How to cut an orthopedic mattress. How to clean a mattress from blood

Repair of spring mattress by yourself

A mattress with a dependent springs consists of a metal frame on which springs are set, rigidly fastened to each other and make a single block.

The structure of a mattress with dependent springs

The most common is the Bonnell spring block, which was invented more than 150 years ago and which has between 120 and 160 springs per square meter. The spring consists of coils of different diameters, the largest around the edges and tapering in the center. Thanks to this they do not rub against each other and do not produce excessive noise.

Mattress based on the Bonnell dependent spring block

The most common are five-turn steel springs made of hardened wire, less common are four-turn springs. Dependent spring units are used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture such as sofa and tahtas and are also produced for the manufacture of bed mattresses.

This block system consists of spring elements with a special cone shape that are connected to one another by a carbon steel wire spiral

This type of mattress is still in great demand among the buyers due to its practicality and durability. The cost of this product is 30-40 percent lower than independent spring mattresses.

In a mattress with independent springs, which are called orthopedic springs, the springs are in covers of non-woven material that are glued together to form a single block.

A mattress for a bed based on an independent spring block

With this arrangement, the load is distributed more evenly, giving the body a natural sleeping position.

In this system each spring element in the form of a cylinder or “keg” is kept in its own special cover made of thick fabric or elastic materials

The orthopedic mattress prevents back diseases, the sleeper does not disturb blood circulation, the person wakes up in the morning rested without pain.

Independent spring block for orthopedic mattresses

The more quantity of springs is used per square meter, the stronger is the orthopedic effect.

By the number of springs mattresses are divided into:

When mattresses need reupholstering

Spring frames retain performance for 8-15 years. The upholstery is usually the first to wear out, but a high-quality filler does not require replacement for quite a long time. often than not, repairs need to be done if:

  • The covering has worn down or become damaged;
  • Deformed or began to stick out the springs and other metal parts;
  • The filler has fallen into disrepair;
  • The frame has been damaged.

Having detected such breakage and loss of functionality, it is not necessary to immediately throw away the thing. Spring orthopedic design can be repaired by your own efforts, replacing or repairing parts.

Rivalry in strength

Wadded or foam? Or an orthopedic? In terms of cost on the market, the first 2 positions are in the same price level. But the orthopedic one is beyond competition. It requires a high-density polyurethane foam. It also needs a cover. The choice of this material in modern conditions is not difficult.

Wadded has the advantage that it is natural. Wool is made of cotton. This material, although it has a low density, but is safe for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. But a synthetic filler is better to use if there are no people prone to allergies in the house.

Cotton is in the priority and because of the excellent property of cotton to retain heat longer than its competitors. But the wool has a number of disadvantages:

The desired density and stiffness by combining several types of material is justified. It is acceptable to simultaneously use synthetic hollofiber, the density of which is high, or polyurethane.

How to make a mattress with your own hands if you use foam rubber? You will need a good cover, you do not need to buy ready-made. You can, without overpaying, make it yourself. It’s very convenient to have a zipper to create a washing possibility.

When using items that contain foam, it is important to avoid getting water on the surface. It spoils this material, no matter what its density. Foam can become soft or even sprawl. This stuffing should be used only in a dry room. If this product gets into a wet shed, you can say goodbye to it.

We make a mattress with our own hands: foam, orthopedic, pillow

To increase working capacity, general well-being of the body it is necessary to have a quality rest. The most important aspect of a good rest is a healthy sleep. What will help improve the quality of sleep? Above all, a comfortable place to sleep.

A comfortable mattress gives a good sleep and well-being. That’s why you should pay special attention to your mattress.

Choosing the right mattress will ensure a good night’s sleep. Manufacturers offer a wide range of different materials and fillings. Models range from the budget segment to the premium class. In order to take into account all individual needs, you will have to lay out a large sum.

To find a comfortable, high quality mattress at a low price can be difficult. Sometimes it is easier to make a mattress with your own hands.

If the amount turns out to be too much for you, there is a way out. to make a mattress with your own hands. This solution will allow you to save money, create a perfect sleeping place for yourself, thereby ensuring a healthy, sound sleep.

A mattress, made by your own hands, can be no worse than an analogue from the manufacturer.

There are several types of mattresses that are realistic to make yourself. These include:

With your own hands you can create any mattress of your choice: either from ordinary foam rubber, or from pillows.

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If you have an old worn out mattress. just do it reconstruction, it’s even cheaper!

You can easily turn an old mattress into a new one. just repair it and replace the base with a new one!

How to make a mattress from foam rubber with his hands

Foam (polyurethane foam, PPU) is perfect as a filler, is cheap and durable. There are many kinds of foam rubber. They differ in their quality characteristics: density, elasticity, rigidity.

The easiest way to make a mattress from foam rubber. It is possible to choose the material of any suitable thickness.

As a filler, soft, resilient foam is ideal, capable of quickly restoring its original shape after use. The quality of foam rubber is determined by its density. The filler must have a density in the range of 25 to 40 kg/m3. To make the frame requires foam rubber with a higher density.

Mattress of foam. the easiest and most convenient to make. In order to make it, you do not need special knowledge.

When selecting foam be sure to take into account the marking of the product, choose the product labeled EL (high rigidity, load up to 100 kg inclusive, low cost, service life of 5 years), HR or VE (have high air permeability, elasticity, soft enough, service life of 10 years).

It is important to correctly select the thickness and density of the foam for the future mattress, as well as to pay attention to the marking.

Before you directly get to work, note that for mattresses for permanent use you will also need spring blocks, for portable. only PPU.

To make a foam mattress with your own hands, you will need:

  • glue. you will need a special, for gluing foam rubber (it is not recommended to save on adhesive composition, cheap brands can be harmful to health);
  • dense foam. the basis of the frame, inside which the soft foam (EL, HR or VE) will be placed;
  • fabric for sewing the cover.

To make it, you need a standard set of tools: tape measure, ruler (for measurements), knife, scissors. The cover is fastest to make with a sewing machine, but you can do with a thread with a needle if you do not have one.

Prepare the necessary tools to make a foam mattress with your own hands.

To understand how to make a mattress with your own hands, use the step-by-step instructions.

To maintain the tone of the musculoskeletal system requires an orthopedic mattress. The decision to make a regular foam orthopedic will add a few actions when laying the filler.

You can also make an orthopedic mattress with your own hands. This will require different layers of filler.

In the inner part of the finished frame is placed alternately in layers of foam and other materials, it is better to use struttofiber or coconut coir (control the stiffness of the product, the smaller the layer. the softer), the layers must be carefully connected using adhesive composition, distributing it over the surface.

Another way is to use spring blocks instead of foam to increase strength, but this is more time consuming and expensive.

A more complicated option. to make your own hands a mattress with spring blocks. It requires more time and expense.

Mattress of pillows with their own hands

The fastest, easiest, and most budget-friendly way to create a sleeping space is a pillow-top mattress. Ideal for children’s games, mobile, compact, can be put on the floor, used as a chair or a comfortable bed.

A pillow mattress is a great option for decorating a child’s room. Making such mattresses is easy.

  • Several pillows (number, size choose at your discretion);
  • Canvas or pillowcases;
  • Scissors;
  • Needles and thread (sewing machine).

It takes very little time to create a mattress from pillows. You just need to choose the appropriate material and prepare a few cushions of the same size.

The creation of the product is done in two ways:

Cushion mattresses not only fit perfectly into the interior, but are also suitable for compact storage in the closet.

How to reconstruct a stationary mattress with their own hands

With time any thing loses its original properties, wears out. Mattresses get dents, springs burst, cover tears.

What to do with a worn-out mattress if you feel sorry to throw it away? You can have it repaired by an expert or do it yourself.

You can get rid of these problems by buying a new one (which is quite expensive), or you can reconstruct the old one.

Even a mattress with springs can be repaired without help, although this activity will be quite time consuming

  • Filler.
  • Fabric.
  • Thread, needle.
  • Scissors, knife.
  • If necessary: slats, springs, twine.
  • Hammer, big nails, stapler, staples.

Myths and speculation about mattresses

Friends, good day to all! Honestly, this is not what I wanted to write the next post about. But after reading some Комментарии и мнения владельцев on my previous post., realized that instead of talking about inadequacies (I’ll come back to this topic later), I can help people understand what to pay attention to when choosing a mattress, and what to skip over. Too many myths and speculation around the mattress theme.I will try to be objective and talk about the tricks of the mattress kings of sales and misconceptions of ordinary people.

1) Warranties on mattresses 15, 25, 35, 1000 years. does not exist! Don’t look at advertising banners, TV commercials, brochures; don’t listen to the sweet voices of salespeople. This warranty does not exist. Not when buying a moisture-proof cover, not without it. Carefully read the contract you sign. And in it, I know, there’s a line: “The standard warranty on a mattress 18 months, extended warranty 25 years WITHIN SPRINGS”. I’ve been selling mattresses since 2009, guess how many people I’ve seen break springs? Answer: none! Because it’s almost unrealistic!Everyone who has had their mattresses replaced after 1.5 years. These are private cases. The firm went to meet them, but that does not mean that they behave that way with everyone.

2) Never listen to other people about the quality of different brands. When making a choice, based only on your feelings and needs.

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Here are some examples:- I took a mattress from “Company name”, The mattress turned out to be a piece of shit. All fell apart after two years.Said aunt, weighing 120 kilograms, who bought a mattress weighing up to 90 kg.

3) Moisture-proof cover. It’s a good thing. It really helps extend the life of the mattress.All modern mattresses do not like moisture. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5,000 or 150,000. But we’re all human, we sweat in our sleep, and it’s normal. Usually in firms that have like a lifetime warranty on the mattress covers are expensive. You can look in other companies the same covers and cheaper by half.

4) The stiffer the mattress, the better. And the only thing better than a mattress can be the floor. is one of the biggest myths that lives on to this day.I had a man with a fractured spine. I took a mattress, on the advice of a doctor, as a bench, so that nothing is not pressed anywhere.Then there was the man with the titanium vertebrae in his lower back. I bought a mattress so soft that my lower back touches the mattress, also on the doctor’s recommendation.Different illnesses. different mattresses.And for ordinary people with normal spines, you have to take the mattress that is comfortable.

5) Expensive. it means it is better.Perhaps the most controversial point. Here it is necessary to look at the filling, what kind of mattress you are offered to understand what makes up such a price.

The mattress market is overcrowded right now “with tempting offers” and it is quite realistic to find a mattress with a price/quality ratio.

P. S. When choosing a mattress, be sure to lie on it in the cabin. If you came with a couple, lay down together. Swivel on it, try to assume the position of falling asleep. And do not listen to anyone but my feelings. You do not just choose a mattress. You’re choosing a friend for many years.

Our stroller and bassinet as you can trim the coconut mattress

The last couple of weeks I was attacked by the nesting effect)) tormented by the feeling that the time is not enough. The weekend before last we bought the cradle and this weekend we bought the stroller. With the cradle I decided at the beginning of pregnancy, the apartment is very small space and in my opinion, in the first six months, is a great solution, the child will be near, but not in my bed, well, I’ll try to do so was the other advantages will not describe, for me it was important size, portability, height adjustment, side edge is removed, the child is easy to reach at night by hand, there is a light. When buying a mattress there was one problem. a mattress. The bottom of the cradle is plywood, it comes with a thin linen mattress, which is put on a cotton cover. I decided that the baby should sleep on a normal orthopedic mattress. And now, I’ve been surfing the Internet for two days, it turns out that in our country not only not to be decent to be non-standard, but to pick up for the money something like this is a whole problem. The cradle 40×80, no mattresses or underwear such no. Or 34×78 or 40×90 mattresses. Anyway, after agonizing, I bought a coir mattress production Belarus 40×90 (13) and persuaded her husband to cut it)))) Later I will correct the post and add a photo mattress. Briefly, the mattress with removable cotton cover, a layer of coconut coir wrapped in fabric. My husband cut everything quickly and painlessly usual sharp knife sawing motion and a little adjusting a broad knife stationery, cover I washed, twisted in the cradle, he zipped. Ordered sheets with an elastic band, so that everything will be beautiful and neat, and most importantly the baby is comfortable, under the sheet you can put a disposable diaper. Photo will put a couple of weeks in this post. Any questions, write, but really it is easy.

Oh, and I found a solution with a blanket in the cradle. Bought a regular in a department store envelope for the discharge, such white blankets thin with pink and blue ribbons (now such are not very fashionable). But I just tortured myself looking for a blanket in the crib. Again in the store standard huge and heavy, and the bedding is the same, as if the baby does not need anything. And this is what you need for the first time, size 90×90, very lightweight, a thin layer of sintepon, fully cotton Ribbon after discharge, 2 duvet covers also ordered to replace, that it was hygienic, could be washed.

Ready for discharge, too. Everything is simple and classic))

Stroller chosen for literally a couple of days, read the reviews and stopped at a Polish Smykland Deamex4 2in1 (new such costs around 370, used in the store such strollers 215, I found a 175 with a hand also in very good condition). For the critics, I say that initially we did not consider the road and new kooyaski, we needed a budget option in good condition, my strong belief that the child in any will be good)))) Buy expensive stroller makes sense if you plan to roll in it a few children or if it is possible to spend the money. But this is my opinion, you can argue for a long time and pointlessly on this subject. For me, the most important thing is the cradle, it will be new, trusted company, but also not the most expensive. Such purchases.

From the sad, on Monday I went to the hospital, everything is like last time, there are posts in the diary, so I will not repeat. The only thing this time was ready for it, the bag was packed, not hysterical, although the hands, of course, were shaking, but most importantly the baby was moving, now everything is under control, I will be in the hospital until the victory That’s how premonitions have not deceived me, with more all bought, waiting for! As always, I wish you all an easy pregnancy and to reach your due dates

How to re-tighten a mattress, if springs are protruding

If springs are found to be protruding or damaged after removing the mattress shell, they will need to be replaced. If one or two springs are broken, it is sufficient to remove them and replace them with new ones. But if a whole row is out of order, you need to make one of two decisions:

  • Carry out a complete replacement of the spring block. This option is characterized by simplicity and reliability, but requires little expense.
  • Partially replace the unit. In this course of events, you have to disassemble the old base to get to the springs on both sides. Then the broken items are taken out and new ones are installed in their place.
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When partially replacing the block you should cut along the edges of the metal wire that fastens the rows and then unscrew it counterclockwise.

How I decided not to pay the handyman for laying the tiles

A bunch of months ago I wrote about the repairs we had started. I was also told that I was writing before it was finished. Of course it would have been more logical to finish it and show the result, but I felt that there was something wrong with me and I had no hope to show the result, but I really wanted to show off

But back to our sheep))) Who is reading this blog for the first time. I am in my fifth year of divorce, living in my own house, which has no repairs. bare walls, shower room in the kitchen. In the summer it will be three years since we saw my dad, but my dad began to actively help us financially. My dad allocated an awful lot of money for repairs. well, like over. The amount is really great, but I think everyone is aware of the rising prices? I called the master with a question, but how much is it. Well, the plaster to screw in 10 grand. So I cursed and decided I’d do it myself for 10,000. I ordered the materials and started.The nursery greeted me like this.

To start with, I cut all the foam at the joints, cleaned the walls, removed all the wiring from the walls. Then screwed plasterboard in two layers, wiring between the gaps of the second. Next began to putty joints.

After that, I was mowed down and the final layer of putty I had to do not myself. I hired a craftsman, but then I barely had enough energy to eat. Getting up at 7:00 a.m. At 12 o’clock I wanted to go to bed. When the power began to emerge, and I think I have time to. And then the trouble came from where you can’t expect. In mid-December I was dragging my youngest child with cramps in my arms and praying not to fall and screaming like a fool “HELP!”, and he whispered” Mom, I’m sorry I upset you! I don’t want to die like this! So do not want to be disabled!” Turned out to be really nothing, but the drips, the recovery, the nerves. time.

After the walls were done, the question arose, but how to do wallpaper and flooring? Our house at the time of construction was roofless for a long time and it was raining, so the OBS-Studio got well soaked and they became less dense. I hired a craftsman to cut the pieces, and then I screwed a new layer of OSB, primed the walls, glued wallpaper, rolled out the linoleum and trim it, but it weighs. UH. My linoleum is very dense and weighed like a salon wing. Then I trimmed and screwed the baseboards, brought in and assembled the furniture. The room was ready. but there were no outlets, which meant there was no way to get the heat going. Seems like a small thing, but I told you in the spring that my dad died and my mom was alone and now on New Year’s Eve we decided to get together at my place, and where to sleep? I called one electrician, another electrician, but they all turned their heads. the day before New Year’s Eve! Then a miracle happened! An acquaintance of an acquaintance was around and I was able to pull him out. He came to do and when it came to the calculation, he said it was a gift to us for the New Year))) That is the beauty we had at the output) About the economy. From what I did myself:

Savings of about 30 thousand, taking into account that I was lucky with the electrics. Thanks to my own hands I managed to buy materials for my son’s room.

Eh. more. I still had money left over to fix the bathroom, but. I called the craftsmen and was told that from 40 thousand. The options were as follows

We bought a cheap bathtub, the cheapest tiles and hired a craftsman

-Taking out a loan, but my car broke down a couple months before that so now I have a year’s worth of credit and need to close it to take out a new one.

Then I thought and decided that Gods do not burn crockery, and wheezing that for the money I would do it myself, got down to business. Here I will not describe at length. I started with the floor. It turned out to be easy and simple, but then again, I also have flat walls.

With the walls, I screwed up the first two rows. I had them test, crooked, but the first rows will be hidden behind the tub. In two days, averaged 3 hours of work on one wall.

What can I say?? That’s right. Maybe not perfect, but the result makes me happy. I have the option of not having to pay credit for two years for the work.

What I want to get across with this post? Well, don’t believe it if they say you can’t! It’s so hard! Everything hurts! But the sweet aroma of almost victory)

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