How to cut sheet metal with a circular saw

What to cut corrugated sheeting

Profiled sheeting, a material without which no construction can do. Only before we make it to size, we should deal scrupulously how and what to cut the profiled sheeting. Although the process itself is not complicated, and with certain tools fast, but there are nuances in this operation, not visible to the eye. And the error can manifest itself in a couple of months after the start of operation.

Steel rolled zinc-coated thickness of 0.3 to 1.5 mm, with a protruding in it trapezoidal or rounded ribs called corrugated sheeting.

Overall sheet size and color of corrugated board for disclosure theme does not matter.

Is it possible to cut a profiled sheeting with an “angle grinder”??

Proflists Categorically prohibited to cut the tool for three reasons:

  • Spectacular sparks that fly out from under the disk in the course of work, harmful to the decorative and protective layer. They fall on the polymer coating, burn it and the zinc. In places where sparks have fallen, there may be corrosion.
  • The abrasive disk saws trapezoidal sheet due to friction. As a result, the metal is heated, under the influence of high temperatures, the polymer and zinc coating along the edges are burned out, which leads to edge corrosion.
  • Abrasive disk leaves “torn” edges.

So: “angle grinder” can quickly cut profiled sheeting, but it will become unusable. Therefore, the answer to the question “how to cut profiled sheeting “angle grinder” is simple: no way.

Is it possible to cut profiled sheeting with a circular saw??

Cutting profiled sheeting with a circular saw, even if you use a diamond disc with fine teeth. not the best option. This tool cuts the metal due to the heat; the disk melts the edges, and with them. the zinc and polymer coating. So once again, the edges of the sheet are not protected from corrosion.

In the process of cutting there are no sparks, which burn through the polymer and zinc coating. But because of the aggressive effect on the edges of the sheet we do not recommend this tool.

Tips and tricks for cutting aluminum

When cutting aluminum, keep these tips in mind. They will make your job a lot easier.

Woodworking tools will do the trick

Aluminum. is one of the softest metals. If you use high-quality woodworking tools, such as table saws and circular saws, they are probably also suitable for cutting aluminum. Rework some of your wood cutting tools, equip them with blades for cutting metal.

Use grease

Metal cutting lubricants help reduce vibration and roughness during cutting, and can help remove chips and filings. The most common grease for aluminum. WD-40, others include metal cutting wax and even jets of water applied to the blade.

Smaller diameter blades are better

Smaller blades provide a cleaner, more accurate cut. Of course, there’s a fine line here. a blade that is too thin risks breaking. Too small and you will not be able to cut large workpieces. But don’t assume that big, thick and aggressive saw blades will necessarily provide a better cut.

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Secure the workpiece for better results. Stability. is the key to success: the more secure the workpiece is, the more accurate the cut and the better the end result. Clamping the workpiece also increases safety; there is less chance that something will fly out of the saw and hurt the operator.

Wear protective equipment

Always wear appropriate protective equipment when cutting aluminum or any other material. This means safety glasses as well as hearing protection. It is also advisable to use protective shields.

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Use proper hand tools

Scissors and wire cutters, angle grinders, chisels, carbide blades. These are all tools of the craftsman. Or even an ordinary handyman doing a bunch of projects with his hands. In both cases, make sure you have the right set of hand tools in addition to your saws or machines.

What tools to use at work?

To improve the quality of cuts and increase productivity when working with a manual circular saw, it is recommended to use various devices. They can be bought, complementing the manual circular saw, or make their own.

Here is a helpful and interesting article on straight sawing techniques with and without a circular saw.

How to use the guide bar?

The guide rail is a flat bar. Some bars have a built-in bubble level that enables you to measure the straightness of the direction of cut.

The guide bar is applied to the workpiece and becomes a guide for the circular saw blade. Clamped or clamped to the workpiece.

It should be noted that the disk itself is in the middle of the guide bracket, and it is to the edge of the bracket that the guide bar is applied. Therefore, when marking, the distance from the disc to the edge of the bracket must be taken into account.

How to cut sheet metal with a circular saw

We recommend to read an interesting article. a step by step guide on how to make a guide bar with your own hands.

How to use the parallel stop?

There are two versions of the parallel stop: a factory-made and a homemade one. The first type comes complete with a saw and is a bar, which is fixed to the saw at the required distance and allows you to perform precise sawing workpiece.

sheet, metal, circular

Parallel stop

Homemade parallel stop is a construction from a stretched rectangular strip, at the end of which the stop perpendicular to the strip is fixed.

It serves to fix the slat to the flat surface of the workbench or table with the perpendicular stop, and to use the slat itself as a guide. Driving the circular saw along the bar allows making a straight cut, and moving the perpendicular stop relative to the edge of the table allows making a second cut with the same straightness.

How to use the carriage?

The carriage is a separate movable construction which is mounted over the workpiece. It is used for acceleration and some automation of the process of cutting long boards and sheets of material.

The carriage consists of two rails, the carriage itself on ball bearing supports that allow it to run on the rails, and the fasteners that hold the circular saw in place.

The circular saw is turned on and moved by the carriage relative to the workpiece. It also enables safe work process, the main thing is to make sure the circular sawmill is securely fastened in the carriage.

How to work without a workbench and is it possible to?

Working without a workbench with a circular saw is categorically forbidden and simply impossible. Even if the circular saw is itself fastened with the disc upwards, it is fastened to the workbench.

sheet, metal, circular

It is allowed to work without a table when it is necessary to saw a passage in a wooden wall or saw a fixed aluminum profile and nothing else. This variant of work assumes stationary positioning of the workpiece.

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Workpieces must not be suspended.

The article presented ways of working with a manual circular saw, as well as methods and rules that ensure safe and correct use. it is a reminder that reading the instruction manual before starting work is the best way to ensure personal safety when working with hand-held power tools.

Features of the disc

The metal facing disc can have a diameter of 15 cm to 35.5 cm, always with a 3 mm inside diameter. You can change the blade as needed. Considering the diameter of the disc, you can take into account the recommendations of experts, who say that it is necessary to buy several elements of different diameters at once. The set allows you to choose the most suitable option for a particular metal with the highest quality of cut. However, when making your choice, remember that not every blade can be mounted on every particular machine.

It is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer of the saw, because ignoring this fact is fraught with burnout of the electric motor. The type of sharpening of the disk should be negative. Also it is necessary to carefully inspect the product for visible damage. A quality disc has no nicks or other defects. Its surface is smooth and the teeth are sharp.

On this basis, it is worth looking at models with a disc with fine teeth and a smooth wave. Such units cut metal qualitatively and do not overheat working blade of the disc. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the discs for crosscut and circular saws are different, which should indicate the marking. Speaking about the seating place, equal to the diameter of the axis on the gearbox, it should be noted: it should be chosen particularly carefully, correlated with the parameter of the axis.

It is of course possible to use crossovers, but only the right crossover will contribute to a good and efficient performance of the mitre saw. It is important to have soldered inserts on the blade itself as well as the number of teeth. Such product is more expensive than monolithic varieties, but will last many times longer than other analogs. The larger will be the diameter, the more expensive will be the disk.

Unit of longitudinal cutting

Such equipment has a narrower specialization and is used exclusively for longitudinal cutting. Metal slitting machine allows you to separate sheet metal into individual parts, called strips, bands, and strips. Processing is carried out according to appropriate requirements and standards. The machine works in automatic mode. the operator only controls the process by means of a special panel.

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How to pick a quarter in a board with a circular saw?

This is done by setting the right depth of cut. For the selection of a quarter of the size 20×20 disk should go out of the platform at 20-22 mm (the surcharge on the uneven surface of the board). For choice of a versatile quarter, for example, 15x 20, adjust the depth of setting two times for each size, 15-16 mm and 20-22 mm.

Subsequently, the operation is carried out in the same way as sawing edged boards: a guide bar is set at the required distance on two rods, the saw is made on a wide plane. Then the board is placed on the edge and make a second kerf.

sheet, metal, circular

Since the edge is narrow, difficulties may arise. on some models, the guide bar may not be pulled close to the platform. In this case, to the board (or plank) with screws or self-tapping fasten the bar, which increases the width to the right size.

If you can’t make the edge cut with a guide, you can make it with a pencil marking. It is difficult to hold a circular saw on the edge of a narrow board (20-30 mm). In such cases it is sometimes more convenient to either screw a support bar, or place the workpiece between two bars (boards) on which the saw platform will move.

Metal circular saw

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Edge protection against corrosion

Regardless of which tool is chosen, the cut will be damaged. Additional corrosion protection of the edges of the profiled sheets will extend their service life.

In general, the places of drilling and cutting are resistant to corrosion, even if the protective coating is completely absent. Zinc molecules next to the cut create a barrier that prevents oxidation of the sheet.

But this does not apply to the cut of metal with an angle grinder or hand grinder.

Metal is the most exposed to harmful external and chemical factors, so it quickly succumbs to destruction (rusts). To extend the life of the cut manually apply anti-corrosion and moisture-resistant preparations on the edges, and then covered with factory paint, which should come with, or a spray can with a color-matched paint.

Given the information provided, everyone will be able to decide for themselves what is the best way to cut the profile planking. It is important to remember that the choice of the right tool determines the speed of work, the durability of the material and its aesthetic appearance.

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