How to cut a windshield.

How to cut car glass

Triplex is widespread thanks to its unique properties. strength and ability to withstand heavy loads. Triplex is made by pressing, heating and gluing glass plates. Thanks

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Triplex is widespread due to its unique properties. special strength and ability to withstand heavy loads. Triplex is made by pressing, heating and gluing glass plates. Because of its multi-layered nature, which is made possible by applying a protective film, triplex is especially durable, which makes it possible to use it everywhere.

Jane’s Gallery” company before you start such kind of work as cutting laminated glass, does a thorough check of the source material for heat resistance, the ability to withstand shocks and heavy loads

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Quality, which ensures the cutting of triplex glass, is certified by the Russian State Standard inspection.

Guarantee of quality of the product. processing of triplex by curvilinear method

Processing of an ordinary thing into a real masterpiece is exactly the way one can do it. “Jane’s Gallery” uses both ordinary and colored glass. Using triplex it is possible to produce everything that the customer’s soul and imagination desire.

And the Russian person is known to have an ingenuity that allows you to produce triplex literally on the spot.

Many motorists, wishing to slightly decorate their “iron friend”, try to replace the windshield with a triplex


And the question that immediately arises: how to cut laminated glass? This process is rather labor-intensive, not everyone can do it without proper experience and skills.

This is the expertise that Jane’s Gallery has, which will take care of your headache of cutting triplex.

Owners of large aquariums also try to make a triplex with their own hands. And some people manage to do this.

Why do you need to replace your windshield?

There are two main reasons that lead to the necessity of replacing the windshield.

  • Moisture infiltration from under the seal.Leakage between the glass and the body is due to the unglued area. If there is no warranty, you will have to do the repair yourself. Sometimes it is possible to fix the leak when the hole is found by filling the gap with sealant. If you can not get rid of the leak, you will have to glue the entire glass.
  • If the windshield is damaged.Many motorists have encountered troubles such as cracks and chips. They gradually grow to form a whole “cobwebs” On the windshield. In this case it will not be possible to pass the state technical inspection, and the operation of the vehicle will not be safe. In the presence of small damages it is possible to repair chips and cracks, otherwise the glass is subject to replacement.

Below we’ll tell you what tools and materials you will need for replacement, how to remove the old windshield and install the new one in its place. And at the end of this article see the detailed video-instruction on replacement of a windshield with your own hands according to all rules.

And now, the algorithm of actions

Unscrew the nuts fixing the wiper blades

Let us carefully remove “jabot” and do not forget to disconnect pipes that bring antifreezing liquid to jets

Blow off leaves and other dirt, wash, dry. These operations can be performed with a brush and a rag

Unscrew bolts of lower glass stops and remove them

Original windshield has perfect geometry, but it is more expensive

The windshield of Chinese production. minimum price, good geometry, decent quality

Insert the blade under the glass and go along the perimeter with the tool

If you failed to cut the glass with a knife, use a string. In principle, you can work with a string from the beginning. To do this, pierce the layer of glue from the interior and pull the string out

Working like a two-handed saw, we cut the glass out of the opening

It is convenient to hold the string with the special grips. The one that is in the form of a screwdriver, should be inside the cabin. The metal rod allows you to guide the string so as not to scratch the plastic panel with it. If you do not have such a handle, drill a hole in an old screwdriver rod

The scratched plastic can be carefully sanded down

Cut off the old adhesive, but not to the metal! A small layer of thickness left on the opening will be an excellent substrate for the new glue

In branded service centers that repair cars at the direction of insurance companies, masters put under the plastic panel a piece of paper with the date of replacement of glass. If you find one, don’t be surprised

Fasten the handle-holders to the new glass (street side)

Put on the rubber seal on the new pane

Degrease the surfaces to be glued and apply a special adhesive that improves adhesion. All materials are sold in a set with adhesive. How to use it and how long it takes to cure can be found in the manual

Apply adhesive to the windshield opening

Together with a helper, take the glass by the handles with suction cups attached to it and install it in the opening

Remove the handles and mark the successful completion of the job with all the money you saved

Required tools

As noted earlier, the cutting of tempered glass can only be done with special equipment and tools. It is as follows:

  • A special furnace for treating tempered glass.
  • Thermostat.
  • Corner.
  • Marker for surface marking.
  • Grinding stone.
  • Special glass cutter.
  • A 6 mm diameter rod made of wood.
  • Goggles designed to protect the eyes. When cutting, chips may form, which fly away from the cutting zone.
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With special equipment you can cut out tempered glass with exact dimensions and high quality of the ends.

Replacing the windshield. Video

Windshield replacement. Video

Or any other car glass, whether it’s a side “jammer” or the rear door glass, the so-called “slammer”? Who is familiar with this procedure will say:. Nothing complicated!

And he will be right! Really, nothing complicated, just a little accuracy and follow the saying “Measure twice and cut once!”.

This article is just for those who want to try for the first time to replace the car windshield on the correct technology. Independent insulating of a windshield is an operation, which consists of several steps. Let’s get this straight from the beginning.

Remove the rest of the old glass

So, the first thing to do, of course, is to remove the old glass, or what is left of it. For this action there are a couple of devices, which you can buy on the market.

How to cut a windshield

With significant damage to the windshield VAZ 2110, the appearance of cracks on it, preventing a normal view of the driver, it is necessary to replace it with a new. And now it is very problematic to pass tech inspection with a crack, if you do everything according to the LAW.

In this article we will consider the procedure is not the replacement, namely to cut the glass with a string with their own hands. In order to perform this work with your own hands, you need to have the following accessories on hand:

You will first need to remove the front side facings of the body pillars, as well as unscrew and slightly move aside the front part of the ceiling. It is necessary so that during the cutting string will not damage anything unnecessary.

Then lift up the rubber gasket and pull it out all the way around.

Now that everything is completely prepared, you will need to bite off a small length of string with the wire cutters, approx. 50 cm. Insert one end of the wire into the holder, and bend the other end about 1 cm. and put it into the slot of the awl. This is graphically shown in the photo below.

This is an approximation.

Now from inside (from passenger compartment) we put the awl with string under the glass so that it comes out from outside. It is enough that the end of the awl just pierced the glue through and then you can hook the second end of the string.

This is how the end of the string should show from the outside:

We take out the awl and now use it to take out the end of the string:

Now put it into the second holder, and then we get the following picture.

That is, the string is threaded through the glue, and now you can use these handles to cut the glass, or rather the glue in a circle. Personally, I always do it alone, although sometimes it is not very convenient to do. Of course, with a helper, everything will be much more pleasant and faster.

It is necessary to pull the string carefully, without sudden movements, and cut the glue around the perimeter of its contact with the body.

If you have not cut at least 1 cm of glue, and you will try to remove the glass, there is a high probability that it will break! So, if you want to keep it in one piece, it is better to act very carefully. You should not remove all the glass until it is completely cut off.

Then you can gently use your hands to remove it. But again, the ideal way to remove it is with suction cups (puller), which you can buy specially for these cases.

I will not write anything about installation, because I have not had a chance to do it myself.

As for the price of a new windshield, it ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 BOR.

Advice from the professionals: how to properly replace the glass on a car

Why the “string” is worse than the “thread”, why the glass can fly out in winter, how to change the windshield in 60 minutes and other details that everyone should know about, going to replace the glass. at your own expense or the Casco

Leaking new glass, cut “string” and smeared sealant interior trim, scratched metal frame around the glass, heating wiring, not working rain and light sensors, camera assistants living their lives, the distortion of the glass. just a short list of problems you may encounter when unskilled replacement of auto glass.

How to avoid them and what you need to know when going for the replacement of auto glass, tells the senior master on repair and replacement of auto glass company Carglass Eugene Matskevich.

There are a lot of nuances, which will help to expose any dishonest service even by phone. However, if you delve into them, you won’t have enough of a book. So let’s limit ourselves to some of the most basic tips.

For starters, you can ask how long it will take to replace. If the technician has difficulty or answers uncertainly, it is better to refuse the services of this installer before it is too late. True professionals act strictly according to the instructions and know the process literally to the minute. Some do it in 24 hours, others in 6 hours. We at Carglass change glass in 1 hour.

The second question, which will allow revealing the unprofessionals: how long you should leave the car after the performance of works? Unspecified answer. again the signal to hang up. And the line “twenty-four hours, and maybe three” is a clue that the shop uses cheap materials, the use of which imposes serious restrictions on the use of the car for the first twenty-four hours, and sometimes. all three.

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Ready to spend so much of your time? Your right. But keep in mind that technology is not standing still, and, for example, our brand of modern sealant Carglass 1 Fast-Fit 2 allows you to start using the car in 1 hour after pasting glass. And with only one insignificant restriction: you may not wash the car with chemicals during the first 24 hours, but you may drive in the rain, even in heavy rain, without any problems. So, instead of 24 or 72 hours, you can spend just one.

You have chosen a service by phone. Come to. What’s next?

First of all, having arrived on service, it is important to pay attention to tools, with which the master will work. The employee has to unscrew the screws “under the star” with a special wrench and use a special puller to remove the windshield wiper. At that, special attention should be paid to a tool used for glass cutting.

The vast majority of services in the olden days cut the glass with the so-called “goose” and metal “string”, which can easily scratch the paint on the body and cut the interior trim. For Carglass, this technology has long been considered obsolete. Many years ago we developed and to this day successfully use our own special mechanism Ezi-Wire 3. which allows you to cut the glass with a polymer thread safe for paint and interior trim.

Having made sure of the quality of tools, check the materials for work prepared by the master. It is really important. Using an expired sealant is unacceptable, because the old composition will not provide high-quality pasting: such glass can peel or break when the first real frost hits. And there is one piece of advice here: sealant does not lie around only where dozens of windows are replaced every day.

The task of the master. to be as accurate as possible. Before beginning of works the employee must put on protective covers of seats and a mat on the front panel, and while dismantling separate elements (jabot under wipers, sensors and cameras) he must act confidently, but without excessive physical force. Remember: everything in the car may be taken off without considerable efforts, if you know how to do it. We at Carglass disassemble the car only according to the factory service schemes.

Besides the obvious reasons not to go to the garages to change the glass (low qualification of the specialists, dirty service areas, bad tools and materials), there is another point that not everyone is even aware of. Cars with a camera installed under the windshield, which is responsible for driver assistance systems, require special skills and special equipment.

After replacing the glass, the camera needs to be adjusted, otherwise the electronic assistants may not work properly. You do not want the car to “hit the brakes” on a flat place? And without adjustment of a camera it is a very realistic variant of events. And, probably, it is not necessary to say, that this variant is rather dangerous.

Equipment for adjustment of cameras is expensive. not every authorized dealer can afford to buy it. What to say about garages? Carglass specializes in the replacement of auto glass and is eager to provide our clients with comfortable and complete service. That is why several years ago we purchased branded European equipment for calibration of all types of cameras and obligatory perform adjustment of camera settings after autoglass replacement.

Carefully inspect the car after the repair to avoid leaving behind glass fragments and remnants of materials, and then vacuum the interior. After that tell the client the nuances of using the car in the first few hours. And, of course, to remind you about warranty for work performed. Our company, for example, gives one of the biggest warranties on auto glass replacement work. 10 years 4.

One more important point. just before the beginning of works you must be sure that you will get good quality glass: without distortion, from original manufacturer, fully equipped with pads and wiring with connectors for all necessary options. Otherwise, having saved money when buying glass, you will pay three times more for installation. After all, the masters will have to adjust the windshield to the complete set of your car. And the options, connected to the soldered or, worse, to the twisted connection, are the potential reason of car’s fire in the future. And the glued out-of-factory conditions platforms for sensors, cameras and mirrors on a windshield will not hold for a long time.

What to do if there is a chip on your windshield. Repair options

Branches of trees, small stones, gravel, “surprises” from neighbors and even worn windshield wiper blades can all cause a small chip on the windshield. The last one can quickly become a crack in case of incorrect actions, and it, in its turn, can creep with fine cobwebs all over windshield. Then the use of the car will be impossible, and you will have to completely change the detail. That’s why it’s better to remove a chips on your windshield right after they are detected.

Driving with a broken windshield at least dangerous, but there are other reasons to fix the chip and not to bring your car to the replacement window. A car with a crack on the windshield cannot pass the tech inspection and cannot go to Europe, as all EU countries have the right to turn a car with such a defect.

The car windshield is multi-layered. As a rule, it has two glass panels, which are connected to each other by a special reinforcing layer of plastic. Most windshield defects concern its outer layer.

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The two layers of the windshield can be pierced only if heavily damaged by a heavy object. In this case, the internal structure of the windshield is also damaged. It is impossible to fix such defect without glass disassembly. But more often only the upper layer of the windshield is damaged. In this case, the windshield can be repaired quickly and without much loss of money.

If there is a surface scratch on the windshield, it can be grinded and polished. If the damage led to the formation of a splinter, it is not so easy to fix it, you will have to resort to the use of special equipment or go to the service.

If a windshield with a chip is mishandled, the latter spreads into a crack. How it happens? Glass reacts to the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the car. If it is significant, it will splinter. Often car owners themselves worsen a situation, turning on air conditioner on windshield with a chip in cold season, and then see how a crack crawls. The same story accompanies the situation with washing of the sun-hot windshield with cold water.

A chip can also turn into a crack if the car is moved on a bad bumpy road. The stiffer the suspension, the more bumping and pressure is applied to the windshield, the surface of which is already chipped. Glass is that part of the body which is especially dependent on the smoothness of the car ride.

The most important thing that every driver must know in case of a chip is detected, is that it must be glued from both sides. Certainly, a piece of adhesive tape or a scotch tape are unlikely to keep the crack creeping for a long time, but they will definitely save the chipped area from extra dirt before you can drive to the place of repair or car-care center. For the best quality of the windshield reanimation, it is better not to operate the car with a chip for more than two-three days.

While the car is driving with a glued chip, it is better to drive smoothly, as slowly as possible crossing speed bumps and potholes. In addition, during this period of time, you should not use wiper blades and wipe the windshield with rags. Dust and sand particles may remain under them, and they may aggravate the splintering into a crack.

Owners of cars with tinted windshield are more lucky, because the tinted film prevents the crack from sprawling. A bit more protected from chips and cars, the windshield of which is covered with a special anti-gravel film or liquid glass.

First of all car-care center specialists will clean the surface of a crack, pulling out dirt and dust with the special equipment. Then the mechanic dries and degrades the spot to carefully bore out the area around the chip and the small cracks.

With a special equipment the air will be removed from the chipped surface to put there the bridge, the injector, and to install a nozzle over the drilled surface. After that, the surface will be filled with a polymer and dried with an ultraviolet lamp. Then the area where the work was done will be polished.

Sometimes there are no small cracks near the chipped area, so there is no need to drill them out. The technician will simply clean and degrease the surface and fill it with a polymer. Then the area where the chip was, will be covered with a film and dried with a UV lamp. The final touch will be polishing.

Independently repair a chip on the windshield can only be repaired with a special set, but with any wrong action, the situation can only worsen. over, you can resuscitate with your own forces only a small chip without cracks.

Kits for repairing windshield defects are available at various prices, but it is better not to save money, and buy a better set, with detailed instructions on what to do and how to do. In such a kit includes a device and a special film, with which the area of the chip is filled with a special polymer composition. You can dry the material under direct sunlight, and polish the place after the repair. with a special separately purchased solution of polish. Most likely, such a repair will save from the spreading of the crack, but it will be noticeable to the driver and passengers.

If a splinter on a windshield is through or close to it, not even a polymer will help, because in this case the pressure and tension of glass is broken. In any case, when it is not a matter of surface, but internal damage, it is better to change the glass for a new one. Even if the chip itself will be clean and well penetrated by the polymer, too high a probability of formation in this place cloudy areas, and over time, the glass will begin to delaminate, which will significantly distort visibility and worsen visibility.

It is not possible to reanimate the windshield if the crack is too close to the edge or too long (more than 70 cm). Because the crack will continue to grow and the repair will be very expensive, equivalent to replacement of the glass. The driver will be discouraged from repairing the glass with many cracks in the form of a spider web, and with a chip with a diameter of more than 5 cm.

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