How to cut a wood -fiber plate without chips. What saw to cut the skirting board of wood -fiber slab?

How to cut a wood.fiber slab panel at home?

Laminated wood-bearing plates (laminated woody stove)-easy to process, durable and inexpensive material for furniture production. You can cut a laminated wood-bruise plate without chips at home and you can do it yourself. However, first you need to figure out what rules and nuances exist. Since the wrong cut can cause cracks, chips and faults.

Rules of cutting woody plate, features and recommendations

For the saw, the laminated woody plate will require the following tools:

And also for cutting you will need additional devices:

The cutting laminated wood-brown slab is performed in the following order:

  • Marking material. To mark the blanks, the ruler and pencil will be needed to apply points to the sheet of material from the end. Then the points must be smooth into one fishing line for a trimmer and glued a painting tape on top. A good way to saw a laminated wood-brown stove without chips using the tape, t. to. It helps to reduce the number of cracks in sheet material that occurs due to elevated temperature and strong pressure. Cutting laminated woody stove.
  • Next, a laminated wood-bruise plate occurs. Choose how to cut the woody stove, and put the tool at the required angle so that the cut edges of the sheet are even. The laminated wood-brown slab and woodfiber slab should be cut very carefully and how much it is smooth.
  • Processing of the slab. If the cutting wood-brown stove at home is uneven from the ends, along which cutting was carried out, they are treated using tape grinder. In some cases, it is better to immediately contact the company that provide services for the manufacture of furniture parts to order according to the size of the customer and cut the laminated wood-piece stove on special equipment. To paste the part of the part, use a special gluttine end edge for processing.

Cutting methods of laminated wood-bruise without chips

Speaking laminated wood-based stove at large enterprises in woodworking is carried out on a special format-sprinkle machine. Small workshops producing furniture also acquire this, but it is expensive, therefore, as a home tool is inappropriate. If the question arises of how to cut a laminated wood-bruise plate without chips, then as alternative methods for cutting, you can choose sawing using a hacksaw, circular, milling cutters for laminated woody plate or electrician.

Using a hacksaw

Drinking a wood-brown stove without chips with a hand hacksaw is not easy as to saw a laminated wood-brown plate with a jigsaw. Although this is a cheap and affordable way.

First you need to cut a fishing line for a trimmer with a knife, draw with a nail or awl, and then stick the masking tape, to protect the upper laminated layer. Then at an angle of 30 degrees carefully, without pressing, cut the material. The selected hacksaw saw should be with small teeth so that the cut is as even as possible.

The hacksaw can leave damage, which is eliminated using a tape grinder, exhibited perpendicular to the subsequent outskirts.

At the final stage, it is worth treating the sections with sandpaper with a flexible profile.


Often for cutting, laminated wood-based plate is used by an electrolobian. The main condition to carefully cut off the stove. small teeth.

The electrolobian saw will not be able to replace the disk saw, t. to. It is mainly used as a cutting tool for small sections of plates. They need to work without strong pressure, smoothly and not too fast. If the cutter of the laminated wood-brown plate has no experience, then small chips may appear on the back, but with practice the quality and appearance of the saw will improve.

Circular saw

If the question arises, how to cut the wood-based slab and which tool to choose, then the circular is quite suitable. It is also often called a disk saw. This is a disk tool mounted on the table. Many are interested in which disk for the circular saw to use. The circular disc is needed with small teeth. Cutting is better than when using a jigsaw.

For greater accuracy, you should mark the guides, and also not work at too large speeds.

With the help of a cutter

The milling cutter is used not only to cut the plates, but also when drilling holes, cutting grooves, creating edges, etc. P. With it, you can perform a figured cut. The tool is used with the jigsaw. The plate is first sawn with a jigsaw, and then a milling cutter with a bearing is used, giving a cut the necessary depth. How to drill, cut and saw slabs with a milling cape are known to professional sawing men. Using this tool, the cut is absolutely even and neat. However, this is very time.consuming, requiring increased attention and special skills (for example, setting a template for a cutter to a drilled or other surface), the process that without experience is better not to take such work, and order the sawing to specialists. In some workshops, such a service is provided. The main supplier of wood mills is Topvoltage, ordering their tools from them, you can do this with delivery.

Cut formatically cutting machine

The use of the sawing machine guarantees the accuracy of the saw and the complete absence of chips. Such machines are used in production and are considered specialized equipment.

  • Carriage. Allows the movement of the mobile table, but the plate is fixed in the right position.
  • Saw node. It has two flat metal disks: the first makes preliminary cutting, the second. drains completely through.
  • Stanin. The mechanism is fully relied on on it. Eliminates vibration and adds stability, which is important for the quality of the cut.
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Three desktops: 1st: location of the knot. 2nd (mobile): supply of plates for sawing. 3rd: maintaining sawn parts.

Types of sawing machines depend on the time of continuous work:

When setting up the machine, they matter: the depth of the cut; plate position; The corner of the cut.

  • The plate is motionless to the table (mobile carriage);
  • The workpiece is positioned according to the size ruler and the saw node is launched;
  • когда диск наберёт нужную скорость, стол будет двигаться вперед вместе с плитой-заготовкой и попадать на него.

The use of format-sprouting machines is advisable for mass production, and not for isolated cases. For a one.time independent use, you will quite select the tool easier or order a cut to specialists.

Cutting with a plastic lining on the sole

One of the reasons for sawing a jigsaw with chips is its sole. She does not press the edge of the cut, the same makes it possible for him to break up with a return movement of a saw. This is solved by a simple plastic lining.

A lining on the sole is cut out of sheet plastic. In it you need to make a cut under a file. She just presses against the board with a clamp and saws with her. Washing overlage is glued to the sole with bilateral tape.

wood, fiber, plate, chips, skirting

After that, the electrician makes it even cleaner than when using painting tape.

Cutting methods of laminated wood-bruise without chips

You need to saw a laminated board with a special machine (formato-sprinkler). But it), if we are talking about use at home. The alternative can be budget options (hacksaw, jigsaw, etc.D.) that will take more time when cutting, but will require less monetary investments.

Using a hacksaw

with a hacksaw at home it is quite difficult. First you need to cut a fishing line for a trimmer for measurement and glue the tape along it. This will protect the upper layer from damage. The tool is directed at an angle of 30 degrees. Gently, without strong pressure, move the hacksaw forward and backward. To cut a manifested wood-brown stove without chips with a hacksaw at home, choose devices with the smallest teeth. In case of damage, the cut place must be passed by a file, directing it from the edge to the center. In the end, rub with sandpaper (fine.grained) and hide defects under a flexible profile.

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Cutting panels at home

Handle a sheet with a hand-cutting plate or a laminated wood-bearing plate. True, at the same time, you are unlikely to avoid the appearance of chips and burrs, but you can try to reduce their number and size.

There are several rules that should be followed by cutting panels of the wood-based slab:

  • Cutting sheets must be done on a flat solid surface. For sawing large panels, two large tables can be adapted (their height should be the same!);
  • In order to exclude the appearance of chips, stick a sticky tape or good masking tape along the cut line, which will hold the edges of the laminated layer;
  • For sawing with a hand saw, select the canvas with Melim tooth. The teeth of the saw should be sharpened well. You need to conduct a saw with a slight pressure, at an acute angle to the surface, constantly controlling its position;
  • for cutting the plates of the wood-brown slab and laminated wood-bearing plate using an electrician fishing line for the cutting trimmer should be scratched or even cut. It is best to use a sharp knife to cut out a durable layer of laminate;
  • Install a file with a small reverse tooth;
  • Select the maximum speed of the jigsaw, turn off the “pendulum”;
  • Fasten a flat rail along the cutting line and lead a lobby strictly along it;
  • the jigsaw should be tightly pressed to the sawing surface.
wood, fiber, plate, chips, skirting

All these recommendations help to properly cut and cut the wood-brown slab, but chips, nevertheless, cannot be completely avoided. Therefore, if it is so important to get a perfectly smooth, even fishing line for a trimmer of cut, without chips and traces of a saw, you should contact specialized workshops, where you will cut out any figure for a moderate fee from a sheet.

What disk to cut a plinth?

For the quality of this operation, you will need such a device as carpentry. It is with its help that you can cut an angle of 45 or 90ͦ. Of course, you can use a corner grinder, but in this case the fishing line for a cutting cutter will be quite wide, which is not always convenient.

Saw a wood.fiber plate should be made on specialized formatically. cutting machines with disk saws, at low feed speed. Otherwise, on the end sides of the parts there will remain deep traces from unevenly located saws of the saw, which will be clearly visible after the shrinkage of the PVC film.

Accuracy and quality

Formato-sprouting machines for sawing laminated wood-bearing plate and wood-brown stove have high quality cut, which allows you to reduce subsequent costs for the processing of cuts (grinding, elimination of chips and burrs, and so on). That is why on such machines you can carry out a cut of any complexity and configuration, which means almost inexhaustible opportunities in the production of furniture.

There are two types for cutting panels:

  • Vertical, which are a strong strict vibration.resistant welded bed (frame), installed vertically with a backward deviation by 50 °, with guides located above and below, along which the saw beam moves. It is a bracket for a saw block, which moves along the beam down and up, and also rotates by 90 °, which allows you to make both vertical and horizontal cuts. The accuracy of the cut is amazing. For sawing a laminated wood-brown slab, as well as solid, wavy or porous plates, a special cut node is used. The speed of rotation of the saw reaches 15 thousand revolutions per minute;
  • Horizontal, consisting of a table for a slab, carriage for moving a saw along a saw mechanism and the actual saw mechanism consisting of one or two cutting nodes. The cutting nodes themselves are equipped with the main and corrugated saws. The principle of action is simple: the main saw is deeply cut through the stove is the wood-bruise plate, and the subceptive accurately and clearly cuts the lower edge (veneer or laminated surface). The saw node can also be tilted to 45 °.
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The end saw is an “domesticated” and a strongly reduced copy of the horizontal machine. To cut a wide sheet of wood-brown plate or laminated wood-bearing plate on it will not be possible, but it will fully cope with small details.

Cashing on the door: the simplest method of cutting under 45 ° even without experience

The platband is an integral part of the door frame that gives the aesthetics to the appearance. However, this element is very often scratched and wiped, which means it requires replacement. And here the main task is to cut it at an angle of 45 °. Such work is quite simple if there is a knock at hand, but what to do if it is not, but you need to do urgently? In today’s article, it will just be about the simplest methods of cutting under 45 ° even without experience using improvised means and materials. But for starters. the simplest option using such a tool as knocking.

Using the struck in the cutting of the platbands

Such a device as knocking is very convenient to use, in addition, it costs inexpensively. Therefore, if possible it is better to purchase it in advance, it will not take a lot of space in the pantry. Most often, the knock is sold along with a thin hacksaw, which is easier to cut platbands. If it is absent, then you should not use a regular hacksaw with wide wiring for cutting. The scabbard for metal is best suited for this purpose, the cut can be more accurate with its help.

What to do if there is no suitable tool

In this case, you can use the usual school transporter. With it, it is easy to measure the corners. However, the transporter may not be at hand if there are no schoolchildren in the house. In this case, the usual tile will help out, with which the strip at right angles is drawn, after which it is divided in half. The cut is best done on the front side, working with a hacksaw on the entire plane.

You can also use a regular line for marking. risks will turn out much more accurately than using tiles.

Another way to mark the platbands on the platbands

Another way that also gives an almost perfect result is marking in place. Here for work you will need long finish cloves. With their help, the lateral platbands are first slightly nailed, and after. the upper horizontal. They should be a little longer than the box.

Further, with a pencil, the intersections are made so that the corners come together. It remains to dismantle the cash, draw lines according to the marks and cut. Everything is quite simple.

Nuances of cutting and fastening of various types of platbands

It is worth considering the wooden platbands as the most commonly used. They can be divided into 3 types. cut, unremarkable and telescopic.

The former require trimming at an angle of 45 °, and they have already been mentioned today. It’s much easier to work with invalid, it is enough to have a square at hand. They are washed down at right angles, which is due to their shape, although no one forbids to cut them under 45 °.

Telescopic. their design is more complex, but here you can hide a slightly uneven incision using special connectors. Such platbands can be compared with plastic skirting boards.

The simplest paper for bagtles made of foam

In today’s instructions, everything will be explained on the example of ceiling bagules from foam, however, such tactics can also be used to drink corners on wooden or plastic platbands.

Ways to fix cut platbands to the door frame

Fastening the platbands to the door frame can also be diverse. The easiest is the fastening of telescopic platbands. The main thing here is to correctly cut the elements in size, and then simply insert the spike of cashing into the groove of the box. Additional fixation is usually not required.

The remaining types of platbands can be fixed on the finish nails. They have practically no hat, and therefore they will be completely unknown. The next option is self.tapping screws. There is also your own nuance. you need to think about how to hide them. Otherwise, the hats will spoil the appearance.

A separate option is to note fixation on liquid nails. But, despite the simplicity of such fixation, it has its minus. if you need to replace the platbands, you can encounter the problem of dismantling, while previous options allow you to easily remove the elements.

Final part

The installation of platbands cannot be called too simple, especially if the home master has no experience in this area. However, with due diligence and accuracy, everything is possible. If the home master doubts his abilities, it is better to seek help from specialists. After all, having sawed off the extra half a centimeter, you can completely ruin the canvas of the platband. It is not a fact that the store has the desired color. If the master decided to do all the work on his own, then the best option would be first to practice on unnecessary boards.

Universal Rezak

The universal cutting is called differently. He has many manufacturers. When we bought our tool one of the leading manufacturers was Bosch.

The tool is notable. But having bought it, to do something else, you can no longer.

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The cutter, unlike all other tools, makes oscillatory movements.

We use mainly two main types of files: wide. 25mm40mm and narrow 10mm20mm.

wood, fiber, plate, chips, skirting

Very often during installation, you need to cut the PVC panel in place. Often this can only be done by the Boshevsky Rezak. You can’t crawl into complex places any other tool.

wood, fiber, plate, chips, skirting

The cutter greatly simplifies the work and accelerates it. You can cut wall products along and across. You can even cut the upper or lower layer of the panel.

Let’s talk about the minuses. The price of the tool and consumables go off the way to it. For example, a jigsaw file will cost 100r, and a cut for a cutter in 800r. Files quickly become unusable.

Infant infa. Cutting panels of wood.fiber slab without chips.

I saw advice on the Internet on Zen, whose I don’t remember already.

Lay two doors from the set, I decided to make the table. I remembered this advice.

Ordinary circular household saw, home conditions.

The chip is that it was not the deeper to do it initially, and then the main cut.

This is not interesting to professionals.

As you can see, this is not professional equipment and home conditions.

Quite acceptable result for such a rough tool. The front side from below, completely flat without chips.

Possible duplicates were found

But the front side from below turned out without chips regardless of additional.Sawed from the inside.

I also wanted to write that everything is needed, that to turn the board face down.

But I want a cake! Not even visible elements to be of high.quality.

I’m making repairs here: there is no money, there is no time. In general, this is a cake in the ass. it would end already.

To make it even better, try to do this first one with a passing direction of rotation of the saw. This is how the machine for cutting such panels works. It should turn out perfectly, but only carefully so that the saw does not fly away.

It is to pull the saw on yourself with rotation from?

So that the disk rotates like a wheel on a car when it drives, that is, towards movement. It is better to push from yourself so that if something is dried to go forward (although at such a small depth it would not happen, this will not happen). Ideally, for the first shallow drank, I drank a disk that is a little thicker (by 0.5.1 mm). You will need to practice, but the method works. We got out so when it turned out that the part was too big, and there was no time to go to the workshop to the machine or there was no way (I worked in the production of furniture for quite some time). Sometimes it turned out perfectly, as if really cut off on the machine.

Two saws are used in sawing machines at once. One cut, just makes this first drink. The second main.

And if you need to saw the wood-brown stove with a hacksaw without chips, then squeeze between the two boards along the cutting line.

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With a wide cut and thick basic (the difference in thickness is about 0.2mm)

Well, actually on Zen, that advice was with such a very professional saw! With adjustments in millimeters.

I don’t have to saw this often, it turned out satisfactory. Then that infa came in handy! ;)))

I’m so that it would cut exactly a wooden block, first I sawed it with a hacksaw on metal as much as I could, from all sides, then with a regular saw

Buy a final disk with a small tooth is not fate?

This is a completely tolerable circular with a castle for fairly accurate work and the disk is still native, not large and with a minimum of backlash, the result is not surprising)) and yes, the wood-based stove depends a lot on the quality.

And you can tell you how the cheap circular is different from the road?

It just turns out that the price is “the material cut the countertops = material of the circular price”

Does it make sense to buy some kind of inexpensive bison or interskol and to make it yourself?

There is an electrician, but he saws the PPC crookedly.

The accuracy of manufacture. Cheap saws can have a minimum beating. So this is not particularly noticeable, but the cut is not so perfect;

Travel margin. cheap saw will burn earlier;

Ease of use. they work more on firm saws and they are more convenient both in work and in the hand.

But for use a couple of times a year in domestic conditions, this is not significant. And the instrument in the house is not superfluous. If your hands are not from the priests, take the saw. I can recommend Parma from myself. not expensive, but quite high quality and powerful.

Well, I have cheap, in the photo;))) there is even a plastic protection! The people right now. But this happens. 5 rubles cost. You can take Makita for 18 with an even start. smooth bed, divert of sawdust, ergonomic handles and launch buttons.

“Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose your family. Choose large TVs, washing machines, cars, compact dishes of the players, electric tneums knives. Choose good health, low cholesterol and dental insurance. Choose real estate and carefully pay contributions. Choose your first house. Choose your friends. Choose a resort and gorgeous suitcases. Choose a three-piece costume costume of the best company from the most expensive material. Choose the set “Make yourself” to have something to do Sunday morning. Choose a convenient sofa to fall apart on it and watch a stupid show. Fill your belly with all sorts of things.

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