How to correctly assemble the starter motor of a STIHL 362 chain saw

Differences between Chinese knockoffs and the original

China copies the best examples of household and professional appliances with more or less success. As a rule, a fake is significantly inferior to an original in quality and durability of materials, thoroughness of assembling and durability of operation. The only advantage of such a tool is its lower price.

When choosing independently, it is recommended to pay attention to the distortion and replacement of brand logos with stickers, rough finish of the crankcase, low quality plastic housing, the use of black plastic in contrast to the dark gray brand scheme.

How to Use the Starter on a Husqvarna

Chainsaw. it is the main tool with which you can stockpile wood for a bath or fireplace, you can also use it for construction work on the dacha or a private home. Maintaining the chainsaw in accordance with all operating criteria and preventive measures required by the manufacturer will allow it to run for a long time. But in time small defects can appear, which can be solved without the help of others. For example, the repair of the chainsaw starter with their own hands is completely on the power if the sequence of operations is observed.

Construction of the starter chainsaw: 1. starter screw, 2. bushing, 3. spring easy starter, 4. screw, 5, 6. coil starter, 7. deflector, 8. cover starter, 9. handle and cord, 10. screw.

Typical defects

common tool failures include the following:

  • Trouble in the ignition system;
  • stopping the chainsaw’s operation while cutting;
  • loss of power during operation;
  • Wear of some structural parts of the chainsaw (brake belt, drive sprocket, anti-vibration parts);
  • Problems in the fuel supply system;
  • Starter malfunctions.

in addition, it is necessary to make a visual inspection of the chainsaw before the work is done, and to take preventive measures. How to wind the spring starter trimmer for grass cable starter does not reload: how to determine the cause and do the repair of the starter with their own hands? How to disassemble the starter, plug it in and reassemble it yourself. These include lubrication of the chain, controlling the amount of fuel mixture, as well as the availability of the required amount of oil.

Unscrew the spark plug to check its condition.

Any of the defects are repaired in accordance with its own technology. So, for example, repair of the fuel system of a chainsaw should begin with inspection of the appropriate filter. After that inspect the correctness of the adjustment of the carburetor, which is carried out with the screws. The gaps should be set in serious agreement with the manufacturer’s annotation, which should be enclosed with the chainsaw. To repair the ignition system include inspection of spark plugs. If there is heavy fouling, changes in the clearance or other visible damage, the element must be replaced.

Starter repair

Problems in the starter can not start the tool. How to repair chain saw starter How to repair chain saw starter. In other words, after the cord is wound, the chainsaw does not start.

Before you make the repair of the starter, you need to prepare the tools with which to create work:

Chainsaw starter repair. With our own hands.

on the chain saw ? How to bend the spring on a chain saw starter ?How to wind the spring.

How to repair chain saw: replacing the starter motor spring

With your own hands. replacing the hand starter spring.

  • A set of screwdrivers or a special tool, which is supplied by the manufacturer with the tool;
  • A rope to be used as a replacement for the broken cord if necessary.

A large amount of black soot on the spark plug indicates a malfunction of the engine.

Before proceeding directly to repair the starter and find out the causes of malfunction, it is necessary to remove it from the body of the tool. To do this, unscrew the few screws that hold the side cover to which the starter is attached. This is done with a screwdriver or a specialized tool.

After the cover is unscrewed, it is turned over and examined. Next, unscrew the screw that secures the starter. Then remove the clamp and the soft starter spring. Now the pulley, on which the cord is wound, is available for removal. Once the knot on the rope is untied, it can be removed from the pulley and replaced with a new one. Provided that the loss of performance of the starter is due to a breakage, this may be enough to fix the breakage. However, the other parts that make up this element of the chainsaw should be carefully inspected.

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The inspection of the components of the starter may reveal the following faults:

Most often damage to the soft-start spring occurs at the end where it is visible when the body is disassembled.

  • Pulley can be damaged. There may be cracks or tears, and there is damage on the back. How to properly wind a grass trimmer starter spring. How to wind up a starter spring of a gasoline-powered tool. how to install the spring in how to coil the starter spring chainsaw repair. As a result of these problems the tool cannot work.
  • Damaged soft starter spring. In this case, there may be a mechanical failure as the spring itself, and there are defects in the place of its attachment. The weakest point of this element is precisely the mounting place and the tip of the spring that is inserted in it.
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If you find faulty or partially damaged parts of the starter, they must be replaced with new ones. how to wind the starter spring how to repair chain saw starter. At the same time, the new elements must match the model of the saw being repaired.

After completing the repair is required to properly reassemble the starter.

The pulley is installed over the spring. Check how well they mesh together. As a continuation of the repair, it is necessary to wind the pulley. How to wind the spring and how to wind the chain saw starter rope.everything is as usual. How to make a starter on a chainsaw yourself? How to bend the chain saw starter rope? How to wind the spring and how to wind the chain saw starter cord.everything as usual is simple and easy, and most importantly. This should be done in such a way that when it rotates, it pulls the cord into the starter. It is enough to make 3-4 turns to give the required tension. Beforehand, the rope is put through the hole in the chainsaw cover.

Practical hints

In order to match the holes for fixing the cord in the pulley and the body, you may have to make a few more turns. The new rope is put through the technological hole and make a loop or knot: this will allow it to slip out of the pulley. The rope is set aside so that it does not interfere with further work. Next, you need to fix the pulley.

First the soft starter spring must be installed. It can be used the former, if it is not found damaged. or a new one if it is necessary to replace it. The starter clip is installed over the spring and secured with a special screw. It reliably fixes the clamp for a long time, not allowing its warping and swaying. After that it is necessary to make a few coils of rope and run it inside. The cover with the assembled starter motor is put in place. Use the screws to secure it.

After completing the repair and reassembly you can get down to work. how to correctly lubricate the chain how to shorten the chain on mtb repair chain saw starter. Self-repair of the starter does not take much time and does not require complex skills, but saves time and money if you perform such work in the service center.

To the chainsaw repair it is necessary to approach responsibly and make timely preventive inspections, to follow the quality of fuel and oil used. These simple manipulations will increase the duration of the tool in working condition.

Startup according to the instructions

Different chainsaw models have different starting characteristics and mechanisms. We will consider the algorithm of starting the device on the example of the popular model of STIHL M. S. 180.

Before starting the start process, it should be noted that in the instructions to some models of chain saws it is written that before starting the tool, the emergency stop brake should be activated for additional safety. But it would be more difficult to start with the brake fixed.

Accordingly, it would be better to unfix it.

If you do it right, there is nothing complicated. If you’re worried that the chain saw will hurt you when it is not secured, don’t put it to risk and don’t start it at all. So, the algorithm for starting a STIHL tool is as follows:

  • Before starting the tool, move the choke adjustment lever to the down position. Remember that it only moves to the bottom of the saw when the throttle button is pressed. Press the throttle button and move the lever down. This closes the carburetor choke and locks the throttle in the depressed position;
  • Next, jerk the starter grip with vigorous motions until you hear the characteristic sound of trying to start the tool. It should immediately stall. Then the choke position adjustment lever is moved up one step;
  • In this position pull the starter grip again until the saw starts. And if it starts, because the throttle grip is locked in place, it will run at a high RPM;
  • Then press and release the throttle button once so that the choke adjustment lever automatically moves to the operating position and the RPM is reduced;
  • If you want to put the chain saw in operation after it has warmed up, you need to put the lever in the operating position and then start it;
  • To stop the machine’s engine, the choke adjustment lever must be moved to the up position.

How_to_wind_the_starter_ cord on_the_ chainsaw

The chainsaw’s starter mechanism fails due to prolonged use. After one or more jerks when pulling the starter rope, the crankshaft does not turn. This problem may be caused by the following reasons:

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Before you start to diagnose and repair your starting mechanism, you need to have the necessary tools and accessories ready so that you can significantly reduce the time needed for the operation. These can include:

  • A set of screwdrivers and a specialized brand-name tool kit that comes with the chainsaw.
  • A sturdy cord to replace the frayed starter rope.

Chainsaw starter spring

How To Assemble A Recoil Starter System. Chainsaw Maintenance Video

The first step in chainsaw starter repair is to determine the nature of the problem. To do this, remove the side cover on the side of the starter mechanism, unscrewing only a few screws. Depending on the manufacturer, for this operation you will need a specialized or ordinary screwdriver.

Next, we inspect the inside of the protective cover. If there are no cracks and chips of plastic, we proceed directly to the diagnosis of the starter unit. We unscrew the central bolt of the starter and remove the spring. There should be no cracks and tears on its surface. To find yourself a similar force and number of coils on the spring is problematic, so you need the help of specialized centers.

After removing the clamp and the chain saw starter spring the sheave with the wound cord is accessible for disassembly. The integrity of the rope indicates that it is necessary to carefully review each of the parts of the starter mechanism.

How to repair the chain saw starter with your own hands

Partner Chainsaw Starter Repair / Breakage of starter cord

A broken cord

Presented chainsaw starter repair after starter cord breakage. Without the starter cord the chainsaw becomes fully inoperable, there is no other way to start the tool. This repair is based on the example of the Partner P350S chain saw, and the clever reliable start of this saw requires at least 4-5 times to pull the starter cord to make the saw work, so I guess the first problem was a broken cord. The cord doesn’t rip right away, first the protective cord strings tear off and prevent the saw from starting. It is better not to wait until all the threads are broken and repair the cord beforehand. It is not necessary to invent anything, the repair should not cause difficulties, but the exact observance of the conditions of assembly is obligatory. Step by step instructions with the scheme of actions with photos and video is given below.

Unscrew the three screws fixing the starter cover. The spark plug wrench and straight screwdriver included will do the job, but it’s better to use a real tool to speed up the process.

Removing the starter. The chainsaw is equipped with a soft starter mechanism, it is located above the spool with the cord.

Unscrew the screw fixing the soft starter and the starter coil. Be careful not to lose the washer!

Starter removed. Unscrew the screw

Soft starter Soft starter coil removed

Prepare a cord of suitable diameter and a length of 1.2-1.3 meters. Used kapron laundry rope for the repair :).

Melt the ends of the rope in the fire to prevent unraveling.

Tie a complex knot at one end. The knot needs to be large in diameter, but when inserted on the spool, it should not protrude.

Threading the cord into the spool hole. Do not wind the cord!

Reinstall the spool. You may have made a mistake during assembly. The spool has two slits, one of which should catch the spiral spring. Install the spool so that it is firmly seated and the catch is in the slot. Check by turning the spool clockwise to see if the return force.

The knot on the cord Cord is fixed The spring tab

Install the soft starter mechanism. The notch in the mechanism should fit into the notch in the coil.

Screw on the securing screw with the washer.

Tuck the other end of the cord into the outlet.

How to install the soft starter The screw is screwed on The cord is pulled out

Tuck the cord in the starter grip. Tie a big knot at the end of the rope. With a small knot there is a chance the cord will slip and the whole cord will get tangled in the starter and to get it out the starter will have to be removed again. Check that the knot is secure. See picture.

Cord in the starter handle Locking knot Handle on the cord Twist the coil

The most important moment! Let the cord loop inside the starter and start turning the starter mechanism clockwise without winding the cord! For this saw you need to make at least five turns. Fix the spool by hand. Tighten the noose by the handle outward. Hold the cord and the mechanism and let it wind up on the spool. See video.

We put the starter in its place and fasten it with three screws. Repaired.

Renewed starter

A broken or damaged cord will take 15 minutes to repair using the step-by-step instructions, which is much faster and less expensive than going to a service center.

If the instructions helped you, tell us about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to replace the chain saw starter spring?

To replace the old spring in the disassembled starter, proceed as follows:

  • Before you install the chainsaw starter spring, you will need to remove the cage of the mechanism. this should be done extremely carefully so as not to break the part;
  • Then look inside the cage and you will see the spring wrapped around the C-piece. To pull the spring out, fix the top of it with your finger and pull the starter grip aside slightly;
  • After removing the old spring, you must wind the new part. When doing this, take care to avoid kinking or twisting the new spring element;
  • To assemble the chain saw starter spring you will need to act as carefully as possible, otherwise one wrong move can lead to the unwinding of the part;
  • After you have managed to fully insert the spring into the starter, you need to carefully fix the cage.
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The last step is to assemble the chain saw starter motor and try to start the tool. It is very likely that you will need to do 10 to 20 pulls to make the spring finally settle in place.

Quick chain tensioner

To attach the chain, you need to use the spindle adjuster. No other tools are required.

  • Preparing the surface for the job. It should be comfortable and level. To avoid damaging the surface and the tool, cover it with something soft, like a rug. Now we lay out the tire, the chain and the motor unit separately.
  • The next step is to open the wing nut, and then, remove the chain sprocket cover.
  • Turn the tensioning sprocket mounted on the guide bar to the right as far as it will go.
  • Gradually slip the chain over the bar, starting at the bar nose. It is important to check that the chain is running in the correct direction. Don’t forget to wear protective gloves.
  • The chain must now be inverted so that the bar is on top of the chain.
  • Re-checking accuracy of positioning and direction of chain movement. The cutter located on top of the bar should be facing forward.
  • Slide the chain and guide bar assembly onto the sprocket. This moves the guide bar over the collar bolt.
  • Now put the sprocket cover back on the engine block, making sure all pins are in the correct holes. Turn the wing nut until the chain sprocket makes contact with the engine housing. The sprocket cover does not need to be fully tightened.
  • Next, in the direction of the top of the bar, turn the clamping screw. The drive chain links must engage in the bar groove.
  • Tighten the wing nut until the sprocket cover sits firmly on the engine block. Close wing nut until it locks.
  • Check visually that the chain is not sagging.
  • Next, check to see if the chain is not overtightened. To do this release the chain brake, pull the chain in its travel direction by hand (don’t forget to wear protective gloves).
  • Afterwards the saw is ready for operation and only the last step is left. to activate the chain brake.

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Mounting the saw chain and guide bar with the quick chain tensioning device therefore has its distinct advantages, namely that it is easy to tension the chain and does not require any additional tools.

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What other types of starters are suitable for power tillers?

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