How to cut aerated concrete blocks

What and how to saw aerated concrete blocks: tools and technology

Aerated concrete, being a modern and technological material with its own set of physical and chemical properties, requires high precision in laying and cutting. For this purpose developed a whole class of tools, which will be discussed in this publication. It will be told what to saw aerated concrete blocks, and how to do it correctly.

Maximum accuracy and evenness of cutting aerated concrete blocks provide professional machines. With their help massive structures can be cut into small parts, giving them any shape and size. Due to the relatively small size of the machine can be placed in a garage or garden. The design of the machine resembles a frame with components such as:

The block is passed through an auger mechanism, which ensures the correct geometry of the sides. After that, a frame with cutting blades that cut the monolith is lowered on the aerated concrete structure. The finished product is transferred to the storage room.

The disadvantages include expensive and small size, which provides optimal cutting conditions.

Choosing tools for processing aerated concrete products, it is necessary to take into account the specifics and scope of work. In this case, they will serve long and high quality.

Tools for cutting aerated concrete

To determine what to saw aerated concrete blocks with, you should pay attention to such nuances as:

Masters also take into account the dimensions of the blades, since for processing a small amount of material in a home repair it is enough to use a hand saw, and to perform large amounts of work, a powerful saw for aerated concrete is needed.

A professional electric aerated concrete saw can be used on a daily basis for more than 6 hours at a time. It is more expensive than the simple inventions, but gives a better performance and speed.

Looking for a suitable tool, do not be fooled by ads and buy the most expensive models. A beginner’s hand-held tool is enough. Then you can upgrade to a professional saw.


Figuring out what to cut aerated concrete with, it is necessary to consider the features of the following hand tools:

  • Hacksaw with a rigid blade. It features a short blade and can be used for work with aerated concrete, not more than 20 cm thick. Cutting aerated concrete blocks with this saw is convenient and fast.
  • Saws with enlarged and flexible cutting element. To cut evenly and accurately, you should adhere to the cutting technology.


The advantages of the listed types of hand saws should include:

  • Ease of use.
  • No deformation during intensive use.
  • No surface chipping.
  • Can be used for longitudinal and transverse cutting.
  • Optimal price.


But in addition to the pluses, the manual tool has a number of disadvantages. First of all, it is the need to purchase a metal angle, which will prevent the appearance of distortions in case of improper cutting. cutting work takes a lot of time and requires some skills.

To obtain a high quality of cutting it is necessary to have the right approach to the choice of saw for aerated concrete. There are ready-made kits available that are designed specifically for this type of building material.

Hand-operated hacksaw

Choosing what to cut aerated concrete block for the production of the backsplash, first of all think about the simplest tools. A hacksaw is quite able to cope with such a task. it feels like manually sawing an aerated concrete block is about the same as cutting a wooden sleeper. However, an ordinary hand saw is not suitable here. First, it is too short. Block size is usually 60 × 25 × 20 cm (L × W × H). A standard joiner’s hacksaw can not completely overlap such a briquette, it moves aside and the cut turns out uneven, sloppy. There is another problem. the metal of joinery tools is designed to work with wood, and the teeth are usually not equipped with carbide tips. They quickly blunt, after which the hacksaw can not be used, it will be a long and laborious sharpening.

To work with aerated concrete a special hacksaw is used, with an extended base and carbide tips on the teeth. It lacks all the disadvantages of the conventional tool, although the principles and techniques of working with it remain standard. Cutting material with it is quite a labor-intensive activity, but if there is no connection to the electricity grid, this is the only option, and irreplaceable.

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Angle piece, how to make it yourself

The size of gas blocks is quite large (and some gas blocks are just large). To cut such briquettes exactly and without deviations from the vertical (or perpendicular) just by eye, without additional devices, it is extremely difficult. However, there is a special chisel (more precisely, an angle piece), with which you can ensure sufficient accuracy of cutting. This is a device made of metal angles (alternatively. angles and tubes), arranged exactly 90° with respect to each other in all three dimensions. If you put the jigsaw against the gas block, you can accurately mark the line for the cut trimmer. You can either cut along the marked line or straight along the angle piece, using the angle piece as a guide. For greater accuracy, rotate the block several times to ensure maximum cutting accuracy.

The device is inexpensive, but, to buy it, you should at least spend time on a trip to the store. Taking into account that it will be necessary to seek out a chisel and spend money, it is easier to make it yourself. It is not a difficult task, if you have on hand an angle grinder with a cutting wheel, a welding inverter with a set of electrodes and a few pieces of metal angle. It remains to cut the three main parts, tack them to each other and precisely align them at an angle of 90°, using an angle piece. After that, check their position and weld completely, install a handle to hold the angle during work, clean up the seams. If you want, you can paint the device, although the quality of the work will not be affected.

Tools for cutting aerated concrete in length and width

Aerated concrete is easy to work with. You can cut aerated concrete with hand or electric saws, which allows you to make from them a variety of structural elements of buildings and structures of any geometry.

Band saw

Band saw machine for cutting gas blocks. professional high-performance equipment. Allows sawing aerated concrete blocks into narrow sections. They are not used for construction of individual houses, but they are often used in large commercial or industrial construction.

The machine is divided into upper and lower parts, between which is a working area where blocks are sawed.

The working units are fitted with shaft-mounted wheels, driven by an electric motor. Work canvas is stretched between them in much the same way as a chain.

One part of the blade is placed in the machine, so it is not visible, and the other part goes through the working area. an iron plate with a marking.

Machine has two buttons to turn it on and off.

Effective dust extraction system provides for long and continuous working hours.

  • Maximum productivity. Material is cut very quickly.
  • Has an extremely simple design, so it can serve yourself.
  • Allows an electric motor of needed power.
  • Can easily cut thick blocks.
  • Moves the working unit to make even circular cuts.
  • Precise cutting lines are obtained thanks to the guiding system.
  • Can’t cut holes.
  • Requires the work of a professional, well versed in safety technology, because the cutting belt can cause fatal injuries.

Due to its large size, you need a roomy truck to transport the band saw.

How to saw with a hacksaw

Due to its low density, it is possible to cut aerated concrete block with hand saws with a special cutting edge. Use this tool is advisable if the amount of work is small and the configuration of the erected elements is uncomplicated.

aerated, concrete, blocks

This saw is advantageous to use because of its low price. Can reach heights where other machines can be difficult and often impossible. This allows the craftsman to quickly perform the necessary operations, as the hacksaw is lightweight and always at hand.

The disadvantages are the low cutting accuracy. Solves this problem by sawing through a guide frame that is installed on the block. With its help, the cut will be more even.

Mostly hand hacksaw is used to cut aerated concrete at home.

The following aspects must be considered when selecting it:

Electric chainsaw

Effective for cutting aerated block, so it saves a lot of effort and time. The tool is inexpensive, so even for the construction of your own house, the purchase will be justified.

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Sabre saw cuts material through the quick reciprocating motion of a replaceable blade. The length of the cutting blade can be different, but for comfortable work, experts recommend using blades longer than the thickness of the block.

  • Precise cut.
  • Great performance.
  • Allows you to make closed cuts.
  • You can make grooves for electrical wiring and fixtures.

Electric chainsaw

This tool allows you to saw a gas-silica block and cut blind holes or slots of different shapes in it. It is considered versatile because it can cut through a variety of building materials.

AAC cutting, sawing and routing

The saw has the advantage that it cuts through the material by rotating the cutting edge in one direction. This effectively removes sawdust from the work area without the rod hitting the material during the blind-cut, which reduces the risk of the saw jamming.

U-slots can be sawed with the power tool.

  • Blocks can be cut straight through in masonry.
  • Can work in many positions (sawing at an angle, at height, etc.).д.).
  • For a smooth cut, the saw is equipped with guide bars.
  • The wood chain included in the delivery allows cutting aerated concrete, but it blunts quickly, that’s why we have to buy a chain with pobedite coating that costs about 2000
  • The saw itself costs from about 10000
  • It heats up a lot as a result of prolonged work, which causes the chain to stretch. If the chain is not removed one link at a time, it can come off. You have to let it cool down from time to time because of this.
  • Saw sprockets wear out quickly. They are not expensive, but it takes a long time to replace them.
  • It turns out a very thick kerf, so you need to put more mortar between the blocks.

An electric chainsaw is an injury-prone tool, because the cutting mechanism is open. Many workers are injured every year as a result of working with it.

How to make it yourself

It is not difficult to make a planer for aerated concrete with your own hands. And the cost of raw materials in this case will be small. The quality of work will not be worse than the ones offered by the stores. Planer for aerated concrete with their own hands can be made in different ways.

Before you start manufacturing, you need to decide on the cutting elements. For processing aerated concrete enough depth of 2 mm.

It is possible to install self-tapping screws instead of saws as a cutting element. Then the base of the fixture is made in the same way as when using saws. Marking is also carried out. screw self-tapping screws are screwed in at an angle of 30º with an electric screwdriver. The inclination of one row of self-tapping screws is directed opposite to the previous one.

It is necessary to screw in the self-tapping screws so that they peek out from the back side of the screwing for 2 mm. Then the handle is made. Planer on aerated concrete, made by your own hands, allows you to save an amount equal to half the cost of a similar tool from the manufacturer.

Preparation of materials and tools

It is better to use wood as the base of the future product. A board that is about 5 cm thick is best. The base of the tool should be about 15 cm wide and 50 to 60 cm long. For the planer is best suited boards of beech, oak and hornbeam.

Saw blades are selected for cutting parts. When choosing them, take into account the density of aerated concrete to be worked with. If the density of concrete does not exceed 500 kg/m³, it is acceptable to use blades used for woodwork. For self-made work it is enough to have three of these wood saws. Also in the work glue is needed.

It is necessary to choose a convenient handle for the planer. The wider it is, the less your hands will be tired. The handle is made from a wooden bar. It is given an arched shape. It can be attached to the base with self-tapping screws.

Many experienced craftsmen advise to cover the product with white paint. This should be done to ensure that during work, the homemade tool does not stain the surface of the blocks.

Tutorial: How to cut aerated concrete cleanly #hellertv #sabresawblades

The most vulnerable place of the whole construction is the place where the saws are fastened. It is not possible to fasten the saws with bolts. You will need to drill into the metal. But not every craftsman has such a possibility. The only way to attach them is with glue. And the glue is designed to work with different kinds of materials.

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From the prepared bar is sawn off a bar of the required length. Its corners are rounded. The surface is smoothed out with sandpaper. Marking the position of saws on the base must be accurate. Otherwise the efficiency of the tool will be reduced.

aerated, concrete, blocks

When marking the base, 5 parallel lines should be drawn, and the distance between the segments should be equal. Maintain an angle of 70º between the lines and the longitudinal part. On the right side the slope must run to the right. On the left side to the left. After installing the cutting parts will turn out that they are directed to each other.


For further work you will need a jigsaw. They make cuts so that the saw fully enters into the selected place for it. It is necessary to saw from both sides, preliminarily leaving 2-3 cm. Saw blades can be long, in which case it is necessary to break off a part of the saw to the right size.


A layer of glue is applied to the tile surface. The blades are then slid vertically into the slots prepared for them. The place where the cutting elements are to be placed must be coated with glue. Wait for the necessary time. The glue must cure well. And only after that it will be possible to check how well the saws have been secured. Then you can proceed to fixing the handle. Before you start it is desirable to sharpen the cutting elements.

Additional tools for cutting aerated concrete

All of the tools listed above are universal. For some specific works additional devices are used:

  • Planer for aerated concrete is a grater with a metal base and a convenient handle. Designed for fine adjustment of block dimensions and alignment of cuts after sawing.
  • Hand chisel. a specially bent metal tube with a handle, which allows you to quickly scratch out on the surface of the material indentations of rounded shape, in which the bars of reinforcement and communications (after the construction of the house) are placed.
  • Electric reamer cutter. Looks like a circular saw, but has two parallel rotating cutting blades. Due to the built-in depth of cut adjustment mechanism is able to issue the perfect slot for the desired depth of cuts. As an inexpensive replacement you can use a classic angle grinder with the appropriate disc.
  • Teeth. you can take the standard ones for concrete, with pobedite tips. They are used to create blind and through round holes in the walls for ventilation, socket boxes and so on.
  • Angle for sawing aerated concrete with their own hands. used to control the course of the cut.

From the variety listed above, it is clear that a good craftsman must have a tool for every working case.


The alligator saw has two cutting blades that are driven in opposite directions to one another. The cutting speed is very fast and the cut is accurate. The cost of such a saw is higher than that of a sabre saw, and the purchase of such a tool is justified only if you are engaged in construction professionally.

aerated, concrete, blocks


Machines are designed for cutting of different materials through the closed band made of metals with high-frequency alloys. The advantage of a band saw for aerated concrete is that it can be adjusted in height and has good cutting performance. Cutting aerated concrete blocks is carried out with a tape blade, this technique allows you to make longitudinal and shaped cuts.

Chain saws are used to create U-blocks, from standard products. According to feedback from builders, it is recommended to clean chain saws from oil and grease mixtures. Because of them on the mechanism adheres to the dust from aerated concrete, which provokes the accelerated wear of moving elements.

A frequently asked question is whether a chainsaw can cut aerated concrete? According to reviews of the masters, a strong abrasive substance is formed during the work, and the tool quickly becomes dirty and fails. That’s why it’s better to use an electric aerated concrete saw with a filter on the brush side.

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