How to connect an electric screwdriver from a transformer.

How to make a network from a battery electrical screwdriver

An electric screwdriver with a battery is useful in home economic activity, in construction, as well as when assembling a wide variety of structures, power tools. Its main advantage is the ability to perform work autonomously until the nutrition elements are discharged. For various reasons, it may be necessary to alte out an electrical screwdriver for connecting to a 220 V network. Such a modification is relatively easy to carry out independently in various ways, for this you do not need special tools. Depending on the selected option, making changes will require different temporary and financial costs.

The battery electric screwdriver in power is worthily competing with network analogues, but only while charging its batteries is at a sufficient level. When the battery sits down, he needs recharging from the network. This factor is the first drawback of this power tool.

The second disadvantage is a limited number of reloading cycles. over, the cheaper the battery block (battery), the faster its operational resource is exhausted. The acquisition of a new battery at a price is almost comparable to the purchase of a whole power tool. It also makes no sense to buy a new battery instead of the old, if the electrical screwdriver of the battery type itself is outdated and is rarely used. It will be more practical to adapt the power tool for power from the network 220 V network.

Making changes will make it possible to further operate this tool with a minimum level of financial investments. The created alteration will have all the advantages of network devices:

  • The need to perform periodic charging will disappear;
  • The power of the power tool (torque) will not fall during operation;
  • No need to worry about the proper storage of equipment during long.term non.working periods: it is enough to put it in a case in a dry place.

These advantages, as well as small expenses, compensate for the inconvenience related to the presence of the cord.

To make a network from the battery electrical screwdriver, you need a power supply (BP), which can be placed in two ways: in the form of an external supply unit or mounted inside the old battery case.

connect, electric, screwdriver, transformer

It should be borne in mind that the cord from the external power supply to the power tool should be, according to the law of OMA, a larger section than directly from the 220V network.

For the practical implementation of any option, the following set of tools and materials will be needed:

  • screwdrivers with different tips;
  • screwdrivers with different tips;
  • pliers;
  • Kusachki;
  • solder with a set for soldering;
  • insulating tape;
  • wiring for jumpers taken, for example, from a multi.core cable;
  • multimeter;
  • knife.

Battery electric screwdriver from the network 220V

Electric screwdriver Hitachi 12V. I didn’t work from batteries anymore, buying a new battery is consistent.I decided to make it network. Not so just turned out to be.It is necessary to get a constant 12V from an alternating current of 220V. Or putting the inside on work from the network, it is easier to go buy a network shurik. In general, I decided to make a power supply.I climbed on the Internet, read the forums, rummaged in my mind we need a reduction transformer said the brain, and now the search has The network transformer is a Savdepovskaya reliable thing, but this is an too significant detail and an unprotected IP002 case. impulse power block Easy and comfortable.On the radio market, the pulp power supply at 30a. 2500 rubles = not variant Aliexpress 20a. 1400 1800 rubles = not option3. Network adapter from the laptop. there is not enough current of 5A4. Lamers for lamps. a price of 100r, have an electronic lowering transformer 220/12 V in their structure, = here it is!

On the Internet there is a video how to solder a similar power supply. And there are descriptions.I used the video and article on the Internet.

Build the Tashibra transformer 220/12V 150W 12.5a. 247rub.

bought a radio components for 180r.began to collect this scheme

a wire of a winding 0.8 mm in the direction of other windings we make 2 uterus. I used one multi.lifting wire from the Internet cable twisted steam

Lithium Battery BMS Nicd/Nimh Charger, Is it possible? Bosch cordless drill 14.4V PSR 1440

Further 3 uterus on the main transformer, connecting feedback through the resistor with the main transformer. One author wrote after two parallel resistors of 6.8om 5W, the second says that one 10W with about the same resistance. I put one 5.7 ohm 10W.

Put a diode bridge on the exit. One author recommends KD213B diodes, the second diodes UF5408, looked at the second, did not look that the small current (((at the output of the bridge for smoothing the condo 470 UF 25V

The first checksham could not stand it ((((diodes burned, They were designed for 3 A.

I solder everything almost to the end. The scheme has increased. I decided to transfer to another case, I found an adapter from a laptop. He removed the filling, left the cardboard and the mother of the network plug also the network cord itself with a fork.

Now we need to lay everything. a bit of the first option

put a diode bridge, radiator through thermal passage.

Check showed. without load 14V voltage. When the cartridge stops, the subsidence of the voltage and jumps of the current is above 10A, but this time the diodes are whole, albeit cheap.The feedback resistor is very warm. The author who offers a parallel connection of two resistors of 5W, says that there is heating, but not terrible. In my case, the plastic case of the adapter from the laptop is very warmed up is not possible to take. I’ll try to replace with 2 resistors, then I will unsubscribe what happened and I will make a video how Shurik works from such an adapter.What to finish:. Eliminate overheating (I will try 2 resistors of 5 watts). make ventilation holes. it is possible to install a cooler that will work from the resulting power. into the battery housing to mount part of the parts

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Power supply options for power supply

You can use the standard charger for this purpose. Here’s how to make a network from the battery electrical screwdriver: you need to perform the following:

Cordless to corded drill conversion without torque loss

  • From the housing of the charger, you need to remove the lid.
  • In it you need to make a hole for the connected two.wire wire.
  • On the board you can see the terminals to which the battery battery used to be connected. They need to connect the veins of the cooked wire to redo the electric screwdriver for such work. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the polarity of the terminals. To determine it, you need to view the inscriptions on the board or on the device case.
  • It is necessary to open the battery of the electrical screwdriver battery and extract all galvanic elements from it.
  • It makes holes for the wire.
  • The wires that were soldered to the terminals of the charger are connected in compliance with polarity to the output contacts of the battery.
  • After the case is assembled, the tool can be used.

Although it is recommended to connect the power to the polarity, nevertheless, if you connect contacts in a different order, this will mean that here is how to redo the battery electric screwdriver on the network. the direction of rotation will change to the opposite. Most screwdrivers have the possibility of switching it, which makes it possible not to depend on the observance of polarity when switching.

Using charging from laptop

The charger from the laptop can be replaced for this tool, making only minor changes. He at the entrance receives an alternating current voltage from the 220V network, and at the output gives a constant current of 12V.

However, it will still be necessary to finalize the wires:

  • The plug used for the laptop is not suitable for an electric screwdriver. Therefore, it will be necessary to cut the wire leaving the charge, and clean it.
  • If necessary, you need to attach the cable of the desired length to it.
  • The tool case needs to be disassembled.
  • The cable is connected to those terminals from where the power supply is supplied to the electric screwdriver. In the tool case, you need to make a hole for it.
  • Tool after it is collected, will be ready to work.

Important. After the alteration is over, you will need to connect the power source to the network and make sure that the tool is in working condition.

The power supply from the computer as the basis

You can make a power supply so that it uses a computer power supply. Here’s how to make a power supply for an electrical screwdriver: for alteration in this way, you need to do the following:

  • You need to find or purchase a power supply, the power of which will be at least 300 watts.
  • The housing of the electric screwdriver needs to be disassembled and found the location of the wires for power power supply. They are connected to the veins of the cooked wires in advance.
  • In the case, you need to make a hole for the output of the wires.
  • To connect to the power supply, special connectors are required. One of them is soldered to the wires coming from an electric screwdriver, the other is already installed on the wire, which is connected to the computer power supply. This is necessary in order to write down an electric screwdriver from the network
  • Now we need to assemble the case of an electric screwdriver.

Now it remains to check how the tool works. To do this, you need to connect the power supply to the 220V outlet, and include an electric screwdriver in it.

Power from the charger of the car

You can redo this tool so as to receive food from a car battery. In this case, the autonomy increases, since it will be possible to use an electric screwdriver in the immediate vicinity of the car.

In order to redo the voltage voltage of 220 V, you need:

  • Disassemble the tool case. In this case, you can see the contacts to which the power should be connected.
  • It is necessary to prepare the wires that are used in order to charge automobile batteries. They have Crocodile clamps on them. Other ends need to be carefully cleaned with a knife.
  • The wires are attached to contacts to power an electric screwdriver. They can be attached by screeds or soldered. The last option will be more reliable.
  • In the tool case, you need to make a hole for the wires.
  • Now the hull of the screwdriver needs to be assembled.
connect, electric, screwdriver, transformer

To complete the work, you will need to connect the wire using clamps to the car battery.

Homemade power supply

Having made a power supply for an electric screwdriver with your own hands according to one of the circuits, it needs to be inserted with a case and connect with wires to the tool engine.

Network block built into the battery

One of the options for alteration of an electric screwdriver in the network is that the power supply that converts an alternating current of 220V into a constant 12V can be placed directly in the battery housing. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • It is necessary to disassemble the body of the nutrition element.
  • The contents are removed from it.
  • Previously, it is necessary to purchase a power supply that has the characteristics necessary for the operation of an electrical screwdriver.
  • It is necessary to extract the system fee from the purchased device and install it in the case, where there was previously a screwdriver of the screwdriver.
  • The output wires join the battery contacts.
  • For the input wires for which a voltage of 220V will arrive, you need to make a hole in the housing.
  • Now the electric screwdriver needs to be assembled.

After the changes made, this tool can be used where there are electric sockets.

Other options for pulsed power supply units

What other food options are there 12-volt screwdriver? The first thing that comes to mind is BP from the laptop. The beauty of the decision is that, unlike the proposed drivers and electronic transformers, such power supplies can be at 15 and 19 in. That is, having selected the corresponding PSU, you can feed them a tool for 14 and 18 in.

Unfortunately, this option will not work, since the power supply blocks from the laptop will not be able to provide the necessary current even the simplest and most low.power screwdriver. The maximum that can be obtained from them is 4-5 a. Ten.paraper PSUs of this type simply do not exist.

Using universal PSU

What options do we still have? You can use the so.called universal power supplies to power a screwdriver. In the photo below, the PSU produces several stresses at once and is suitable for powering both a 12-volt and 18-volt tool with a capacity of up to 120 watts.

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Powerful universal pulse power supply

But here again everything rests on the price. The cost of such a PSU will be higher than the price of the tool itself, and in addition, we get a bunch of adapters for this money, which will lie without work.

Homemade power supply for screwdriver

If we have knowledge of electronics, we can collect a pulse power supply for a screwdriver with our own hands. there are many corresponding schemes. As an example, consider a relatively simple design.

How she works? The network voltage is straightened by a diode bridge collected on VD1. VD4 diodes is smoothed out by a capacitor C1 and enters a powerful two.stroke auto generator, assembled on field transistors VT2, VT3 and transformer T1, providing a positive feedback along with winding T2 transformers of T2.

The chain assembled on the transistor VT1 provides the initial launch of the generator and after that it does not participate in the process. it blocks the diode VD8. The load of the auto generator is the reducing transformer T2. Low voltage from its winding 3 is straightened by the VD7 bridge, smoothed out by capacitor C5 and is supplied to the tool. The capacitance of the capacitor is chosen enough to provide high starting current of the screwdriver.

T1 is wound on a ferrite ring of size 12x8x3. All windings are the same and have 20 turns of PEV 0.33. T2 wound on a ring 40x25x11. Winding 1 has 100 turns of PEV 0.54. Winding 2. 9 turns of wire PEV 0.33, winding 3. 13 turns of PEV 0.96. Ferritation can be 1000nm, 2000nm or 3000 nm. The VD4 diode bridge can be assembled on four high.speed diodes that can withstand current 10 A. Transistors VT2 and VT3 must be installed on radiators.

Healthy! The proposed power supply is designed for the output voltage 18 in. If you need to get another voltage, just change the number of turns of the winding 3 transformer T2.

Using BP from a computer

Well, we finish the conversation about the pulse power supply units with the removal of a computer power supply for working with a screwdriver 12 V. Yes, it will be too big, but to buy such a block, of course, it can be inexpensive, and the alteration is very simple. True, he will be able to eat only a 12-volt instrument. If desired, of course, you can redo the computer BP and at 18 V, but the alteration is quite complex and will require deep knowledge in electronics. Before buying a BP, we look at whether he will give out the current on the bus 12 in. (All currents issued by him are indicated directly on the case).

Impulse power supply for electric screwdriver 18 in your own hands

The weakest place in household screwdrivers is the battery. Like any galvanic element, it has its life. The battery for electric screwdriver serves an average of 3-4 years, no more, and then must be disposed of. By the way, the allegations that with proper care and maintenance it will last 10 years is clearly exaggerated.

How to give a screwdriver a second life when a battery has left the system?

Impulse power supply for electrical screwdriver 18 V: Scheme

There is a way out, and he is not alone. You can purchase a new battery. But the price of such a device can exceed the cost of the entire tool as a whole, bought several years ago. Therefore, the most acceptable solution will be the of an electric screwdriver for the network voltage.

Options for connecting an electric screwdriver to the network 220 in

One of the solutions will be the creation of a power supply with your own hands. There are many options for creating a home.made power supply:

  • universal option;
  • with a two.pole resistor;
  • with a three.pole resistor;
  • with an amplifier;
  • on the zener diode and without;
  • On one filter.

However, they have established themselves as the most reliable impulse modifications.

Component elements of the circuit of the pulse power supply unit

Make a pulse power supply for a manual instrument 18 V with your own hands is completely easy. This will need:

  • Output capacitor 5 pf.
  • Resistor.
  • Integral transducer of negative orientation.
  • Two or three bookmarks comparator.
  • Low.power rectifier.
  • Channel filters with radiation adapters.
  • The scheme of the pulse power supply circuit.

Connection of the battery electrical screwdriver to the 220 V network: Network adapter

Drive the electric drive of an electrical screwdriver from a network with a voltage of 220 V can a network adapter. It can be purchased in the finished form. the price allows. You can do it yourself. The purchased adapter must be inserted into the battery of the electric screwdriver battery, having previously removed the batteries. The only drawback is the small length of the cord.

DIY network adapter for electric screwdriver: Materials

If there is a need to make a network adapter with your own hands, then charging for a laptop is ideal for this.

The process of alteration of the battery electrical screwdriver in the network is simple and does not take much time. To do this, you need to have:

  • Charger from the laptop.
  • Electric screwdriver with a used battery.
  • Electric wire.
  • Island.
  • Soldering iron and solder.
  • Acid.


The processing process includes the following actions:

  • First you need to measure the output voltage on the device. It should be 19 in.
  • After that you need to take the battery and disassemble. If it is twisted with screws, then simply develop them, if it is glued, then you must first stand with a rubber hammer. Clean the body from the dirt and prepare for further work, drilling a hole for the power cable in it.
  • Now you need to cut off the connector and clean the wires from insulation.
  • The battery should not be thrown away immediately. For some time it can serve as a counterweight. The center of gravity of the electric screwdriver is shifted and located in the area of ​​the handle. When removing galvanic elements, its place will change, and working with the tool will be inconvenient.
  • To the wires coming from the battery terminals, you need to attach an elongated cable from charging a laptop. Previously, it must be passed through the prepared hole in the case. The cable can be soldered or twisted, insulating with the tape.
  • When everything is ready, you need to put everything in the case and check the polarity. After that, test the electric screwdriver.

Power supply for battery electrical screwdriver 18 in the basis of an electronic transformer

Another solution to the alteration of the battery electrical screwdriver for a 220 V network is the use of an electronic transformer.

connect, electric, screwdriver, transformer

Materials for assembling the transformer power supply

  • 105 watts or camellion of 200–250 watts electronic transformer. The last device additionally has a short circuit protection.
  • diodes KD213 or KD 2999, KD 2997 by 10 A in the amount of 4 pcs.
  • Electrolytic capacitor 2200 MF for 25 V.
  • Film capacitor for 220 NF for 25 V.
  • Load resistor 1-2 kOhm.

The procedure for assembling the transformer power supply

  • The process begins with the finalization of the electronic transformer. You must add 4 turns to the secondary winding.
  • After that, you can collect a diode bridge. The assembly of the scheme is carried out by hinged installation or everything is placed on the printed circuit board.
  • Then you need to install a throttle in the chain. Behind it is soldered by a capacitor of 2200 MF at 25 V. This is the optimal device capacity. No more or less is needed.
  • In parallel with the electrolyte, it is necessary to install a film capacitor. It is needed so that the remnants of the high frequency do not damage the main capacitor, but pass through the film.
  • At the output you need to install a load resistor. It will provide the same voltage value, regardless of the load, and protect the failure of the capacitors.
  • After that, a capacitor must be installed in an electronic transformer to start without load.
  • The first time you need to turn on the power supply into the network using a 40 watts control bulb. This is necessary in order to exclude a short circuit that arose, possibly, when rewinding a transformer or assembly. If the lamp does not light up, then everything is done correctly.
  • After that, you need to remove the control and check the block under load, connecting it to the screwdriver.
  • The resulting block can be placed in the tool battery housing.
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The reader, having familiarized himself with the information set forth in this article, can return the second life to his screwdriver.

How to use a converted electric screwdriver correctly?

You can use such a converted electric screwdriver almost like ordinary, working from the network. But still it is recommended to observe certain precautions.

  • Do not work without a break. Make small spaces for relaxation every 20 minutes.
  • Regularly clean the power supply from the dust accumulating inside.
  • Do not use the converted electric screwdriver too high from the ground or floor (above 2 m).
  • Control the condition of the wires. during operation they should not be pushed or too tight.

So relatively easily and simply you can give a second life to your beloved screwdriver with a finally dead battery. This is a good way to extend his service life and save money on buying a new device. The main thing is to be patient and carefully fulfill all the recommendations given in the instructions above.

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Something you have named the name of the post what ~ 220 volts? PSU from the computer. And what is the novelty? On any feeder you can hang a load. With the same success, you can fasten a car 90Ach battery and you will be happy. Turn up. Leave the entire funny joke wireless and at the same time powerful and with a durable battery.

The fact is that now the electric screwdriver is operating on the automotive battery and from 220 volts through the computers power supply I will enlarge as I want

I remade an electric screwdriver for 18V took a power supply from the computer plows.The block goes into the sewing only on great efforts (8-9) on small everything is fine.www.YouTube.COM/PlayList?. Qoizwvw_yx5s1mmklhyhy9npnk

I also have such a shurik.One battery converted to lithium, and the other once dropped, broke the body into firewood.So, from the second I made such a “adapter”: I just brought two wires with “crocodiles”, if you want. to the automobile battery, you want. to the battery from the UPS, and you want. from the power supply (also from computer ATX).So, I support. A very correct decision.Only now: Shurik’s starting current is large, so the wires are at least 1.5 square And when working with the machine (well, I don’t have a garage), it is better to take food from a socket, but right from the battery terminals (therefore, I soldered crocodiles). And, of course, observe the polarity.

And from charging from the laptop the heat will go? Apparently no, there 19v and 3.5a, you need to lower DC-DC ?

Options for the power source

Any electric screwdriver requires much less voltage than a regular outlet issues. Therefore, for recharge, you will definitely need a special converter, at the output of which the necessary voltage will be obtained. All power sources are divided into two large groups: impulse and transformer. Consider each of them separately.


The principle of operation of pulsed systems is that the voltage is first straightened, and then converted into a special pulse signal. At the same time, it is important to achieve stable voltage. A transformer winding or resistors can help this.

Impulse power sources are quite effective and can be used in different conditions. over, they have a high level of protection against short circuit and similar effects. However, the pulsed systems clearly lose the transformer. In addition, such blocks are very moody to the input voltage. If it is below the installed, then the element may simply not work.


common power supplies that have proven their reliability and effectiveness in many areas. The device consists of a lowering transformer and rectifier through which a low voltage passes. Rectifiers can be different, depending on the number of diodes used.

Such elements are easy to manufacture, cheap and reliable. Therefore, it is often it is for them that they prefer. They provide stable voltage without interference with a high maximum power. But there are several disadvantages. The main drawback is cumbersome, with much smaller efficiency than in impulse sources. This fact requires to select a power supply for an electric screwdriver with a power power than the tool is necessary. Since part of the capacities will go to side processes.

Assembly of a serviceable battery of two that lost the capacity

Of the two faulty devices, one can collect one suitable for operation.

Important! Having connected the power supply unit to the defective battery case, the second repaired will provide mobility when performing small volumes of work.

Search for faulty elements

The battery is assembled from individual elements. They do not fail at the same time, but even one faulty element worsens the work of the whole battery.

To determine the parts that have lost the capacity, it is necessary:

  • charge the battery;
  • work to loss of power;
  • disassemble the battery;
  • measure the voltage on each element separately.

Batteries on which the voltage will be noticeably smaller than others or at all, it is necessary to replace.

Battery repair

After determining and removing faulty parts, a device suitable for further operation is collected from the remaining ones. The connection is carried out by soldering, with wires with a cross section of 1.5 mm² or a strip similar to the one to which the details were connected earlier.

With insufficient amounts of working elements, we buy the missing or redo the tool for a network power 220 volts.

Knowing how to redo the battery electric screwdriver in network with your own hands will help save money and not purchase a new device.

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