How to cut duroplimer skirting boards

How to Trim a Wood Baseboard While Installed on the Wall : Trim Installation & Maintenance

Installing Duroplinth. Step by Step Instructions

You can install duroplastic skirting boards by yourself or have them installed by a specialist. No end caps or corners are included with the skirting boards. Products are suitable for damp rooms.

Preparing to install a duroplastic baseboard

Dirt, dust, grease and dirt must be removed before fitting a baseboard. Skirting boards made of duropolymer must undergo acclimatization, t.е. Should be left in the room for a while before fitting. Although all sellers recommend to let the product stand for 24 hours, our experience shows that not less than 72 hours must pass.

Conditions during installation: temperature from 10 to 35 ° C, humidity 40 to 70%, must not be excessive humidity, so that then at its rapid decrease, the skirting boards did not give the shrinkage.

How to cut skirting board or baseboard corners. No power tools required!

Tools you will need: ruler-transformer, plane, fine-toothed hacksaw, mounting and joining glue, glue gun, damp cloth or sponge for removing excess glue. If you want to mount on self-tapping screws, a torch, an electric screwdriver, self-tapping screws.

On the basis of experience of our experts installers and customer reviews, we can assert by 90% that the best mounting and joining glues are Orac (FDP700 DECOFIX POWER) and glue Perfect.

Installation steps dyuropolymer skirting board

To evenly join the products, especially in the corners, use a ruler, protractor. Measuring the corners of the room, make a mark on the baseboard, at what angle a cut is needed. Insert the skirting board in a wire cutter, and saw at the right angle.

Start skirting board installation from one of the room’s corners and saw off the product at the right angle.

Apply mounting adhesive to the product along its length.

Put the baseboard against the wall and the floor, pressing tightly. Remove excess glue with a damp sponge.

The next element is also smeared with glue, as well as apply joint glue to both ends. Press the product along the length as well as the joints of the two baseboards.

Remove the excess of the dock adhesive mechanically within one hour.

For additional fastening with self-drilling screws drill holes in the amount of 3-4 pcs. at 2 m. After screwing the self-tapping screws the holes are puttied. After painting, these places will be invisible.

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For painting, we recommend the use of quality paints that give the smoothest surface. For example, of all the known not recommend the paint Tikkurila Euro 7, because it creates a rough surface that is difficult to clean.

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Author of article Evgeny Bridsky, director of Paul in the House

What to cut polyurethane or duroplastic skirting boards with: for small volumes, a fine-toothed hacksaw and a joiner’s plane for trimming corners can be sufficient, and for large objects, a high-speed electric mitre saw is advisable.

What is duropolymer?

Duropolymer is a modern, environmentally friendly material made of expanded polystyrene under high pressure and temperature. Products made of this polymer have a density of 360 to 400 kg/m 3. Thanks to this, duropolymer skirting boards can be installed in places where there is a lot of friction. The material is resistant to mechanical damage and other influences. Duroplimer skirting boards cannot be damaged by chairs, tables or other furniture.

According to reviews, duroplimer skirting boards are not inferior in their strength to their analogues made of selected oak wood. Such products do not crack, they are resistant to moisture and do not decay. They are assembled with the help of glue and self-tapping screws. When staining, any decorative paints can be used. There is a wiring duct inside the duroplimer skirting boards.

Not so long ago on the Russian market appeared skirting boards, which include charcoal, so the weight of the product is only 200 kg/m 3. without sacrificing quality (t. е. The basic performance properties remain unchanged).

Duropolymer. the best material for painting

Duropolymer skirting boards appeared not long ago, but have already gained popularity among consumers. On sale it is not always possible to find products of the desired color, and duropolymer can be given any color:

  • Acrylic paint. The most common option for walls and baseboards. tintable, can even be cleaned with a damp sponge. Over time, if necessary, the skirting boards can be painted. Since the paint is resistant to burnout, no difference will be seen.
  • Polyvinyl acetate paint. Only suitable for use in dry rooms, does not like wet cleaning. Remove dust only when dry. Option is more suitable for ceiling moldings, not floor products.
  • Latex or rubber paint. Forms a thick film after drying, reminiscent of the properties of rubber. The high degree of water resistance makes it possible to clean the skirting boards even with a brush.
  • With spray paint. It is used for models with applied ornaments, which should be well painted, which can not be done with a brush or roller.
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The number of paint layers depends on the color and on the coating itself; recommendations can be found on the package. As a rule, the paint adheres very well to duropolymer. But if this is not your case, you should first coat the skirting board with an adhesion primer. The compound is matched to the selected paint type.

Installation methods for duropolymer skirting boards

It is important to make sure that there are no gaps between the panel and the wall. Gaps can be sealed with sealant.

To date, there are two options for installing such products:

Tip! Fastening with self-tapping screws is preferable, because when mounted on the glue eliminates the possibility of subsequent removal of the panels without damaging their appearance. If you install it on the screws, then later you can easily remove such skirting boards and put them back.

Do the installation

  • Using a tape measure, measure the length of the wall.
  • According to the length of the wall cut a piece of baseboard.
  • We cut one edge at a 45-degree angle for the joint.

Tip:! To cut corners, it is best to use a mitre saw, which allows you to cut corners evenly.

  • We glue the skirting board to the wall and drill holes at a distance of about 30 cm.
  • Remove the strip from the wall and put plastic dowels in the made holes.
  • Screw the skirting board to the wall with self-tapping screws.
  • Cover the screw holes with special stickers.
  • Repeat the same procedure for the other skirting board.
  • Installation by means of glue compound.

Advice! Before the installation on the adhesive composition, it is necessary to make preliminary surface degreasing by means of a special composition. Otherwise you will not achieve a tight fit panel over the entire area.

  • Measure the length of the wall with a tape measure.
  • According to the measurements cut off a piece of strip.
  • Those surfaces that will be in contact with the wall and the floor, lubricate the adhesive sealant.
  • Wait for the time required for the curing compound (indicated on the label).

Tip! It is obligatory to glue a floor plinth to the wall and to the floor. If you glue it only to the wall, then under the bar can be clogged with dust and dirt, and through falling into this joint of moisture can begin to develop fungus and mold.

  • We put a skirting board to the place of installation, and then it should be pressed tightly to the ground. Apply for the time specified on the sealant label.
  • Measure and install the next piece, repeating all the previous steps.

Duroplimer skirting boards are made of different types: both floor and ceiling. In the floor plinths there is a recess for laying the various cables (power and low-current).

  • Have a sufficiently high density (this parameter reaches 420 kg / cu.м.);
  • has a low specific weight (it does not increase the total weight of the entire structure and facilitates the process of attachment;)
  • High durability prevents the surface of a plinth from mechanical influences and shock loads;
  • Possesses low hygroscopicity (practically does not absorb a moisture);
  • thanks to its high density does not absorb and does not retain odors from the environment;
  • has the necessary certificates of fire safety;
  • does not deform in the process of operation;
  • The polymer used prevents the formation of mold and penetration of insects;
  • manufacturers guarantee high durability of their products;
  • low cost.

The only disadvantage of such skirting boards is the need to paint them.

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perfect inside miter joint hack. baseboard molding install

How to install a skirting board, how to cut corners correctly?

Installing the baseboard at the junction of the floor and wall is usually not the most difficult task in the repair, but, on how it will be carried out may depend on the overall impression of the work done sloppiness will be seen immediately. The most important and frequent question here becomes a simple thing. how and at what angle to cut the floor plinth to get a perfect joint? Geometry comes into play. entry level lessons can help solve all problems.

To do this, use a power plier. In both cases (when installing on glue and self-tapping) the ends of the two corner strips should always be glued. It’s best to do it even before you put the baseboard in place. It is worth using glue, designed for polyurethane boards joints.

  • Take measuring tools, such as a tape measure, and a pencil
  • Apply the molding to the ceiling surface and mark the dimensions;
  • Prepare a plane and a metal saw
  • Hold the fillet with your hand and find the position of the hacksaw at which the angle of the joint is set.
  • Measure with a square
  • With a coping saw, set the angle and.
  • At the connecting points.
  • Apply the plinth to the installation site and.
  • After gluing, remove excess glue immediately with a spatula.
  • If necessary, wipe the connections between the product and the wall with a cloth,

Duropolymer is a composite, high-pressure impact resistant polymer made from expanded polystyrene. Duropolymer is an ecological material, it is more durable than polyurethane.

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