How to cut a profile pipe evenly with an angle grinder

How to cut a cast iron pipe

If the pipe is made of cast iron, in order to cut it accurately, you need to apply a certain knowledge. The fact that this material is characterized by a high brittleness, which means that before you cut such a pipe you need to determine the algorithm of actions.

  • Mark it in the same way as you did with the steel pipe.
  • In the place of the sawing it is necessary to put a wooden bar as a support.
  • Then you need to make a kerf of a few millimeters around the circumference.
  • After that, a chisel is inserted into the groove and you need to make a sharp and strong blow with a hammer.

As a result, it will split along the line, forming a fairly flat place of cut, which, if necessary, can be further processed.

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Ways of cutting pipes

To cut a profile pipe, including at a certain angle, you can use the following tool:

  • Angle grinder. angle grinder (picture above). This method is most often used for domestic purposes, as it is distinguished by the simplicity and accessibility of equipment;
  • hacksaw for metal. Using a hacksaw is not difficult, but the process of performing the work is quite time-consuming;

Best Way to Cut Stainless Steel Pipe With Angle Grinder

Using a metal hacksaw to cut profiled pipes

  • a special machine for cutting pipes. The equipment is most often used by professionals, as it has a high cost. Currently, experts use two types of machines:
  • Equipment with mechanical cutting, which is performed by a cutting wheel or a special saw;
  • laser equipment. Laser cutting is more accurate than its mechanical counterparts.

Using a special machine with laser cutting

When choosing any method, it is important to pay special attention to safety. In the course of cutting profilpipe metal chips are formed, which can damage the hands and eyes of the master, so before performing the work it is important to wear gloves and goggles.

How to cut a profiled pipe with an angle grinder

The most popular way of cutting in domestic conditions is the use of an angle grinder. How to cut a profile pipe evenly with an angle grinder? The main problem of doing the work is the correct marking.

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For marking, you can use:

  • tape measure, square, marker (pencil), building level. The simplest tools allow you to accurately enough to mark the angle of the cut, but during the performance of angular grinding machine can deviate from the specified line (the equipment is not supported on a stand, and is on weight, that is, in the hands of the master), which will lead to an error. For this reason, this method is used very rarely;

Marking the cut with a square

Using a paper template

The easiest way to cut squarely, for example for a greenhouse, is to use a template made of thick paper.

The paper template allows you to cut profile pipes accurately at 45° and 90° angles.

To make a cut at a right angle (90°), it is necessary:

  • A thick sheet of paper to wrap the pipe and achieve complete alignment of the edges;
  • Fix the sheet in this position;
  • cut the profile tube along the edge of the paper.

To make a cut profilpipe at an angle of 45 °, you need to fold a sheet of paper in half (hypotenuse) and wrap the pipe so as to combine the sharp ends of the resulting triangle.

Professional craftsmen use special computer programs that allow more accurate creation of a paper template for cutting profiled pipe at any angle.

Automatic production of the paper template by a computer program

Using a jigsaw

To cut a profiled tube at a certain angle, you can use the construction diagonal cutter. The device is used in the following order:

  • Profile tube is fixed inside the device and aligned at a certain angle;
  • Using a built-in hacksaw a preliminary cut is made;

Using the angle cutter with the construction diagonal cutter

Ready measuring tool is notable for its high cost. To reduce the financial costs of construction work, you can make an analogue of the construction diagonal cutter yourself. For this purpose, a wooden frame with a recess for pipes is made and notches are made at different angles with the help of measuring tools.

The chisel to cut profiled pipes with their own hands

See the video for more ways to cut profile pipes at an angle.

Using a water container

What to do if we are dealing with a pipe of a small diameter, and we need to cut the pipe at an angle somewhere near the edge? A deep pan filled with water will help. Before we start the work we must calculate the angle of inclination and make a mark on the vessel. Then all we need to do is to carefully lower the edge of the pipe into the water and bend it to the mark on the container. Remove the pipe, mark the line of contact with the water, and boldly cut according to the markings. This method is ideal when marking a large number of pipes. A ready template from a container of water will speed up our work.

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How to cut a thin wall pipe

Another type of pipe is thin-walled. Usually they are made of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum or copper. Cutting thin-walled pipes is characterized by greater complexity, as there is a high probability of deformation of the element. In this case it is possible to use any filler, such as sifted sand.

As a tool you can use an angle grinder, a hacksaw for metal or a special machine. It all depends on the situation.

Cutting metal pipes. rather labor-intensive, but quite feasible with their own hands process. In this case, the work with round pipes is not fundamentally different from the cutting of profile pipe. The main thing to remember is that it is necessary to observe the rules of safety when carrying out the work.

Using a computer program

To implement this method of marking pipes for cutting requires a computer with special programs. To begin with, you need to make a drawing that shows the transverse dimensions of the product, as well as the planned angle of the cut. Need to get a virtual template.

Print it out on the printer. And here it is necessary to understand that the bigger is the diameter of a tube, the more sheets are needed for its printing. Then you need to carefully cut out the details of the drawing from all pages and glue, the best way to do this is to use office adhesive tape. Simply attach the template to the pipe and mark the marks.

This way of solving the problem is characterized by high accuracy. All the necessary programs can be downloaded from the Internet, they are free to download and use. There you can also find a template for cutting pipes at an angle. All that remains is to print it out and cut it out. To make the marking, the template is simply wrapped around the pipe.

Methods of cutting pipes at an angle round section

Round pipes of different diameters are cut at an angle when changing the direction of the pipe, in this case it should be taken into account that a straight cut at the right angle, unlike a rectangular cross-section, will not lead to a tight connection of the edges. That is why special chisels are used, in which the marked edge has a curvilinear shape that allows to obtain a high density of connection.

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Paper template for a pipe

One common way to make a template for pipes with a round surface is to use a ruled sheet of paper, a ruler and a pencil. To obtain a paper template proceed as follows:

  • Draw a circle with the diameter of the pipe to be cut on the paper sheet, divide the circle into 16 equal segments, each time dividing the larger segments into two identical segments.
  • Measure the length of the circle by multiplying its diameter by the number Pi, which is 3.14.Postpone this size on both sides of the circle axis by equal segments, each of which is divided into 8 equal-sized parts.
  • Draw vertical lines up from the line segments and horizontal lines from the points set on the circle.
  • The places of their intersection are connected by a smooth line and as a result a paper template is obtained which is cut out and glued to the trimmed surface. For trimming, it is better to use an angle grinder with a disc of small diameter. the surface will be crooked and when using a large disc will grow error.

Cutting pipes at an angle: the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of doing things

Pipes are a common building material. They are used in the installation of various systems. In the process of installation there are situations when it is necessary to join pipes at an angle. The technology of production of such works is not standard, but you need to know about it.

To create a complex connection configuration, pipe cutting at an angle is required. We will tell you how to perform such operations and what are the methods of cutting.

How to cut a profile pipe evenly

Profile pipe can be cut in approximately the same way, but here it will be easier to use an angle piece. The device is applied in turn to each side, for which the cut element will need to be rotated, and a marking is made. Next, the pipe must be fixed and you can start the work. Any suitable tool can be used for sawing. If you have a lot of pipes to cut, it makes sense to make full-fledged templates from offcuts. In this case, you only have to measure and measure once.

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