How to cut a glass jar evenly. Method 1 use a glass cutter

Here’s how to cut a bottle with string. it’s as easy as that! How to Cut a Glass Bottle with Thread Cannot Cut a Bottle with Thread.

Old bottles can always be reused and recycled to do useful things around the house. But not many are aware of how easy it is, because they can not imagine how you can cut a part of the glass bottle without a special machine, and even for a few minutes. At the same time, by cutting off the neck from a beer bottle you will get two excellent and original beer glasses: the lower part goes as a man’s glass, the upper part. as a woman’s glass; removing the top from a wine bottle or a champagne bottle, you can later use the bottom as a vase for flowers, and the top again as a glass on a leg. Similarly, the bottom of a fairly spacious bottle can be converted into a lamp. Well, as the process description below demonstrates, cutting glass is surprisingly easy, and you can always apply this process to any glass object. It is also a safe and practical way to cut glass.

Undoubtedly, it is also a fun and surprising trick worth demonstrating in company or at a party. Shocked faces will be your reward, t. к. Most people haven’t seen anything like this before.

You will need:. lighter fluid, or nail polish remover, or, for example, kerosene;. a long and relatively strong piece of string;. a bowl/ basin of cold water, large enough to hold the bottle completely in length and height;. safety glasses;. a lighter/spoons or something similar of your choice;. a spoon (as needed);. a diamond file or fine, good sandpaper. to refine the edges of cut glass.

Soak the filament for a few minutes in lighter fluid or nail polish remover (or kerosene). You can always pre-measure the length of the thread from the bottle.

Mark an even line on the bottle to trim the cut with a felt-tip pen if you’re not just cutting the bottle for fun, but for a vase or other decorative purpose. Otherwise, skip this step. Tie the soaked thread in several (2-3) turns around the bottle along the line where you want to cut the glass. Naturally, the wrapping and tying should be tight! But don’t make a big knot, so that the cut part turns out flat in the end and there is no oval shape under the knot after the thread is burned. And a few turns of thread should not create a thick band.

Wear safety glasses. Holding the bottle over a flame-proof surface, light the thread. To ensure that the thread on one side does not finish burning when it begins to burn on the other, you can carefully and quickly light several sides at once, but in no case hold the lighter/stick by itself for a long time at any part of the bottle. Let the thread burn completely. hold the bottle at a safe distance until the thread burns all by itself (the fire will also “go away” on its own).

Then immediately put the bottle in cold water in a bowl/ basin. dip completely and hold the bottle with your hands. A sudden change in temperature will cause the glass to crack right along the line of floss burning: that’s why the layer of floss on the bottle should not be wide!

Gently pat the top of the spoon on the glass. along the line where the burning thread was wrapped around the bottle, if the glass didn’t break on its own. It’s best to keep the spoon handy right away so you don’t miss the moment.

Use a diamond file/fine grit emery cloth to smooth out any rough edges on the desired bottle cutout. For this part of the process, make sure the glass is wet and fairly slippery, otherwise there will be problems when working with the diamond file.

make sure to have everything you need to put out the fire nearby (fire extinguisher, enough water, a thick cloth that burns badly, such as a blanket made of certain materials) when you work with the bottle. just in case there are problems. Also consider wearing protective gloves. And remember, children and teenagers under 18, as well as people “tipsy” better not to do such things, t. к. they are more likely to neglect safety precautions.

Hello dear readers! The decor of glass bottles, quite popular in recent years, by the way, we have considered this topic in the review “Bottles in the interior: here they have found a use!”As many are interested in the question of how to cut the glass bottle at home, without the use of glass cutters, then today’s master class I want to devote a simple but interesting way to cut the bottle thread.

In this connection, the subject of this master class “How to cut the bottle with a thread. nothing complicated!”.

  • Glass bottle;
  • Woolen thread;
  • Solvent (you can kerosene, alcohol, cologne, acetone);
  • Scissors or a stationery knife;
  • Gloves (to protect the skin of the hands from the effects of the solvent);
  • A lighter or matches;
  • Glasses to protect the eyes, just in case (in fact, there are no splinters, but you can’t be too careful);
  • A deep basin filled with cold water.

So, how to cut a bottle with a thread? We take the woolen thread, measure and cut it so that it was enough for 3-4 turns of the bottle.

We dip the measured and cut thread in solvent, and immediately wrap the bottle, in the place where it is planned to make the “cut”. The thread can just wind or tie a knot, in this master class I made a simple winding.

After that this thread is lit with matches or a lighter, and the bottle is better to keep an inclined position. strictly horizontal (parallel to the ground), gently twisting around the axis.

The fire will burn for about 30-40 seconds, as soon as the lit thread goes out. quickly lower the bottle into the prepared basin filled with cold water.

Glass cutter for bottles with their own hands

There is no need to spend money to buy a glass cutter for bottles. This device is very simple, and if you have certain parts and the desire, you can make it with your own hands. Below, we give a step-by-step photo-instruction on how to assemble a convenient and practical cutter. You may have to buy some parts, but they cost pennies and are sold at any market or construction store.

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Required materials:

  • Wooden base: 25 x 14 x 2
  • Side rail: 25 x 4 x 2
  • End block (limiter): 11 x 4 x 2
  • Wooden rail: 25 x 1 x 2
  • Swivel castors: 4 pieces with a maximum diameter of 4 cm (preferably non-swivel castors with rubber coating)
  • Cable duct: 25×2 (with minimum thickness)
  • Glass cutter
  • A little PVA glue and a handful of self-tapping screws

Assembly of the device We will start with the most difficult and jewel of the job. the assembly of the cutting mechanism. We take the wooden slat 25 x 1 x 2 and cut two pieces from it, 3 cm long each. In the obtained wood, carefully make longitudinal holes. They will serve as slots to install the hinge, on which the guide with the glass cutter will run.

From the same rail, cut another piece, a length of 9-10 cm, and place all the parts as in the photo below. Cut the lid of the cable channel to a length equal to the size of the three wooden parts (2 pieces of 3 cm and the width of the slat. 2 cm), about 8 centimeters.

In the next step, let’s fix the cutter on the rail. To do this, it is better to make a small depression at the end of the rail, which will serve as a kind of limiter for the glass cutter.

In order that the wood did not crack when screwing screws, at the point of attachment, it is necessary to make a hole with a drill of a smaller diameter in advance.

If on your self-tapping screw, as well as on the cutter with the photo, there are notches for glass splintering, it is possible to use them for fastening. If there is no groove, or it is located further than the cutter roller, it is better to drill a mounting hole in the metal head. In general, the main thing is that the glass cutter should be installed as in the photo.

After fixing the cutter, it’s time to assemble the construction together. To do this, we screw two 3 cm bars on the edges of the cable-channel cover. In the previously prepared grooves in the bars, screw self-tapping screws, no longer than 4 centimeters (long ones can be trimmed). At the bottom of the guide rail drill a through hole, install it between the bars and fix it with self-tapping screws. So that the rail could rise, its lower corner should be smoothed by working with sandpaper or a file. Look at the photo and repeat.

Finished with the construction of the cutting mechanism, you can proceed to the assembly of the working platform of the future bottle-cutter. The first thing we do is to attach the side bar to the base 25 x 4 x 2. You can fasten these parts together by screwing in self-tapping screws from the backside of the base. You can also use PVA glue or epoxy.

When the side part is secured, you can install the castors. Fix the first pair of wheels at a distance of 3-4 cm from the top edge of the base. The next pair, placed 12 cm down. For more elongated bottles, you can prepare another set of holes, 5 cm below the second pair of rollers. Take a look at the picture.

The final stage of the assembly will be fixing the bottom part of the cable channel on the edge of the side bar, and landing the end stop on self-tapping screws or glue.

We’ll attach the lid with the cutter to the trunk’s base with a light move of the hand, and the device is ready to use!

How to cut a tin can into components

A knife, scissors and old nail scissors. that’s what I’m using in this job.

We stick the knife into the belly of the can. we need a hole to put the scissors in.

04.To make it neat, you have to trim it on the inside. Exactly as pictured.

Large. This positioning of the jar and the scissors gives a clean cut.

pictures. from another angle. In this way you can cut the whole jar into circles, if necessary. Here is what you can make out of them.

But if you need strips of tin. Let’s cut the can further a little differently. We’ll trim the edge and make a cut from top to bottom with a pair of scissors.

The resulting sheet metal, cut into strips, which must also then be trimmed.

Trim the edges without burrs.

You can see the iron burrs? They’re very painful and insidious. Therefore, you must work very carefully and remember about safety measures.

Work over the newspaper, so that the iron shavings do not fall on the floor and no one hurt. I suppose you could recommend the use of gloves, but I don’t feel comfortable wearing them.

We wrap the hazardous waste with newspaper and throw it away. Or wrap with masking tape and use as a base for papier-mache handicrafts.

These are the results of our labors. Finishing is done. No wounded or injured.

About how I use the strips, I’ll tell you later. The top circle of the tin can be used as a pastry cutter, etc.п., As a basis for handmade bracelets (if the diameter is appropriate). The soft circles of tin can be bent as you like, making different shapes from them.

Well, for example, leaves, flowers, Christmas boots, numbers.

Heart on a platter By the way, men for note. Simple but effective Valentine’s Day Cakes. You don’t need to know how to cook them: you just need to know how to cut and smear them 🙂

Seasonal Stuff.

Leaves of yellow over the city.

Candle-digits for a cake with their own hands

Candles for Easter

How to Cut a Glass Bottle

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You may have seen vases made from bottles and wondered how the glass is cut. It’s actually very easy to do, and we’ll teach you how to get other people interested in your glass creations already. Try one of these four ways to cut glass bottles, with a smooth, clean cut.

Make a cut in the bottle. To make the cut that will split the bottle, use a glass cutter or glass drill bit. [1] X Source of information If you like, you can use some kind of bottle clamp to make the line for the trimmer around the bottle even.

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Heat the bottle. Heat the cut you made with the glass cutter. You can use a small candle or butane lighter to heat it. Point the flame directly at the line to trim the cut and rotate the bottle constantly so that it heats evenly.

Dip the bottle into the cold water. [2] X Source of information When you have spent about 5 minutes heating the bottle, dip the part of the bottle you want to cut into cold water. Do this in a sink or basin of cold water.

Repeat the process. The bottle may need to be heated and cooled more than once for the desired result. Simply repeat the process of heating the bottle and submerging it in cold water until the desired part comes off.

Trim the edges. Use coarse sandpaper to deburr the edges of the chip. When you’ve removed all the sharp protrusions, take a smaller grit paper. Trim the edges right away, don’t put it off or you will cut yourself. [3] X

Enjoy your creation. Use a pen bottle instead of a glass or make a pretty vase out of it. The options are endless! [4] X

Run a fishing line on the bottle to trim the cut. Make a trimmer line on the bottle where you need to cut. Use a glass cutter or glass drill bit to make one even cut around the bottle. Do not overlap the notch trimmer line, otherwise the notch will be uneven. [5] X Source of information

Prepare the water. You’ll need a sink with cold running water, and a kettle of boiling water. [6] X

Pour boiling water over the bottle. Hold the bottle over the sink and slowly pour hot water from the kettle over the notch trimmer line. Try not to go over the edge of the notch.

Place the bottle under a stream of cold water. As soon as you finish pouring hot water over the notch, start dousing it with cold water (you can do it from the faucet, or you can dip the bottle into a basin or bucket of cold water). The first time you do this, the bottle probably won’t crack.

Keep pouring hot and cold water over the bottle. Take the bottle out from under the stream of cold water and start pouring boiling water over the notch. Dip the entire trimmer line notch around the entire bottle, then put it under cold water again. After the second or third try, the bottle should split along the notch line.

Trim the edges. Use coarse grit sandpaper to deburr the chips. When the edges are smooth, you can use fine sandpaper to make the edges smoother. [7] X Source of information

Wrap the bottle with the yarn thread. If you don’t have such thread on hand, you can use any thick cotton cord. At the point where you would like to cut the bottle, wrap the yarn thread 3-5 times. Tie the ends together and cut off the excess thread. [8] X

Wet the yarn in acetone. Remove the yarn from the bottle and place it in a small container. Start pouring nail polish remover or acetone on the yarn until it is completely wet. [9] X Source of information

Wrap the bottle again with yarn. Take the yarn and wrap it around the bottle where you want the bottle to split. The loops of yarn should fit tightly together so that the cut is even.

Light the string. Use matches or a lighter to light the yarn. Slowly turn the bottle so that the yarn burns evenly around the bottle.

Immerse the bottle in cold water. Pour cold water into a sink, bucket, or basin beforehand. Wait for the fire on the yarn to burn out, then dip the end of the yarn bottle directly into the water. The bottle should crack where the yarn was wrapped around it.

Trim the edges. Use coarse sandpaper to smooth out the sharp, uneven edges on the chipped part of the bottle. After removing the sharp corners, use fine sandpaper to make the edge of the bottle smooth. Done! [10] X Source of information

Prepare the bottle. For cutting will do everything for you dremel, but it is important to know where to cut. Take two strips of adhesive tape, and stick them around the bottle where you want to cut it, very close to each other, but so that they do not touch. This way you will have a fishing line for the notch trimmer.

Cut the bottle. Insert the glass-cutting nozzle into the dremel and begin to slowly cut the bottle along the line between the strips. You may have to go over the same spot several times to get a clean cut.

Clean the edges. When the bottle splits along the line, the chip will probably have jagged edges that need to be smoothed out. Use coarse grit sandpaper to smooth out sharp splinters, then use finer grit paper. Done! [11] X

How to cut the bottle in half (lengthwise)

Glass bottles and jars are great material for do-it-yourselfers to make something new and unusual. You don’t have to use mechanical means to work them, as it turns out. For example, I’ll show you how to cut a bottle lengthwise with an electric current.


  • Spray bottle filled with plain water.
  • A piece of asbestos or other heat-resistant or refractory material, such as paronite.
  • Rubber bands. you can buy them at office supply stores.
  • A piece of nichrome wire. you can get it from almost any electric heater.
  • A power supply capable of giving out 30-40 V and a current of 3-4A.
  • And actually the object of cutting. a glass bottle.

Cut the bottle in half

First of all it is necessary to straighten a good straightening of the nichrome wire, because the straightness of the edge of the cut of the bottle depends on its evenness. Uncoil the coil, if you have previously had the nichrome in a coil.Now it is necessary to wrap the bottle with this wire and fix it with rubber baubles. Actually nichrome wire. is a future line for a trimmer on which the bottle will be cut.Fix the passage of the wire in several places.We prepare asbestos: cut or break it into small pieces.Then put these pieces under the rubber bands on all sides. This must be done so that when heated, the wire will not damage the rubber bands. In principle, if there is no asbestos, it can be replaced with a wooden lath.Push a lump into the neck, thereby pressing the pieces of wire from the inside of the bottle neck.The bottle neck is the problematic part, because the glass is thicker there. The bottom of the bottle is also a problem area. So, to press the wire to the bottom, you need to put the bottle on a ledge made of a piece of asbestos.When everything is ready, let’s connect the ends of the wire with an electric current. Variable or constant does not matter. The voltage needs about 36 V and a current of 3-4 A.Connecting. The wire is starting to turn red. Wait about 30-60 seconds.Switch off source and use the spray bottle to spray intensively the places of contact of a wire with the glass.At that time you should hear a loud “click”. it is a cracked bottle.Remove all the rubber bands carefully. And the bottle itself unfolds into two even halves.You can cut not only the bottle but also a glass jar. And not only lengthwise, but crosswise, and as your heart desires.

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Here is a tutorial: How to cut a bottle with string. nothing complicated!

Hello dear readers! The decor of glass bottles, quite popular in recent times, by the way, we have considered this topic in the review “Bottles in the interior: here they are used!”As many are interested in the question of how to cut the glass bottle at home, without the use of glass cutters, then today’s master class I want to devote a simple but interesting way to cut the bottle thread.

In this regard, the theme of this master class “How to cut a bottle with thread. nothing complicated!”.

  • Glass bottle;
  • Woolen threads;
  • Solvent (you can use kerosene, alcohol, cologne, acetone);
  • Scissors or a utility knife;
  • Gloves (to protect the skin of the hands from the effects of solvent);
  • A lighter or matches;
  • To protect the eyes just in case glasses (in fact, there are no splinters, but caution is not superfluous);
  • A basin filled with cold water;.

So, how to cut the bottle with thread? We take a woolen thread, measure and cut it so that it was enough for 3-4 turns of the bottle.

We dip the measured and cut thread in the solvent, and immediately wrap a bottle, in the place where you want to make an “incision”. The thread can be simply wrapped or tied with a knot, in this master class I made a simple wrapping.

After that, this thread should be lit with matches or a lighter, and it is better to keep the bottle in an inclined position. strictly horizontal (parallel to the ground), gently turning it around its axis.

The fire will burn for about 30-40 seconds, as soon as the lit thread goes out. quickly lower the bottle into the prepared basin filled with cold water.

Then you will hear the characteristic sound of cracked glass, and the bottle will instantly split into two parts. This type of glass cutting is based on a rapid change of temperature, we all know from physics lessons that when heated, the glass is expanding, and when cooled, it is narrowed, respectively, when a sharp change in temperature is a kind of destruction of the glass and it is simply cracked!

We learned how to cut the bottle with a thread, but how to work the sharp edges of glass? You can use sandpaper or a stone for sharpening knives. Last, should process the edges of the bottle, pre-dipped in water, so the processing is easier and faster (better protect your hands with rubber gloves). Friends, please do not forget about the proverbial safety precautions, as no matter how you work with fire and glass, safety glasses for the eyes, gloves on hands and a basin with plenty of water. are required!

Glass Bottle Products

From a glass bottle can be constructed the most creative things to complement the interior of the house, if after cutting them decorate with all kinds of elements. You can take glassware both of transparent material and colorful, which can be combined with each other. It is possible to paint transparent glassware in different colors, to wrap it with paper, cloth, ribbons. The process of work, of course, laborious, but the result is pleasing, as the products are original and unusual. Among the crafts with their own hands, the most common are:

  • Chandeliers. In this case, knowledge in the field of electricity is required, but if necessary, you can ask a master, who will make the wiring, install the sockets, and the lamps can be made independently to your taste. The tops of the bottles are painted with heat-resistant acrylic paints in different colors, the horns can be 2, 3, 4, 5. at your discretion.
  • Vases. Considered to be the easiest option for crafts from glass bottles. Usually you need a spray can of acrylic paint to paint evenly. One, two or more colors are painted in the same shade or in a contrasting color. In the vases are placed flowers, colorful autumn leaves, dried herbs.
  • Hanger for a hallway. Bottles should be cut diagonally. Using super-strong glue, the resulting elements are glued to the plastic surface, creating hooks for hanging various things. Also made hooks for the bathroom to hang different accessories.
  • Candlesticks. Items are made from a convex bottle that once contained wine. Before making the candlesticks, a droplet-shaped hole is cut out of the container. Candles are inserted inside and lit.
  • A pot for decorative flowers. Such an item is usually used in the cottage. Bottles cut lengthwise and filled with natural plants are used for the crafts. If used in the house, can be filled with artificial flowers.

You can make glasses and goblets from empty glass containers. The beakers are made from the bottom of a bottle cut across. For the goblets, you need the top part, turned upside down with the neck down and firmly glued to a stable plastic surface.

If you have accumulated empty glass bottles from various beverages, do not throw them away. Handicrafts made of glassware can perfectly decorate the dwelling. In addition, the independent execution of decorative elements of the decor does not require experience, but the end result brings joy and pride in the creative thing.

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