How to convert a Cascade single axle tractor to 92 gasoline


First plus. That switching from 80 to high-octane fuels does not threaten the engine with anything bad. Valves won’t burn out, pistons stay intact. But it’s not the books’ fault either: it’s just that they were written a very long time ago! In the era of leaded gasoline, adding lead to fuel seriously inhibited the rate of combustion. And even iron in the form of ferrocene, so beloved by oil producers. also. But now the regulations strictly forbid the presence of any metals in fuel (at least, thank you for that)!). And modern technologies of octane number increase based on optimization of hydrocarbon composition of fuels and partially. on the use of oxygen-containing high-octane components, on the contrary, improve fuel combustion. That’s exactly what we saw in the experiment: the temperature of exhaust gases when running on high-octane gasoline has not increased (its increase is the first sign of delayed fuel combustion).

Why have we lost, even a little, but in power, until we changed the engine regulation?? The fact is that high-octane gasoline has a lower calorific value. That is when burning one kilogram of fuel they emit less heat than the same 80. But that doesn’t mean that they are worse. this is only one of the parameters, by the way, not included in the regulations. But the detonation resistance reserve allows for higher power!

Second plus. better environmental performance. Of course, switching from 80 to 95 will not convert an old engine to Euro-4, but it will spoil the air a little less. This is where the misunderstanding of officials comes in! It is not the low-octane gasoline that is dangerous for the environment. The emission of harmful substances in the exhaust when running on 80th doesn’t differ much from that reached with high-octane fuel! Toxicity, exceeding all reasonable requirements, is dangerous for the engine itself, which consumes 80-octane gasoline and was designed in our grandfathers’ times of youth. Reduction of ecological damage is achieved not by gasoline, but by modern organization of working process and effective systems of toxicity suppression.

The third plus. Even an old engine running on modern fuel will be less polluting. It will both improve combustion quality and the presence of detergent additives in the gasoline. And this is important! True, the layering in the battered by life engines. It’s more likely not from the fuel, but from the oil combustion, but still.

The fourth advantage. You don’t have to waste your time looking for the now scarce 80. (We, for example, didn’t find it until the fourth gas station.)

The fifth plus. less chance of running into the wrong stuff. Reasons. See above Normal refineries practically do not produce low-octane fuels anymore and the quality of gasoline, produced by mini-refineries is usually below the lowest plinth.

There is only one minus: it is more expensive to fill up. But it’s not so bad now: taking advantage of the shortage of ’80, oil producers have quickly pulled the price of gasoline up to that of 92.

Finally, a few words about the interchangeability of 92 and 95. The question is as popular as the previous one, so let’s state our opinion again. Neither of them are in short supply, therefore it is necessary to fill in the one recommended by the producer of the car. If the latter allows for liberties, take any: with 92 will be slightly cheaper, and with 95. a little more fun. In general for a modern engine the difference between the detonation limit of 92 and 95 in normal life is practically imperceptible. The difference in octane rating will effect only when driving under high loads or at very dynamic conditions. And only with short knocking of detonation, no special harm to the engine.

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In general, we will not die. It is hard to scare a Russian citizen with the reforms.

Almost every owner of motor-block knows that gasoline AI-80, or as it is also called AI-76, is no longer available in the former Soviet Union. Finding it now is not an easy task, so many farmers are forced to seek a solution to the problem by switching from this fuel to a higher-quality fuel brand AI-92. Is it possible to do it yourself, and what it takes. let’s consider in more detail.

How to change the engine of a motor-block from 80 to 92 gasoline?

There are 2 proven ways to perform this procedure. It is possible to switch a single axle tractor not only from 80 petrol but from AI-76 to AI-92. Each method is explained in detail below.

Adjust the ignition timing advance angle

This way of transformation is easier to demonstrate with the example of UMZ 341 motor, because it is the most universal and is equipped with the same parts as the majority of motors for power tillers.

Before proceeding with conversion, it is necessary to replace A11-3 spark plug with A17B. After that adjust the advance angle in this sequence:

  • Completely empty the old fuel from the tank.
  • Start the engine (to let the residual gasoline in the fuel system run out completely).
  • Remove the spark plug boot.
  • Unscrew bolts, with which the fan cover is fixed and remove it.
  • Loosen flywheel locknut and remove ratchet.
  • Flywheel puller is installed. To do this, tighten the central bolt of the puller and after a light hammering on it remove the flywheel. Do not strike the flywheel while removing it.
  • Find the factory ignition setting mark.
  • Use a screwdriver to loosen the magneto mount and turn its base counterclockwise by 2 mm.

When all actions are finished, reassemble the engine. Make sure all parts are present and correctly positioned, tighten all bolts and nuts. Now you can safely fill your single axle tractor with 92 gasoline, enjoy its work and evaluate the results after modification.

Increase engine compression ratio

A little more complicated than the previous method, requires greater focus and accuracy so as not to damage the technique. This method consists in grinding the cylinder head, whereby it is necessary to remove a layer of metal no thicker than 2.5 mm. After that the engine compression will be increased to 7.8 atmospheres. You should also replace the spark plugs on the new, which has a caliber number of not less than 17 units.

convert, cascade, single, axle, tractor, gasoline

DIY Excavator. Episode 12

There is a safer and more accurate way of implementing this modification. Purchase a ready-made set of a new cylinder block head, valve tappet rods and install them. But such a replacement will cost money.

The methods of alterations described above will be suitable for many models of power tillers, including such models as Neva MB1 and MB2, MTZ-05 and MTZ-12, versions of Agro and Cascade power tillers.

What gasoline is suitable for the Neva MB 2 power tiller?

To be able to work with a single-axle tractor for a long time without problems, it is recommended to use high-quality fuel. Here you fill up with 92 or 95 gasoline. Experts recommend periodically increasing the octane number, if the AI-92 is used, which allows you to clean the power plant from deposits. The manufacturer recommends that you fill up with gasoline of high octane rating not more than twice a season, provided that the single-axle tractor is operated on a regular basis. If this type of equipment is used less frequently, you can limit yourself to filling up with 95 fuel once a season.

Important ! Do not change fuels too often and do not change the place of purchase because the impurities in the fuel may be different at different gas stations.

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This kind of special equipment, as a single-axle tractor, is very popular among amateur gardeners, as well as commercial agricultural companies. Currently there are a variety of models and manufacturers of such equipment, but the most popular is the manufacturer Neva and its model MB 2. This implement has proven itself due to its easy operation and simple maintenance.

In addition, there is a whole mass of attachments and auxiliary equipment for this power tiller on sale, which allows you to operate the machine in every possible sense. However, despite the reliability and quality, in order for this device to serve for a long time, you need to regularly service the technique, as well as install only quality parts and consumables.

  • milling the cylinder head, thereby affecting the size of the combustion chamber;
  • shift the ignition angle so that the combustion mixture is not ignited immediately when the exhaust valve is opened
  • put additional gaskets on the cylinder head;
  • lower the octane number of 92 fuel.

In principle, having considered these two methods of engine rebuilding, it is safely possible to answer the question if it is possible to use 92 gasoline instead of 80. Of course not, it threatens to burn through the valves, as well as due to improper ignition will fail cylinder head.

How much oil should I pour into the engine of my Moto-Block?

It should be understood that in motor blocks the oil is subject to periodic replacement, not only in the engine but also in the gearbox and transmission. Let’s take a closer look at the amount of this consumable:

  • 1.3 liters of engine oil should be poured into the engine;
  • the gearbox is filled with oil using a special dipstick;
  • In the transmission, too, the oil is filled according to the dipstick.

Check the lubricant level after filling the engine. It should be between the minimum and maximum.This is interesting: setting up the engine on a single-axle tractor Oka.

Important! If there is a lack of lubrication, the engine life is drastically reduced, if there is too much oil, there may also be a reduction in operating life, since this liquid is not subject to compression.

What is a single-axle tractor

A singleaxle tractor is a very useful machine that helps people replace manual labor with mechanized. It always comes in handy. Versatility and compactness are the main qualities of a power tiller. In its labor characteristics (and in appearance), this unit resembles a mixture of a lawnmower or scarifier and a small tractor. It is characterized by not too high power, which is quite enough, and versatility inherent in the tractor.

Cascade single-axle tractor

Cascade single axle tractor is one of the most popular in Russia. The developers have embodied in it the key characteristics necessary for machinery of this class: reliability and multi-functionality. The multi-tasker is easy to operate and ergonomically designed. Several versatile modifications allow the user to choose the best suited to his variant. This model is manufactured at the Perm enterprise “Reductor” and features a significant quality of assembly. The single-axle tractor meets the requirements of ISO 9002 standard.

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Cascade allows to automate a lot of tasks on the site. By means of it it is possible to clear the territory from leaves or snow, to dig and loosen the ground, to make hay, to cut the grass, to mow, to chop the building waste and to deliver rather heavy load to the necessary point.

Salut single axle tractor. overview of features

If there will be many small stones or roots in the soil, reduce rotational speed of the blades. To prevent oil from leaking from the gearbox, engine crankcase and fuel from the engine fuel tank, the single axle tractor must be placed on the vehicle in its normal operating position. Power is normally taken from the middle arm of the idler pulley 3 Fig. Drives for stationary mounted implements such as woodworking machines, feed chippers, etc.

convert, cascade, single, axle, tractor, gasoline

A pulley is attached to the shaft and is sold separately with a protective cover, and a V-belt for driving attachments is included in their replacement parts kits.

Operation without covers for V-belt drives on the power tiller and trailed implement is prohibited. Fill the engine oil sump according to the directions in the “Engine Owner’s Manual.

Fill the reducer oil through the oil filler opening on the reducer.

Oil in a single-axle tractor Salyut

Install the handlebar post 8 Fig. Check that there are no sharp bends in the cable sheaths of the clutch control and engine throttle. Install the handles 10 on the handlebar stand, fix them with the bolt 5 fig.

On a single-axle tractor “Salyut-5L6,5” set the handles 10 Fig. Screw the handle and nut 4 in by hand as far as it will go and then tighten 2 1/2 turns.

The control handle of the power tiller under load must not move. Install the coulter bar 13 fig. Secure the support with two pins 11 and fix it with locks When assembling the cutters and installing them on the gearbox shaft, pay attention to the following:.

The tractor may be driven to the place of work either on wheels or on cutters, if the distance to the area to be worked is not more than one meter. It is recommended that you carry the tiller for longer distances on its wheels and place it on the edge of the area you want to work.

It is undesirable to mix different brands of gasoline in the tank. Not only do they have different octane numbers, but also density. If 92 gasoline is poured instead of 95, the amount of fuel consumed will increase due to low octane number. This will cause a disturbance in the combustion process.

convert, cascade, single, axle, tractor, gasoline

The work algorithm is as follows:

  • Completely drain the gasoline from the gas tank of the motoblok;
  • Start the motor and give it time to run out all the remaining fuel;
  • Remove the tip of the spark plug;
  • Unscrew the 4 bolts holding the fan cover;
  • Remove the cover;
  • Then you need to loosen the flywheel fixing nut;

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