How to cut profiled sheet evenly with an angle grinder. Tips and Tricks

What to cut profiled sheeting, so as not to damage the material?

Performing roofing work, many laymen are faced with the fact that they do not know how and what to cut the decking. Lack of knowledge, experience, or the necessary tools can lead to material damage. Improper cutting and handling of the edges of the cut is the most common cause of corrosion on the surface of corrugated board. At the same time, this roofing coating can be very easy and convenient to install, if you perform the work in accordance with technology. In this article we will tell you how to cut the decking, so he served put him 25-50 years.

At first glance it seems that the profiled sheeting is a normal sheet metal, which has been stamped with a relief. However, this view is wrong, because this material has a complex multi-layered coating. As a basis for the production of corrugated board really use a sheet steel thickness of 0.5-1.2 mm, which is coated a layer of zinc and polymer (plastisol, pural, polyester). Such a structure of the profiled sheet protects the metal surface from contact with liquid, preventing the appearance of corrosion. There are the following types of profiled sheeting, differing in height, width and shape of the profile:

  • Wall. This type of corrugated boarding is used for wall cladding, construction of fences and fences, organization of shuttering. It has a small carrying capacity, so it is not used as a roof covering.
  • Roof. Roof corrugated board has a large number of vertical stiffeners, which provide a large carrying capacity of this material. It is used for roofing.
  • Universal. Universal profiled sheeting has average characteristics, it can be used for any construction tasks.

Note! The peculiarity of working with corrugated board is that its polymer coating is extremely susceptible to high temperatures. It quickly burns out, exposing metal that is not resistant to corrosion. Therefore, processing, cutting and installation of profiled sheeting is performed only with cold method.

Features of cutting corrugated board

Profiled material. a thin sheet of layered metal, which can be damaged by improper cutting. Since the top material is covered with a special polymer and zinc coating, you can not use the usual methods of treatment of tin sheets (cutting corrugated board with a knife or a chisel blow. not a good idea).

It is also forbidden to use high-temperature methods of cutting (gas cutting), because the coating of the sheet immediately spoiled, despite the original factory methods of protection. Improper processing will damage the sheet itself, not just the outer protective sheathing.

To cut the corrugated board with polymer coating correctly, you can not use an angle grinder with an abrasive wheel, because there is a risk to severely damage the outer layer of material that will certainly lead to the formation of rust. The service life of such profiled sheeting decreases several times.

Features of the structure of trapezoidal sheet does not allow the use of any construction rough tool for cutting. So you need to know exactly what to process the material.

The use of different tools. Their advantages and disadvantages

The metal cutting tool industry is evolving. Offers as cutting products:

  • jigsaws;
  • effective hacksaws;
  • saws for metal with a small turnover;
  • scissors electrified;
  • angle grinder and other products.

Given in the text tooling is actively used in practice, although it has obvious disadvantages. Let’s talk first about the positive sides.

Conclude that the tools can be used to fit profiled sheeting. The cut is obtained professional, satisfying technological requirements. The process of cutting corrugated board is active, productive, convenient, although in some points requires additional processing.

They are created by the geography of the sheet surface. It is permanently convex. It has a corrugated look. Systemic curves are also stiffeners. Not to deform them. the main task of the cutter. Cutting sheet with gas cutters is strictly prohibited, because it is covered with corrosion-resistant compound, which is easy to damage. In short, it is desirable to cut profiled sheeting by cold method.

Cutting profiled sheet with an angle grinder

angle grinder is a universal construction tool.

With an abrasive disk attached to it, it’s easy to cut metal pipes, channels, and other products. Perfectly cuts corrugated sheeting, but heats it to a temperature at which it loses its anti-corrosion coating.

In order not to weaken the profiled sheets before corrosive chemical reactions, after trimming additional processing of cuts. They are finalized “cold” tools:

To cut trapezoidal sheet angle grinder use the thinnest cutting disc, which only produces industry.

Working with thin cutting discs, heat a small part of the profiled sheet. It is desirable to cut this area to a length of Z millimeters. The cut face of a sheet is covered with a special lacquer, which the selling company offers to buy together with corrugated board.

Apply anticorrosive compound that is identical to the factory specimen.

Guarantees the integrity of the material in any climatic region of the country.

A very progressive method that involves trimming profiled sheeting is not in the rafters, and on the ground.

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If you perform trimming directly on the roof, the hot abrasive particles will damage the waterproofing, disrupt insulation.

What to cut profiled sheet: a disk, whether you can cut angle grinder, tools

Trapezoidal sheeting. a popular material, often used in construction. It has many advantages, one of which. the ease of handling. Profiled sheet weighs little and is quite thin, and therefore fitting in place can be carried out directly on the construction site itself. You do not need to buy a special machine, because the work will be suitable for hand tools.

But, despite the apparent simplicity, there are certain features that must be considered if a home maker is going to cut corrugated board. Unlike simple metal, profiled sheet is composed of several layers that are easy to damage. It is therefore important to know what tool can be used for cutting to keep the maximum protective paint and zinc layer on the surface of the metal.

Features of cutting corrugated board

Profiled material. a thin sheet of layered metal, which can be damaged if not cut properly. Since the top of the material is covered with a special polymer and galvanized, you can not use the usual methods of processing tin sheets (cutting profiled sheeting with a knife or hitting with a chisel is a bad idea).

It is also forbidden to use high-temperature methods of cutting (gas), because the coating of the sheet immediately spoiled, despite the original factory methods of protection. As a result of improper processing damage to the sheet itself, and not just the outer protective sheathing.

To cut the decking with polymer coating properly, do not use an angle grinder with an abrasive wheel, as there will be a risk to severely damage the outer layer of material that will certainly lead to the formation of rust. The service life of such corrugated board will be reduced by several times.

Features of the structure of corrugated sheet does not allow for the use of any construction tools for cutting rough. Therefore, it is necessary to know exactly what to treat the material with.

Can I cut profiled sheeting with an angle grinder

Electric angle grinder often used in construction, because it can be processed or cut any metal quickly. The device is also quite simple to use, and the speed of processing surfaces with them. its main advantage.

But it is worth noting that when cutting the profile with an angle grinder experts highlight the many disadvantages of using the tool. Angle grinder. it is an abrasive construction device, which can quickly damage the sheet.

  • Heated in the process of metal particles spoil the coating, burning it. If after cutting the material is not treated with a protective coating, then corrosion will form in these places.
  • After treatment of corrugated board remains uneven edge, so you have to remove burrs from the surface.

To avoid such difficulties, you need to select special discs for cutting profiled sheeting and timely cover the sheet to fit the size with protective paints.

What to cut a profiled sheeting

To properly cut the decking, you must choose a tool that best retains the protective properties of the coating and does not spoil the overall appearance of the building material.

There are several suitable tools, about which you need to learn in detail, and when working with them in addition will have to take into account some nuances.

Disc for cutting corrugated board for angle grinder

As already mentioned, the angle grinder with the usual abrasive and extremely coarse wheel can not be used to cut corrugated board, as it strongly spoils the coating formed in the process of work sparks, which will certainly lead to the emergence of rust.

Therefore, this tool can be used if you buy a specially adapted disc for cutting corrugated board. It is a very thin working wheel (its thickness is less than 1.6 mm). The teeth should be made of carbide materials.

Some home craftsmen, in order to save time, prefer to cut a whole bundle of corrugated board with an angle grinder, putting a diamond disk on the tool. But experts do not recommend doing such things, because there is a risk of ruining the metal at the slightest displacement of the sheets.

  • You can not avoid the formation of jagged edges (you will need additional alignment or close the “untidy side” of the corrugated board with another sheet).
  • Strong noise from the angle grinder.
  • Even with the right cutting wheel, the protective surface will be damaged by sparks.
  • Fast cutting.
  • Easy to perform work.

Nozzle on the drill for cutting corrugated board

Professional roofers often use special attachments for cutting corrugated board on the drill to quickly and accurately process the surface.

But to carry out such work, you need to have certain skills and use only a cordless drill. The nozzle will be convenient to use if you need to cut profiled sheeting in hard-to-reach places.

Hand scissors are used if you want to cut off parts of the profiled sheeting, but the number of sheets is small. The tool can be used in the construction of gates or covering the material of the shed, garage.

But if the coming work is more global, then experts recommend using electric scissors for cutting corrugated board.

Advantages of the tool. a fairly easy and accurate cutting strips. The advantages also include the ability to cut metal across the waves.

Despite the presence of advantages, there are some disadvantages when cutting profiled sheeting with scissors for metal:

  • It leaves a rough, as well as uneven and bent edge (you will have to straighten it to give an aesthetic appearance).
  • Choosing scissors, you must take into account that when cutting in longitudinal direction the work is much more difficult.

Cordless scissors are the most preferable option for profiled sheeting. There are no sparks while cutting metal parts, so the damage to the protective coating is minimal.

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Jigsaw. a tool for cutting corrugated board, which is often used by builders and home masters. But this statement is still valid if you choose the right professional tool with a quality blade.

Therefore, for the accurate cutting should buy only professional electric jigsaws.

Cutting profiled sheeting. how to cut profiled sheeting not to spoil the material

No one would argue that the decking today is extremely popular (and often. just indispensable) material for construction and decoration. In this regard, for many beginners is very important question for the builders than to cut corrugated board, because, despite the reasonable cost of its sheets, damage profiled sheet can nullify all the advantages of using this material and significantly delay the construction.

How to perform a proper cutting of corrugated board, which tools are used for this purpose, and what to process the cut to avoid corrosion, this article tells about.

Trapezoidal sheet is a fairly thin product, is easily damaged during cutting. The second feature of corrugated sheeting is its coating with a layer of galvanizing and polymer, due to which it becomes impossible to use conventional methods of cutting tin sheets.

High-temperature methods of metal processing in this case is also not suitable, because the coating of corrugated board, no matter how strong and resistant to adverse natural factors, it is easy to burn under the influence of high temperatures. Do not cut profiled sheet and abrasive wheels, as they strongly damage the coating, which leads to corrosion. So, with what you can and need to cut the profiled sheeting?

Cutting profiled sheeting with an angle grinder

Since the angle grinder with an abrasive wheel, as already mentioned, is not suitable for profiled sheeting because of the severe damage coating, this tool is allowed to use only in conjunction with special discs for cutting corrugated board, which are thin cutting discs with a thickness of 1-1.6 mm with teeth of carbide materials.

To avoid corrosion, after cutting corrugated sheeting angle grinder necessary to immediately process the edge of the special paint.

Advantages of cutting corrugated board with a grinder. quick performance of all operations and the relative ease of cutting profile.

Disadvantages of cutting corrugated board angle grinder. jagged edges and a strong, very unpleasant sound. Even if you use a special disk for cutting corrugated board, angle grinder, in any case, is an abrasive tool, because the red-hot metal particles formed in the process of cutting, fall on the polymer coating and burn it, creating the preconditions for the emergence of corrosion centers.

In addition, the jagged edges of trapezoidal sheet after cutting require additional work to eliminate burrs. All this makes the angle grinder is not the best tool for cutting corrugated board.

Cutting profiled sheet with a hacksaw for metal

Rather economical, convenient and popular way to process corrugated board is a hacksaw for metal.

profiled, sheet, angle, grinder

Advantages of cutting corrugated sheeting with a hacksaw. accurate and fast cutting, no nicks and burrs, the possibility of independent work without much physical effort. Usually, builders use a hacksaw for work with fences, gates, small roofs and other structures that require a small thickness of the corrugated board.

Disadvantages of cutting profiled sheeting with a hacksaw for metal. the impossibility of making curvilinear cuts and the need for a special cutting table for fixing the material. Thus, in the case of complex cutting operations, in addition to a hacksaw, you should envisage the use of other tools. However, all the disadvantages of the hacksaw are successfully offset by the advantages of this method.

Cutting profiles with an electric jigsaw

Electric jigsaw is used for profiled sheeting, the height of the corrugation which begins at 25 mm and is combined with a small length. Cutting with an electric jigsaw is performed transversely or lengthwise to the sheet, but it is necessary to press the profiled sheet so it does not rattle.

Grinding should be carried out at high revolutions with usage of a fine-toothed saw, intended specially for metal. In the case of high speed, the reciprocating mode of operation with a longitudinal inclination of the saw is recommended.

Advantages of cutting profiled sheeting electrolobzikom. low cost of work.

Disadvantages of cutting corrugated board with a jigsaw. the inconvenience of cross cutting sheet with a corrugation of 25 mm, the practical impossibility of cutting thin strips, strong burning of the edges of sheet metal and protective polymer coating, loud noise in the process.

Cutting profiled sheeting with scissors (conventional and electric)

Simple scissors for profiled sheeting are used when it is necessary to carry out small works related to the arrangement of decking, construction of garages, gates and fences. Electric scissors are used for a wider range of tasks, though, when the straight edge of the cut is of no importance.

Advantages of both simple and electric scissors for cutting profiled sheeting. fast, easy and high-quality cutting of thin and flat strips, as well as cutting across the wave without damage.

Disadvantages scissors for cutting profiled sheeting. uneven and rough edges of the cut. In addition, the low flexibility in the longitudinal direction greatly complicates the cutting of corrugated board lengthwise.

In addition to cutting, profiled sheeting can be subjected to bending, which significantly expands the possibilities of creating curved products for decoration of the corners of walls, cornices and roof ridge.

To obtain a transverse-bent profile the profile must be bent at right angles to the profile direction, and if the organization of serial production for this use bending industrial unit, for small-scale production process will be sufficient to purchase a simple hand bending sheet.

The most common design of the tool is considered rotary with a bending beam, and if you want you can equip this device with any additional functions that allow not only bend profiled sheeting, but also, for example, cut it.

Correct cutting of profiled sheeting. how and with what to cut profiled sheeting

Trapezoidal sheet. a modern facing material that is used for installation of roofing and fences. Trapezoidal sheet is in active demand due to the many advantages, including high performance characteristics such as rigidity and strength, attractive appearance, and ease of handling. Trapezoidal sheet metal is lightweight and small in thickness, which greatly facilitates installation. Sheet material can be fitted by yourself directly on the site, without professional skills and using mobile hand tools.

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Cutting profiled sheeting may seem simple enough, since you do not need to use a special machine, but this procedure also has its own nuances. Profiled sheeting consists of several layers, this:

Cutting material should be carried out accurately, with the observance of technology to avoid violations of the protective qualities. The destruction of paint and zinc layers will cause corrosion and shorten the service life. Therefore, you need to know how to cut profiled sheeting, to prevent serious damage and damage to the sheets.

What you can not process corrugated sheeting

For cutting corrugated sheet completely exclude the use of gas cutting devices, as strong heat causes great harm to the metal profile. Profiled sheeting can not be cut with an angle grinder because of the formation of sparks and the heating of the material in the place of cutting.

During processing high-speed tool with an abrasive cutting element burns the metal, the protective coating, resulting in a damaged area, where subsequently there is edge corrosion. Sparks can damage the protective and decorative layer far from the place of incision. You can cut profiled sheeting with an angle grinder that has a disc with fine teeth. However, even this measure will only reduce the amount of damage, but will not prevent it.

The right technology for cutting profile sheets

To cut profiled sheeting, masters use the following tools:

  • electric saw with a profiled sheet blade. Thanks to the moderate rotational speed metal is not melted, and removed in the form of metal chips. You can cut many sheets with the electric tool. The nozzle for the profile is sold in the construction department, where there are abrasive discs. Be careful not to injure yourself with pieces of metal. Use of the tool requires experience and skill.
  • Hand hacksaw for metal. Suitable for cutting several sheets. The machine is simple and safe for beginners, and makes it possible to make any shape of cut. Getting injured with a hacksaw is less likely compared to other machines. The work will take more time, you need a table or a suitable support.
  • Electric jigsaw. Gives the ability to make curved cuts. The best option when fitting roofing material in places where the roof comes out of the house pipes. Before using an electric or manual jigsaw, it is necessary to carefully mark the profiled sheet. The use of an electric jigsaw is possible only for cutting profiles with a thickness not exceeding 2 cm.
  • Scissors for cutting profiled sheeting. Suitable for cutting thin sheet metal. It can be both electric and simple hand tools. There are three types. knife, cutting and spline scissors (allows you to get the most accurate cut). Electric scissors are considered one of the most comfortable tools when the profiled sheet needs to be cut daily on an industrial scale, as they are quite expensive.
  • Cordless drill with a special attachment. With certain skills is very handy for trimming corrugated board in difficult places.

Each solution has its own advantages, optimal for a particular task. When choosing you need to consider the shape of the cut, the thickness of the profile, access to the site, your own preferences and skills.

When working with profiled sheeting of any cutting mechanism, it is always necessary to apply a special anti-corrosion mastic on the cut, unless it is a profiled sheet of high class, in the protective layers of which there are molecules that prevent the oxidation of the alloy. You can also optionally process the place of the cut with paint in the color of the protective coating to protect the edges of sheets and ensure longevity of the facing material.

Edge protection against corrosion

Even the use of special tools for cutting corrugated board does not guarantee complete protection against damage to the coating of corrugated board. Only in corrugated sheets of galvanized steel 1st class zinc coating thickness, the presence of molecules in the area of the cut creates a barrier that prevents oxidation of the metal.

Therefore, to avoid reducing the service life of corrugated board, be sure to apply special anti-corrosion mastic on the edges of the cut. In addition, you can also paint these places in the color of the protective coating of the profiled sheet. Fulfillment of these simple requirements will reliably protect the edges of sheets of corrugated board in places of trimming, ensuring the reliability of the profiled sheet throughout its service life.

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