualitative. It is therefore preferred much less often than the electric jigsaw, and in most cases for the substantial amount of material that needs to be trimmed. With the circular saw it is possible to achieve a smooth cut of the laminate when using a special disk designed for working with products made of metal.

In addition to experience, the disadvantages of circular dust include its high cost, large size, as well as an increased risk of injury, due to which the safety rules when working with it must be observed very carefully. If you should nevertheless choose this tool to cut your laminate, the first thing to do after marking is to lay the material on its outer side upwards and fix it firmly on a hard surface.

Next, after making sure that the sleeves of outer clothing are buttoned, you must necessarily wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from the possible ingress of sawdust in them. The next step is to carefully cut the flooring, pressing lightly as the disc advances along the marked line and trying to avoid procrastinating and stopping in one place, as this could cause the edge to warp.

Please note! If you have a machine you do not need to fasten the laminate. If this is the case the panel has to be pushed gently against the rotating disc.

The construction knife

The machine can also cut into flooring, but please note that it requires much more time and effort. It is optimal to use a construction blade only when there is a need to cut one or two panels and the other suitable tool or its cutting elements are out of order, or if it has been rented and returned to the owner before.

The process of cutting the laminate with such a device is optimal to perform as follows:

What a professional uses

In any case it’s easy to distinguish an amateur from a professional, not only by the speed and quality of work, but also by the tool used. The same happens with the laying of the laminate flooring. Professionals use a laminate cutter that makes the cut in a very short period of time.

As you can see in the photo, this cutter. It is a manual machine, equipped with a sharp blade, which is fixed on the base. The blade can easily be adjusted for different types of cuts. The machine can cut lamellas lengthwise, crosswise and at different angles without much effort and energy.

  • The lamella is placed horizontally on the support of the machine.
  • The cutter adjusts to the marking.
  • The builder applies force to the handle and the blade gradually cuts the laminate.

A professional machine is what sawing laminate without chipping becomes very easy, so everyone who is engaged in the laying of laminate, tries to buy it.

You can use any of the presented tools, but remember that the quality of the edge is the most important thing when sawing laminate. Remember the advice: to make as few chips and irregularities as possible, do not apply great force to the sawing tool, because this will force the tool to pull splinters from the body of the material, rather than cut them out.

Now you know all the sawing methods, so you can decide for yourself how to saw the laminate.

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