How to cut slate without an angle grinder

What to saw slate wave for beds

Slate. an available handy material, especially at the cottage. The main purpose of slate is roofing and cladding work. Also slate is often used as a fence for beds, which is easy to make with your own hands. Lawn beds are made from flat and corrugated slate. Both materials are equally good, if you approach the installation of beds from slate competently.

Is it possible to make beds out of slate

Recently, there is an opinion that the beds in the country house made of slate are dangerous to our health. Is it true??

Slate contains asbestos, which is dangerous to human health when inhaled. However, this danger occurs only when we breathe asbestos dust. That is, when we make beds of slate, namely, sawing the sheets, it is necessary to take care of the health of their lungs. wear a protective mask. Slate itself does not spread this dust, and does not emit any harmful substances.

Panic about the harmfulness of slate began when the European Union banned products containing asbestos. But it is worth understanding that this substance is harmful only in a suspended state. in the form of dust particles, and there are several chemical varieties of asbestos, and not every one is prohibited.

Therefore, the question of whether it is harmful to make seedbeds from slate can safely and unequivocally answer. NO, it is NOT harmful, if when sawing the material to use a respirator.

If you observe these simple safety precautions, it is quite possible to make seedbeds from slate yourself.

Making beds from slate: which slate to choose for beds. flat or corrugated?

You can make beds from the remnants of slate after construction. Flat slate for beds is cut into plates of the desired width. Both pressed and non-pressed material is suitable. Both will serve for decades, but the pressed slate is more durable.

Corrugated slate is also actively used by gardeners to arrange beds. It can be laid both along and across the waves.

Choose a slate for the bed based on personal preferences. Both straight and corrugated are equally suitable for fencing beds.

When we make beds from flat slate or corrugated slate, we should remember that the material, while durable, is fragile and can break into pieces from impact.

How to saw slate for seedbeds

What to saw a wave slate for beds? The easiest way is to use an angle grinder to cut it. Stone disk. In the place of sawing the slate should be properly wetted. This way it will be easier to cut, and there will be less harmful dust.

How else to saw slate for beds, if you do not have an angle grinder?

Cut slate for seedbeds can be an ordinary hacksaw, but it takes a long time, the place of cutting will be uneven, and the teeth will quickly wear down.

There is also a way to break the slate with a nail. To do this, you should mark the place of the cut, and make a frequent and easy peorate in the slate with a nail, and then break it. At least it was done so before, thirty years ago, when hand tools were a rarity.

Bedding from flat slate with their own hands

Flat slate for seedbeds can be purchased in Leroy Merlin or other similar building stores and markets.

High beds of slate should be well sunk into the ground for stability. The strip for beds from slate should be half in the ground.

Consider step by step how to make a fence for beds from slate.

  • Prepare improvised material: we will need an angle grinder, flat slate, fasteners for the slate (metal corners, screws, timber), tape measure, and a rope.
  • Let’s cut slate sheets to the right width (if you want to raise the bed to 30 cm from the ground, then the sheet should be made. 60 cm).
  • We mark the place where the bed will be. stretch the cord and dig in the ground the necessary deepening for the slate.
  • We fasten slate sheets to each other. This can be done using metal strips and angles for mounting, or using wooden bars. Here. it all depends on what material you have.
  • When the construction is ready, it should be carefully covered with soil with sand and tamped.

Keep in mind, if you use as fasteners wooden bars. they must be treated with primer, otherwise they will very quickly rot away from moisture and moisture in the ground and the whole structure will fall apart.

Bedding from corrugated slate

Fencing for beds of corrugated slate is done the same way as the flat. But not in the joint, but with an overlap. That is the wave covers the wave. Bedding from the corrugated slate is deepened by half or by one third into the ground and the sheets are fastened to each other with screws. The fence for seedbeds made of slate should be strengthened with metal supports, preferably on the inner and outer sides.

Slate beds. a simple and cheap way to equip a vegetable garden and a greenhouse with their own hands. By the way, the bed of slate can be turned into a greenhouse. if as connectors to use a square profile tube, and then insert the arcs of PVC and cover with film.

If slate is painted, in the tone of the fence or in the color of the roof, it becomes more aesthetic and decorates the garden, as well as getting additional protection from any external influences.

A little effort and imagination, and a neat bed of durable material is ready.

To the disadvantages of this design, perhaps, can be attributed only to its fragility. Made beds of slate at the cottage, and around. shovels, rakes, carts. An accidental blow. and the slate breaks, you should not forget about it, too.

What to cut the slate with?

When using power tools, you need to pay special attention to safety precautions. Since when cutting slate there will be a lot of dust, you should work outdoors, wearing a respirator and goggles, and you should take into account the wind direction.

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The slate should be placed on a wooden pallet, with a gap between the boards or on two adjacent tables. The gap between the boards of the pallet or tables is used for the passage of the cutting tool.

When cutting slate most often an angle grinder is used. A diamond disc or stone cutting disc should be installed on it. Before cutting slate, it is better to moisten the cut trimmer’s line with water a few times.

Slate can be cut with a cut-off machine, at the same time it is necessary to draw a few times along the line of the cut, gradually deepening, and it is not necessary to apply any force. The machine needs to be equipped with an appropriate disk.

A manual circular saw and an electric jigsaw are also used for cutting slate. When using these tools one has to watch the direction and the force distribution to avoid breaking the slate.

In winter, when using electric tools, the slate sheet can be laid directly on a thick layer of snow. There will be less dust and on a soft surface the slate will be more stable.

The hand tools used for cutting are an ordinary hacksaw and a cutter.

Alternative options

Hacksaw and jigsaw good cut ondulin, but quickly sit on the asbestos cement sheets.

Basic rules

Despite the emergence of new materials for creating a roof, slate continues to be actively used in construction. When it is installed, there is a need to trim individual elements. This operation is specific: asbestos fibers are part of the gray roofing material. They are carcinogenic. Inhalation of asbestos dust can provoke the development of lung cancer. Therefore, you must be very careful when cutting sheets of sheet metal, while observing safety rules. They are extremely simple:

  • Need to wear tight clothing that completely covers the body, gloves, goggles and a respirator before work. Cutting is always accompanied by a strong noise, if you refuse to use anti-noise headphones, you can go deaf for a while.
  • It is important before starting to thoroughly moisten the surface of the roofing material, then less dust will be formed. Experienced roofers, when telling about how to cut slate, recommend to water it directly during the cutting. This is the most effective way to protect yourself from inhaling the strongest carcinogen.

When cutting slate, it is necessary to wet it with water Source

  • The operation should be performed outside, preferably in a well ventilated place. If you position yourself on it so that the wind carries away the dust, which contains particles of asbestos, it is possible to protect not only yourself but also passers-by.

Sometimes it is necessary to cut slate inside an enclosed room. In this case you need to remove all workers from the room beforehand and leave only the operator in his working clothes. Before cutting, he should close windows and doors tightly, cover them with an old rag, and after cutting, collect the generated dust with an industrial vacuum cleaner. The same techniques are used to cut flat and corrugated slate. But in the process of its performance there are some nuances.

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Mechanical Tools

Hand tools are used for small amounts of cutting. If the work takes place in closed garages and other rooms, you can cut corrugated slate by improvised means.

Take a hacksaw for metal, which has fine teeth, and there is an opportunity to replace the blade. Parts will blunt quickly on hard cement, so they must be in stock beforehand. Hand saw is used if there is a skill of cutting without pressure and misalignment, so as not to crack the slate. Hacksaw blades are made of high-alloy metal to withstand the physical strain of cutting hard material.

  • Saws tooth size. Metal saw blades do not exceed a millimeter in size, such elements are more durable.
  • Sharpening angle. It is important that the lower, flat parts of the tines are sharpened. к. The steel is sawn precisely on these surfaces.

A sharp knife or a hand torch may also be used. Before applying them, the marking is deepened precisely along the marked line by taking a hard core. After that the cutter is used. It is important not to deflect the hand, to make the cut exactly on the mark.

Break off a piece of sheet after the knife has penetrated 2/3 of the sheet thickness into the material thickness. For the procedure, a flat block of wood is placed under the panel in the area of the cut. The edges of the sheet are pressed by hand, and it should split along the line. Choose a sharply sharpened knife or a cutter without burrs on the edge of the working blade.

If there are no suitable cutting blades, knives, it is possible to apply an old way of dividing the slate on the line with the use of roofing nails and a hammer. These nails differ from ordinary metalware by their soft, flexible heads in order to reduce the sharpness of the impact.

  • Mark a break line on the sheet.
  • Use it to make holes as often and as close together as possible, from start to finish along the entire length of the cut.
  • If the line for the trimmer runs along the wave, the panel is turned over so that the line is at the bottom (depression).
  • Under the joint put a wooden longitudinal lumber or any pipe, both edges of the sheet are pressed (preferably with an assistant), the two parts are separated by the cutting line.

Despite the outdated technology, this method has an advantage compared to the use of an electric tool. When the sheet is broken and nailed, little asbestos dust is released, which is important for the environmental cleanliness of the workplace.

Smoothness of the cut depends on the number of holes and the accuracy of the master. To help separate the two parts of the sheet, you can tap a row of holes with a hammer.

Three methods of cutting

Roofing sheets based on asbestos have been used for over half a century. At the moment there are wave and flat slate. Specifically in the roofing business, the wave option is more popular.

But the flat sheets have a much wider scope of application, in addition to the roof, they also cover the walls, they make fences and even use them as a border for seedbeds at the cottage. But wherever this material is mounted, cutting is needed everywhere.

Arrangement of beds with straight or wave slate is quite a common practice.

power disc tool

All sorts of circular electric tools are now used in the vast majority of cases, because it is easier to cut with them and it is incommensurably easier in terms of labor costs. A big plus is that the tools can be different, and the cutting technology is almost the same everywhere, so we will start with the technology.

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Most often the sheets are cut with an angle grinder, a tool available and relatively inexpensive. In addition, the angle grinder can cut both flat and corrugated sheets. The step-by-step instructions look something like this:

Here are 2 options. you can cut with a diamond disk and a simple trimming disk. Both work, but the diamond disc lasts longer and I recommend it.

On the ground or on a table to work is possible, but uncomfortable because you have a couple of times to turn the sheet. It is easier to knock down a small frame from boards and cut on it.

Here the process is standard, you just need to measure with a tape measure and hold the line for the trimmer.

Disc tools are still good because the cutting lines can go both along and across the wave.

It is possible to dissolve a sheet with a single wire, but there is a risk that it will burst.

So first we notch all the top waves on one side, and then we turn the sheet and from the back side we combine the cut lines.

The main problem is the dust, to dislodge it, while working the disk and the sheet are constantly watered.

Step-by-step scheme of cutting straight sheets with an angle grinder.

the angle grinder is the most common, but not the only power tool with which to cut asbestos-cement sheets. Second in the ranking is the trimmer circular saw.

But for such purposes only its manual modification is more suitable, and it’s better to take a diamond disk, because models designed for wood cutting shrink quickly.

It is as convenient to cut slate with the circular saw as with the angle grinder.

One more representative of circular power tools community suitable for cutting asbestos cement boards and slate in particular is a cutting machine. over, this tool was specially designed for such purposes. In fact, it is one of the modifications of the angle grinder adapted to cutting slate.

It is easiest to cut slate with a cut-off machine, because that is what it is designed for.


At a time when there were no grinders and other similar power tools, experienced craftsmen used steel cutters to cut sheets. The main requirement for such cutters is as strong steel as possible.

  • A metal ruler is pressed along the cutting line;
  • Then several dozens of cuts are made with a great pressure on the ruler. The number of cuts depends on the level of strength of the sheet and the quality of the cutter;
  • When the groove from the cutter reaches half the thickness of the material, the sheet is placed on the edge of the table and lightly pressed breaks.

The technique of working with a steel cutter is very simple.

The problem is that the flat sheets can be cut with a cutter in any place, and corrugated slate in this scheme is cut only along the wave.

There is a professional tool that can perform such work, but it is often taken only by people engaged in this kind of work, in the home it can hardly be used.

There are professional tools for working with slate and slate.

According to the technology described above it is possible to cut slate with a sharp bootblade made of high-strength steel, but the blade quickly “sits down” when cutting it, and few people agree to spoil a good knife.

Our wise people have adapted to make such cutters from a broken hacksaw blade for metal cutting. On the reverse side of the blade, a groove is milled, resulting in a kind of tooth, which perfectly cuts sheet materials.

And to hold it was more convenient, the handle is wrapped with duct tape. The tool is certainly far from perfect, but its cheapness is an indisputable advantage. After all, you would have thrown the broken sheet away anyway, but this way it’s usable.

The hacksaw blade cutter is an inexpensive and fairly effective tool.

By the way such a people’s cutter, made of a hacksaw blade can cut not only asbestos-cement sheets, but also textolite, gitinax, as well as any types of plastic.


The methods described above work well, of course, but what can you do if you have only a hammer and slate nails at hand?? It turns out that there is also a way out of this situation:

  • You put the sheet simply on the ground and mark on it a line for the trimmer of the cut;
  • Then you take a nail and punch a series of holes along the line. Only to punch at the bottom of the wave, the one that rests on the ground;
  • Now you turn the sheet the other side and punch a row of holes in the line, again at the bottom of the wave;
  • As a result you have a straight row of holes in the cutting line with a pitch of about 5. 7 mm. You just need to lean the sheet against some flat edge and break it along the line of the cut.

It is impossible to achieve an even edge of the sheet with a punch.

How and what can be used to accurately cut the wave slate without the angle grinder?

There are many pieces, but do not have an angle grinder and a wheel.

How to turn these pieces into neat square shapes?

How and what can be accurately cut wave slate without angle grinder ?

slate, angle, grinder

At one time about thirty years ago I was sawing wavy slate with an ordinary saw. There is always a saw with teeth worn down or badly set. Of course you can also buy cheap disposable saws at the store.

You can use an ordinary wood hacksaw, but you will have to hack a little, and you can split it. And we, when the roofs were put up, the angle grinder was a very expensive exotic, and the slate was “cut” with a nail 150 mm (or another size, but it was a favorite).

Drawing a fishing line for a trimmer cut, then a scrap of board is put underneath, so that the line for a trimmer this was on it and the slate fit tightly. And then along the line, they often punched many, many holes with a nail and hammer (not through, but to mark. the nail should slightly come out on the other side, the very tip). And when all the line for the trimmer was pierced, the slate just broke with ease over this, as they now say, peoria.

The most “interesting” that now gives advice that can and should have been used 20-30 years ago, when the wave slate did with the addition of asbestos. And then, yes, such a slate could well be cut with an ordinary wood hacksaw. Now there is no asbestos in the slate. it was completely cemented, and think that it will take a hacksaw. sheer nonsense, unless it is a hacksaw with soldered teeth pobeditovye. So if you do not have such a hacksaw at hand, you can not do without the angle grinder with a diamond disk. Of course, there will be a lot of dust and you’ll be sneezing and coughing for a long time, so that it is necessary to provide means of protection of the organs of vision and respiration. It is not even necessary to bother with anything else, or as they say now. to kolhozit some machine.

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How to cut slate with special tools

So, with what to cut a flat slate, if you still have to cut it?

Cutting with an angle grinder: selecting the disk

So, for cutting a large amount of flat slate take an angle grinder with a diamond disc. How to cut slate will be fast, accurate, smooth and safe. The only disadvantage when working with this tool is a lot of dust. But with such a task can easily cope and relatively cheap angle grinder.

Working with an angle grinder, take it by one handle and drag it toward you. under your own weight of the tool everything will cut well:

The diamond wheel cuts flat slate easily and quickly. As for the disc speed, 2000-3000 allow you to work easily and the tool at the same time does not heat up. By the way, with an angle grinder and a diamond disc you can immediately grind the edges of the slate. Tip: when working with an angle grinder also wear earphones. the sound will not be nice.

One of the most accessible and practical options is a cutting disc for stone, which can be inserted into the cheapest simple angle grinder.

Another good method, which is now often practiced. to make only a notch on slate with an angle grinder, and then break the sheet.

Cutting with a saw: select coating and teeth

Excellent cuts slate saw with a special Teflon coating, which on the one hand protects the blade of the saw, and on the other significantly reduces friction with the material. Less friction means less dust and easier work. It doesn’t cost much more than a conventional saw.

How to Use The Angle Grinder | Stone Carving Tutorial

Secondly, you should pay attention to the teeth of the saw: the larger they are, the faster the slate will be sawn. And definitely faster than with a simple hacksaw.

Cut with an electric saw and a chisel

This slate is cut traditionally with a chisel and an electric circular saw:

  • We take a ruler, a sharp chisel and make notches on both sides of the future cut.
  • Place the slate on an even base with a sharp bar or edge so that the lines coincide.
  • Carefully break the slate.
  • If the slate could not break. we cut with an electric circular saw, cooling it with water from time to time.

Cut with a stubbing cutter

Another suitable tool is a stitch cutter. It has a built-in diamond disc that is capable of reaching high speed revolutions. But, t.к. This “toy” is expensive (because it’s professional), that’s why craftsmen at home make something like it themselves: they combine a parquet saw and a fine-toothed wheel for wood. It is rather comfortable to cut slate with this tool.

Cut with the jigsaw

And the worst thing you can do with such a task is a usual cheap jigsaw. it wears out too quickly. For this type of work it is best suited a jigsaw with a high-carbon steel HCS saw that is designed for working with soft materials.

How to CUT SLATE. How to cut slates Thick or Thin DIY or Trade

Also perfectly copes with the cutting of flat slate jigsaw with a saw with each tooth has a soldered pobedite tip. Such a tool is convenient not only to cut sheets according to certain parameters, but also to do roundings and arcs.

Another good option, especially if you have to work with slate frequently and professionally, is an electric jigsaw with a BIM saw. Such a tool will never break even the thin corners of flat slate when cutting the sheets.

From cutters you will find it easiest to work with carbide, which you can find in any store. You can also use an electric jigsaw for this purpose if you buy one with a special diamond-coated saw blade. True, but it is not possible to quickly saw with an electric jigsaw.

Cutting on a domestic circular saw

It is also not difficult to cut flat slate on a regular circular saw, 2 kW. Put a wheel with a tungsten carbide tips on the wood, to have more teeth. It turns out everything quickly and without too many problems. Wear safety glasses, clothing without wide sleeves and strong gloves. It is only important that the sheet itself is fixed.

If you use a manual circular saw, set the rotation speed at 3500-4000. This way, the slate is cut evenly and much cleaner than at the maximum turnover of 5500.

Cutting flat slate

It is much easier to cut flat slates. Even roofing material is more convenient to mark, hold in the process of cutting, and fix it on the work surface or bars.

It is possible to cut flat slate using similar tools, but the most comfortable option in this situation is an angle grinder with a wheel for cutting stone or with the presence of a diamond coating, which can easily cope with this task.

Cutting should be performed on a flat surface, but it is important that the lower base is not expensive, because during the work it will certainly be damaged. When cutting a sheet near the edge, a wooden batten of an optimum length should be placed under it.

Notice! Flat slate does not have to be cut through. In this case it is enough to go down 2/3 of the thickness, and then press the sheet so that it breaks into two parts.

In addition, before cutting flat slate necessary to organize the supply of water to reduce the amount of dust that occurs during the execution of works.

Finding out what to cut corrugated slate can make a final choice in the direction of the most suitable for a tool that uses, observing the important nuances and the correct sequence of operations, it will be possible to carry out a high-quality sawing without errors, which can lead to damage to the material.

slate, angle, grinder

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