How to cut a hole in a tile. Cutting with a tungsten wire

How to neatly make a hole in the tile with your own hands: consider carefully

When laying tile, there are often situations when you need to make a hole in it: to bring the faucet pipes, take out a socket or switch, score dowels for a shelf, install the toilet and so on. This material will talk about how to drill a tile to any required diameter.

Peculiarities of work with tiles

To neatly cut a hole in tile for a socket, the following rules should be followed:

  • Marking. On the area of drilling the hole, you need to draw a marking with a marker. mark the contour on the outside of the tile.
  • Tiling. If it is a glossy tile material, you should cover the place of cutting with mounting tape, adhesive tape. This process will prevent the drill from slipping when cutting. You can make a contour with a nail, scratching the surface according to the markings.
  • Wetting. Professional masters usually use special equipment, wetting the tile with water when cutting. But you can simply put the tiles for an hour in water to reduce dust and prevent cracking. It is necessary to cut the tile on low speed. The diamond disc is used for dry cutting.
  • Safe distance. It is necessary to drill with an indent from the edge, at least 15 mm, in order to avoid splintering.
  • Convenience. To be comfortable to make a hole, you need to lead the tool in the direction from yourself from any edge. If in the process of drilling to change the processing direction, the cut lines may not come together. It is necessary to make a cut only from the front side. If the tiles are already on the wall, you need to drill a hole with a hand drill.

How to make a hole in a tile for a wall plug

During repairs in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen, that is, where tiles are glued to the walls, it often happens that you need to drill a hole for fixing some object. There are two options here:

  • When the dowel is already in the wall and you need to drill the tile in a certain place before it is glued to the wall;
  • When you have to drill through the tiles directly into the wall.

The first variant

It is necessary to correctly, as accurately as possible to mark the point of drilling on the tile, so that the holes then coincided. Apply the tile from below and from the side, making marks on the end.

Then use an angle to mark the drilling point.

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Use a drill with a feather drill bit for glass and tile (preferably one size larger) to drill the hole as precisely as possible, placing the tile on a piece of drywall.

The second variant

In this version, the tile is already glued to the wall, and on the same, for example, it is necessary to attach the corner for the bath. We mark a point, take the same drill with the same drill bit (it must be the right diameter or one size larger), and pass only the tile.

Important. Beforehand make sure that there are no pipes or electrical wiring running through it.

Then use a rotary tool with a suitable auger to drill into the wall.

Tip. To ensure that the fasteners coincide (they should not look in different directions after screwing) it is necessary that they are drilled as evenly as possible. If in doubt about the eye. fix a small level on the peorator with duct tape.

hole, tile, cutting, wire

To hammer without fanaticism, especially at the end, nailing little by little, so as not to break the tile.

Using a diamond drill bit


Let’s start with the typical case where you need to drill a hole in the ceramic tile for the pipe outlet for the faucet in the bathroom.

Such things should be taken into account at the stage of laying, and try to make cutouts for pipes in the center of the tile. This is done by shifting the layout or changing the starting point of laying in the right place. If you can not install the faucet exactly in the center, then you should try to hide this fact as much as possible, and not to highlight it by installing a number of decors or borders.

Logically, both holes should be at the same height. Therefore, the first thing to do before you drill a tile is to measure the same distance from the floor. In order not to collapse the vertical, we use a plummet with a weight or a bubble/laser level.

Measuring and marking the wall Next, you need to measure the required horizontal distance between the centers of the points and make two more marks. From the center of each point, measure the radius of the hole so you know where the cut trimmer line will go.

Take the joint dimensions into account when marking the tiles


Start the drill in drilling mode and turn it down to the lowest rpm. Inserting the diamond drill bit into the chuck. They come in different versions, for example for concrete, wood or metal. don’t mix them up when buying. Also look to have as much diamond chips on the working part as possible. It’s best to get drill bits with a pilot drill bit to reduce the risk of shifting.

Start drilling carefully, with a little pressure on the drill, but so that it does not move out of place. When the glaze is cut through, you can increase the speed and pressure.

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During drilling, it is necessary to provide water to the working part of the drill bit in order to cool it down. Bosch drill bits that have coolant (olive oil) inside, can be run dry.

If you use small-diameter drill bit without a pilot drill bit, use it with conductor to avoid misalignment. You can make it your own hands in 1 minute from a scrap of board or plywood. Make a hole of the same diameter in it and use it as a drill guide, pressing it down by hand.

How to drill a hole for taps or sockets?

To drill holes larger than 20 mm for pipes or electrical outlets, a slim drill bit is not enough. Here you have to use crowns or a ballerina. The first option is more expensive, but also easier to work with. And the second option allows you to dispense with a single tool, with which it is possible to drill holes of different cross-section in the cross-section.

If there is no ballerina or crown of a suitable diameter, you will have to drill several small holes around the perimeter of the large. After they are drilled you must carefully cut out the center with wire cutters and trim the edges with a rasp.

You can also resort to using an angle grinder. But it will be difficult to drill an even round hole with it. This is more of a tool for cutting tiles to the required dimensions or cutting rectangular pieces out of them.

How to make a square hole in the tiles

The need to make a hole in a ceramic tile arises often. During major repairs of the premises in the process of finishing with ceramics can not do without cutting and drilling in the tiles a variety of holes for outlets, switches, faucets and pipes. The task becomes more difficult if the hole should be square, for example, under the shower drain or installation button. In this article, a master plumber will tell you how to make a square hole in ceramic tile.

    With a diamond disc;

  • Drill with a diamond drill bit;
  • Double-sided adhesive tape;
  • Narrow tile trimmers;
  • A pencil or marker pen;
  • Distance crosses;
  • A ruler.

In fact, everything is done quite simply. Manipulation is quite uncomplicated. Everything else is a matter of skill, and it is only earned by trying to do the task regularly. So, the first thing we do is to take our tile and a pencil, and make a marking on the front side of the tile, according to which it will be necessary to make a cut. Having marked the contours of the future hole, we take in hands the adhesive tape and with its help the button or the trap, under which the hole will be made, is glued to the tile.

Next, unwanted tile scraps are taken, which are fixed on the sides with tape, through the crosses on the sides.

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As soon as it is done, we remove the first piece so that only the glued fragments of the tile and the marking made at the beginning remain. Now you can take an angle grinder and cut along the markings. Unnecessary fragments of tiles will work as a limiter for the tool.

The tile must be cut through on each side. The disk should reach the corners of the marking, no further.

The tile is turned over and cut from the back side. Since you can see the through holes there, it won’t be difficult. On the back you can already go beyond the contour of the square.

After making the hole, you need to trim the inner corner with the edge of the diamond bit.

Other geometry

The methods described above, except for the first one, can be equally suitable for cutting rectangular holes.

The jigsaw is best suited if you want to make a curved cut, but not everyone has such a tool. Then we can use the following method, for which we need a hacksaw. Proceed as follows:

  • Mark the center of the future piece and mark the edges
  • Marking
  • Divide the cutting contour into more or less straight sections and cut through them with a knife, only the upper layer of cardboard is cut through and the plaster is scratched
  • Use a hacksaw to cut the cut off part into segments
  • We put a sheet of plasterboard on the surface, which has a recess, so that the figure that we cut out, was above this recess
  • After that, hit the center of the figure with a hammer with enough force to break the drywall through the hole made
  • Cut off excess material, trim the edges and cut off the bottom layer of cardboard.

This method is suitable if you need to cut a shape with a large radius.

Saw out with the jigsaw.

The jigsaw can make a hole of any geometric shape and size, if necessary to get as close to a round hole as possible, the side surface of the GPB is ground with an emery cloth.

If you need to make a hole with a very small diameter (20-30 mm), it is better to use a narrow file for sawing holes in the chipboard. there are only limitations: you cannot make a hole on the glued drywall with the jigsaw, and if the distance between the base of the wall or ceiling and the drywall face surface is less than the height of the jigsaw file at the maximum exit of the file, the jigsaw will not help here either. But it is not yet evening, there are other ways:

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