How to cut evenly with a jigsaw. Hand-held jigsaw

Why the jigsaw is crooked and how to fix it

In most cases, straight and curved cuts in materials require the tool to be as precise as possible. This statement is most true for an electric jigsaw. The thin saw blades used in this device can easily change the cutting angle, which can negatively affect line accuracy. The sharpness of the product’s edges and the smoothness of the cutting line depends on the operator’s skill, the condition of the device, and the condition of the saw. Next, we will tell you how to get the planned contour with perfectly clear edges and what to do if the jigsaw takes away to the side.

The departure of the saw blade from the predetermined line, may be due to several reasons. The operator may not have enough experience in handling the tool, the saw blade may be defective, and the rod and guide roller for jigsaws can be seriously backlash. In order not to guess by coffee grounds it is worth to start sifting factors that determine the accuracy and smoothness of the sawing line in your individual case.

evenly, jigsaw, hand-held

As a rule, it is better to start with yourself and your approach to sawing. Often, beginners hurry up and wanting to speed up the sawing process, put a lot of pressure on the jigsaw. The tool does not have time to gnaw evenly into the material and create a clear groove for the saw, which begins to follow the path of least resistance and makes unpredictable movements. This problem is especially widespread when working with a thick beam (from 40mm) and lacquered plywood of soviet times.

This is one of the reasons why the jigsaw is moving sideways. What to do while doing this? The answer is obvious. Apply as little pressure as necessary to guide the tool in a straight line and set the RPM to the maximum (when using wood). The mode of a pendulum usually has no effect on evenness of cut if its design is correct.

evenly, jigsaw, hand-held

Build quality and tool component wear can be a significant reason for beveled lines during sawing. To the devices from a budget segment (up to 2500), there are no claims, as well as hopes for their conscientious assembling. It is another matter when such tricks begin to be performed by original, brand-name tools. Often, the cause of a crooked cut is the jigsaw guide roller, jigsaw stem, or jigsaw sole.

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To check the reliability of fixation of an element, you can simply jerk it with your hand. A slackening of the rod or roller by more than 1 mm indicates that this device is not capable of making a perfectly straight cut. The greater the backlash of the parts, the less accurate the line for trimmer sawing they form. To fix this problem, you should proceed from the circumstances. If the part itself is worn out, it can be replaced with a similar one. It is difficult to fix the breakage, if the knot of attachment to the mechanism is worn out. Not every modern tool maker is willing to take up such a repair, and usually this problem is solved by buying a new tool.

The products of many proven brands, unfortunately, are often counterfeited, and jigsaws for jigsaws are very popular in this regard. It so happens that low-quality and counterfeit products have a fairly short service life, which brings the owner a lot of problems. One such problem, is a crooked cut. The originally flat blade can bend due to poor-quality metal, which can deform the tooth dilution, if it was present at all. In this regard, if your jigsaw is crooked, you can correct the situation by changing the saw blade. The process of qualitative selection of jigsaws for jigsaws has been disclosed by us in details in a separate topic.

You don’t have to be a craftsman or have professional tools with original consumables to get a perfectly straight cut. For such purposes there is a very simple and useful device, about which we will tell further.

When you need a precise cut

Sawing or shaping operations that require a line that is just right for the task at hand. That is, the cut should be even with minimal tolerance for deviation.

  • Ensuring a tight adjacency of mating surfaces.
  • Creation of minimum clearances.
  • Creating a correct geometry of the structure of the machined parts.
  • Attractive appearance of the cutting line and the part as a whole.

Features of sawing tiles with a jigsaw

The workplace should be stable with a maximally flat surface, and most of the tile was tightly pressed against it. On the weight should be the smallest section, even if that is what is needed for laying. To reduce vibrations, it is better to fix the tile with a pair or three clamps with rubberized clamps. To avoid scratches, a piece of cardboard or plastic can be glued to the metal sole of the jigsaw, with double-sided adhesive tape.

To reduce the likelihood of rejects, it is recommended to saw the tiles at minimum rpm while producing medium pressure, enough to keep the jigsaw in line and pointing it forward.

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Its design and features

Every jigsaw has a so-called support base. It always rests on the workpiece to be sawn. It is designed to improve the accuracy of the jigsaw.

It is easy to turn the sole to make oblique cuts. Some manufacturers produce models in which the main tool is fixed only at a certain angle.

The saw acts as the main cutting tool. Tooth spacing, method of sharpening, size, shape, materials. they are literally different in every model. 75, 85 and 100 millimeters are the most suitable length if you need to cut materials of low density. The saw’s pitch size also becomes quite important.

Why the jigsaw is crooked

In some cases, the craftsman may get a crooked cut. This kind of trouble is caused by:

Working with too thick materials is difficult to achieve a smooth cut.

Ways to fix problems

To get an acceptable result, it is worth having patience and working properly with the tool. It is not a good idea to push too hard or too far forward. This will only worsen the quality of cutting and cause chipping of the material. It is important to mark the trimmer line on the workpiece.

Sawing panels of metal, wood countertops, and other products should be done with a device with a well-sharpened file.

The correction of splinters that appeared

Any master should know not only how to saw with an electric jigsaw without chipping, but also how to fix it if they do appear, because it is almost impossible to avoid them.

There is a way out. The tool cuts the workpiece with an allowance of about 2 mm, then the allowance is ground with a band grinder or milled. In the latter case the edge is much cleaner than after machining with a grinder. Milling mainly on a self-made bar. Spiral cutters increase the quality, they need to prepare 2 pieces. If you want to get a clean edge on one side, use an ordinary 2-pass cutter; for both sides, use a 4-pass cutter with 2 main branches to the left and 2 undercutting branches to the right. In this case, when cutting the workpiece, the lower branches pull the material up, the upper ones press it down. No chipping on the edges as a result.

Specialists advise to use a work area light to improve control of the cutting direction. Saw metal boards, wood kitchen countertops, and other items with a tool that has a well-sharpened saw blade.

How to drill a hole with a large diameter?

Hello, dear friends. This is rather my last article here, I think will be of interest to many people. I encountered such a problem: I had to make an even circle in plywood for the speakers, but I had no tools for this, I invented this device. The device is very simple, everyone can do it and it is very easy to use. Now we screw the central screw through into the plywood, and the second screw out a little so that its “sting” sticking out a little from the board. Each time the board is easy to walk, we screw the screw inward a little, and thus cut further and further into the circle. Here is the final result, the hole is already cut through, everything is perfectly flat, if you want you can go through with sandpaper to give a smoother surface.

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Hello all! As it turned out, not many people know that in plywood you can easily cut a perfectly round hole of any diameter.

Additional features of jigsaws

If you have compared for different models of jigsaws, you probably noticed that the cost of more functional devices is much higher than the cost of simple models. The fact is that each technical addition requires a certain amount of labor and time in production. All this determines the high price. If you do not want to overpay you should think in advance what you really need in the work, and what you can refuse.

What role does the brand of manufacturer play

And so you have learned how to choose an electric jigsaw, the main thing about the features and characteristics of jigsaws and decided which to choose. cordless or electric, as well as decided on the necessary functions. However, the choice of the jigsaw is not limited to this. It is time to pay attention to the manufacturer. When choosing a brand, you should be guided, first of all, by your own experience with the tool of any manufacturer. For example, you had a drill or an Interskol sander that performed quite well.

You can then feel free to choose a jigsaw from the range of that manufacturer. If you have used “Bosch” tools all your life and have remained loyal to them, then you will have no doubts about your choice. And what to do if you are still in contemplation? I advise to read the reviews of other users about the models of specific firms. Currently well-proven electric jigsaws of the following delusions: Metabo, Makita, DeWALT, Felisatti, AEG. These manufacturers offer several models of different capacities, so there is a lot to choose from.

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