How to cut a profilelist with an equally angular grinder. How to cut a professionalist to maximize the protective properties of its coating?

Than cutting corrugated board, so as not to damage the material?

Performing roofing work, many unprofessional masters are faced with the fact that they do not know how and how to cut corrugated board. Lack of knowledge, experience or the necessary tools can lead to damage to the material. Incorrect cutting and processing of the edges of the cut is the most common cause of corrosion on the surface of corrosion. At the same time, such a roofing can be very light and convenient to install, if you perform work in accordance with the technology. In this one, we will tell you how to cut the corrugated board correctly, so that he will serve him 25-50 years old.

At first glance, it seems that the corrugated board is a regular sheet metal, which, with the help of stamping, gave relief. However, such an opinion is erroneous, since this material has a complex multi.layer coating. As the basis for the production of corrugated board, they really use the surface steel with a thickness of 0.5-1.2 mm, which during the manufacture process is covered with a layer of zinc and polymer (plastisol, pool, polyester). This structure of the profiled sheet protects the surface of the metal from contact with the liquid, preventing the appearance of foci of corrosion. The following types of profiled sheet are distinguished, differing in height, width and profile shape:

  • Wall. This type of corrugated board is used for skin lining, the structure of fences and fences, and the organization of formwork. It has a small bearing capacity, therefore it is not used as a roofing.
  • Roofing. Roofing corrugated board has a large number of vertical ribs of stiffness, which provide greater bearing capacity for this material. It is used to overlapping the roofs.
  • Universal. Universal corrugated board has average characteristics, it can be used to perform any construction tasks.

note! The peculiarity of working with the corrugated board is that its polymer coating is extremely susceptible to high temperatures. It quickly burns out, exposing the metal that is not resistant to corrosion. Therefore, processing, cutting and installation of corrugated board are performed only by the cold method.

Processing corrugated board with a grinding

The processing of profiled sheets with a grinder should be told first of all. When asked whether it is possible to cut corborous grinder and get a sheet with a minimum damaged edge, the answer will only be negative. The cut.out circle rotating with a high speed, cutting thin metal, burns it and the coating not only along the cut line: high temperature damages the material and at some distance from it. The use of special discs for working with corrugated board partially removes the problem: the width of the scorched strip at the edge will be several.

There is also an argument against the use of a corner grinder: the sparks that are flying away during cutting the profiled sheet burn a layer of anti.corrosion protection. Do not forget that the cutting circle leaves the torn edges on the sheet.

Nevertheless, the angular grinder is the most common tool for cutting corrugated board. The corner grinder is used by everyone who chooses the speed of the process, does not worry about the manufacturer’s warranty obligations and knows how to protect the edges of profiled sheets after cutting them.

Grinding or circular

How to cut profiled sheets with a grinder to inflict minimal damage to them? It is better to use a power tool with large circles. This will cut the sheets with any wave height in one pass. Above has already been said about the need to use special discs: they are quite thin (from 1 to 1.6 mm) and framed by teeth made of carbide material.

The procedure for anti.corrosion protection of the edges after cutting the corborine grinder is cutting to be treated with anti.corrosion compounds and applying paint, similar in color with a polymer coating of a sheet.

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The better to cut corrugated board. corner grinding or circular saw? If the house has a manual circular, then its use in cutting a metal profile is more advisable than using a grinder. The speed of rotation of the disk installed on the circular saw is lower than on the corner grinder. When cutting metal with a circular, the temperature does not increase as much as when treating with a grinder. However, this does not mean that the edges of the corrugated board are not damaged. After cutting the manual circular of the edge of the profiled sheet, it is necessary to protect against corrosion.

It must be added that the area of ​​the circular saw can also damage the coating of the metal profile.

How to cut corporal corbodneal properly? The work is performed as follows:

  • In a sheet of plywood 1.5×0.3 m, not reaching its edges, they make a slot;
  • 2 points are placed on the profiled sheet, marking the beginning and end of the cut line;
  • The so.called plywood conductor is applied to the marks;
  • plywood and metal profile are fixed, after which a profiled sheet is cut.

The better to cut corrugated board? Power tools:

Corner grinder

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures causes the greatest harm to the galvanized surface of corrugated board. Refracted from the material in the heating process above 200-250 ° C can both a polymer or paintwork. The use of gas.cutting equipment, as well as a bell with conventional disks for processing corrugated board is extremely undesirable. Indeed, in the process of detachment and even combustion of coating, bromic corrosion quickly appears. lateral cracks on the ends of the sheets.

Abrasive discs are capable of heating metal to 600 ° C. For acrylic, polyurethane or PVC coverage, they are dangerous and flying over a fairly large distance from under the sparks disk. Plus, after cutting with conventional disks on the metal, there are burrs that will need to be removed. And the tool when cutting makes a lot of noise.

Cutting corner grinding is allowed only using cutting disks with smaller teeth. The edges after processing are quite even, with minimal damage to the coating. However, in this case, in order to avoid the appearance of foci of corrosion, it is worth being extremely careful and prevent overheating and sparking. By the way, the noise when cutting with cuts is much less.

Cutting corporate grinder cutting disk

To work with a profiled sheet, it is necessary to purchase a special disk of small thickness (not more than 1.0-1.6 mm) from carbide metal. It is intended specifically for cutting profiled sheets. The edge after processing is more accurate. Some specialists with diamond spray disks can easily process a pack of corrugated board with a thickness of 10 sheets immediately.


In the absence of other tools at hand, it is quite possible to cut a small amount of material with a profile height up to 20-25 mm. With a high wave, it will tear the canvas. And the tool itself can quickly fail.

The sheet before starting work is fixed on the table (ordinary goats are also suitable) so that the edge is on weight 10 centimeters from the surface. It is more convenient to use a laser pointer laser. a fishing line for a trimmer will turn out to be more even. It is tightly pressed to the sheet and cut through the pre.planned line. To avoid injuries, corrugated board only needs to be held, and not completely rely on it.

It is more difficult to cut a large amount of corrugated line with a jigsaw, so professional roofers use it mainly to obtain curly sections. Such a fit may be needed when the roof is flooring in the places of junction to smoke or ventilations. It will take much more time to get long.range longitudinal lines with it than when working with a corner grinder.

Important! Just as in the case of an angular grinder, the jigsaw should not be installed on large speeds. Otherwise the coating of the corrugated board will simply burn out.

Electronics for metal

Working with them when processing thin 1 mm metal is quite convenient-they are not inferior in speed to the corner grinder. With a certain dexterity in a short time, electron.burners can cut a sufficient amount of material both in a straight line and along the lines that have a curved shape.

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However, scissors for metal often wrap the edges. Therefore, after processing, it may be necessary to straighten the sheets with a kiyanka. If it is not at hand, the edge is trimmed with an ordinary hammer, after laying a wooden gasket.

The ideal option for cutting is the cutting scissors. In fact, this is a cut in miniature. Since the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut goes in two directions at once, the corrugated board does not deform. You can start work even from the middle of the sheet. To avoid the appearance of the burr, before starting work, the scissors are regulated so that the tool is turned under 90 ° to the cut line. However, the tool is not cheap, and it is mainly used by professionals.

Electric circular saw

The speed of a hand saw is 2 times less than that of an angular grinder, so the metal in the processing process is almost not melted. Using this power tool in a short time, you can cut a fairly large amount of material.

An electric saw, like a corner grinder, must be equipped with a disc cutting a corrugated board. they are sold in all construction stores. A special table for cutting will also. When working, you should act carefully. the saw forms a large amount of chips, which at any time can fly. In the absence of experience working with her for cutting corrugated board it is better not to undertake.

Advice! To adjust the profile, it is allowed to use the nozzle for a drill. It is quite capable of cutting small sizes of corrugated board in areas.

Advice from roofers of a recommendatory nature

If you use an electrical appliance, an angular grinder or saw, then without violations of the protective layer, other deformations will not be able to do a single skillful master. Therefore, the edge should be painted immediately after the end. Special dyes are produced in spray cans, they are easy to spray along the end. To obtain a flat line, make markings with a pencil.

Not everyone knows that the corrugated board is even a simple painting knife. They are on free sale, and additional blades are also supposed to. The edges are even without torn traces, but you need to act along the sheet. Make a scratch with a light press along the marked line, then turn off, the excess part will break off.

  • The plate is placed vertically, and without the auxiliary, such work cannot be done;
  • material in which the transverse high corrugation will be difficult to cut;
  • The faster move the canvas, the more the metal edges will burn more, the low speed does not allow zinc and smelting of the polymer layers;
  • The advantage of electric saws in rounded and arc cuts, more gentle tools are electronics.
  • work in gloves to protect hands from cuts;
  • protect your eyes from chips, turned out with glasses;
  • to protect the headphones with noise from noise;
  • keep the body from damage to overalls and shoes.

The corrugated board began to be massively used by builders thanks to many advantages, including simple processing. With this material, the yard is fenced, the facades of the houses are sheathed, the roofs are covered. But it was made in the form of a puff pie, where each layer has to be preserved even if you need to cut. Therefore, you need to follow the advice of the masters and choose the most gentle tool. If there were no deformations, scratches and chips are urgently closed, then the fence will simple for longer and the facade will not change its appearance from external influences.

How to cut corrugated board with an electrician?

It is made simply. Take an electrician, install the sheet vertically and begin processing of corrugated board.

The process gives rise to a lot of noise, but it is mixed with special headphones. The employee receives exclusively thin sawing. The jigsaw does not create a large chip that can damage the protective layer of the sheet.

The versatility of the jigsaw is high. With it, you can safely process the sheet. having a comb up to 2.5 cm high.

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For the operation of the mechanism there is a fairly household power supply, with a voltage of 220 V.

They are obvious in the operational cutting of the sheet, insignificant heating of the corrugated board in the saw area.

One hundred percent guarantee of the safety of working with a power tool. The electric motor is equipped with double insulation.

A jigsaw can be worked on a metaller without grounding power tools.

High speed cut provides the cleanliness of the cut.

angular, grinder, protective, coating

The work of the electrician is based on the progressive-reflective movement of the working element. The higher the speed of its advancement, the less heating of the metal, cleaner the slot.

The fundamental positive feature of the jigsaw is that it is easy for them to cut out complex commentation figures made of metal. This is facilitated by the adjustable angle of inclination of the lobby to the sheet.

HMT Grinder Safety Training

Is it possible to cut corrugated board with a jigsaw

To cut the metal profile quickly and as efficiently as possible, you should use an electric jigsaw. Its peculiarity is to attach a thin canvas on only one side. Second. remains in a free position, without interfering with manipulations on the cutting of sheets.

The advantages of the electric jigsaw include the high speed of the drink of corrugated board. With it, you can make both direct and figured cut. Working from the motor, the load on hand is not created, which allows you to quickly cut a large amount of thin.leaf steel.

Than and how to make a hole in a sheet of metal?

It all depends on the size of the hole. If the diameter is small, the drill is suitable. If you need large holes, special crowns are used for the drill. Pay attention to the material from which Konka is made. For processing a profiled sheet, it is worth using nozzles with carbide coating. Processing should be carried out without an increase in temperature.

For the manufacture of a large diameter hole, an electrolobian is used. With this tool, it will not be difficult to cut a circle of large diameter. During operation, use a saw with small teeth

Other tool cutting tools

Other instruments for cutting a profiled sheet are also used today.

On the list of such products it is worth placing nozzles for corner grinders.

Get Another Angle Grinder

Included with it, an angular grinder is a productive cutting machine capable of working in different positions. She doesn’t care whether to cut a flat metal or with a complex embossed pattern that is inherent in a profile sheet. The qualification of the employee is important.

The spatial position of the corner grinder must be constantly changed. The cutting body of the nozzle should be in a perpendicular position to the carved material.

A longitudinal electric saw with a special disk quickly cuts a metal profile, leaving behind a smooth cut.

Cricket nozzle for a drill is a know-how in the processing of scrap metal.

The tool is safe to work. Productive nozzle.

Corrosion’s edges from corrosion

Even the use of special tools for cutting corrugated board does not guarantee complete protection against damage to the coating of corrugated board. Only in profiled sheets of galvanized steel of the 1st class of zinc coating thickness, the presence of molecules at the site of the section creates a barrier that prevents the oxidation of the metal.

Therefore, in order to avoid reducing the service life of corrugated board, it should be appropriate to the edges of the cut special anti.corrosion mastic. In addition, you can also paint these places with paint in the color of the protective coating of a profiled sheet. The fulfillment of these simple requirements will reliably protect the edges of the sheets of corrugated board in the fitting places, ensuring the reliability of the profiled sheet during the entire period of its service.

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