How to cut concrete at home

Additional tips for cutting concrete

  • If you use diamond blades a lot or the amount of work is quite large, you should choose high-quality professional diamond blades that offer a long service life.
  • If you are not sure you can do the job yourself, you just need to hire a professional company that provides services such as diamond drilling and concrete cutting, who will do the dirty work for you.

Methods of cutting concrete

All concrete cutting is inextricably linked with operations such as

All of these can act as a supplement or as part of the basic technological process. A distinction is made between two main ways of cutting: a) dry cutting; b) wet cutting.

The latter method is the most technologically correct. When it is used, a jet of water is delivered to the place of friction of the tool and material, whose tasks are: a) to cool the cutting component; b) to settle the dust; c) to increase cutting efficiency; d) to allow continuous operations and improve their safety.

However, it is not always possible to supply water due to lack of it. It is not uncommon that water can damage the tool. For these reasons, “dry cutting” can be used. It is somewhat different in that the work must be carried out intermittently, allowing the cutting elements to cool. High dustiness of the work forces either the use of dust extraction devices or interruption of the process for longer periods than necessary to cool down the tool. Because in closed rooms because of dust there is no place for cutting, and there is a risk of mistakes in the performance of work.

When dry cutting, the blade tip should only be plunged to a small depth, as too much lateral friction heat causes the tool to heat up and can lead to breakdown. For deep cuts make several side bores and gradually widen them to create a clear path for access to the point of impact on the concrete.

How to Cut a Drainage Channel into a Concrete Slab

In domestic processing, hand tools are most often used for cutting concrete. As a rule, masters adapt an ordinary angle grinder (angle grinder) for the task. In order for the tool to produce the expected effect, it is necessary to use nozzles that are capable of breaking the structure of hard stone:

The best and most efficient way is to use diamond discs for cutting concrete. Their hardness is greater than that of stone, so they give good results with minimal wear compared to grinding and roughing wheels. The discs are coarse and fine sputtering of synthetic diamond, the fraction selected according to the hardness of the stone, and the disc diameter by the size of the casing of the electric tool.

The basic rule for choosing a disc for cutting concrete with an angle grinder is that the denser the concrete, the finer the diamond fraction. When sawing reinforced concrete manual method should use discs without holes, they can cling to the frame reinforcement and injure the master.

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Some craftsmen use chainsaws, hydraulic tools. This method is more suitable for young concrete in non-thick structures, as the metal wears out quickly enough in the process of cutting.

  • Labor-intensive. The employee gets tired quickly;
  • The accuracy of cutting in large areas is extremely difficult to observe;
  • Large amount of time required for cutting.

Tips for choosing a machine for working with concrete

An angle grinder for concrete or an angle grinder (angle grinder) is a great tool to cut chisels in walls or to grind and polish the surface of concrete floors. However, not every model is suitable for such tasks, so it is worth to understand how to choose the right unit for processing.

Machine method

For cutting openings in concrete in the conditions of repair of a house or reconstruction of industrial premises, where the wall thickness is considerable, it is advisable to use a more productive technique than an angle grinder. There are several types of equipment for this purpose, which are used in different situations.

4 Ways to Cut & Remove Concrete for French Drain. Level 2. EASY DIY

Wall saw

Its main application is laid in the name. it is designed for cutting thick walls when creating and expanding openings of windows and doors, for the separation of volumetric structures, for deep slotting.

A wall saw is similar to an angle grinder, only larger in size. Its body is equipped with a holder, which is attached to the wall rails. Thus, the equipment moves along one axis while working, making deeper and deeper cuts. Cutting is carried out by large discs with diamond chips, the diameter of the circles exceeds 25 cm.

  • No dust at all when cutting concrete. When the disc rotates, water flows into the work area, which prevents dust from escaping and the disc from overheating;
  • High power and speed;
  • Relatively low noise level;
  • Low vibration;
  • Reliable attachment of the machine to the guide rail provides for high accuracy and high geometry.

Cutting Concrete with a Circular Saw

The disadvantage can be considered the high cost of equipment. For a single use, it is advisable to rent a machine.

Wire cutting

To cut a piece from a small reinforced concrete structure, such as a beam, slab or column, wire cutting concrete is excellent. The essence of the method lies in the use of a rubberized rope with cutting “perlins”, secured at the ends in the torsion unit. The wire itself is stretched over the stone to be cut and tightened well. The wire-cutting machine must be secured to the structure or to a rigid base. The workpiece in concrete must also be absolutely stationary.

Water is supplied to the cut while the wire is running, which prevents the cutter from overheating and creating a dust cloud.

The working principle of the machine is illustrated in the

The disadvantage. technologically complex process of installation and fixation of equipment and structure.


A joint cutter is designed to cut through road surfaces:

  • For organization of expansion joints in concrete screeds;
  • When building roads and sidewalks;
  • For sawing holes in floors between floors.

At the core. diamond cutting of concrete with abrasive discs. They are fixed in the lower part of the machine body, equipped with handles and operating levers. Requires operator intervention. mechanism must be moved manually.

  • The equipment is capable of cutting through the thickest layers of reinforced concrete.
  • Minimal vibration does not harm the surface of the remaining floor area or roadbed.
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Minus. the high cost of equipment, the need for skill master.

Diamond core drilling rig

Diamond drilling is necessary when creating holes for outlets, electrical units, for laying pipes and taking samples of concrete from the construction. Installation is a powerful machine from the base and the motor with a circular diamond nozzles of different diameters.

Diamond cutting of holes in concrete is done with a hydraulic or electric drive. Hydraulics are more powerful and productive, and are therefore preferred by professionals.

For drilling small holes, a drill with a tapered abrasive nozzle can be used.


Concrete cutting procedure

Determining the type of concrete

Before sawing with an angle grinder concrete, you need to determine what type of concrete you are dealing with. this is because different types of diamond blades are used for each type of material. For example, it can be reinforced with metal bars (reinforced concrete).

If the depth of cut is about 10 centimetres or deeper you might get a metal lattice (reinforcing bar) in your way. As mentioned above, there are special discs for this purpose.

It should also be taken into account that the structure of the material changes over time. Fresh concrete is more abrasive, whereas old concrete is harder. This is why diamond blades for old and fresh material must be made differently.

If you have time, you can study the structure of the material in more detail and find the most suitable tool for it. For example, if there is basalt or quartz in the composition, it will quickly dull the wheel. The diamond segments should therefore be bonded with a soft material, so that the new diamonds can be “cut” more quickly.

You should also keep in mind that the size of the filler affects the cutting speed. the larger it is, the slower the procedure is done.

Tip! Diamond tools are used not only for cutting, but also for other concrete work. In particular, diamond drilling holes in concrete or grinding with diamond cup discs are often used.

Diamond wheel with laser brazing in the photo

Choosing a drive

When choosing a disc, you should keep in mind that the segments can be attached to the blade in two ways:

  • Brazing with silver m. Such discs are widely used in wet cutting.
  • Laser welded. This kind of nozzle is characterized by high performance, and is usually used for dry cutting.

When selecting a disc, it is also important to check that its diameter and fastening hole meet the technical characteristics of the angle grinder. Also an important point is the maximum speed of rotation. It is desirable that this disc is higher, the maximum speed that can be provided by an angle grinder.

Once all of the above parameters have been determined, you can choose the most optimal type of tool, which will ensure maximum efficiency.

Concrete angle grinder with segmented disc

Choosing the type of cutting

cutting is usually done with water, so it is dust free. over, water can increase the efficiency, as well as the tool’s life. Because the process can be uninterrupted, it will increase the speed of work. (See the “Cutting” section of this manual. also the article Strooborzchy cutter for aerated concrete: features.)

However, there is not always a water source near the work area. When this is the case, a dry cut is performed.The dry cutting process must be interrupted, i.e.е. consisting of several cuts.

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Cutting at

Once the angle grinder for cutting concrete is prepared, you can get to work:

  • The first thing to do is to outline the fishing line that will be used to make the cut. It is advisable to fasten wooden bars along the mowing line, which will make the mowing line cut even.
  • Then you need to turn on your own hands an angle grinder and make a cut with a depth of about 0.5. 1 cm.
  • Then you should remove the bars and make the cut to the right depth. Spray water on the blade during work. If cutting is done dry, the procedure, as mentioned above, must be stopped periodically to allow the tool to cool down.

Note! Before starting work, you must protect your respiratory organs with a respirator. In addition, you should use other personal protective equipment. goggles and gloves.

This is, perhaps, the whole instruction on how to perform this work.

Varieties of concrete cutting tools

During construction, it is often necessary to drill holes in a concrete wall to change or create openings for doors, windows or utilities. For this purpose, concrete cutting is done using a variety of equipment, ranging from hand tools, ending with heavy professional machines.

But remember that drilling into walls generates a lot of dust and noise. Therefore, before we start the work, let’s consider methods of cutting monolithic surfaces.

Tools for work

For piercing technological holes, slots, furrows use drilling. The opening in the concrete wall, or its expansion is most often done with the help of diamond cutting elements fixed in different types of tools. If the concrete is not very thick, you can cut it with an angle grinder (“angle grinder”) and a wheel 105-125 mm.

Water spraying at work will help reduce dust, and save the disc. If contact with water is not safe, you must cut “dry”. But to cool the segments it is necessary to remove the disk from the cutting area after a certain period of time and let the machine idle (from 10 to 50 seconds).

To cut an opening with a depth of more than 10 cm you can use professional circular saws (hydraulic, electric cutters), they will quickly cut through the concrete to a depth of 15-16 cm on one side. Blades of 350-400 mm are used. Workers must wear respirators when cutting concrete, concrete dust can enter the lungs and cause serious illness. You should also wear gloves and goggles.

The wave-shaped turbo diamond discs make it possible to do the hardest cutting, for example, when reinforced concrete needs to be cut. Of course, this type of nozzle is the most expensive. Tip! Cutting of reinforced concrete with diamond discs is first performed to a depth of about one centimeter.

To remove a weak layer of screed, you can use high-pressure water or the hydraulic demolition method. This impact of the water jet can be made selective. If you make the right setting, then the concrete screed, which is done well, will be intact, while the defective one will be washed away by water.

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