How to cut a tire with metal cord. What can be made of old tires?

What can you cut a tire for a flower bed?

To cut the rubber take a blade with a reverse tooth made of good steel. If you have to cut the tread, doing it with a jigsaw or even more so with a knife is useless. At least with a regular knife. Blades made of special steel can cut even iron cord, but hardly anyone wants to damage such a tool on an old tire.

Rubber can be cut with usual knife (as long as it is sharp), but in this case, master used construction knife with interchangeable blades. It is enough to moisten the blade of the knife in water, and the rubber it cuts like butter. In general, if you’re cutting a tire, try using a construction knife with water.

What you can cut or saw automobile tires with.

Jigsaw ? 3. With a knife? Who’s had any experience?!

tire, metal, cord, made

Solzhenitsyn in “Gulag Archipelago” wrote that convicts used car tires to make boat shoes called “ChTZ chunky” Chopping up tires with 2 axes (one as a chisel, the other was beaten). And stapled with copper wire.

When working with an angle grinder does not have to engage in physical labor. This way you can also remove worn rubber from the rims. Diameter of the disk on a smaller angle grinder and OK.

You shouldn’t cut with a jigsaw. it takes longer. A well-sharpened sturdy knife (I mean a handle thicker than a table knife).Pierce the sidewall of the knife and forward a little wetting the knife in water (you can in the waste, but then try not to drown the handle of the knife. it will slide) I made a container for water, cut a canister from the K-700 with a knife quite successfully. It’s easy to cut car cans. If you only want to cut a cord, use a metal knife.

You shouldn’t cut with a jigsaw. it takes longer. Well sharpened sturdy knife (I mean a thicker handle than a table knife).Pierce the sidewall of the knife and forward a little wetting the knife in water (you can in the waste, but then try not to drown the handle of the knife. it will slide) I made a container for water, cut a canister from the K-700 with a knife quite successfully. And the cylinders from cars in general is easy. If only to cut the cord, then on metal with a knife.

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I cut the sidewall with an ordinary table knife with salidol or lithol. My mother-in-law was very happy with the flowerbeds.

Sharp knife and grease with glycerin, possibly with palm oil. glides like butter and then easily washed away with water. The method is recommended in the “Chemist’s handbook” for cutting rubber plugs, and they’re very hard.

Thanks! I figured it’s better with a knife! I’ll try it today.

It is perfect to cut with a vibroknife, with grease it is fast, it is better to use silicone grease. Only if there is metal cord, the knife blunts instantly and stops cutting, metal cord only with an angle grinder

If you want to cut a tread, you should use special tungsten staples, shaped like stapler’s and a special straightener the result is like from the factory

you should ask rally drivers or better yet autocross riders. I’ve even seen rubber-cutting knives on sale somewhere.

If it’s for the purpose of cutting the tread, that’s what I did about 15 years ago.:) In the garage somewhere probably still have a soldering iron tip with a U-shaped sharpened tip of some cool steel implanted in the copper.

You need to cut with a crowbar, a coarse saw, angle grinder is much worse, it cuts slower and the stench is great and the cover will get soiled at once the whole. Checked;)

Thank you very much! And especially with a coarse saw with a large tooth. I first tried a metal saw with a fine tooth (cut the tire along the tread, and there’s metal cord, to-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng wire:), but there’s a lot of them:confused:). Metal saw with a fine tooth saws wires, it is slow, the saw shrinks quickly. And a saw with a coarse tooth. wire rips, it’s much more fun. It took 2 coarse-toothed saws and 10 minutes of time to shred the tire. Protruding wire scraps are perfectly ground together with the rubber with an abrasive (thick) grinder disc.

Cutting rubber

Collecting rubber is like collecting birch sap Source com The word “rubber” came into our use from the Latin “resina,” which translates to “resin”. Seemingly nothing in common, but it is only at first sight. To obtain the finished product, resin extracted from rubber trees is mixed with a vulcanizing agent (usually sulfur) and after the vulcanization process, an elastic material known as rubber is obtained. Despite the fact that such a substance does not have a high density, it is ductile, so the question of what and how to cut the tire, never loses its relevance.

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If the need arises to drill a hole with a large diameter, do not rush to try to do it with a core cutter for drywall, wood or even concrete. Let’s say, a diamond drill bit (for concrete) you can still pass the side of the tire, although it is extremely difficult, but with a pobedite mill you can not do anything at all. it will tear the rubber. In these situations it is best to use stepped drills with the right diameter.

YATO YT. 44740 6-38 mm stepped cone drill bit Source

step drills, most often, are made with a diameter of 4 mm to 40 mm, but at the market of power tools also meet models from 4 mm to 80 mm (they usually reach 85 mm in length without a shank). The shank of such a cutting device is usually made with a diameter of 10-12 mm, because during operation the metal is subjected to high mechanical loads. With a 10 mm shank step drill can be clamped in the chuck of an ordinary drill and even in a screwdriver, only to work with a taper drill cordless power tool must have a good battery.

This machine has a higher productivity on light tires than the DS-500 model (universal for truck and passenger car tires) by about 25%. DS-300 machine is suitable for use in tire recycling lines, along with the DS-500 and the tire repair shops.



Average en. consumption

Dimensions L/H/H to

250-400 kg/h.
5.5 kW.
2.5 kW/hour.
3000/700/1400 mm.

Machine for tearing out thick bead wire from truck tires DS-400

Inlet: Light truck tires, standard truck tires, inner diameter up to R22.5, external up to 1200 mm.The output: a clean bead wire (which can be scrapped) and the rubber component of the tire. This machine has a higher productivity on cargo tires.It is reasonable to use the DS-400 in tire recycling lines, tire reception centers.

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Average en. consumption

Overall dimensions L/H/H to

500-800 kg/h.
7.5 kW.
3.5 kWh.
3500/900/1600 mm.

Can an angle grinder cut rubber??

The rubber is cut with a good blade knife. You don’t cut rubber with an angle grinder. For if the disk flies off in the head, when it crumbles, and it can crumble. you will not be able to create new topics.

Use a utility knife and a heavy, sharp knife, starting at the side walls. The side walls have no metal reinforcements, only heavy nylon or composite reinforcement, so you can cut them with a knife or a heavy utility knife. Insert the tip of the knife into the cut along the sides.

What’s the best disk for cutting rubber??

The 125 mm, 150 mm and 230 mm angle grinder discs are regarded as the most universal. The 125 mm circle is convenient to use when you need to cut metal rebar and rod. Disc for wood angle grinder 150 mm can not only grind and cut metal, but is able to saw a beam or dissolve a board.

Wet the rubber with water and cut with a knife. The rubber becomes slippery when wet, and the knife blade will not stick or melt the rubber, so you get a smooth and high-quality cut without much effort. A rubber bar cut off with water.

How to cut a tractor wheel?

Cutting with a utility knife and a heavy, sharp knife, starting from the side walls. The sidewalls have no metal reinforcement, only heavy reinforcing nylon or composite cords, so they can be cut with a knife or a heavy utility knife. Inserting the tip of the knife into the cut along the side walls.

tire, metal, cord, made

It is better to cut the conveyor belt with professional tools: electric knives, automatic stationary or manual table machines.

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