How to Cut a Ceiling Baseboard Corner Properly

How to cut a ceiling plinth corner to surprise even an experienced surgeon

And now, finally, the finishing touches of home renovation. installation of ceiling ties. You go over one wall with effortless ease, and then you have a corner in front of you.

A straight cut here will not look good, so what can we do?? Call a surgeon you know, so that he gave the edges of the strips with his steady hand the desired shape? Yeah, I, for one, don’t have one. That’s why I always did it myself, and the result was obviously not worse. How? I tell you.

A picture of a perfect corner joining the baguettes

Most often the room has interior corners. If you take our advice, then this work does not seem very complicated.

Step-by-step instructions for trimming with the wire cutter.

  • Hold the slat against the ceiling and measure the required length.
  • Install the skirting board in the device so that its location coincided with the position on the ceiling.
  • To make a left-handed trim, the skirting board is placed “upside down”, i.e.The part that is adjacent to the ceiling in the fixture is at the bottom, and the part that is adjacent to the wall is at the top of the tool. Cut along the 45 degree slit.
  • Right side trimming: the panel is positioned so that the longest part of it is on the right side.

If the jib is not at hand, then the marking is made on the table. To do this, draw two parallel mowing lines (the distance between them is 20 cm). Then draw another, which connects the first two at right angles, and two more scythe line intersecting with the connection line at an angle of 45 degrees.

All three outlines intersect in the middle. As a result, you get a drawn jib. The skirting board is attached to it and trimmed according to the principle described above.

Step-by-step instructions by means of marking.

  • We apply the skirting board to the ceiling and run a fishing line inside its edge.
  • The same manipulation is done on the other side.
  • One by one, we attach the cloths and mark the point on each, where the inner edges of the baseboard intersect.
  • We draw a line between the opposite edge and the marked point.
  • Getting the cut right.

Trimmer’s chisel

The tool of carpenters, which allows you to cut blanks at different angles. the chisel. This is a tray in which there are slots made at a certain angle. The material from which it is made can be different, for example:

A simple design has two types of angles 45-90 degrees, a complex configuration of 90-60-45 degrees. The second type of tool is considered professional.

Consider how to cut a ceiling skirting board with the help of a jigsaw:

  • First you need to measure the required length of the skirting board, to do this, we will attach it to the ceiling.
  • Measured slat must be inserted into the jig at a certain angle in the same position as on the ceiling.
  • Move the plank to the opposite wall of the apparatus from yourself.
  • Press it well with the left hand.
  • The position of the handle of the hacksaw should be as close to the left hand as possible, and the angle will be 45 degrees.
  • Carefully saw the skirting board, without pressing.
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One slat is ready, now you need to cut the opposite slat:

  • We put it against the wall of the jigsaw, but only from the opposite side.
  • Hold it with the right hand, pressing it against the wall.
  • It is necessary to saw with the left hand, but the hacksaw should be in the same position, only in the mirror image.
  • Cut it off

Checking the joint consists of placing the cut strips at the corners of each other. For accuracy, it is better to start trimming from the front side of the baseboard. If it is wood, we have to adjust the angle with a file.

How to properly cut the corner of the ceiling plinth. trimming corners, how to saw under the corner, how to cut wide skirting boards without a jigsaw, trimming corners

When planning the installation of ceiling moldings in the rooms of their apartments, many people think about how difficult the work may be. But all is not so terrible: a ceiling plinth can be installed with your own hands. the main thing is to know about some peculiarities of the materials of which this finishing element is made.

How to properly cut the ceiling plinth: how to cut with a wire cutter, cutting arbitrary and rounded corners

There is nothing complicated about installing a ceiling plinth. Here it is only important to decide on the appropriate adhesive for the material. However, corners in the room can significantly complicate our work. They come in both internal and external.

Of course, resorting to the use of special fittings can be a tremendous time saver. This does not require any special skills, only accuracy in performing the work. Another option for the assembly of the unfortunate corner will be to cut the edges of the skirting at an angle. Having an ideal geometry of the room, the question of how to properly cut the skirting board at an angle equal to half of the right angle, is more than solvable. Also understand how to cut a skirting board will help you numerous videos on the network.

Cutting corners

The main difficulty when installing the skirting board is to cut the corners correctly. It is with a corner begins all the work and all the necessary elements are prepared at once.To properly install the molding, do the following

Take the ledge, draw a line along its edge at an angle of 45 °, cut off the corner with a mounting knife along the drawn line. Do the same with the next slat, check the connection corners. You can practice in advance on scraps.

IMPORTANT: To ensure a better fit of the molding, sand the joined edges with sandpaper.

Sign all the details, so that nothing is mixed up during installation. The gap at the joints of corner ledges should not exceed 1.5 mm. If the gap is larger, do not despair, after completing the installation it can be caulked with a narrow flat material and silicone sealant.

ceiling, baseboard, corner, properly

IMPORTANT: To improve adhesion of the putty and the ledge, prime the surface of the ceiling and walls in areas where the trim adjoins.

Apply putty with a putty knife to the back side of the baguette, press it to the surface, remove excess mortar, wipe with a cloth. Glue all the remaining segments of the skirting board.

How To Cut Baseboard Corners That Look Great

IMPORTANT: On uneven walls, the ledge must be additionally secured with masking tape. It can be easily removed after the end of the work.

Caulk the vertical and corner seams with putty or acrylic sealant.

After the entire structure has dried, it is necessary to wipe the seams with sandpaper. Baseboards can be painted with water-based paint. If the baguette will be glued to the wallpaper, it is best to use liquid nails for this.

ceiling, baseboard, corner, properly

IMPORTANT: Do not put too much pressure on the skirting board, as your fingers can dent it. Do not forget to wash your hands before working on the white skirting boards may have stains that will then be visible even after painting.

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After the mounting of the ledges is finished, you can proceed to further repairs. Cut the wallpaper along the edge of the skirting board. Baguettes and the ceiling are painted the same color. Use floor skirting boards as a ceiling ledge. Such structures are fixed with glue, and the corners are connected with overlays. Installing these cornices is very simple. Today’s construction market has a large selection of adhesive for PVC skirting boards.

There is a variety of plastic skirting, the use of which makes it possible to mount the ceiling without a frame, because it itself is a profile. This type of installation is suitable for small rooms, such as bathrooms and toilets. Such a baguette has a groove, into which the panel is inserted Fiberboard or plastic paneling. In this design, the panel moves slightly, which prevents later deformation of the surface. Installing such a skirting board is made with the help of a wooden plank. It is fixed on the wall or ceiling with dowels, self-tapping plastic profile is attached to it.

To properly trim the corners of such a skirting board, you must use the plinth, a tool for sawing strips at the required angle. Its modern models have a degree adjustment function and are equipped with a swivel mechanism that allows you to fix the hacksaw in the desired position.

When the baseboard is sawn, the edge of the baseboard is machined with sandpaper. As for acrylic sealant, it can be used in the work with any polymer material.

A Simple Trick to Install Baseboard Corners Perfectly

IMPORTANT: It is not necessary to use force to cut the baseboard. Styrofoam is likely to crumble, and the wood can simply split under pressure.

If you do not have a skirting board at hand, there are several ways to solve this problem.

Make it yourself. To do this you will need to knock down a tray of three boards, the letter “U”, to measure at the bottom of it using a protractor angle 45 degrees and saw a desired groove in the walls. It is very simple. If you can’t make the slots, for example if you don’t have a hacksaw handy, use the template from paper as a guide. To do this the plinth is inserted into the tray and the template is leaned against its edge. The skirting board is cut according to the scythe line drawn on the template. Hold the knife vertically.

But even if the procedure does not work immediately, you can try again. In an extreme case, minor flaws can easily be removed with putty. It is not suitable only for baseboards made of precious wood, as no putty will not match them in texture. And this will be visible even to the naked eye.

And finally it’s worth telling a little secret. In construction stores sell special corner skirting boards. They are used on strips cut at right angles, closing the joints. As a result, there is no need for a long adjustment of the joints to each other.

How to cut corners?

To attach ceiling plinth with quality and beauty, special attention is paid to the correct cutting of corners and their joining.

How to trim a ceiling plinth without a joiner if the corners are not 90 °, see video.

Without special devices

To work with the foam it is not necessary to use professional tools, you only need a quality box cutter or a painting knife.

  • Two baseboards alternately attached to the desired corner and a simple pencil make a cross in the ceiling mark where they intersect.
  • Then they enclose the baseboard so that it rests with its end in the adjoining wall, and mark a point on it with a pencil that coincides with the previously made mark.
  • Using a ruler, draw a fishing line connecting the edge of the skirting board to the marking.
  • Hold the knife at a 45° angle and make the cut along the scythe line.
  • Repeat the same manipulation with the second plank.
  • Try on the skirting boards to the ceiling and, if necessary, adjust the cuts.
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This method is well suited for rooms in which the corners are not exactly 90 °.

With the help of a wire cutter

You can use a wire cutter. a device in the form of a tray with special slots on the sides, which correspond to angles of 90 ° or 45 °. It is designed for cutting wooden parts, but will work for the foam baseboard.

To work with the device, a metal hacksaw is usually used, the cut is more even.

  • Place the baseboard in the jig so that the location coincided with its placement on the ceiling. In doing so, the left and right sides are attached to their respective sides, and the ceiling part is pressed to the bottom of the chair.
  • Insert a metal hacksaw into the 45° slots for cutting.
  • Use your free hand to hold the panel firmly against the notches in the jigsaw.
  • Repeat the algorithm for the second skirting board, applying it on the opposite side.

Hand Right IMPORTANT: when sawing the skirting board hold it to the edges, not the center part, otherwise the angle will be uneven.

Before the skirting boards are glued, they are reattached to the corner to make sure the parts are cut accurately and match. In addition, we advise to read about how to make the angle on the ceiling plinth with a jig.

How to dock baseboards in the corners

When a certain part of the baseboard is glued and there is a small distance to the corner not to make a mistake with the length, you must leave a margin. To begin with, you can cut a piece that will be 10-15 cm longer. Then cut the corner in a convenient way, try it on a dry surface, put the bar on the ceiling and mark the place to which it must be shortened. Trim the trim at an angle of 90°.

Next, you need to competently join the corners. Made ceiling baguettes are attached at an angle of 38-45 °, so the classic 45 ° will not always fit in places of junction. In some cases, the cut edges do not fit together and leave gaps. For this reason, after the initial trimming of the corners to make the most accurate and dry docking baguettes directly to the ceiling. Especially have to tinker with wood and plastic materials.

After the rough joint of the skirting boards, glue or screw the boards to the walls and ceiling, then if necessary, use putty and seal the seams in the end.

How to choose the right tool for trimming plastic baseboard

To work with plastic baseboards you need the most common tool, which is available to any craftsman and even many men of the household.

Hand tools

Hand tools that come in handy include a fine-toothed cross-cutting wood hacksaw, metal hacksaw, hand drill, screwdrivers, sharp knives, scissors. All tools must be sharp, otherwise you can simply jam the edges of the cut. If you have no skills, you should practice on scraps of material with different tools.

How To Cut & Install Crown Moulding

Power Tools

From electric tools in the work you can use jigsaw, electric drill, angle grinder.

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