How to cut a sink into a countertop without a jigsaw

Why mortise: reasons for choosing

The aesthetic component of the kitchen sink is not the only criterion for choosing a mortise design. Why do modern consumers love sinks of this type so much??

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  • It can be installed anywhere. Buying a product mortise type, you do not depend on the cabinet installed under it. The bowl can be mounted in any place, the main thing is to connect the communication lines.
  • No moisture. With overhead designs it is impossible to seal the joints between the modules, the sink unit and the walls. Almost always water leaks into the resulting slots, which can lead to the rapid destruction of furniture and dampness on the walls.
  • The choice of inbuilt sinks is much wider than in the case of deposite sinks. They can have different forms, the number of bowls, manufacturing material and sets of additional accessories.
  • Modern look combined with affordability. Looks like a mortise accessory almost like an integrated one, but costs significantly less.

Preparatory work

Before you mortise the sink into the kitchen countertop, you need to make sure that the current water supply to the area in which you plan to install the product is reliable, as well as how well established sewage system. One of the tools that are required when carrying out these works is an electric jigsaw. If you do not have it, you will need to borrow it from your acquaintances or rent it. If the jigsaw is needed only for the described task, it makes no sense to buy it, but you should not start working without it either. In addition, during installation it is necessary to have a sealant. It is best to give preference to transparent compositions based on silicone.

Together with the sink can also be supplied with a ready-made template for its cutting, which is its packaging. Otherwise, in the future it will be necessary to carry out its drawing on the tabletop, performing the application of the product itself to its surface. If the kitchen unit was just purchased, then most likely it does not have openings for pipes, which, along with a siphon and all the necessary hoses for their connection will also have to buy. They mostly do not come with the sink.

How to embed the sink in the countertop: useful tips and step-by-step instructions

If you are installing a new kitchen unit, then at the very end the question inevitably arises, how to cut the sink into the countertop so that everything eventually looks solid, and the water does not leak. There are several types of sinks, and each has its own features in terms of installation.

How to cut a hole for the sink in the countertop

Before you start cutting, you need to choose the right place in the countertop. It is selected, taking into account the distance for water drainage through the drainage pipe and the location of water connection.

The tool to properly make a hole, you need the simplest.

It is better to cut at some distance from the location of the refrigerator and stove, since the sink will be working with water. It can have a negative effect on the instrument. It should sort of divide the kitchen into several zones.

The question of how to cut the countertop under the sink is not very complicated.

If you place the sink below the countertop, that is, slightly lower it, it will look very beautiful and interesting. To do this, cut a hole slightly larger than the size of the structure to be installed. But you have to use additional tools for this peculiar installation. It can be special fasteners underneath the tabletop.

This arrangement looks very effective, but in addition will require the use of special tools.

Placing it flush with the surface is a standard option. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is necessary to cut the correct recess, which will clearly coincide with the size of the sink. The thickness of the rim should be “in-line” with the hole in the countertop.

In this position it is very important to make the right recess equal to the thickness of the board.

One more non-standard way to cut a hole for the sink is when it is a little bit higher than the countertop level. The hole is simply cut out to half the size of the sink. This is the easiest variant that does not require any special efforts and abilities.


To make the marks you make a template from paper, which will fit the size and shape of the sink. To do this, it is measured and transferred to paper.

Then you make a simple work with a ready-made template. It is carefully cut out along the contour. The main thing is not to exceed it, otherwise you will have to make another template. Then it is applied to the surface of the tabletop and traced on the front side.

You must step back from the obtained contour 10-12 mm and draw a contour of a smaller diameter.

If the sink is non-standard shape, you can use another scheme, how to cut a countertop for a round sink at the drawing stage. This is done in the following way:

  • The structure is freed from the film packaging.
  • Place with the bottom upward on the material, which will serve as a template.
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Important! The material must be hard and large, so that it is convenient to cut and later use it.

Tools and materials required

In the process of work you will need quite a lot of tools and devices. It is important to prepare all this beforehand, so as not to be distracted from the work and perform it qualitatively. A list of materials and tools that will be needed in the process of cutting out a place for the sink and installing it:

  • Jigsaw.
  • Drill with various attachments.
  • One corner.
  • A quality ruler.
  • A drawing pencil.
  • Furniture corner.
  • Fixing system for sinks (you can not buy if it is included with the sink).
  • Transparent silicone sealant.
  • Seal for sinks.
  • If necessary, materials and parts that are not included in the delivery set of the sink can be purchased.
  • Trap.
  • Connecting pipe for the drain.
  • Various fittings (mixer and spout).

Cutting the hole

Work on cutting the hole for the sink is carried out with great care. The bottom of the basin will be placed in this hole later on. The quality of the work done will depend on a properly constructed diagram. If the stage was initially performed according to all the rules, then there should be no problems. The process will go smoothly, and the result will be pleasing.

We will make a cut along this contour.

Cut a hole in the countertop under the sink can be according to the following plan of action:

  • Drill a single through hole into the worktop surface according to the markings. It should be located directly on the contour line of the bowl. Use a drill bit of at least 1 cm. In the hole that has just been drilled, a jigsaw is inserted and only then can you go over the entire contour, carefully cutting it out.
  • To get an even cut of the edge of the recess, it is carried out closer to the inner side of the contour. It is important not to practically touch the line, and go next to it, but without a strong indentation. If the sink will be square, it is necessary to make holes in the corners of the drawing in advance. This will make it much easier to saw. You can seal the worktop with construction adhesive tape to prevent it from chipping. If the fishing line is no longer visible, it is drawn directly on the scotch.
  • The material will fall off while sawing, so it is better to prop it up with something. This prevents the cut from getting dirty and makes the cut much neater. If the work is not performed alone, you can ask your partner to hold the countertop for the time of cutting. After the cutout part is removed with a light touch. Everything is cleaned of any dust that may have formed.

Important! Cutting the hole is the most critical moment. The future operation of the sink will depend on it.

Installing the sink

Check everything for quality and alignment before installing. If there are any irregularities in the cut, they are immediately removed. Once again you try everything on and check its strength. Then you install the sink. It is made with the help of liquid silicone.

On the back side of the sink we put sealant and glue the sealing tape that comes with the set.

It is necessary to step back a few millimeters from the edge line of the hole and start applying silicone. It should be made in the form of a flagellum, the silicone should be a little bit thicker than the edge of the sink. After 1 cm more from the first dabbing. The action is repeated in the same way.

We put the sink in a table-top and treat with sealant.

The silicone should harden slightly within half an hour. Check this by hand gently. It must not stick. Then you can make a fitting of the sink. It is inserted into the hole and pressed firmly against the edge. The silicone strips should take its shape and bond a little. Leave the construction in this position for 10-15 minutes.

After the sink is dismantled to check the silicone for stability. It must remain intact and not break in shape. If so, it’s time to proceed to the next no less responsible step.

After positioning, tighten the brackets. The bolts should be tightened diagonally.

How to cut a hole for the sink in the worktop

So, you have purchased convenient sanitary ware, which fully meets the needs of the owners in practicality and appearance. By the way, stainless steel sinks are popular for the kitchen today. First, they have a reasonable cost, low weight, durable in use.

The universal color “metallic” is able to combine with a variety of colors in the room.

Installation is quite simple, there are only two steps:

The sink is an indispensable attribute of the kitchen. It can be easily installed with your own hands. you do not need to have special knowledge and skills.

Materials required

Sealant serves to prevent moisture from getting into the contact areas of the sink and countertop. Water can do a lot of damage to the wood particle board. Sealant is intended for different surfaces. When working with artificial stone, only silicone is used. Sealants containing alcohol are used more often on wood and plastic.

If you decide to cut a hole in the countertop under the sink by your own efforts, you will need a special tool. “angle grinder” with a diamond wheel.

The use of sealant not only prevents the unwanted penetration of water. It serves and additional strength of the connection.

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If you buy a sink separately and need to install it, it is advisable to entrust this work to professionals.

  • Electric drill
  • electric jigsaw
  • 10 mm wood drill bit.
  • set of wrenches
  • brush
  • adjustable wrench
  • rasp
  • electric screwdriver

When buying furniture for the kitchen with such a surface, it is desirable to have a ready-made product, which will only require connection to the water and sewage system.

Before sawing a hole in the countertop for the sink, the required hole is marked. For this purpose, a template is made of cardboard or heavy paper. Some sink manufacturers and producers enclose the template with the product itself. If you have chosen to install on the countertop and the rims have sufficient width, you can make a marking without a template. For this the sink is used as a template. With the upper surface it is placed against the plane and traced on the contour with a marker or a pencil. For convenience of installation it is desirable to remove the top. Step inside 0.5. 1 cm. From the drawn line, a working contour is drawn, along which the cut is made.

It will look more solid, but it will be more difficult to install the sink into it by yourself.

Having marked the kerf, the template is removed and it is possible to begin the process of sawing out a place for the sink. Drill a place for the electric jigsaw saw, with a diameter of about 10 mm. For a quadrangular or triangular sink, holes are made in all corners. If the product has a round or oval shape, one is enough for the work.

Install the sink in a tabletop made of wood or particle board, having the required tools and simple skills of handling it, is not difficult.

The hole and the kerf are made on the laminate side, this will prevent it chipped. The jigsaw should carefully saw out the required hole according to the outline drawn. Electric jigsaw should be firmly pressed to the surface. The saw blade must run straight at a right angle.

The sealing tape that comes with the product is applied to the sink.

When doing this work, the inner part to be sawed out should be supported. Or position the tabletop so that when sawing is completed, the part will not fall out. If the remaining and retractable parts are separated sharply, the laminate flooring may crack. Or chipped off part of the chipboard.

You can use a drill with a special drill bit. furniture drill bit, just take such a drill bit of the required diameter immediately.

If there is no place for such arrangement, or the tabletop was not removed, use construction adhesive tape. In this case, sawing must be done in stages. Making a cut of 10-15 cm., which is then glued with duct tape on both sides.

To the bowl is mounted drain and, if provided by the design, a faucet (water faucet).

After the sawing is finished, the sink is pre-sized. It must fit freely, but the gap must not be too big either. If it fits too tightly, you should expand the place of installation with a rasp or jigsaw.

Having marked the kerf line, the template is removed and you can begin the process of sawing out the place for the sink.

Now it is necessary to carefully “sand” the inner edge, to which the sink will adjoin. This is done with fine grit sandpaper. The resulting dust is removed, and a thin layer of sealant is applied to the place of contact with a brush.

For ease of installation it is desirable to remove the countertop.

Prepared template for the sink

The process of installing the sink into the countertop consists of several steps. To properly perform this labor-intensive work, you need to carefully cut a hole in the countertop, and it is advisable to follow the following instructions.

  • First you need to buy a clean sheet of cardboard of the required size, from which the template will be cut out. This working step will be simplified if the manufacturer, which is often the case, himself has made a template and put it in the package with the product. It remains only to cut out the template with scissors according to the traced contour. If there is no template, you need to take the sink, turn it upside down, put it on cardboard, then using a pencil to draw the necessary outline and cut the template on the finished contour. If there is no package with a drawing, and there is no necessary sheet of cardboard, the outline of the inverted plumbing unit is carried out directly on the countertop.
  • Next, you need to assess the future location of the furniture unit. It is necessary to know in advance where the faucet will be installed, how to make wiring, whether the countertop is expected to be trimmed before the final installation. It is also necessary to look at the design of the furniture from the inside. This will determine which elements can still be trimmed if necessary, and which cannot be touched. the supporting fragments of the countertop must remain intact and untouched.

It is necessary to make an indentation

It is recommended to place the sink at a distance of 10 cm from the wall, which will protect the vulnerable places from possible breakage during future installation.

  • If the template is ready, it’s time to use it. To make the marking of the countertop, the template must be attached to the surface of the countertop, and it must be stationary. After this operation the contour is drawn. The same work is done if the factory template is available. On the outlined line can be cut immediately. If cardboard is used or the inverted sink was traced with a pencil on the countertop, additional work is required. The point is that the line drawn will repeat the edges of the sink, and the bowl will be inserted into the future hole. Therefore another contour must be drawn, the inner one. When drawing it you need to take into account the distance from the edge of the sink to the fixtures of the sanitary appliance. As a result, a new template is obtained, which is oriented to the dimensions of the bowl. It is applied to the surface of the countertop and a new contour is drawn, along which you can saw a hole.
  • There is a variant in which a cardboard template is fixed to the countertop surface and a hole is sawed along its edges. If to look at such work from a practical side. it is inconvenient. it is better to draw the contour with a pencil. When cutting along the drawn line there is a real possibility of chipping on the inner edges of the tabletop. To avoid defects, it is recommended to stick painter’s tape on the surface in the area of the contour to be drawn, which can be easily removed in the future. To begin sawing, it is necessary to make a hole in the body of the tabletop with a drill from the inside of the drawn line. In the drilled hole, the jigsaw saw is pulled through, after which it is fixed in the tool. It is necessary to saw accurately and without haste, as when pressing the blade may move away from the planned contour.
  • The received cut is brushed with sandpaper, blown and carefully lubricated with silicone. Thanks to this composition, the detrimental effect of moisture on the surface of the cut will be minimized. If the sink bowl installation will interfere with any fragments of the furniture unit, they must be carefully trimmed. Measurements for trimming must be done accurately. it is not recommended to perform such work “by eye”. It is necessary to know that when using the manufacturer’s template, sawing out the internal elements is much easier and simpler to carry out, as its manufacture also provides such nuances.
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How and what is the right way to cut a hole in the countertop under the sink?

From our article you will learn how to cut a hole for the sink in the countertop, what you need to take into account and what is better to cut the countertop under the sink.

“To save, so to the full,” reasoned the thoughtful owners. And not only order a budget kitchen, but also plan to cut a hole in the countertop for the sink itself. It is true that this operation seems simple only at first sight. For a successful result, you need to:

  • Know how to work with this or that material (for example, a quartz countertop will not cause difficulties);
  • To have a set of necessary tools (or know where you can rent one);
  • Understand the nuances so as not to spoil the product (expert advice is important here).

Only then you can achieve maximum quality and after completing all the work to enjoy a flawless functioning kitchen for many years.

Selecting the sink and preparations

It is not necessary to understand step by step how the installation is done. There is also no need to know the exact dimensions. You can probably do without the jigsaw.

But all this will be possible if you ask for help from professionals who will take care of all these issues. But this service is not the cheapest, and the price of installation sometimes exceeds the cost of the sink itself. So you can make your own conclusions. But to choose the product for sure you will have to. Experts and just experienced home masters advise to opt for a sufficiently deep sink (sink) and not very high selected faucet. Still, the faucet also plays a role in this case.

A deep sink allows you to avoid splashing water, and dirty water, while washing dishes. Plus, a deep product makes it possible to stack quite a large number of dishes.

Not the least of these factors is the material used.

Sinks made of stainless steel are rightly considered the easiest to install. The alternative is enameled steel, but its durability is lower.

How To Cut a Hole For A Sink In A Laminate Countertop

To install the sink itself, cut a hole for the faucet, fix it on the countertop under the wood. made of fiberboard or other materials, you need to prepare a certain set of tools and materials.

  • Jigsaw. Preferably electric. And buy several interchangeable nozzles at once, as beginners often encounter their breakage due to insecure movements;
  • Self-tapping screwdrivers, screwdrivers or screwdrivers. The fasteners themselves and the tools for screwing them in place;
  • Fasteners. Most often mounts for sinks and basins are included. Be sure to check it out when you buy it;
  • Sealant. Be sure to be water-resistant to withstand the further load of water and moisture.

Sealant treatment is made all around the perimeter of the seating. By doing so, you will ensure effective waterproofing.

If the countertop is made of particleboard or fibreboard, then it is doubly important to use a sealant.

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